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April 13th, 2020

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The pandemic is causing widespread destruction and loss of plant and animal species, as well as plant and animal species. It is affecting humans, including the loss of plant and animal species, the loss of plant and animal species, and the loss of plant and animal species. It is critical for individuals to take precautions and avoid overwhelming the immune system, and for individuals to have a history of any COVID-19 symptoms. The heart is the key to achieving spiritual spiritual goals, and research should be conducted to understand the internal diseases that can affect people.

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send out a model Hannah salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Can everyone hear us? If you can hear us? please do comment.

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Nobody can

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hear me okay. Yes, I can hear you. Very good. Just waiting on there have about 17 people waiting here if I can just get any one of you.

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Okay, very good. So we do have a confirmation that people are listening to us your handle and they can hear you, Chef. So before we begin inshallah Allah I do want to let everyone know that this is a halaqaat that's happening at the Islamic State of Toronto. It's on our it's on our YouTube, please do share this page, this livestream to those who would be benefiting beaten Allahu Allah it is halaqa is about confronting the spiritual plague with Shahab de la Hakim quick and shadow life you can hear me

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you can begin inshallah Allah

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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datamine Salli wa salam, O Allah says he will after the Vienna Mohammedan Allah Allah He was happy as you may

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also begin your video sorry.

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Okay, they can begin your video shall as well.

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Due to Allah, Lord of the worlds, and peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad, the master of the first and the last, and upon his family, his companions mortals who call to his way and establishes Sunder to the Day of Judgment. My beloved brothers and sisters, I begin with the greeting words of the righteous, Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah.

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I'll have to allow this is another opportunity for us in the strange times that we are living in to reflect upon Allah subhanaw taala to reflect upon this world, reflect upon ourselves and inshallah try to chart out a way forward.

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Allah azza wa jal created this earth, the heavens, the universe, for a purpose, and everything is flowing according to what it was supposed to do.

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We have to realize that there is nothing happening by chance. And that this pandemic that the world is in

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this Corona virus, this covid 19, that is sweeping through the land. It is part of the will of Allah subhanaw taala what this earth would go through at this particular point in time,

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the earth has gone through a number of changes from its inception. And scientists have even been able to see and isolate five great extinctions.

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These extinctions happening over 400 million years, were due to tectonic plate change on the earth, asteroid impact, carbon dioxide increase, there are a number of reasons why huge parts of life on Earth were actually made extinct. And so at some point, there were invertebrate animals, they were dinosaurs. They were hominids, there were different creatures on the earth, that literally vanished by the will of Allah subhanaw taala.

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This is the sixth extinction,

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that we understand and this is being caused by human beings. And what is happening is that the mammals birds are being destroyed in huge numbers. And this is coming about throughout the world, the world, because of what people have done. And we can see in a sense, that this is this pandemic that we are going through this crisis is a type of check. It is a type of reset, you could say, where Allah azza wa jal is changing the state of affairs in order to give us as human beings because we have a choice one way or the other, giving us a chance to make the right choice, but also giving his Planet Earth a chance to breathe.

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And so it is reported

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The sky is clear in many parts of the world, that the 1000s of airplanes emitting the gases into the atmosphere are not flying in the way they used to fly,

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that the cruise ships that the huge boats and destroy is not moving around like they used to move around. The vehicles in the cities of the world are not polluting the atmosphere. And so it is reported in Los Angeles, they have some of the cleanest air that they've ever recorded in New Delhi and cities like this covered with smog, who Delhi they can see the Himalayas.

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And so it's a check that is going on. And the earth is literally breathing. Now, animals are coming back. Animals are reclaiming their land space. And so as we stay isolated as we find ourselves in this pandemic, we have to realize that it is by the will of Allah

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and Muslims we find ourselves in war torn zones. This pandemic as terrible as it is, did not change what is happening in Yemen.

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It did not change what is happening in India. When the Muslims are being driven out of their homes. The Rohingya Muslims in Maine Omar

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Palestinian Muslims and Azhar,

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the Syrian Muslims, the Iraqis, the Central African Republic, this pandemic did not change the drought in East Africa, the locust are still moving. It did not change the floods that are hitting many parts of the world. It did not change the earthquakes. It did not change the droughts that are going on. What I did is wake up human beings because in a sense, it was a more personal type of test. It was a fitna, it was a trial a calamity that struck us as a human race in a way that we would have to wake up. And the word fitna is so important. The plural is Fitton and these are the tribulations. These are the trials. These are the tests that human beings would go through in large

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numbers as we go closer and closer to the Day of Resurrection.

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And a fitna, when you look at the essence of the word itself, you could say that the metal was put to a fitna when it was smelted, and so literally to to clean, gold and silver, they put it to the fire.

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In order to tan hide, they put it to the fire. And so a fitna puts human beings through a test.

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Many times that test is a hot test, in order that we would be purified, in the same way that the metal is purified, that the hide is purified. Human beings also need to be purified. So in this state of the fitness, in this condition, we naturally has weak creations, we cry out to the Creator of the heavens in the earth.

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And so I'll also point oh, Tada. In his last testament, el corte en

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has revealed to us very clearly what would be happening under the fitna

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and what would be the way out. And Allah told us in Sora to lock

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in verse two and three in a section of this mighty revelation. Allah informed us woman yet a tabula hajjaj Allahu Maharajah. We are the zuckermann hydrolate tassa, Romania tawakkol, Allah He for who has poo in LA ballyhoo under the caja Allah Allah holy cliche in Qatar and whoever keeps his duty to Allah, Allah will make a way out for him and provide for him from where he knows not.

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And whoever depends on Allah, Allah will be sufficient for him. Surely Allah will reach his purpose, and he has made a limit for all things. This in a sense is the banner that I keep in front of me as we are moving through the COVID as we are going through this pandemic,

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that really, the two key ways out of it is taqwa and tawakkol Allah Allah, that we should have the consciousness of Allah. We should fear a lot hope in the mercy of Allah if we have this taqwa. If we have this understanding, then Allah will make a way out for us. A massage will appear from a place that we never knew and provisions will appear. And people are seeing this happen as the whole world is changing. Now, as attitudes are changing.

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As people are changing,

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and also talk a lot a lot, and that is dependence, and the prophets are seldom made it very clear he told us companions tie your camel and depend on Allah. So, it is a balance, it is a balance between the dependence on a law to dependence like a child, depending upon its mother.

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The dependence, one of the highest level of dependence would be like a corpse, a dead body, which has total dependence upon the person who was watching it. But at the same time, I should he shows us our way of life shows us that this is balanced by taking precautions. And so the believers take precautions during this time. While they depend on a lot of that happens, a lot will be sufficient.

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And the beautiful part of this verse it says, in the law ballyhoo committee, a law will reach his purpose. So remember this, as we see the curve. And they say it's rising to its high point, now they're flattening the curve. Allah will reach his purpose, Allah will flatten the curve, when it's time.

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And in different parts of the world, that curve will be flattened at different points. Because Allah has made a limit for everything. And so yes, there is a limit for the COVID-19 for this pandemic, that we are going through.

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And so as we cry for change, as we reach out, we're in this purification. A lot told us in Surah, two rod verse 11,

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the law law, your venue might be common, what are you how are you to be unforeseeable, Allah will not change the condition of a people till they change that which is in themselves.

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Think about this, no change. So you can build a masjids you can put on Islamic clothes, you can eat halau food, you can have all the physical trappings that you want. But unless there is an internal change, what is inside of us, that Allah told us, He will not change our conditions. And so we want to look at this phenomena. We're spending a lot of time on the external playq. And we are learning all over the world, the importance of isolation.

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We are also learning the importance of social distancing, we are learning the importance of washing our hands, we are learning the importance of seeing limits, and not just seeing a human being

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as a person you can walk through, but respect the limit of all people. Therefore you find it is, in a sense, an unwritten law that you don't shake hands. Muslims did not shake hands following the Prophet Sal solo, male and female, unless they were family, because this is the prophetic way you are entering that person's space. When you're touching their body,

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you are entering that person's space, when you are staring at them. You are entering their space when you open up their private book, or when you peep in their window. So limits are being prescribed. And this is a mercy that Allah azza wa jal teaches people limits. And this is the external paths. So we're learning how to function under a pandemic, in a plague. And the prophet SAW Selim showed us very clearly, a sick person should not go into the presence of a person who as well stay out. Don't go on to that person. If you are in the land of a pandemic, stay there. If you're not in the land, then isolate. So these concepts were already there. Now we want to look at the

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internal conditions. This is not the external plague. This is the internal plague. Because inside of the human beings, there is something that is going on. And that is the study of the heart held cold. And the prophet SAW Selim said in one of his authentic hadith, that Verily Allah does not look at your bodies in the law. Hola, yondu illa at Sam eco. While that has already come, well, that can young doodle Illa Kaluga, como maliko. That very, very early, Allah does not look at your bodies, nor at your appearances, but it looks at your hearts and your deeds.

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In another tradition and part of this tradition, the prophet SAW some of them said

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what ended up in Jessa de moda either Salah hut.

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Hello, hello Jessica Dooku are either faster that faster digests a Dooku allow heal calm,

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that surely in the body there is a lump of flesh, which if it is in good repair, all the body will be in good condition, and which if it is corrupt, the whole body will be corrupted. Truly, it is the heart.

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So what is this heart that we are talking about?

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Is it just a lump of flesh? The prophet SAW Selim was reported to have told one of his companions, who asked him about beers about righteousness. He told him, his stuff the callback,

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ask your heart.

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On some occasions, he would say very clearly to the followers when they're lining up in prayers, shoulder to shoulder, come close, not let the evil one come between you. close close your ranks.

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Why? What is it? He said, Come close. So your hearts will not be divided. So think about this when you are shoulder to shoulder to a person. Is your shoulder touching the hot? No.

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So he's talking about something else. And this really is a really important concept.

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It is our conscience we used to say in America, always let your conscience be your guide. What is the conscience, it's not something that you can see. But it's something that is inside. And I recognize the importance of the internal Muslim. I saw this in practice a number of years back when we formed the Hillel committee. And this was a committee that was made up we were just in Chabad, similar to the time right now, going toward Ramadan. And we knew that there'd be different opinions. And it's almost like there's more than one moon in the sky. So we came together, and we got all the persuasions, and we formed the committee. And we started the month on time. Alhamdulillah we felt

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the Unity we felt closeness. And as the month went by, people started changing, the attitudes started changing. So by the end of the month, we broke into different groups. And I realized that the problem was not at the level metalia it was not the difference in the horizons, as some of the scholars would say, the problem was if the laffel qub. It was the difference in the hots. That's what it was. That because of something inside of the individual, they broke a pot not because of Sharia, Islamic law and juris prudence did not put us apart. It gives us ways of doing things, sometimes multiple ways. But it is what is inside of us. That breaks us apart. And so that is the

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hot that is what we are looking at now. And there are so many different traditions. In this in this in light.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the 22nd chapter in verse 46, Allah tells us Do they not travel through the land, so that their hats made us learn wisdom for Lamia, siru fill out of the Fatah cuando la globin Yaki Luna, Bihar,

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see how it's being used? Do they not travel to the land so that so that their hearts made us learn wisdom, and it continues, and there is made us learn to hear truly it is not eyes that are blind, but their hearts which are in their chests lacking tap Maluku allottee, face to door.

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This is a beautiful verse because it is showing us Allah is showing us that in traveling through the earth, the heart gains wisdom. Now this is different than what we commonly know to be the heart. Because we look at the heart as really this lump of flesh. But the verse is saying, when you're traveling through the land, then aka intelligence, which we normally put to the brain, but no and traveling to the land, the heart will gain intelligence, the ears will learn to hear, because it's not the eyes that are blind, but it is the heart. And so that shows the importance of this concept. And we need to consider it and we want to for the next few periods, discuss the heart and some of

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the issues because this is the key to the spiritual internal plank. And that is what we need to really come close to at this point in time.

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What a lot of people didn't realize before is that you

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The body is made up in a different way than what we thought. We used to think that the body is a brain. And then the brain is like a computer, and it's giving information to the heart. But the reality is, and scientists have shown us that the cardiovascular system is one of the first to form in the embryo. So it's really the hot area, which is one of the first areas that is forming with the young child. And hot cells form the heart. And they pulsate. And these cells are like, like nothing else. So the heart is made up of living cells, which is a type of life force, which is pumping, pumping, pumping, the heart is 5000 times stronger than the brain. Think about this. And if you

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think of a human being, if you think about what is going on, because we'll go to sleep, and our brain, in a sense, slows down and it shuts down. Sometimes you might have a dream, but generally, your brain is taking a rest, but your heart is pumping, your heart can never take a rest. And so it is constantly popping, constantly popping, it is the life force that is coming, it is really the door to the soul of war, which is something that nobody knows. So the qualities of the heart, we have to realize, even the physical heart itself has got some amazing qualities. The heart has a brain of its own, and organize network of nerve cells, and Plexi.

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You could be brain dead, and you're still alive.

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Every cell in the body is permeated with life force from the heart. So the brain itself, literally, or the heart itself, has a brain. You know, again, we used to think of this computer that's in our heads, that's running everything, no, your heart is got its own brain.

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It's got its nerve cells, it's it's, it's even when the body the brain turns off, it's still alive. Because that rule, that soul is connected to the life force, which manifests itself through the heart. And so even on a physical level, this is a deep concept

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that we need to understand. And you know, human beings, we're actually not just this physical human being,

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we are really Ottawa, we are souls, our body will drop off to the earth. But yet there is a type of energy if I can use this term, that is the soul. It's the ultimate force, that Allah subhanaw taala has breathed into the human being, which has given us like when that force leaves the body, then the body is dead. But you know what's interesting,

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there's an electromagnetic field that the heart is putting out. And it's been measured to be about three to four feet around the body. It's a type of light based energy. And it's, it's, it has emotions in it. This is interesting, because I can remember being very sensitive, I've always been a very sensitive person. I've noticed some individuals, you know, when people would come in the room, and I would sense this myself, and I noticed all the people, if somebody was really evil, or really negative, and that person would enter the room, I would feel coldness, feel something negative in my body wondering, why am I feeling this negativity.

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It's a it's a literally a light based energy that that individual was giving off. And I was sensitive to it.

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That same feeling. We have for instance, when you do something good to an individual, when you give sadaqa. When you help that elderly person across the street, it's a warm feeling that you get, it's an emotion. So positivity has an emotion, you could say it's an electromagnetic emotion.

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negativity also has an emotion. And so that electricity that power, which we are gaining, is negative or positive throughout our life, it reaches a climax with death, so that when the physical body leaves, and the soul is there, this energy of the soul, the power that a lot of us put in what stays with it is the positive energy and the negative energy that we have gained in this world. And we describe this for our human senses as our deeds, our good deeds, and our

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bad deeds. And this is where the intention actually comes in from the heart.

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And this is something which is interesting on, it's been studied by human beings from the beginning of the time, you have to remember that the prophet SAW Selim has shown us very clearly that prophets and messengers have been sent to every nation,

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that they would worship Allah and stay away from false deities. Every nation has had a messenger. And Allah subhanaw taala has revealed this to us very clearly. And so prophets came to China, profits came to India, profits came to the Americas to Europe to Africa. In the ancient times, one of the most organized early ancient societies was Ancient Egypt. And I had the opportunity to go into pyramids to go below the pyramids, into the chambers in the tombs. And to read some of the hieroglyphics to see the images that were there. I was shocked to compare my knowledge of Islam.

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Coming from CT and Sunnah to what I saw in the early times Remember, the ancient Egyptians and now they're writing this information around 3000 bC 2000 BC, prophets and messengers came in those times, they did not have the study up, they did not have the Islamic law in the way that we have. But they had an idea which is adapted to this society. And we have a Sharia, which came to the last prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. And so in the ancient times, look what they wrote. And this gives you a visual image of something that they wrote a few 1000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians believed that the judgment will happen in the hereafter beginning with the heart.

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And so, every individual when they die, dead judgment starts to begin. And when the judgment happens, there is a scale and on one side of the scale is a hot here on the other side is a feather. And if your heart is heavier than the feather in sin,

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then you will be punished. And I thought about this, because you know, the prophet SAW Selim said that the place of the intention mahalo called mohalla, Nia, pelco, he said the place of the intention is the heart.

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And he told us also in the mouth Malou Binney, yet we're in the molekule memory and Manoa your deeds are based on your intentions, and every person will get exactly what he intends. So that intention is crucial. Look what the Egyptian said, you intend evil. And that's what's going to be on your scale. So they literally knew that the heart was going to be involved in this, that that intention was crucial in the Judgment Day. And so the heart of the individual, that internal movement that people have to go through, this is the essence of our study, we need to know about the internal diseases, in the same way that the scientists are studying the COVID-19. And they say Nova COVID,

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this is a new one. So it's different than the other ones. It's different, how it moves. It's different, how it affects people, they're trying to understand it, to be able to develop means to do that we can protect ourselves. The prophet SAW, Selim actually gave us a means to protect ourselves. He told us over 1400 years ago,

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take the black seed, and they couldn't be happier to sewed up. But in the hardware admin kalida, you'll note he said, You must take the black seat, because it will cure you from every disease except death.

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The doctors found out that the quality of the black seed is that it builds your immune system and it is the immune system of the individual which fights off disease, ultimately with the COVID-19. It is our immune systems. And that is the reason why elderly people why people with pre existing conditions with immunity is down where they are more than likely to succumb to the disease. And so the black seed gives us a strong immunity.

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And so we have that immunity. We study the disease. We try to understand how it affects us and what we can do to defend it.

00:30:00--> 00:30:16

ourself against it and if we're struck with it, how can we come out of it? Literally, that science was looked at internally, and the great scholars of Islam, many of them who were blessed Sheikh Hassan Al basri,

00:30:17--> 00:30:18

Mr. Malik, azali,

00:30:19--> 00:30:48

CD CDM, Luca, Morocco shakos man den fodio of Nigeria and the desert area, there are many different names that we can bring up scholars of the internal scholars of the heart, and we want to look at the importance of this because remember what Allah set in the law allow you to do mabi Coleman, what are you going to do might be unforeseen, Allah will not change the condition of a people

00:30:49--> 00:31:34

till they change that which is in themselves. So, we need to take this time while we are isolated, to look within ourselves and especially with Ramadan coming along. To recognize that the essence of Ramadan is not just physical fast, it is taqwa is to to gain that consciousness of Allah. And so, this is an opportunity for us. And so, the scholars of the heart identified unbridled galoob diseases of the heart, they identified certain key diseases and I want to show you a few of these diseases. There is Kibana which is pride.

00:31:35--> 00:31:56

There is katha Takada. This is like this anger, this intense negative feeling, there is how sad there is envy and jealousy. There is real, where you are showing off in worship, in order to gain the respect and the love of other individuals. There is a job, which is conceit.

00:31:57--> 00:32:31

There are many different diseases of the heart. And it's crucial for us to understand these diseases, and to realize what happens to us when we are struck with the disease. And so I pray to Allah subhanaw taala to be able to look at some of these diseases with you. Not just tonight, we have entered the door. This is the Mudd club. This is the entrance into the area of the hot, you can say that the hot in a sense is like a beautiful fort.

00:32:32--> 00:33:05

And this foot is protecting us. The soul is connected to it. And we have to protect our fort. But there are different issues that can weaken the foot. And in our bodies itself in our spiritual body, which in a sense is our spiritual foot. taqwa gives us the strength to work on Allah gives us that dependence we're allowed will be sufficient. And then we have a strong internal self. But weaknesses come

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the same way malaria strikes us. cholera strikes us polio strikes us sighs the mirrors the different coronas the same way our physical body is struck with disease. A spiritual body is also struck with disease. So when our next class inshallah, we want to look at some of these spiritual diseases in order to understand the spiritual plague. Think about it, do some study of it, and next week, I want to go over this with you and to hear back from you from some of your questions. These are some of the points that we are looking at. And next week inshallah we also want to look at some of the entrances that the shaytaan uses special entrances to come to the hearts. This is information that

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is not necessarily privy to the public, and I want to share this information with you, inshallah, that allow will help us to clean up what is inside of ourselves. that allow would give us that ability to to clean our hearts to purify our souls. May Allah subhanaw taala accept us, be Allah azza wa jal protect us and protect our community. And may Allah subhanaw taala Have mercy and forgive all those who have died from the corona plague from this COVID-19 May Allah subhanaw taala accept these individuals as Shaheed our doctors are dying on nurses are dying. Some of our individuals in our community are dying. We will accept them with the rank of Shaheed and give them

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protection from the punishment of the grave. You

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protection from the fitna and trial of the Day of Judgment. Give them protection from the fitna and trial going over the Surat. Whether they go to Paradise or hell May Allah help them to go across in the blink of an eye. We'll help them to enter Paradise in the body of a green bird and fly around in gender even before the day of judgment. meal, accept them and forgive them. May Allah accept us the weakness that we have shown in our lives. May Allah forgive us for all of this weakness and help us during this pandemic. May Allah have mercy upon this oma and give us that Kelly Ma, that our last word would be Kelly Madame de la Illallah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam aku

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loconte Heather was Dr. la de welcome are decidedly Muslim meaning and equally then been a staff hero in the whole pool of a photo Rahim. Salam alaykum warahmatullahi Wa

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Alaikum Salaam Alaikum but I thought at this moment for everyone who is actually joining us and who's on the online please I'd ask you to go ahead subscribe to our YouTube channel do press

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the notification icon so you actually get notified if we upload any sort of videos or any live streams we do go live every single day pretty much except for Saturday where we have classes and Holocaust happening at seven o'clock in the morning at seven o'clock pm Toronto time and at 1130 on Sunday we had coffee as well if anybody has any questions now for the show jello we can answer them

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just wait to see if there's anyone else will have any sort of questions.

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If not what we could do is we could have them to send the questions in and we can have them dance to the next class because we are we are coming very close to our slots a moment of time

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will be perfect time inshallah so it doesn't seem like there are any questions are happening right now on the YouTube inshallah. If there are any questions that happened after we upload this video within $1 we will make sure we address them challenges I can laugh at Jeff mellado Let's generalize a good gratitude gentlemen, sha Allah. May Allah give you a problem live from Sharla based on, you know, obeying the laws of Dallas