Hajj vs The Day of Judgement

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Hajj is one of the most powerful reminders in existence with respect to the day of reckoning Yeoman piano.

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There is a surah in the Quran called Surah to hatch the chapter of Hajj and the very first area within it seems outwardly. Nothing to do with hedge. Allah subhanaw taala said Yeah, you had nurse to talk about on Baku in zealot as attache on our way oh people Fear your Lord because of the quaking of the hour would be a terrible thing. Then Allah goes on to say, Yo matter on the other hand, hakuna matata hottie Nana, that's the day when you will see every nursing mother forgetting her nursling who are taba or Kulu that the Hamelin habla and every pregnant woman will drop her load. What are on nurses who count on Alana Hoon be su Kerravala King nada Allah He should eat. And

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you shall see mankind on that day in a drunken state, but they will not be drunken, it is the punishment of Allah Almighty, that is severe.

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So the fact that the very first verses ayat of surah to the Hajj, do not actually address the head itself, but the day of reckoning instead, that is an indication that there is a major leap between the two. The former is a powerful demonstration of the latter.

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And I can say that just as the forgetfulness of the Day of Judgment is the mother of all sins. We can similarly say in the same breath, that the remembrance of the Day of Judgment is the mother of all repentance. So let me show you some of the similarities and you will see why this link was made.

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First line of similarity is the beginning of both Hajj and the day of judgment. They have similar beginnings. Hajj began with a call, which Prophet Ibrahim was instructed to make after he raised the foundations of the Kava. So Allah Almighty said to him when he had finished well as the thin sea will hedge and proclaim to the people, the Hajj. So Ibrahim ascended and nearby mount called Mount Abu Kobe's and he called out to humanity saying oh people middle of the desert, it will people Allah has commanded you to perform Hajj. So do so. And Allah miraculously conveyed the call of Ibrahim to all of mankind and you and I 1400 years or more than that, of course 1000s of years later, we are

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responding to that call.

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Had you began with a cold?

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What about your multi ama Allah subhanho wa Taala said only if you have his soul, for either whom Meenal lgds ilaro be humans alone, and the Trumpet will be blown Allah said a second blowing of the horn and behold from their graves they will be coming out quickly to the Lord hedge began with a call. Your Will piano Day of Judgment will begin with a call. A second line of comparison between the two are the farewells of both.

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Days before the pilgrim departs, for hajj, he beats his family farewell, she texts her friends, he begs for their forgiveness, they repay their debts they write a will Subhanallah it really as if it really is as if the Pilgrim is making his way to the home of the Hereafter. A third line of comparison is the nudity of both Hajj and the day of judgment.

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The male pilgrim on dresses, two pieces of fabric, will be their attire for two or three days. And here you cannot help but realize the striking resemblance between them and the shrouds that shall cover our bodies, when we will be finally loaded into our graves. Therefore, the partial nudity of the day of Hajj is a reminder of the day of absolute nudity, and that will be on the day of judgment.

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And that is why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said you have shown us your milk reality fat and rotten old people will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment, barefooted

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unclothed and uncircumcised this way Allah created our mother I Isha. She said the rasool Allah He originally one is younger Roboto Mila about Messenger of Allah, the men and women will they not be looking at each other?

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How did he respond to her? He responded by saying, Yeah, Asia to Russia looming and you'll be nothing VALIC or Isha? The matter on the Day of Judgment will be so severe for anyone to care about you

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Looking at their neighbor. So this is the third line of comparison, the nudity of both the Day of Judgment and Hajj SubhanAllah. The fourth line of comparison between the two, the aura of both

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the crowds of Hajj the cramming involved in each one of the phases of Hajj, the perpetual calling and yelling and loud sounds, it's a reminder of why your will piano the day of judgment was given the names of your will hasher the day of cramming, and your mood, the day of calling and your Motorola the day of meeting.

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On that note, what was it called The Day of meeting?

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If not, unless you said it's called The Day of meeting because it's the day in which Adam the first of mankind will meet the last of his children, they have judgments.

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Qatada, he said that it is called your Mattila day of meeting because it's the day in which the inhabitants of the earth will finally meet the inhabitants of the sky and the creation will find you in a meeting the creator the day of meeting

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may more than no Maharani, he said it's called The Day of meeting because it's the day in which the oppressed will finally meet his oppressor.

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Others have said that it is the day of meeting because it is the day in which a person shall reap the fruits of all of what he did today. And undoubtedly, all of this shall come to pass. So this is another this is another line of comparison between the between the two, the aura of both the feel of the ambience of both.

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And on top of the cramming by the way. The pilgrims are also driven together, all together towards the same direction. What is that a reminder? That is a reminder of the Day of Judgment. Well, where it shall be announced. Yeah, you have nerves, hello, MO You know become, oh mankind make your way to your Lord. They have judgment.

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All mankind make your way to your Lord, same direction. And Allah subhanho data he said about this young woman Ed Debbie

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Lai, Magetta

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yoga Ed W Hona De La La Jolla. That is the day where people will follow the call of the cooler without any deviation. That's another line of comparison. Another line of comparison, the sweating almost the perspiration of both. I mean, Hajj really amazes me how much your body has the ability to sweat without shriveling up like a prunes. panela a reminder of the Hadith of the Prophet so I sent them when he said, Yara, who knows who Yeoman piano but he had yet to have the hara, whom will always remain at the euro and why you will GMO

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people will sweat on the Day of Judgment till them. Perspiration enters into the soil a distance of 70 arm's length and the sweat of others will rise till it submerge is them reaching their ears. That's another line of comparison. Another line of comparison is the sleep and the awakening of both.

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Look at the night of mystery fact during your Hajj you recline on the ground to sleep on the soil with the stars above you wearing just two basic cart garments. Oh brother that is barely covering you. And here you can't help but envisage your eventual lowering into the soil, which shall be your home till the Day of Judgment. Do you see the comparison baktun was delivered in hedge. Your tour operator wakes you up. To pray your dawn prayer. You rise in a disheveled state rough and dusty. That's so similar to your eventual emergence from your grave on the day of reckoning. Again, you will be referred disheveled. Okay, back to hedge you finished your your federal prayer in most

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delissa you glorify Allah subhanho Tadesse and just before sunrise, just as people will be glorifying Allah subhanaw taala on the day of record reckoning in preparation for the judgment,

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the resemblance striking, then back to hedge you and your group you leave was that

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along with the millions of others moving in the same direction, just as you shall be made to move on the day of reckoning towards Allah in the same direction for 15,000 years.

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Now you know how Illallah

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another line of comparison between the both or similarity between both is the transitions involved in both Hajj and the day of the movement, Hajj, few days, but the amount of transition from place to place is amazing. I mean, you start off in MENA for a night, then Fermina you go to Arafa then from out of town you go to Miss Jennifer that was deliver the stoning of the Murad. Then you have the

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offering of the sacrifice then it's the shaving over the hair and then it's maca again for circumambulation, then it's back to me now, for three days. Then you go back to the Jamara, for the stoning. Once on each of those three days, then you go back to Mecca, to do your farewell circumambulation. Subhan. Allah and I think all of this movement and transitioning is in striking resemblance

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to the movement that will happen on the day of judgment and the restlessness that people will be in.

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Look at the phases first its death. That is the grave, then is the resurrection. That is the gathering and it's the intercession

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then it's the judgment, then it's the receiving of books,

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then it's the scales, and it's a slit off the bridge, then it is paradise or how

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are you beginning to see the resemblance between the two another line of resemblance is the outcomes of both Hajj and the Day of Judgment, the excitement Allahu Akbar of the pilgrim, when he comes back is unexplainable. What awaits them now is a life of purity and forgiveness and hope and family and friends congratulate them, which which adds to your feeling of achievement and success. People are singing Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.

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Similarly, when the horrors of the Day of Judgment come to an end, and the believer is fine, and he set foot in Jannah, and the rest in their palaces, and they meet their family, all what will be heard their agenda is what I'm doing now.

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And that is why Allah subhanaw taala he said, What are

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you gotta

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feed them in how they are. And you will see the angels surrounding a Throne of Allah.

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We shall behold their behavior and behave as they glorify the praises of their Lord, while Cobra you know whom will help and it will be judged between them in truth. Listen to this ending of the area, what can you learn hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen and it will be said, All praise is to Allah.

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So, this is really one of the most important secrets that makes Hajj

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this life and after life changing experience and a pillar of the religion. This is why he did me in only three or so days, maybe in your lifetime. Because we said it is a stark reminder of the Day of Judgment. That is lesson number one