Zakir Naik – Do not be a Spendthrift, Do not Bribe and Do not Drink Alcohol

Zakir Naik
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The girls Quran says that do not be a spendthrift.

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The Quran says in Surah Surah, chapter number 17 was number 26 and 27 that do not squander your wealth,

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like that of a spendthrift For verily spendthrifts are the perils of the evil one of the Satan.

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If you are a spendthrift,

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you are bound

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to disturb the universal brotherhood.

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Because, but natural if a person is condors, it creates animosity, it creates enmity.

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It creates envy between the bidders. A person should not rob a person should give charity a person should provide neighborly assistance all these immoral conducts mentioned in the Glorious Quran.

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The Quran further says

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that you should not try

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different settings for a Baccarat chap number two was number 188 that spend not your wealth on when it is and do not use it as a bait for judges. In order you may eat somebody else's property, that means do not use your wealth to bribe the people so that you may eat up other people's wealth. Islam doesn't agree in eating up your brother's wealth.

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And the Glorious Quran says in Surah majda chapter number five was some 90

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Yeah, you have in common or you believe in nominal camera or Maestro, most certainly intoxicants and gambling while ensemble Islam dedication of stones divination of arrows, reach them in a militia tan. These are Satan's animal, flesh and Ebola come to flee Hoon, abstained from the sandbox that may prosper. The Glorious Quran says that abstain from having intoxicants, alcohol, drugs, from gambling, from dedication of stones, divination of arrows, all these are Satan's handiwork. And we know that intoxicants is one of the root cause for various evils in the society.

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It prevents the universal best out from prevailing

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and according to statistics, it tells us that in America,

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on average, every day, more than 1900 cases of * take place. And in most of the cases,

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either the victim or the *

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is intoxicated.

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The States of America tell us that there is 8% of * in America. That means every 12 or 13%, who come across in America, he has committed *.

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That is having sexual relationship with close relatives, father and daughter,

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son and mother, brother and sister and majority, almost all the cases it's under the state of intoxication.

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At this building in the world, one of the reason is intoxicants. Therefore the Quran says intoxicants and gambling, it's a Satan's handiwork abstain from this handbook that you may prosper. If abstain from these evil things. universal brotherhood will be helped in prevailing throughout the universe.

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Doris Quran says

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in Surah chapter number 17 was number 32. Nor come close to adultery, fighting the shameful deed. It's an evil opening other roads to evil.

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Islam is against adultery.

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