Zakir Naik – Does The Quran Promote Violence

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The transcript describes various verses and references to Islam, including surah Tauba's chapter nine, verse number five, verse number seven, and verse number six. The importance of peace and avoiding violence in the face of enemies is emphasized, along with the use of the Quran in Islam, including "penetration," and the potential consequences of killing or saving people if they don't achieve their goals. The speaker also discusses the use of deadly language and aggressive behavior towards Muslims, as well as recent attacks on a British man named George Bush. The importance of protecting people from attacks is emphasized, and calls for action to prevent future attacks.
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and many of the critics of Islam,

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the quote, the famous was of the Quran, surah Tauba, chapter nine, verse number five,

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which says, Wherever you find a coffee, you kill him. And Iran truly in his book, The world of what was called the famous and he gives the reference. Quran says in surah Tauba chapter nine was number five, wherever you find the traffic into bracket,

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he says into you kill him.

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And when you open the Quran

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surah Tauba chapter nine, verse number five, when you read the translation, the Quran does say, wherever you find the unbeliever, kaffir kill him, but it is out of context.

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To understand the context, you start from verse number one of surah Tauba, chapter nine, there was a peace treaty between the Muslims and the Muslims of Makkah. This peace treaty was unilaterally broken by the mushriks of Makkah. By the time Allah subhanaw taala reaches was number five, he is giving an ultimatum to the mushriks of Makkah, who think straight in four months time, otherwise the declaration of war and in the battlefield, when the enemy come,

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men, they come to kill you when they come to attack you in the battlefield. When the unbelievers come, then kill them, don't get scared, kill them, and wait for them in every stratagem of all.

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This is a verse of the Quran talking about the battlefield. When the enemy's break the contract, and when they come in the battlefield to fight you don't get scared, fight them back.

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And this is normal, any army general to boost the morale of the soldiers, he will not run away. He will say when the enemies come you fight them. That is what the Quran says. It is a verse in the battlefield. It's taken out of context.

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And surely, after coding was number five, he jumps to verse number seven.

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You know why? Verse number six, has the answer to sickness

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surah Tauba chapter number nine verse number six says, if the unbelievers if the enemy if the caliphate if they want peace, if they want asylum.

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Don't give it to them, escort them to a place of security. If the enemy if the unbelievers, if they want asylum, if they want peace, don't just give it to them, escort them to a place of security, so that they may hear the word of Allah. Today, which Army General will say this maximum utility soldiers if the enemy won't be that the goal, your Quran, say don't let them go escort them to a place of security.

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And almost all the verses of the Quran whenever it talks about fighting in the battlefield, the next was say peace is better, whichever was to pick up of the Quran.

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When he talks about fighting in the battlefield against the enemy,

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immediately next verse say peace is better. Even this one says, If the enemy won't Please give it to them.

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And the Quran is very explicit, the worst, which was decided by the car in the beginning of the program. So reminder chapter five was the motto says that if anyone

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kills any other human being, unless it be for murder, or for spreading corruption in the land, it is as though yes, kill the whole of humanity. And if anyone saved any human being, it is as though you're saved the whole nation. Here the Quran says if any human being kills any other human being whether Muslim or non Muslim,

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any human being kills any other human being whether Muslim or non Muslim, unless it be for corruption, for spreading corruption or for murder, it is as though yes kill the whole of humanity. And if anyone saved any human being, whether Muslim or non Muslim, it is as though he has saved the whole of humanity.

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This was of the Quran alone is sufficient to prove that Islam is against killing of any innocent human being whether Muslim or non Muslim.

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There is no other scripture in the world we say this, that if you kill one human being you have killed the whole of humanity. And if you save one human being, you have saved the whole of humanity.

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Islam is so clear and explicit killing of any innocent human being

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is totally prohibited.

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And I remember

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in Bombay, it was on the sixth I gave a talk on is terrorism and Muslim monopoly. That's a different subject altogether.

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And that happened immediately after the train bomb blast in Bombay.

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And the situation in Bombay was tense

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You're the police is telling me that why don't you give a talk to explain to the Muslims, and the Muslims are telling me why don't you give a talk to the police to explain to us I'm on the edge of Assad. Now, in the sensitive situation I gave a talk on a state of the Muslim monopoly. And I gave my views

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and during question answer time, those Hindu

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who came and told that if I was a Muslim,

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you know, 1000s of Muslim okay language that 1000 non Muslim woman.

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And later on the bomb blood that takes place in Bombay, more than 180 people are killed. And it was in the newspaper that Muslims are behind the bomb blast.

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So during questions that empties into gets up and says that if I was in the place of the Muslim, and 1000s of Muslims were killed, and 1000s of women were raped, are done the same thing, I would have done the bomb blasts in Bombay. And everyone clapped.

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I told him, that what you're behaving like a normal human being, it's a reaction

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towards Islam, Muslims are killed, and if 1000s of Muslim women are raped, but I cannot do that, I being a Muslim, I cannot do that because my Quran, the last and final commandment in the Quran does not permit me to kill any innocent human being. If some Hindus have done in Gujarat, it does not permit me to kill the other Hindus in Bombay.

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It is private Islam does because some Hindus did some mistake in Gujarat, I cannot harm the Hindus of Bombay. If you catch the Hindu in Gujarat, who had done the mistake, give him to the law, give him punishment and for it. But you cannot take revenge by killing Hindus in Bombay. It's not allowed in Islam. Imagine the innocent Hindu who's been harmed his family forever, would become enemies of Islam.

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Killing any innocent human being is prohibited Islam.

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And one more example, that when I was in UK, or when I was allowed to go to UK,

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I gave a talk on same topic, Islamic viewpoint on terrorism and jihad, a young boy after my lecture did not agree on our birth. And then he said that to George Bush, dead to George Bush,

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I give such a good lecture. Now these young Muslim on my full lecture,

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individuals the money for their museum has ruined my full lecture. Everyone is clapping and he gets upset to George Bush. And everyone clapped.

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Then I told him, that if you read the Syrah of the Prophet Muhammad, Salah Salem

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masala Salam, he prayed to Allah subhanaw taala that they will to staunch enemies of Islam, both the name Omar

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so a Prophet prayed to Allah subhanaw taala that at least give hedaya to one Omar. And Allah gave me that. May Allah be pleased with him who became the staunchest supporter of Islam. So I pray to Allah that give you that

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by killing him, we won't solve the problem. I pray that give you that to one of the to George Bush or Tony Blair.

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You read the feet of the Prophet rather than be emotional, you know, Muslim, you're emotional.

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If you read the feet of the Prophet, you know, how did the Prophet deal with things?

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Allah says in the Quran in surah Baqarah Chapter number two was the 190 that fight against those who fight you.

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But do not transgress for Allah, like not those who are transgressors. Allah says in surah baqarah chapter two verse 193, that fight until there is no more tumult and operation.

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Islam is against oppression.

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And even when we do Qatar, there are certain guidelines laid down by Allah and His messenger for Qatar, that when you have to fight in self defense, almost all were in self defense. There are guidelines laid down that when you fight do not chop please, do not hurt the woman do not hurt the old men are not come in the battlefield. Do not kill children. Do not break down monasteries do not destroy the temples. Today you find in our bombing everyone woman killed children killed men killed.

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If you compare the complete history of masala Salam, there were 82 encounters taking place.

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And 1000 eating people were killed.

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In World War One.

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More than 10 million people were killed in World War Two more than 20 million people were killed compared to this.

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As I said media very powerful can convert black into white day into night.

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When the Christian nuns when they cover the head. They are respected.

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When Muslim women cover their

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And then they say Islam degrades the woman why

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when the sick were the top man and keeps a beard he's called religious and Muslim wear a cap and keep it called as a fundamentalist terrorist

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