Jordan Peterson takes Ayaan Hirsi Ali as his Hero

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the definition of Islam as a religion of peace and how individuals can choose to admit or deny it. The history of conversions to Islam and the pressure to accept it are also highlighted. The importance of honesty in verifying information and the use of academic techniques is emphasized, along with the need for honesty in the scientific approach to verifying information. The speakers emphasize the need for honesty in order to achieve scientific excellence.
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Somebody's very struggling.

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Jordan Peterson as well. I have the great privilege today of talking with ion Hirsi Ali.

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She's one of my heroes. I guess that's the case ever since I read her book recently, Mohammed Egypt on a video by and Joe Rogan, and Jordan Peterson, he does, like we'll be honest, will be given the benefit of doubt. But he's starting to sound like a closet islamophobe I'm so sorry. And then people that follow the more radical version of religion that wants to convert people, to discuss it, to acknowledge it, and to automatically classify any discussion as Islamophobic. And then I've seen this labeled this, this label put on you

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that you are Islamophobic he's made certain statements about Islam, which he has no knowledge about, and then don't rock and invites this woman at the assertion that Islam is a religion of peace, if they want to believe that Islam is a religion of peace. Let's, let's say Salaam, let's come, let's do it along with him. It's as if he's saying, You know what? Why don't you say the things I can't invite you. That's what it is the only I can't see. But I'm here my guests, you know, no one can say nothing. You know, I invited a guest. You know, I didn't tell her to say that. You know, come on, let's not let's not fool around here. It's very simple what you're doing. You can invite anyone

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Mohammed hijab, Hamza says, there's so many people that you can invite that could come and talk about Islam, but that's not going to be good for you. You don't like that. So the thing is to invite people like her who's an outright Yeah, she's alive. She's alive. She lives by a whole life whole story, you know? And she's, they're coming and she's lying and saying, you know, that's talking about forced Islam that we're allowed to, you know, she's talking about Dawa, and, you know, we can force people to accept, they have to accept Islam by the sword. This is the biggest myth ever, you know, the specific verses in the Quran in surah baqarah verse 256, you know, very clearly, Islam

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Islam, you cannot force anyone to there is your religion is simple. The expansion of the Islamic empire does not mean there was forced conversions yet, is the Empire expanding doesn't mean you know, people being forced to accept Islam, you know, so people have this thinking that Oh, yeah, the Islamic empire expanded and they're converting people by the swords. It's not like that. It's as simple as that to your religion to me, mine, I can convey but I can't force. And we have many examples. We have many examples in history where individuals could have forced that Almighty macatawa slave where he, he, he said, Look, if only you accepted Islam, you know, etc. So we have

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many examples where people were given the chance to accept Islam, but yeah, there's an outright lie. Oh, and yeah, and inshallah See, hopefully, she'll debate Muhammad hijab one day. She touched upon it, Gabrielle, I don't know if you want to touch on it. So Allah, she's in her talk with Joe Rogan. She touched upon and we cover this all. I mean, we've covered this so many times. But she mentioned I believe, the forced marriage honor killings. You as a, as a young woman, were going to be forced into an arranged marriage. And this is what made you flee and head to Europe and wind up in Holland. correct? That's correct. Had he been with us earlier, he might have taken this initiative to force

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me into marriage at the age of 15 1617.

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You guys, you get kind of like, this is like an old, old old record, you know, that just keeps playing and you get, you know, tired of hearing this these

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goes from someone being ignorant, who just searly sincerely doesn't know. But then somebody who obviously knows the truth, and then even her community, they're called her out on that, you know, so what do you say for the for the person who sincerely maybe just bid on this? Yeah. And how would you respond for this honor killing forced marriages? Right, right. I think I think sincerity is the key here. And you can differ and you can have issues, whatever, whatever it is, even with Jordan Peterson, you know, I was reading this book is smart guy, man, you know, but he really disappointing because he should know better. On the academic approach of verifying information, he's an

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academician. Right. So he's being academically dishonest in the statements that he's making you talk about Jordan Peterson. Jordan Peterson. Yeah. Yeah. And Tom will join me. So I want to make that point. Right. Because he's very smart guys. And very smart man here, you understand. It's not enough to just be smart. You have to be also honest. Okay. And you have to, if you're doing so much research, you know, how much academic integrity is important and checking and verifying information. That is the whole, you know, foundation of it's not that heavy. The science of verifying it and knowledge information is based on reliability on, you know, academic

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checking of who says, what, who is this person? Are they qualified to actually relate this information? It's a huge, huge sign.

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Is that what's the objective? to just make sure that honesty is there when you're passing on information? Right? Well, I saw that, obviously not going to misguide people with the wrong things with this woman. May Allah guide her. Obviously, the enemies of his staff have been using this type of tactics from the time of the buffs are stellar and suppiler. Love. I mean, today I was I was teaching a class on the tip of Syrah. And we were mentioning the incident of the person who came and asked the professor said about about this statement in the four year old how old system error right referring to my family center, right? Until today, bro, the process isn't explained very much like

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you know, like we say Benny's been a behemoth. This is how the new they used to refer to humble people, pious people, as for their ancestors, and so on, you know, we are being used to it, but we're not directly the sons of this. I mean, sorry, Benny, and bass, it will be fine. And so on. Till today, bro, you'll find this argument on the answering his website, that whole process and didn't know that, you know, two sisters, Aaron's marriage or, you know, I mean, it's just ridiculous. So these all these forced marriages for conversions, by the sword and so on. They keep it's been refuted. It's been academically approached john and so on. And I'm not denying that there

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was in the history of Islam. In some cases, no doubt certain rulers and theaters who did force Converse, there are some, okay, there's no doubt about it. It's not that that's not the question. The question is does his lamb preach that is that the theory of is that this is what's the way as to what some person did. And this century that century, I mean, that you can point to every single nation or religion, there's always gonna be certain bad apples that interpreted things and did things their whole way. Now you have, for example, the Russia shoe and you know, the word where the word assassin comes from, right? And how and 17 was directed his attacks. The four is there,

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actually, you know, but these were claiming to be Muslims who were doing all kinds of evil things. People will do a lot of things. Okay. Bottom line is, what does Islam preach? What does for preach? What does the sermon that preach? This is what we ask the world to look at. All right, this is what we asked the world to look at

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