Yasir Qadhi – Interesting Facts About The Hajr-E-Aswad (Black Stone)

Yasir Qadhi
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Sharla today we're going to talk a little bit about history because we haven't done history for a while, and I recited Surah Ibrahim. And in it, we learned that

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the Prophet Ibrahim, of course, built the cab. Today I want it to be a bit of a tangent, something that inshallah is interesting. As usual, I like these tidbits of history. As we're all aware, the one original stone that remains from the time of Ibrahim is which stone

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headdress with that is the only stone that still remains for 5000 or 4000 years. And that is, by the way, a huge achievement. 4000 years, there's hardly any structure on Earth, right? And the building of the Kaaba has gone many times different buildings, right. The stones of the Kaaba don't go back 4000 years, the physical bricks of the Kaaba, they are renewed every few decades, believe it or not, the last renewal was 1997. Right? So the stones, the bricks of the Kaaba is like any house, you have to build it over and over again. But there's one brick that has been there for 4000 years. And that is of course the heritage is what? Today's brief, hotter I'm gonna give you some interesting facts

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about the headdress word that a lot of people perhaps are not aware of. Obviously, there's pre Islamic there, Sierra and post Islamic, pre Islamic, what we know is that from our tradition, Gibreel Allah His Salam brought the hijab password to Ibrahim alayhis salam, it is some a stone or a rock that is coming from up above. It is not something from this earth. It is a blessing, Allah gifted to Ibrahim alayhis salam, and that's why the people preserved it. That's why every time the Kaaba was rebuilt, they kept the hudgell password, the other stones kept on but the Hydra password they kept it even pre Islam. They knew this was a special hedger and the Hydra squad, of course, we

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begin and end our toe off at hedging a swan and our Prophet sallallahu. Either he was sending, we know that he was the one who lifted it up and put it in its place. Now, one incident happens before the zero. And that is, there was a civil war, around 100 years before the process of them, the tribe of Jordan and the tribe of Kazaa. And in the Civil War, when George home exited makup they wanted to destroy the Kaaba as an animosity as an act of, okay, if you're going to kick us out, we're not going to leave anything here. They wanted to get rid of the hazardous one they wanted to and they were the ones who got rid of the zamzam. Well remember the story of our political theater of

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rediscovering zamzam. Well, in that incident when they covered up zamzam. They also destroyed aspects of the Kaaba and they pulled the hedges us without, they pulled the hatchet password out, and they buried it far, far away. It was Allah's cover that a lady was hiding for her life, she was spared because she did. They didn't know she was there. And she saw where they hid hedging us with. So as soon as Jerome came, she said to them, I have seen it. And so the hatchet password was gone for a short period of time, it was then returned in the time of the Prophet. So since we're all aware what happened, he lifted the 100 himself and he puts it in now, some scholars say that one

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Jude home removed the 100 a sweat, they hit, they had to hit it such that either it broke or it was weak, and eventually it would break because we're gonna get to this point, a lot of people don't know this. So we are not 100% Certain wasn't already broken, or the crack that they did when they took it out. It kind of made it damage such that it was susceptible to being broken. So the Prophet system put it back as we know, and it remained there until the time of Abdullah bin Zubayr. What happened at the time of Alumina zubaid I went over this over here and in my library chats that I have on my YouTube channel that Abdullah bin is obeyed the OMA yet attacked the Gabrielle hijab and

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use of a tactic GABA, and he threw catapults that GABA was burnt, the GABA was burnt, and the Hedgehog is what was damaged. The hydrogen is what was damaged. Abdullah Abdullah zubaid For the first time decided that we can't just leave the hedger as a brick. So he was the first person to put that silver container around it. You all know that silver container right? You all know that silver receptacle. Abdullah Abu Zubaydah was the first person to say we need to protect the Hydra password from any future attack. So he put it inside of a very like a case. That's the case that you see. The idea came from adult Abdullah disobey. That was the first time the hydro password was put. And they

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say it was a case made out of alloys of silver and of other elements put together whatever he had, he just made it a icon or a case to put over there. That case remained until the time of how to know Rashid. How new Rashid comes around 190 Hijra. He does throw off around the camera and he sees

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This is a squat and the same alloy and the same metal that eveness Zubaydah had put 150 years ago, 130 years ago, and it's decrepit decayed, Rusty. So he says I need to build it again. So how do we Rashid spent a mini fortune and he put 100% Silver and like the most expensive material, because you have to remember YDNA Zubayr. They didn't have access to what how to Rashid had access to right IDNA Zubaydah is relatively speaking in terms of civilization don't misunderstand me relatively primitive. I mean, they don't have as for how to the Rashid. This is both Dad, this is the city of 1001 Nights. This is the pinnacle of the Muslim empire. So the craftsmen and the skills and the

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technology has gone leaps and bounds. So how Runa Rashid is the one who makes that shape that we're familiar with right, that beautiful shape and that alloy is this is how to know Rashid in 100 and roughly 90 Hijra. So how do Rashid makes that? And he then, you know, covers the 100 us with in this regard. Then 317 hijra, a tragedy happens now. If you don't know this tragedy, I'm sorry that I have to be the one to tell this to you. But this is history. I don't change history. It is what it is. And I keep on saying there's a statement you should memorize from me. Our religion is divine.

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Our history is human. Our religion is divine. Our history is human. In the year 317 Hijra. There were many different isms and groups many different sects and and ideologies and one of the most fanatical sects one of the most extreme right wing you know, literally like killing and murdering and mayhem, it was a breakaway of Ismail Ely, Islam that call themselves the Quran milta the Quran milta the characterizations in English the Quran milta. Now Ismail ism is one of the branches of Shiism, very briefly that you have seven or ismaily, you have 12, or if not, actually, you have fibers ad, these are the main three branches of Shiism, and this married ism is considered to be

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from our perspective, the farthest to us. That's always been the case. And within a smart realism, there are many different branches. And in our times, all of you are aware you have done Izadi Agha honey branch you have the Buddha branch, you have the gurus as well. The Karamja thought were the most extreme of the Ismailis the most extreme and they didn't follow the Sharia. They didn't pray five times a day. They had really bizarre theology. And they made an empire in what is now the island of Bahrain. And that I saw in Saudi Arabia, I saw there's a region there, they made an entire empire over there. Right. So they had their mini dynasty separate from the Abbasids separate from

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even the Fatimids the Ottomans of Egypt or ismaily. Right. The Koran milta said to the Ismaili Fatimid caliphate, you are outside Islam you are covered. They didn't acknowledge the Fatimid Khalifa. They were that much breakaway and they started fighting the buses and the buses were weak. This is now you know, 317 Hijra there are buses are a complete disaster at this stage. So the karamba take over much of the abovesaid Empire. They surround Kufa, they were about to take over Kufa, they attempted to attack Baghdad, and they succeeded in attacking MCCA.

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In the year 317, they launched a surprise attack on Mecca itself. And during Hajj, this is one of the saddest times of our Islamic history early Islamic history. during Hajj they killed 20,000 who judge they massacred the Hajj of that year killed them. It is said blood was flowing in the Haram stuck foot Allah They filled the zamzam with dead bodies. You could not drink zum zum. For months after this. They filled the well of zamzam with dead bodies. Their leader altered cool free statements on top of the cap. I don't want to repeat them. You can look up books of history's vulgar, goofy statements, and he commanded the 100 us would be taken out. They attempted to remove

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it. But how do the Rashid had placed it so solidly, they could not remove the metal they couldn't remove the the silver. So they began hitting the hedge in a sweat with an axe and they cause the hazard to crumble. And they then took the hedgerows in a bag crumbled now pebbles and they went to their land far away called leaf saw, you know in that region, and they built I'm sorry to tell you this. I'm not this is history. They built another cabin over there. And they put the hedgerow over there. And they demanded the people do the laughs of that gap. And the people refused their own people in that region. So they fought their own people and killed another few times.

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doesn't have their own people. For 22 years. There was no hedges a sweat and maca for 22 years. The hedgehog password was in a thief. And by the way, to this day, that region and some say that actual structure they built it is still present to this day. Some say I have people that have gone there, acquaintances of mine they have said they have seen it well Allah who are them, but for sure the region is still there, the land is still there. And for 22 years, the Abbas had Khalifa attempted to get it back. But their empire was too strong. They fought them back. They Abbas Al Khalifa said, Give me a price. And I'll get it back. They refused 50,000 100,000 gold coins like you know, $10

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million. They refused. They did not want to give it until it is said the Fatimids interceded because the Ottomans were okay. They had animosity between the parameter but at least they were one strand. So the Fatimids interceded through some treaty, thumbs some, because what was happening was the Fatima's were getting the blame that this is your group. And the father was like, No, this is not our group, this is the parameter. It's not nothing to do with us, but because they were a smiley, so the fall team is we're getting the blame that you guys are doing this. So the Phantom is felt a PR pressure right. So, the Phantom is intervene, they got involved with the parameter and they made

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some type of treaty, you know, the details are a bit vague, but the Columbia then it is said that, you know, in the main mosque of Kufa, a bag was thrown in. So this is the Hydra sweat. And so the pebbles were there. And so it was then brought back to the, to the Haram in Makkah. And this is when Now again, this is the fact you should all be aware of. So now the hijab password has been

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made into pebbles, it is no longer a stone or brick, it has been into pebbles, they say there were 1520 Such pebbles. So what the ruler of Makkah did his name is known, what the ruler of Mecca did is that he made an ingot he made like an alloy of tar and of metal and of other you know, substances. And he placed pebbles into that, you know, in got into that mass, and then he put the silver around that, okay, so the actual hedges a sweat is not the black ink got the black stone that you see inside the silver, the actual hedges a sweat are small pebbles inside of that black structure. And if you look at any picture, and if Allah blesses you to ever kiss the hedges a sweat, make sure you

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take a look inside, and you will see small pebbles, each one of which is like this big. That is hedging a sweat.

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The bulk of the structure sorry to tell you this is not the hedger by the way. All of it if you just kiss it or whatever, you've done your job. Let's not make the religion more complicated. You don't have to aim your lip straight for that small little pebble. Don't worry about it. Right? Allah is a foreign Rahim. It's not our fault. What can we do? It happened it happened. But technically speaking, you should be aware that that big black mask that you see 95% Of it is just alloys. And that alloy is updated every 100 200 years. I think the last one was done. If I'm not mistaken, came up with the disease's time, like around 7080 years ago, they updated that because it's a human

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product. It's not designed as a human product. So it corrupts it what not. And so that alloy, which is a mixture of tar and other metals, to put it in the budget is what is put in and apparently that six or seven of those stones have gone inside, so you don't see them. And only seven are visible. majority of them are too small to even see only three or four are bigger than my finger like one size of this much three or four like one side of it, the other side is going to be that so just imagine a small rocks right? That's how it's going to be. So the 100 S word then was put into this in got from the year 329 Don't quote me but roughly 329 Hijra onwards now that remained, the Mamluks

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came solidified it, but the structure remain as is. Until Sulayman al cannone Study model cannone was the greatest Ottoman Khalifa. He expanded the * off of the Ottomans. He conquered places in Europe, and he spent millions or 10s of millions of dollars on dollars. I'm saying ganda his currency on Mecca and Medina and on Jerusalem. All of you people who have been to Philistine what you see in Jerusalem is cinema no communist effects. The wall the structure

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The city that Sudima no cannone 550 years ago that's what you're seeing. He did the same to Makkah and Medina. And in Makkah he completely by the way, he never went to Mecca and Medina, none of the Ottoman Hoda ever did Hajj, none of the Ottoman Hooda did hedge for reasons beyond the scope of this hotter, none of them came to back to do hedge Suma coinone did not do hedge, but he spent a fortune on Makkah and Medina. And in fact, if if you went to Makkah before 1980, you will, you would have seen some of the original structures as Fremantle colony until 1980. He was the one who made some, you know, plaques around the Kaaba to walk into toe off, he made some of the structures some of the

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doors, he also built them in Rob's you would have seen some of the original structures before the 1980 they did their expansion and whatnot. So then you will find them in the Museum of Makkah, you will find but 550 years ago now, because you spent such a fortune. He did not go to Makkah, but he wanted to see the hijab or sweat. So what did he do?

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They brought the 100 us for to him,

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but not all of it. Five pieces.

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They bought five pieces from this in God because he redid it again. He got rid of the tar and the metal and then he redid it all over again. And when he redid it all over again. He saw demand on cannone. So he just took five put it in his pocket metaphorically. Obviously he didn't put it in his pocket he's in he's in Istanbul, but it was brought to him in Turkey or in Istanbul and see Amana cannone His main architect some of you should know this, who was his main architect? See none. See none. The person who built like half of Istanbul is see none right everywhere you go you find CNN CNN CNN right? See none decided the was eat of that time.

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Muhammad Pasha, there was zero that time Muhammad Pasha decided that he will build a special Masjid to house the five stones from the Hydra sweat. So he built a masjid called Masjid Sulaiman Pasha

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in Istanbul standing to this day by See none. So Sulayman Pasha financed his Masjid. He was the wazoo. And so being the vizier however, he got the stones he got the stones. He got these five stones, Siena and built a special beautiful masjid for the wazoo, and at key places in the masjid. He puts the hatchet is what are these five peddled pebbles of the hijab? Aswad. So when you walk into the masjid, one of them is there when you're praying in the Mahara? One of them is there when the hottie walks into the Mahara? The member one of them is there right? So to this day, five stones of the hedges password are in Istanbul in an a lot of tourists go and they don't even know of this

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of this Masjid. Right? So I went there, you didn't go it's not my fault. I went there. Well, I can take 100 people there I went there and Hamdulillah you just go there is this Muhammad parshas bashes masjid, and it's walking distance from ISIL view just go there. And you can see for yourself, the hijab sweats and these are extremely small, just little pebbles, you will find it over there. And the you cannot touch them because they're very high up and you just find that you can see the architecture is pointing to that structure. So this is what took place around 950 God I need 500 years ago, and that is still over there. Then from that time onwards, nothing much has changed. As

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we said, only the in God has sometimes been updated, but by and large the hedgerows with has remained as it is. And this is the the overall story final theological point as memorable hotel Radi Allahu Anhu said when he kissed the headdress what he said you were I know you are not a something that can help or harm me. We don't worship the hatchet is what? In the end of the day, Allah azza wa jal, he blessed us to have that one icon there but in the end of the day, as Bob said, You are a hedger you are a rock you don't harm me you don't benefit me. I only am kissing you because the process and I'm kissed you. So we have to be within our realm of Islamic Arpita that yes, we do

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believe it is a special rock that Allah gifted to Ibrahim alayhis salam, it is also a historic rock. But in the end of the day, Allah is the One who blesses and we just follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this is a short history of hazardous what inshallah next time you kiss the 100 us with make dua for all of us and when you go to Istanbul visit with Masjid

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Muhammad Pasha.

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Muhammad Pasha because it's the visitors Masjid the busier

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the busier have built his own machine not so a man is the cannone so the man Connery is the Khalifa the Brazil built the masjid inshallah and without inshallah we'll continue the Chamber's local affairs and I'm on economics

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in Mussolini now almost Lima Do you want meaning I will not mean it will quantity now look on it that he was slaughtered in pain I was born in Poland he was saw the Rena was Slavia before she you know she

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was what unfortunately no one was watching. The one downside the lino one downside the party was all me now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentle home one Hatfield law D was that good enough? I guess.

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What's the guilt or? I don't know hula hoop

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