Reflections Ramadan 2023 07 – He has subjected to you whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth

Muhammad Salah


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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. We're still pondering over the beautiful verses of Surah to jatheon Chapter number 45 and today with verse number seven this verse reads as you guys have heard, it was a horror raccoon feast summer wet you fill out the journey

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in FE the legal team call me at effect go and it simply means and also another Almighty has subjected to you what God is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. Jeremy Minho, all of that, which he has created and he has made subservient to you all from Him alone in a fee then he can call me yet

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and that there are signs for people who isn't more people will give thoughts for people who ponder so this is a divine invitation to look around us and to practice the a batter of activity

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and to pay attention to everything around us, what we eat, what we write, what we wear

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everything around us Surah

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which is the honeybees chapter number 16 listed in the beginning, the Almighty Allah listed several of these signs. For instance, he says, among the things which Allah subhanaw taala created and subjected to us and made it subservient for us. He says well, while our will be Allah Well, Hermione Thoreau, caribou was in a way of local man

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and hide the horses and behind the news adhamiya The donkeys later caribou

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was ina has created them as a means of transportation for us to ride upon their backs and also they are adornments as adornments. Welcome Allah Tala moon, and he also creates much of things which you have no clue about. Did you ever think about a little boy

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is walled in the rain of a camel or a she camel in the desert. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has made this huge creature subservient to this little boy. Right, it goes right, lifted goes left Subhanallah and then Almighty Allah says in a previous day he talks about the cattle and the livestock in general. Well, Anna Holika lecom V. diff. Oh man, if you for women had who? The grazing livestock that is created for us. In them there is wolves for us.

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Masha Allah will get the wool from the camels from the sheep. And when you're wearing

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fine wool sweater, it's very expensive. This livestock, this capital, this animal, Allah has made subservient rules you benefit out of its fur, you eat it's meat, you drink its milk, you ride on the back of the horses, the camels amuse these huge creatures, Allah Almighty has made them subservient for you and subjected them to you. So he's bringing to our attention, some of his countless blessings and creation which he has created to benefit us so that we should be grateful and thankful to Allah through worshiping Him alone, and not associating with him in in worship, and rather thanking him by saying Subhanallah the Sahara Lana, will

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remain. We're in Isla Bina Colombia. Sara Molly