Do not Follow the Footsteps of the Devil

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And here we find

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in the Quran

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Allah subhanaw taala says

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in Surah Baqarah

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chapter number two was number two and it says that you will listen

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to me Kapha oh you believe enter into Islam wholeheartedly

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and do not follow the code watershed on the footsteps of the devil. You're alive, specifically telling that all you believe all believers do not follow the footsteps of the devil.

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On many occasions, the Quran said that do not follow the Satan. But your Allah says, do not follow the footsteps of the Satan. Is there any difference between following the Satan and following the footsteps of the Satan? Why does Allah subhanaw taala change the words? The reason is that anyone who has little man who has little faith,

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if for example, if a young lady comes and tells him that let's spend the night together, because the person has faith, he will say no, not at all. It is totally prohibited. It's a sin, and he will not do it. But the same person who has little faith, if a phone call of a young lady comes, he may say there is no harm in speaking to young lady. So he speaks for a couple of times on the phone. later on. The lady may call that let's have tea together, outside. And after a few days, he goes to 50. Then he may go to a joint like McDonald's and they go to McDonald's. After a few days,

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they may go to a restaurant to have dinner. And after a few days, then we spent the night together in a hotel.

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This is a watershed on the footsteps of the devil, that the difference between the devil and the devil. If the devil himself comes in front of a person who has faith, he will immediately recognize the devil and will abstain from him. But if the footsteps of the devil come this attraction, only speaking to a young lady, what is the problem? only having to solve the problem, no problem. Only having a burger and McDonald's no problem. Only having dinner, no problem. Only sleeping one night no problem.

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So Allah says in the Quran, he gives us guidance or you believe

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and tend to Islam wholeheartedly. Yeah.

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Tell me Kapha

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and do not follow the watershed on the footsteps of the devil for he is to you and about enemy