Zakir Naik – The Reality of Horoscopes, Palmistry, Astrology or Fortune Telling

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the beliefs of Islam, including the belief that no horoscope is associated with marriage and that everything is based on luck. The segment also touches on the idea that no Kundalini is associated with a date of birth and that everything is based on luck.
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by Islam marriages no Horace COVID p

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says the question that why in Islam during marriage is no horoscope AC? Because sister we don't believe in horoscope

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based on the data but you're not seeing any horoscope. Yes, sister I'll come to it. I will tell you what Hinduism says. Because I've studied Hinduism. In Hinduism. They believe in horoscope Kundalini, Kundalini, no Kundalini Yeah, I know it's called Kundalini. Yes, you know, sister, when coonley you tell your date of birth, then they say that this son was there and vicia gone. And this, this Gohan game. This is a science. But the science is not established science. It's a hypothesis. It says that if you are born on this date, then this grant comes and this planet goes there. And this is a science, but it's not an established science. It's not hard science, like what we read in our

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college biology, physiology, embryology, it is what they believe it's an assumption. And then they talk about future everything what they mentioned the Quran does not come out to be true. We in Islam are against fortune telling. Quran says in Surah Maya chapter number five or 790 yeah I live in amanu in number come roll my through or you believe most certainly interesting and gambling while on Zavala salaamu, dedication of tones divination of arrows, ritual minimalist a THON. These are sitting in Hannibal first and he will come to floon obtained from this Hannibal that may prosper. Quran says this fortune telling divination of arrows, there are certain handiwork obtained from it

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that may prosper. So in Islam, we do not believe in this many a time you go into machine, you put your date of birth, then it comes out there, something good is going to happen to you in the next one week.

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Even if 100 bad thing happened, one good thing will surely happen.

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The next person goes it comes horoscope something bad is going to happen in the next one month. So these are statements that are made, which are so ambiguous.

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And all these you know parrot goes and picks up. a parrot goes and picks up a chit and you come to know your Kundalini or your future. So in Islam, we don't believe a parrot can pick up and tell you what is your future, or by reading the poem or looking at the stars. Islam is against this. And many times you get fooled into believing that it is true. And do the research done that once a psychologist he was teaching a class class of 100 students. And after one week, he said now I have understood your background everything. I will write about each individual person about his past and everything. But don't open the chip until I tell you. So you wrote to all 100 students details about

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the past, then is it okay to open the chips and give me gradation? How much am I accurate? Believe me.

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More than 95% of the students said the professor was more than 90% correct.

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The Secret was the professor or the same thing for everyone.

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These are such ambiguous statement. What we realize is that Islam is against fortune telling against knowing about the future. That's the reason there is no coonley required if the coonley was a to find that so many marriages are being broken into the why what we believe that we have to choose our life partner and our beloved prophet no masala forum said. It's mentioned in a hadith that whenever choose your life partner, look for four things, beauty, wealth, nobility and virtue, the best virtue, the best to choose from a life partner is a virtuous life partner, not Kundalini. Whether born in October, September doesn't make a difference. The virtue should match that there is in a

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woman in Islam sister is called as a masina. Mohsen and Arabic means a fortress against the devil. In other religions, including Hinduism, the woman is referred as instrument of the devil. In Quran the woman is referred as a masana. In Arabic, it means a fortress against the devil. So if you marry a virtuous woman, inshallah she will prevent the husband from going in the wrong track. Hope that answers the question is system. Thank you.

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