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An-Naba 1-40 Tafsir An-Naba 17-30

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If you think about it, so many things are mentioned in these ions

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from the sky to the earth, to the people to the food they eat, to the rain to the sun, so many things are mentioned. And all of these were to the point of the power of a loss of power, because what has been such an unnatural did we not make did we not send down did we not create you?

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So, if we can do this, then we can also resurrect you.

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In negombo? Firstly, can Emil carta, indeed the Day of Judgment is an appointed time. Now the number one or lien is being described, that the Yeoman fossil the day of separation, the day of decision, the day of judgment, can it is me called an appointed time.

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me call this from the roof address welcome after

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walk is an heirloom a time that is well known and thought is a meeting point or a time that has been scheduled that has been appointed. So it is the day that has been fixed. That has been scheduled, it cannot be delayed. nor can it be brought before it's time. It is appointed for all of the creation. Everyone has to be there. And it's time is known only to Allah soprano. In neoman. Firstly, can I meet

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the people of Makkah, when they would ask about the day of judgement about the hereafter? What would they say? When is it going to happen? This is why Allah says I'm Maya saddle is aluna Carney Sati a Yana Musa Mehta had the word they would keep questioning, when is it going to happen? So Allah says, there is a fixed time for it, it will happen. However, there is a fixed time for it. And that time is known to Allah alone. And Allah describes that time as Yeoman fossil. Fossil is two separate things so that they are clearly apart and distinct from one another. They're not mixed up. They're not still together. No, they're clearly apart. They're clearly distinct from one another. They're

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not together at all yo microfossil. So it is the day when people will be separated from one another. As soon as a Trumpet will be blown, what will happen, people will forget each other. For Allah and cervena home there will be no relations between them. There will be no lineage between them. People will not remember one another.

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We learn into the Hajj, Ayah to Yama, Tirana does Allah can know more

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about that even the nursing mother is going to forget the child who was nursing. What other couldn't do that he Hamlet, Hamlet her and every pregnant woman is going to deliver her pregnancy. What are NASA sacado and you will see people as though they are drunk, drunk people are they concerned about others? Do they notice other people around them with them? know they're just lost in their own world, or my homie sakara when I can neither of olajide so with the blowing of the trumpet, only people will be separated from each other.

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It's amazing that people will be together but yet they will be separate.

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And as the people come out of their graves, the unknown Geraldo Mantashe, each person will be scrambling for himself concern for himself not bothering about others. And when the Day of Judgment is established, then what's going to happen? The people of gender are separated from the people of hellfire.

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the good and the bad of a person will be separated, good deeds will be separated from bad deeds. Similarly, Truth and Falsehood will be separated in justice and justice that will be separated this belief that will be separated. And every matter of confusion difference of this dunya will also be clearly decided about on that day.

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Because we see that in dystonia, there are many many issues which are in you can say the gray area, everything is not in black and white. Some things are very clear, wrong. Other things, right. But there are other things that are a bit confusing.

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So when are they going to be decided about on the Day of Judgment. This is why the Day of Judgment is called Yeoman fossa. And it is a day which will separate between every good and bad thing from a yarmulke scholar in Highland Yahoo Mama jamoma scala.in. shovel, Yahoo, that even an atom's weight of good will be separated from an atom's weight of evil. Just imagine this is how Allah subhanaw taala will clearly separate between good and bad

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Yama Yun for Hafiz sorry, the day the trumpet is blown, for the tune of words, then you will come forth in multitudes. Yun for Hafiz soon

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So it is what? Anything in which one blows, why in order to create sound. So yoma unifo facade on the day the Trumpet will be blown. And as a result, what will happen further ado, now, all of you will come from your graves how of word of word is a plural of folders and folders, a group of people, a group of people that comes quickly and passes quickly as well, which is why it's also used for an army.

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It's also used for an army. Why? Because as they're parading, they come quickly, they go quickly, further to the F word.

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In diverse groups, from every place, all people will come, all people will arrive. And how is it that people will be divided in groups? On what basis will they be divided in groups? What's the criteria?

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their belief, because Elmo mermen have a person will be with the one who he loves on that day.

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We learned in sort of Islam is 71 yo moneta rucola una sin, the Miami him, the day we will call forth every people by their Imam and Imam is understood in many ways, we have learned in the tipsy. So, people will be divided based on which nation they belong to, then they will also be divided based on which actions they performed, whom they loved, whom they followed, because Imam is also a leader, so whoever people followed, they will be called by their leader, meaning come and join this person, you followed him, come and join him.

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So for example, some people will be with the martyrs. Some people will be with those who are truthful, others will be with those who are smiling those who performed various types of good deeds. Some people will be with the Koran, because Imam is also book. Some people will be with the Quran, who will be with the Quran.

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Those who love the Quran, read the Quran, understand the Quran, implement the Koran, spend their time with the Quran, spend their day and night with the Quran. So, they will be with the Quran. Similarly, those people who say poetry they will be with poets. So every person will be with who those whom he is like, or those whom he follows those whom he admires those whom he looks up to,

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for that una vida. So person must be very, very careful. Who am I following? Who do I admire? Who do I spend my time with? Who do I look up to? Because whoever I like, tomorrow, I will be with them. Were 40 hottest summer Ufa cannot abueva and the heaven is opened and will become gateways for the heart that is to open so the sky will be opened up right now you see it closed, you don't see any gaps. On that day it will be opened up. And for Canada Ababa, it will have doors of web is a Florida that. And when a place when a construction when a building has a door or several doors, the doors are the weakest part of the building.

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Because you can easily come through them, you can easily break through them, the wall, these don't break in through, what do they come through the door, they will break the door open, they will come through it. So the door is the weakest part of a construction, the weakest part of a building. So the sky which is so firm and strong, we're fully

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aware that it will have doors, meaning it will become weak,

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it will become weak.

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In terms of economy 25 we learned way home with a Chicago summer and mentioned the day when the heaven will split open. And why are these doors? What's the purpose of these doors? Some say that it's so that the angels may descend from there. And others say that Allahu Allah, Allah knows best what the purpose of these doors is, was to eurotel G balou. And the mountains are removed for can utsava. And they will be but a mirage. So your spirit is from the C and the C is to cause something to move how very, very easily by for example, you take a ball and you roll it on the ground, how does it move very easily. This is what the seed is to set something in motion to make a travel. So

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the mountains will be set in motion, and how will they move very easily, very easily without much force. So yeah, they'll be set in motion, they'll be dislocated from their positions, mechanics alaba. There'll be moved and they will be assessed on what the Saurabh mean. Me Raj, that for example, you see water at a distance, but when you go there, there is no water. It's unreal. It's not there anymore. So similarly

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The mountains will be a mirage on that day how that they will become nothing. That just as you get to the Mirage, there's no water, it's nothing. Similarly the mountains on that day will turn into nothing non existent. They will not be there anymore, they will disappear. Just as you go to the water, it just disappears. The closer you get to it, it disappears, completely gone, no trace of any water when there's a mirage. Similarly, mountains that are firmly anchored right now, on that day they will completely disappear. completely disappear. For kona taraba they will be a mirage, they will completely disappear. They will be moved from their position so you will do bad and then what

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will be left behind nothing but a vast empty space that is flat sand plains

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into the worker if five to six we learn we're both settled

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for Canada and Mombasa. They will not be there anymore, they will become non existent instead of the number 88 water algae Bella Du Bois Jeremy Nathan, we're here tomorrow Mombasa Have you think that they're stationary right now? On that day they will move so your attempt to ban into Korea if it was a corner diabolical and foolish? They'll be like well, that is fluffed up.

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Me bought.

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what's up?

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And when all of this happens, then Allah says in a Johanna mckennitt Masada indeed Hell has been lying in wait millside miticides is from the rotators law slot then. And Mossad is a place of ambush a place where a person lies in wait for the enemy for the prey. And as soon as it comes there, you attack it. It's an observation post. So Johanna has been in Mossad meaning it has been waiting lying in wait jahannam has been lying in wait, what does it mean by this?

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We learn that the slot the path it is over Hellfire and what do we learn into with Miriam what a min Camilla worry to her there is none of you except that he will pass over it meaning every person has to go over the hellfire. Every person janome is lying in wait for who for those who are to come into it for those who are to abide in it for those who are to be thrown into it. So as people are crossing the Hellfire, what's going to happen janome is going to attack it's great because it has been lying in wait for that moment when that person will come and it will attack and it will pull in breathe in everyone that deserves to go into it in Niger Honda mechanic novicida

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and you see Marisol a place of ambush when a person goes there lying in wait for the enemy is fully prepared fully ready to attack the enemy. So Johanna was fully prepared for them in new Johanna mechanic Masada littorina for the transgressors a place of return. For those people who cross limits, it is what is my abode. So it will be an award for them from which they will never come out a dwelling place from which they will never come out. A residence a final outcome

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and it's also called my ob because avva is to return to something and this shows to us that the people in health care they will try to come out but every time they try to come out they will be returned to it go lemme or do you mean her burrito fee her little ina

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levy Tina Fie acaba in which they will remain for ages. They will remain in Hellfire for how long ages and ages. A club is the plural of Heroku and Heroku is a long period of time. Some have said that Heroku is like the hub. What does that mean? long period of time from the beginning till the end. So similarly a hub is what the other say that Heroku is 80 years. Some say it's 7000 years. Others say it is 70 years. Some say it is 80 years whose each day is like a

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1000 years. And notice the word over here.

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It's the plural of record.

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And some have said that haircut is an unspecified long period of time,

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long period of time that is unspecified. So now vena cava, this does not mean that eventually after the passage of 70 years or 80 years, or a number of 70 years, eventually they will come out of Hellfire know, what this means is that as each hookup comes to an end, another hook will begin because it's

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so they will be in Hellfire for one. As that will come to an end, another hookup will begin, another couple will begin, another hookah will begin. So in other words, they will be there for eternity later within a fee.

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And this is psychologically more distressful. Why, because as each period comes to an end, a person has hope. Perhaps now I will come out.

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But there's no coming out of hellfire. As one century comes to an end, another will begin. You know, for example, there are people who are in prison. And they're told to serve a number of life sentences, for example, in the prison to life sentences. For example, after the passage of 20 years, you know, they're checked again, they're called again, and they hope that perhaps now I will come out 20 years is a long time. After the passage of 50 years, maybe now I will come out. No,

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until a person finds out that he's there until he dies. liability, no fear.

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But the fact is that in Hellfire when a person is living, can he die? No. Will that period ever come to an end? No. So they'll be remaining in there for ages on ending ages, one period followed by another one century followed by another and in that entire duration. Allah says layer to Kona Fie have all done while I sharada they will not taste there in any coolness, nor any drink

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in Hellfire know about a no Shut up, but his coolness

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and Hellfire is a place that is extremely hot, but in that extremely hot place, they will never ever experience anything that is cool and comforting, so that it would relieve them from the heat of hellfire. So for example, if a person is in a very, very hot, warm place, what does he want?

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A cold drink. So Allah says, well, Ashoka, nor any drink, no comfort, no Shut up, no cold drink nothing at all. That could bring them ease.

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And according to Avila who they they use the word birth for no for sleep. Why? Because just as cold is a means of comfort. Sleep is also a means of comfort.

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Just says when you have something called it refreshes you. Similarly when you sleep for some time you wake up refreshed, but they will not experience in hellfire. Any sleep. And if you're not able to sleep for a long time, is that torture? Is that torture? It's torture. Layers akuna Fie her birthday notice the word burden any verb not even for a moment not even a little bit when I shall

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know any drink, they will have drink but it will be off her mean. So it says though it's not a drink even because when you have a drink it comforts you it freshens you up, but Allah says no shut up for them Illa hum even while a circle except burning hot water and

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honey is extremely hot water boiling water. So, they will have a drink but it will be humming and ourself herself is from the rotators lane Co Op and inside that is something that is extremely cold something that is ice cold and because it's so cold, you cannot touch it you cannot drink it, you cannot touch it you cannot drink it.

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There is a particular chemical, nitrogen, dried nitrogen. Can you even imagine a person drinking it? touching it inhaling it impossible to imagine in Hellfire Yes, there is something called but just as the hot water you cannot drink similarly that cold you cannot drink. You cannot enjoy illa hamina while a circle

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with regards to a sapling has also been said that it is secretion of the body infected pus and blood. So imagine infected person blood the person is given to drink will he drink it? No. Even if he does, we'll bring him any comfort Not at all. And if you take the other meaning of yourself extremely cold. For example, if you take meat out of the freezer and you're

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washing it, the water is cold, but at the same time, it's disgusting. Can you even think about drinking it? Can you even think about touching it? Many girls, they don't touch raw chicken or raw meat themselves. Why? Because it's too disgusting for them

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in their honeymoon.

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This is the drink and the comfort for the people of hellfire. That is not a drink, and that is not comfort.

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And Allah says, Jesus, we felt this is an appropriate Recompense. This is a desert. That is without that is befitting This is not injustice, because Millennials are the moral buka your Lord is not unjust to anyone. It's people who wronged themselves when I can and foster home yells remove their own themselves

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without this from the root letters welfare cough and with is that which is suitable that which is sort of bookmark that which is befitting that which is in conformity with the other that which is in accordance with the other. So, for example, if a person has performed an average test, then his score will also be average. His results will also be average, if a person has been putting in average effort, and his result will also be average. So it's without it's accordingly according to your efforts. It's in conformity with what you've done.

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So this punishment also Allah says it is without

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it is according to their deeds. It's a fitting requital it accords with the nature of their deeds. Because if you think about it, What crime did they commit? Schick for instance, and schilke there is no crime that is greater than that. Similarly, there is no punishment that is greater than the punishment of fire. So when the crime is greatest, this is why the punishment is also greatest desire, and we felt perfectly suited most appropriate punishment. It's not injustice on the part of the law,

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in the homecare new layer Jr, his ABA, indeed they were not expecting any has a lie of June.

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Notice it doesn't say law you may know what has been said layer June they did not fear his

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because when a person is afraid of his are afraid of being questioned, afraid of being held accountable, then what happens it changes his ways. It changes his thinking it changes his behavior. And when a person does not fear his app, then what happens?

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He goes on doing whatever he feels like so in the homecare no layer doula has ever this was the main problem. They did not have fear of herself. They did not have any fear of being questioned, held accountable for what they were doing, which is why they ended up following their desires. And remember the word legit also means expect hope look forward to so they did not even expect it. They never imagined it. They never thought about it in known cannoli or Juna Sabha

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and as a result what because there will be a a Tina can never and they denied our verses with emphatic denial kills the notice that has been said kid their kid that is fairer and gives meaning a full force. So they denied not just with an ordinary denial, but they denied with full force, they completely rejected they didn't believe even a little bit

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even a little bit more cuz there will be attina kids.

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And I add the Quran for example, the miracles that Allah said the signs that Allah shows they denied them mentally they denied with a lot of pride. They didn't believe even a little bit what color Shea in and everything are Selena, who we have enumerated kita in writing.

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As they were rejecting, as they were doing what they were doing. We were also recording everything what color Cheyenne, every behavior, every reaction, every word, every denial of Selena, who what does it mean, to record something precisely, or that is also to number to count. But for example, you count only five pages of a book. This is what are the best si is to count all of the pages of the book. So you leave no information out. It's accurate. It's complete, it's precise. So akula Shea is actually now who ketover in writing everything that they did, they said we have enumerated it. We have recorded it in writing.

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And notice Kitab has been said it's recorded so that there's no denial. There is no refusal. No person can say no

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I never did that. There's written evidence. There's written record there's clear record of what they did. In truth cafe 18 Wheeler and my L filomeno. Colin, Elana de la que knotted. A person will say on the day of Joshua colonna yawei retina Valhalla keytab La Russa liotta welcome you coming in?

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From a young woman with Karla della Tina hi Ron Yahuwah My name is Karla rotten Sherman Yahoo. In certain moogerah is 60 Oh my birth mom Hello Jimmy Aaron, for you in a bill will be my army to solve Allahu

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Allah numerated everything, but they forgot it. Well, mahalo. coalition in Shaheed. So we have angel with us we're recording everything we're calling lashay in our Selena who kita for the Roku, so it will be sec taste fallenness either come in the other and never really increase for you except in punishment, meaning the only thing that will increase from now onwards is What punishment, nothing else will increase. But punishment we have learned earlier, they haven't saw the punishment that will only increase and intensify. Flatten Robbie, Robbie growing, increasing. So for those who experiences punishment fallenness either come in there either.

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We see that the people in Hellfire, they will request that the punishment is reduced for them. They will request you even the angels of Hellfire that other aura bircham you have if I'm a young woman and other

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that request for us that even one day is reduced from the punishment. Just one day one break is given. But there will be told no, no break phenomenas either de como ella

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they will say robina origina minha in urdaneta in navali Moon, Allah take us out of here if we return to our bad behavior, then we wrongdoers and you may punish us. But what will allow us to honor Sophia when I took on the moon, stand there and don't even speak to me.

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Fernandez either come in

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person is suffering from some illness, some pain in dystonia. It grows initially, it increases initially, but then eventually what happens, you take some medication, you treat the problem. And eventually it goes away. And if it doesn't go away, if the illness only increases, then eventually a person dies. And that means Okay, no more of that pain at least. But we see that in the Hellfire, what's going to happen so much a motivator, when I hear

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the punishment will only intensify.

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It will only get more and more aggravating more and more painful or they will leave the pain will only intensify studied. It will never reduce, never ever. And this is a punishment that Allah warns us against. As I mentioned to you earlier, that in this juice, constantly we are reminded of the reality of

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the reality of the hereafter. Because this is what keeps a person focused. This is what keeps a person alert. If you notice the crime of the people of Hellfire is what that layer Jr. He says

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the crime of the people of Hellfire is what they did not fear. He said and when a person fears herself, that I'm going to be asked, I'm going to be questioned. Then he becomes very, very careful.

00:29:46--> 00:29:59

We learned that there was a righteous man, but they were far worse and he was ill he was very unwell. But in that illness, he would not even say, you know, for example, we are in pain and we go and he wouldn't even say why.

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Because he said, everything is being written, I don't want to be held accountable for this. So when a person is concerned about his or when a person fears that day, then he becomes conscious he becomes more alert with regards to every little action even. And when a person does not have fear of the Day of Judgment, then he can do whatever he wants,

00:30:19--> 00:30:32

that he doesn't care that there are no limits, which is why the people of Hellfire How does Allah describe them? balling because Tommy is who, who crosses the limits, doesn't care about the limits, fulfills his desires.

00:30:33--> 00:30:36

Authority is someone who does not accept higher authority.

00:30:37--> 00:30:46

We are to accept higher authority if someone gives an instruction. If Allah His Messenger tell us to do something What is our responsibility except it's a Mariner with a foreigner.

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But unfortunately, for many people, their behaviors what they hear, they hear they hear, but they don't obey. They don't listen.

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People who are told again and again and again, but yet they don't listen, look at the consequences.

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Listen to the recitation.