Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P14 140C Tafsir Al-Nahl 115-117

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history and potential consequences of Halal Meat, a dish that is illegal to eat and is not allowed to be eaten by humans. The law of the animal and its relation to religion is also discussed, along with the importance of avoiding labeling certain foods as " Halal." The speaker emphasizes the need for evidence and evidence in order to assert one's political claims and caution against being embarrassed by statement. Halal is not a matter of religion and is not the official religion of the state.
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In the Muhammad Ali Kemal Mehta, indeed, he has only forbidden to you dead animals now over here, haram, food has been clarified that what is it that you're not allowed to eat? But remember that this is not the only ayah that tells us about what food is halal. There are other places in the Quran also, where we learn about that. So over here, what do we learn which kind of food is haram? Which kind of food is unlawful in the Muhammara Aleikum? Indeed, he has forbidden upon you al Mehta the dead, meaning an animal that dies by itself. You didn't slaughter it, rather it died. So that animal you cannot eat from it. So for example, if there is a chicken, okay, if you want to eat a

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chicken, you have to mention the name of Allah and slaughtered correctly. But what if it was extremely cold and the chicken froze to death? And you're like, oh, it's going to be such a waste. I've been spending so much time raising this chicken or whatever. So I'm just going to eat it. No, it's Mater. You cannot eat it in no matter how Rahmani cool Mehta, what DME and the blood meaning flowing blood blood that comes out of an animal when it is slaughtered or something that blood you cannot drink it. You cannot add to your food and cook it. No, it is haram. But the blood that you find within the meat or by the bone, you know, when you're cooking, and it happens that as you're

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cooking then you see blood oozing out, that blood is not unlawful, them which blood is unlawful must for that which has been shed meaning that which is flowing. Okay. Well, Lindsay and the flesh of swine, it's clear that this is something unlawful, warmer and also that which will Hila it was dedicated to the lady love for other than Allah who he letters from a girl her alumna, not her lamb lamb is learn what word comes to your mind. Halal what is the healer? The new moon the crescent, when the Crescent is seen what happens? Yeah, it's eat tomorrow. Alright announcements are made you understand. So it literally means refer sold to raise one's voice. Now when an animal is being

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when an animal is being slaughtered, then the slaughter Okay, he raises his voice how that he says something at that time that he is dedicating that animal to who someone so for example, a person says Bismillah Allahu Akbar.

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You understand, and he is slouching at the same time. This is what it learned. But when he raised his voice, okay, with Allah's Name, He dedicated that animal to Allah subhanaw taala he slaughtered that animal by mentioning the name of Allah. So that animal is lawful. However, if it was laid in law for other than Allah, then what does it mean that animal is not lawful.

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So for example, an animal is being slaughtered and a person says, In the name of Jesus, in the name of our little de la horn, in the name of Hussein in the name of Hassan, that animal is not going to be lawful because that is related Allah, it was dedicated to other than Allah, other than Allah, Allah means nothing. You understand that if an animal is slaughtered, Allah's name is not mentioned a person didn't even intend in his heart. This is, for example, a non Muslim assaulting an animal, he doesn't have any religion or in his religion, there is no such requirement of mentioning the name of anyone, that meat again is not going to be lawful. So which meat are we going to eat from? First

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of all, the animal must be halal. All right. And secondly, it must be slaughtered in the name of Allah. Allah's name must have been mentioned. And notice the name has to be mentioned at the time of slaughter. Not at the time of eating. At the time of eating you have to mention Allah's Name anyways. But if you go to a random restaurant, and you're like Yeah, Okay, nevermind, I'll just take a chicken burger and say Bismillah and this chicken will become halal. No, this chicken it doesn't become Halal at that time. You have to see how it was slaughtered. So if it says halal meat, go ahead and joy.

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But if that is not mentioned, then you will be contradicting the Quran. Why am I Oh Hillel Illa, Hebei.

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Now these foods are haram but still Allah subhanaw taala says FURMAN So whoever the Torah he was compelled Autopia is from Daraa and what is Dorer main harm? And otorga Ithamar is to be forced to do something which you consider harmful for yourself.

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You don't want it but you

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being compelled, you don't have a choice for manual thorough whoever was compelled, meaning to eat unlawful food. He was in a situation where if he didn't eat that unlawful food, he would lose his life.

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So he eats some haram food. But there are two conditions Lyra Berlin, Walla, Adam, he should not eat that. While being ballin, ballin from Bali bow line. Yeah. What does it mean to rebel? When is it that a person rebelled? I don't care about these limits. I'm just going to do what I want to do. I don't care.

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You understand? But it is also that you go beyond the set limit. So for example, if a person is stranded somewhere, and he's starving to death, there is absolutely no lawful food. In fact, there is no food at all. And he sees a dead animal. So he takes a piece of it, guts, it takes a piece of it and eats it. He's like, Oh, this tastes pretty good. Let me just fill up my stomach with it. No, you're not going to have an entire meal. You're just going to have as much as it's going to save you. So a bite or two, three or four bytes maximum layabout and don't exceed the limit. When I then add in from the letters I endl. Well, from huddle, and I'd always also transgressing the limit. So

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basically when both of these words are coming together, how do we differentiate between the two? ballin bully, rebelling? And bully is also to desire okay, because when you desire something, that's when you that's when you cross the limit from the same root bullies if the law and what does it mean to seek to want so he should not eat wild desiring and liking the Haram food. Finally, I get to see how porque is. Yeah, I always wanted to have a taste. This is Buffy desiring the Haram food. liking it know when something is how long. It's hobbies, you cannot like it when I Adam and nor should he be transgressing the limit, meaning don't transgress the limit. Only eat as much as as unnecessary,

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as much as will save you. So if a person ends up eating haram food in the situation for in the law affordable or handling need Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. There is a story that is told about a woman who was expecting and basically she hadn't had meat for a long time. And she basically smelled meat being cooked. And that smell was coming from the neighbor's house. So when her husband came home, she asked, Can you please go ask the neighbors, you know, give us some meat, although I'm really craving it I really wanted. So he said okay, he went up to the neighbors. And he spoke to the woman who used to live there. And that woman she basically had orphan children. Her husband was not

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there died. And he asked her, Can you please give us some meat, my wife is pregnant, and she really really wants it. So she said, the food is halal for me but haram for you.

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It's halal for me, but haram for you. What does that mean? She was a Muslim? How could something be halal for her but haram for him? Because she said that I have not given anything to eat to my children for days. We haven't had anything to eat for days. And we reached a point of basically extreme starvation. And outside I found a dead donkey. So I took a piece of it. And that is what I'm cooking. So yes, it is lawful for us because we are at the verge of extreme starvation. But it's unlawful for you because you have money, and you can afford lawful food. So you understand how, in certain situations how long food will become lawful for your person. But it's not when you haven't

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had breakfast and you're really hungry and you have an exam and you're like I better eat something and a veggie sandwich is not going to do I need meat, I need protein. So I have to have a burger I have to have this wrap. No, that's not a state of it.

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That's not a State of Iran. Iran is extreme situation, when you don't have another choice. And if you don't have that how long food you're going to die, or your life is at risk. Or you know, there are going to be serious, serious repercussions.

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Like for example, there could be a person who, you know, in a land where there are no Muslims or very few Muslims and they end up at the hospital. And in the hospital. They're given food to eat and you know that for example, after surgery, you need protein so that your body will heal. Right? You need it so that your body can heal. And what if there are no Muslims over there? And there are many places like that if a Muslim ends up in the hospital

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like right in the middle of nowhere, no halal food far and wide and they give it to him. They make him eat. Does he have the choice? If he doesn't eat, he's not going to recover. It's part of the recovery. Now it doesn't mean that a person should say yeah you know what finally I get to enjoy this food and eat without you know carefree no Leila Belkin wala

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don't desire it. And at the same time, don't go beyond the limit. What are the Kulu and do not say Lima for that which does Si Fu it describes it asserts Alsina to comb your tongues, plural of listen, and kalip the lie meaning your tongues speak lie you say lies, you utter lies. How when you are thirsty for when you are describing, meaning when you're describing a certain food and you are saying about that food had a halal This is halal or haram and this is haram. Meaning don't go on claiming that certain foods are lawful and certain foods are unlawful without any evidence. Don't take the law in your hand. Don't go on labeling every other thing as halal and haram. No, you are

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not the lawmaker, who is the lawmaker, who gives us the law. Allah subhanaw taala and this right is only with who Allah has ordered.

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And if a person does that, that without knowledge without any evidence, he called certain foods halal and other foods haram. What is he doing in reality? Lita after who are Allah, Allah Hello, Kevin. You are actually fabricating against Allah in lie.

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You are inventing things and you are basically ascribing them to Allah. But that's not a true statement. It's a false statement.

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You are saying something is halal, whereas Allah has actually made it haram you're making up a lie about Allah. Because when you use the words Halal haram instantly, what does that tell you? This is part of religion. Isn't it? The labels Halal haram, they are part of what the deen so when you are using these levels out of your own volition and you're saying Halal haram, you're basically saying that this is part of the deen and if Allah did not legislate it, you're fabricating lies about Allah you're inventing things about Allah. So you're not allowed to do that lead after to our Allah hillclimb. Now remember that when it comes to the matters of halal and haram, we are who we are only

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to accept what Allah and His Messenger have given to us.

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We cannot change the law and we cannot take the law in our own hand. Many times it happens that when a person wishes to show his you know, knowledge and he wants to exercise his authority, okay, he wants to assert his superiority over others. He becomes, you know, the famous haram police. Okay. This is haram, this is haram This is haram. This is cool for this is awful. This is Cofer.

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We don't have the right to say such things. If you find something mentioned in the Quran, Allah says this is halal, then yes, you go and tell others if you find something mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah This is haram. And yes, you go tell others, but don't make things up. Just because you don't want somebody to have a particular food. You say, Oh, It's haram.

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It's haram, just because you have a bias against a particular group of Muslims. You say, Oh, no, no, no, their food is haram. You can't do that. I said particular group of Muslims and you have a personal bias. I mean, there are people who claim to be Muslim, that's a different story. Okay.

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But in general, we cannot take the law in our own hand we are to follow and we're not to edit. We're not to change the law in any way whatsoever. And when a person becomes like this, this is haram and this is haram and this is haram. Then what happens to other people? Do they like?

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Do they like it? They get offended. The what's wrong with this person? He's just out there to make everything haram for us. And then we present the religion as everything haram except for just this and this and this. Whereas it's the other way around. Right? Because Allah subhanaw taala did not give us a list of Halal things. He gave us a list of haram things, which means majority is halal. Only these things are haram things.

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Many times children they're dealt with and

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This way

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this is haram and this is haram and this is haram and you know why? Because we have been feeding them junk junk junk all the time. And then what happens? They want anything and everything and anything sugary anything that looks good. Anything that looks like it has chocolate, they'd better be okay for me.

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So that's what they crave. And that's what they want more off. And then in order to stop them, sometimes parents lie. What if it's haram? It's haram don't have it, haram yarn, you have a home, everything is made Hello? Why?

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Why just to exert your own power and authority. So be very, very careful when you use the terms halal and haram. Be very, very careful. If you don't know about something, you can say I'm not sure if it's Hala time avoiding it right now. Once I find out then I'll have it. Right. So make it clear that I'm doubtful concerning this thing. I don't know about this particular ingredient. Right? But don't say haram. And don't say Khaled without knowledge. Because in the lady and I have thrown out Allah who can live indeed those people who fabricate lies about Allah lively home, they're never going to succeed. They're never going to be successful.

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You know, many times it happens that sometimes you know a person they want to make another do something or they want to stop them from doing something and what do they use religion

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that you know this is not allowed in the religion so you can't do that. And this is mandatory in the religion so you have to do that.

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So what happens to people who are being told all the time in the name of religion do this or don't do this? They get irritated? What is this religion so restrictive? I don't like it.

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And what happens eventually those children they rebel?

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Right, they rebel? Did you succeed in training the children and teaching them know, you were unsuccessful? Lay you flee Hone. Such people will never be successful. Matera on Khaleel it's a temporary enjoyment, wala Hamada will earn even for them is a painful punishment. And there is something very serious that when we make something Halal haram or something haram halal, yes, we can enjoy for some time. We can enjoy for a little while. But eventually, there are consequences. So for example, sometimes it happens with people that they are very addicted to certain foods. They are very addicted to certain drinks and when they find out that there is no room for them in the

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religion, they don't want to leave it so they say, You know what? Yes, the Quran says that alcohol is unlawful but you know, the word Haram has not been used. So, you know, it's better if you don't have it, but it's not forbidden.

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Okay, you've come up with an argument. Go ahead, enjoy Metatron Colleen. But then what? What, what is there going to be after methodically, what next?

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What next? Rather than Aleem a painful punishment? Anytime you're tempted to use to eat to consume to take something unlawful? Something haram and you're like, don't look at the ingredients. Don't look at the ingredients.

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Because if you look at them, you know you will find some haram ingredient and you'll have to leave it don't look at the ingredients. you're tempted to take something haram remind yourself ask yourself, Okay, what next?

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Okay, remember that if a Muslim says that something is halal, meaning he offers you some food, and they say that it is halal, they say that it's halal, then what do you do? You accept their word for it? Okay. And this happened at the time of the prophets, Allah, Allah Islam also that there were so many people embracing Islam. And obviously, they would show their love for the Prophet salallahu Salam and they would also bring food for him. So I showed the love on her she asked the prophets of Allah is that there are people who have just recently embraced Islam and sometimes they bring meat and we don't know if they've slaughtered correctly or not because there's so many things to learn

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right once you become a Muslim, so many things to perfect. So how do we know if they have actually slaughtered the meat correct the animal correctly or not? The prophets on a lot of senses, take it and say Bismillah

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you understand? So from that hadith we learned that if a Muslim offers you something, while believing while claiming while telling you that it is halal food, then you are not going

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to interrogate them.

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You're not going to embarrass them by asking, Where did you get this meat from? No, you're not going to do that. Because it shows distrust. And a Muslim trusts his brother and sister

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was molested by your mom. Remember, once my son, he went out his friend and older kids. So they went McDonnell, and they bought a sandwich and eat and my son, he tells them is haram. They said to Him, when you grow up, you will know. So I call their mom, I said, like, your kids say this to my son. It's like the eating in McDonough. And she said that's using is once there is chill, he was doing the hour. And he told them, the food of Al Kitab is halal. So you can eat it. So there's a reason okay, we discussed this earlier, many times, there is a difference of opinion amongst the scholars. Some say that in tourism either where we learned that the food of the crocodile was altered

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permissible for you.

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So some say the land of the People of the Book, even though their religion has changed so much their meat is lawful.

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And we say okay, yes, the land of the People of the Book, their meat is lawful, even though their religion has changed, but tell me living in this country? How do you know that the guy who slaughtered chicken for McDonald was actually a Christian or a Jew?

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Did he slaughter it as a Christian?

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Did he? Not necessarily, right? So don't call this the land of the people of the book. Because over here, we have all sorts of people, right? We have Jews, we have Christians, we have Muslims, we have Hindus, we have Buddhists, we have atheists, and people that we have never even heard about before. Go ahead.

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Of course, and now, how is it that they slaughter their animals? I mean, through their machines slaughtered? And yes, Muslims will machine slaughter in the Name of Allah, okay, is being mentioned? Yes, there is. If they laugh on that, also, let's leave that for now. But just to, you know, make this clear that if you go to, let's say, the Vatican,

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okay, if you call the Vatican, and there you find meat, eat it, if it's chicken or beef, because those are Christians, if you go to Jerusalem that is occupied by the Jews. Go ahead and eat meat over there.

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Why? Because that is the land of the People of the Book, you understand? And Allah subhanaw taala has made the meat of the People of the Book lawful for us, but which people have the book people who are considered people of the book whose land it is? America, Europe, Canada, this is not land of the people of the book because Christianity or Judaism is not the official religion of the state. Is it?

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Is the law according to the Bible? No, it's not.

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People are free to follow whatever they want, they're free to slaughter their animals however they want. And this is why we cannot call this as a land of the People of the Book in fact Canada tell me who are the natives?

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Who are the people of the book? Don't tell me that go ahead.

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Again, majority of the Christians to do even when they will consume their food they're not consuming their food according to their laws which is why they eat pork and which is why they drink alcohol pork is not lawful according to the Bible. It is not and remember I showed you that video just Google that you will find it go ahead ask the question.

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Enjoy it enjoy kosher hotdogs

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recitation of these

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in how

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we learn you're one year in you've been burning

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in law * for a

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while tell Google only

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seen Sina to cool Candida Hala.

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Long You can leave it in levena If dough now.

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You can the burner from

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golly you know

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