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Friday Khutbah

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The transcript discusses the difficulties of understanding the Quran and the obstacles that stop them from understanding it. The speakers stress the importance of seeking guidance and understanding the straightest path of life for one's life, as individuals may not be able to achieve their goals. The importance of reading the Quran and following the actions of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to practice and read it to achieve their goals.

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In that hamdulillah Hina Hamid who want to stay you know who wanna stuff you wanna oh the winner he means Rory and fusina are see Dr. Molina Mejia the healer who further moody learner will may yield Lily Fela her de ella. Y shadow Allah ADA Illallah Hua hula Cherie Keller one no Mohammed Abdullah, who are a pseudo sallallahu alayhi wa early he was so happy he was salam.

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In a feral Hadith the Kitab Allah heeta Allah Will Ferrell had you had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Sharon Ohmori Mahathir to her Wakulla ma 13 vida que la vida iteam Lola aku log Allah Allah to infinity

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and bad.

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Allah azza wa jal

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commands and directs in his book

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The believers to contemplate and understand the Quran.

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So he says Subhana who were to Allah if Allah yet at the Brunel Khurana, am Allah Kulu bien aquifer Aloha?

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Do they not have the bore of the Quran? An understanding of it?

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A pondering of what it says.

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Allah KHUDOBIN UK fellow ha or is there an are there locks on their hearts?

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Here in this ayah Allah azza wa jal makes it clear that he wants from everybody listening to the Quran

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to have this tetherball

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what is it mean? What is it for? What is that Allah wants from me to do? Because evidently there is someone talking to you.

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And you're supposed to listen, and there is a message.

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And if we understand that this is necessary, we understand at the same time that there are obstacles that stop us from understanding and paying attention to the Quran as Allah refers to them.

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In that area as a foul locks as you lock a door

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that is unwilling to open a heart at times is so locked, that it's unwilling to listen.

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So there are locks that stop us from understanding and even approaching the Quran.

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And if you look at our reality and compare it to the reality of the People of the Book that Allah described in the Quran, as saying, for instance, method will Lavina hamidou Torah to Mala Mia Mia Lu haka, methylene Hey, Maria, me, Lois Farah. He uses the example of those who are tasked with carrying

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entrusted with the Torah.

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But they did not carry it

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is like the example of a donkey that is carrying books on its back.

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Meaning that the people of the book that Allah had described then are those who were asked, here is the torah, the word of Allah azza wa jal study it and understand it and follow it. So they have it in their midst. They may even memorize it, but they don't follow it and it does not affect them. Allah azza wa jal says what is the difference between a person who is like that, who has guidance among them, but they don't follow it, and a donkey that is carrying troves of knowledge on its back

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but does not know what's in them.

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And Allah also says in the Quran, woman homo Miyun, Allah Allah Moon al Kitab

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in home Illa will known he says there are two ways to understand and read this ayah

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and he says and among them among the People of the Book are AMI Yuna illiterate Leya Allah Muna al Kitab Armani they don't know about the book except what they guess what they suppose what they wish for the rest of it they're just guessing and wishing meaning that the book is there but they do not read it. What do they know about the book except we think this and that is in it. We are going to be forgiven. We are special we're not gonna go to hellfire there you know these

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lies are fabrications but they don't know the book itself.

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Because they don't read it on the unit illiterate, either physically illiterate or as if they are illiterate. The other way to understand that it is to what say what, only you are gonna lie Allah mon al Kitab Illa Imani means that no they read

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They read but the only thing that they know from the book is the reading

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just the recitation. They don't do beyond the reading much with the book. So yes, they read it. That's they could be proficient in reading it, but they don't go beyond reading.

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So what are some of the things that stop us from understanding the Quran? The obstacles the Lux

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to begin with, the first is alkyd. Arrogance.

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If someone has arrogance in his heart,

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and they feel that the hour sufficient with what they know and what they have, they will not turn to the Quran.

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As Allah says self study for Analia, TN Nadine Ateca Barona fill out of Libya, he will help

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why Iraq Aquila Tila Yomi will be here. What year also be the Roush de la Yetta. Who who Sevilla y en o Sabina au yet, who's Aveda, Allah says that I will turn away from my that my ayat, those who are arrogant on the face of this earth. And if they see every eye they will not believe. Whether it's an Ayah from the Quran, or it's a miraculous X is whatever they see, they will not believe. And if they see the path of truth, they will not follow it. And if they see the path of falsehood, they would want to follow it. So anyone who disbelieves in Allah, and if you wonder, how is it that someone could hear the Quran the message of the Quran and yet run away from it, or claim that it's

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false? Understand that if the person did not eradicate arrogance from their heart, they will cease ultimately to see the truth that is in it and they will run away from it. They had put a seal on their hearts, as Allah says, were either Kurata Khurana Jaya Anabaena Cobain and Medina they will be no Nabil Hirata, hijab and mistura. He says if you read the Quran,

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we will put between you and those who do not believe in the hereafter an invisible barrier. That invisible barrier is something that they had put when they have rejected the Quran, and they run away from it. Were either the cartel or the Katara Bucha Phil Quran you had the whole look at him before. He says if you mentioned Allah alone in the Quran, meaning when you recite the Quran, and it doesn't have their idols or what they love, what they associate with Horwath Allah, but they only hear about Allah in the Quran, the response is to run away from you. So Allah on the heart is arrogance.

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This second lock on the heart

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and that is maybe more relevant to those who believe

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is to feel that you do not need the Quran

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or is to live as if you do not need the Quran.

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If Allah azza wa jal had said

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well known as the luminal Quran, Emma who was she felt a warahmatu Linwood, meaning

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we reveal from oran What is she felt healing and mercy for the believers?

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If you leave or live your life,

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not being close to the Quran, then you're not being close to the Shiva and Rama from Allah azza wa jal.

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If you live your life,

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seeking a path of living,

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a lifestyle

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a problem solving technique that you do not seek from the Quran, then you are seeking something that is inferior because it comes from somebody other than Allah azza wa jal

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and especially living today,

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with all of the troubles that we are facing,

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to begin with mental health and psychological problems.

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We are under the pressure of depression and anxiety and loneliness, having no direction in life,

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being bombarded by messages around us that take us away from Allah azza wa jal and from our own sanity.

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How do you treat all of this?

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Before saying to yourself, I need to go and take medication and be on antidepressants. Before you say to yourself, I want to talk to a professional. Have you tried the book of Allah azza wa jal

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is the book of Allah has she fat in it?

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Have you tried Surah Al Baqarah Have you tried al Fatiha? Have you tried reading day and night and have you tried asking Allah through the Quran for benefits and for medication if the Quran has shifa

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in hurdle Khurana Yeah,

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Ideally let's see here Aqua this Quran leads and guides to what is best and soundest

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best and sound just in terms of what in terms of everything, how you live, what manners you should have, how you raise your children, how you will behave. So if you're having a marital problem, or you're having an issue with your children or with your parents or with your family, have you tried seeking answers from the Quran itself to understand the, the straightest of paths and solutions? Before you say this psychologists and this philosopher and this therapist have said this in that, not that other people don't have useful things to say, but when you seek them,

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instead or before Allah as a virgin, do you actually live a life that reflects your need for the Quran?

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Allah azza wa jal

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had likened guidance and knowledge that he had sent to water that drops and brings the earth back to life.

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And if you ask yourself, How Much water do you need to drink each day? And how much food do you need to eat each day to stay alive?

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Is it an essential? And the answer is yes. In fact, the reason why I'm working my entire day is to provide the essentials, plus the luxuries but essentials are essentials. So if food and water are essential for your body, and you know that to be true, and you spend so much time and effort seeking them and thinking about them, is not your soul, which is the most important part of your composition. In need of the Quran, the book of Allah azza wa jal, the water, that is this Rama and she felt so I have a problem with my wife with my husband. What type of manners Do you have? How do you seek to solve this? Even if you're separating? What type of person who will be divorced and how

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do you treat the one that you are going to be divorcing? How will you be for your kids? How are you with your neighbor? Did you seek these solutions or not? You look at the OMA of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and you see the infighting that is happening, and also Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had said direct to v comma intimate sec to learn today Luba who keytab Allah is as I've left behind what if you hold on to you will not go astray the book of Allah

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and Allah azza wa jal says why Tahseen will be heavily Lucha Jamia, I will defer, Rocco and hold on to the rope of Allah azza wa jal and do not divide. And they said in the Tafseer, the rope of Allah azza wa jal is the book of Allah.

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Did the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam submit to the Quran and study it and hold on to the book of Allah azza wa jal, so that could be united. Did they do that so they could solve their economic and social problems? Or are they seeking these solutions? And every other directions, except the book of Allah azza wa jal? If somebody were to ask you if you were to be on an abandoned island? And if you were to take one book with you, what book would that be? And beyond an answer, that is a cliche, of course, it's going to be the Quran? would the answer be in fact, from your heart that I cannot live without the Quran?

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Just like I cannot live without food? How can I spend a day and a night How can I spend a week not hearing Allah azza wa jal and what he has to say to me, not hearing the healing power of the Quran, medicating my soul and medicating my heart, because every moment that shaytan is trying to influence you,

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and corrupt you and take you away from Allah subhanho wa taala. What is the influence that's going to counter all of this? Every single moment the world is inviting you to it?

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What is the thing that is going to encounter that influence? If not an injection of the wisdom that you find in the Quran? If it's not hearing Allah as origin? If it's not listening to the wisdom that is in the book of Allah azza wa jal, what else will nourish us? And what else will bring us joy and happiness, true joy and happiness? So asking ourselves, do we actually need the Quran? And are we living as if we need the Quran our we have put it aside as a book to be reserved for ceremonies. And when somebody dies, you bring somebody and they recite the Quran. When somebody gets married, you bring somebody and they recite the Quran. When there is a problem and how you bring somebody and

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they recite the Quran, this is a ceremonial connection to the Quran. This is not how Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to live with the Quran.

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When they asked Aisha, what was the manners of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she said Can a whole whole Quran, his manners were the Quran.

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And that does not happen if you only listen to it when somebody dies or somebody gets married. And even these recitations are those moments are not entirely true or accurate. This happens only when you live with the Quran and the Quran lives in you and it starts to reshape you.

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obstacle, another lock, is Allah flowerland Kebab what Allah duniya, heedlessness and being so worried only about the dunya if you only are after money, the Quran is not going to interest you. Because the Quran directs you to what lies beyond money. If you're only interested in the matter in the material, sexual pleasure, bodily pleasure, just having fun. That is a living. But that is the living of an animal. And even animals are better than that. Because though animals eat and drink, animals still know Allah has

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an animal's to glorify Allah azza wa jal, yet a human who lives only to eat and drink and work and sleep and they repeat that only to travel and buy. They only do this the living worse than an animal. And a person who's only interested in that will have no interest in the Quran. Because the Quran tells you that all these things will perish and they will go away, that the life that you have chosen for yourself is false. And there is a life better than all of that. So a person, especially, especially if we have acquired a lot of sins.

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A person needs to travel away from those sins to Allah azza wa jal because every sin that we we go into and we accept is a barrier between us and Allah subhanho wa Taala ColorBar Rana Allah Karoubi, Hema Can we ask Cebu? No indeed, what they have done had surrounded their hearts had engulfed their hearts. So we need to break that barrier. And you break that barrier by saying in the beginning oh the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Knowing that if the main influencer on our lives is the shaytaan you seek Allah's refuge from the shaytaan I don't want to follow his way and his wishes and his footsteps. There's a better way.

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And in the beginning, it will be a struggle.

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But if you say to yourself, I will struggle to attain the best and I will seek Allah's assistance to do this. Then seek Allah's refuge from the shaytaan and start reading the book of Allah azza wa jal and start learning from it. And gradually, but surely by the will of Allah azza wa jal, the influence of the shaytaan will diminish. And the love that you have for the dunya will diminish, as the love of Allah replaces it. And as the love of the Hereafter replaces it. After all, if somebody tells you, the dunya that you're killing yourself to get is going to leave you but the thing that will never leave you is the pleasure of the hereafter. If you're ever a wise person, then you will

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say to yourself, I will seek the everlasting and leave behind what will leave me eventually. So whatever you have of the dunya right now that is tempting you and taking away from Allah azza wa jal rest assured it was not yours and will not stay with you. Whatever it is, if you say my family's taking my time, you will lose your family one day it has to be because you will die or they will die. If you say my job you will lose your job if you say whatever everything you will lose. And the only thing that stays with you and for you is Allah azza wa jal. So you either connect yourself to the book of Allah azza wa jal or suffer the consequence of being so far away from him, that you will

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throw yourself in turmoil and agitation because of that distance between you and our hamara I mean, a holo COLA that was takfeer Allah do you want to confess that?

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Hamdan cathedra and even with aura confy, who also leawo Sallim, ala Rasool E, Mohammed, or other early he was so happy he was in them and my bad. Another life that stops us from understanding the Quran, or from that to the bar of the Quran is when we focus on the Quran as performance, meaning a person comes to the Quran to the book of Allah azza wa jal, but they do it simply as performance that they stop at how can I pronounce the Quran the best that we eat? And if I should memorize the Quran, or I should just simply read the Quran

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They don't go beyond that face. That's an act that is a performance

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it has an allostery Rahimullah.

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He said in our own ziarul Quran Leo Mehta behave at the NASA tilava Mela. He says Quran was revealed so that people would follow it, act on it. So people turned recitation into the deeds that they should do. Meaning Allah azza wa jal revealed the Quran so you would read it and after you read it, what do you do with that reading? You would implement it, you would follow it but he said people turned reading of the Quran into the deeds that are related to the Quran that's the only thing they do with it and they don't go beyond it. And he also said that a Hema hola your whole new ahead to whom the Quran Allah Scottoline who Hertha kata who Kula who lie with Allah Who Allahu Athan Amelie.

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It says one of them will say, I read the entire Quran I did not miss a letter, and he had missed all of it. You see no impact for the Quran on his life, deeds and actions. So a person who simply reads the Quran, or studies the Quran, simply by reading tweet or learning to tweet and that is it has not really pondered the Quran. The tweet is a means to an end. If a person memorizes but does not follow or understand what he's saying. He did not ponder the Quran. Reading is a means and there's Baraka in it. But it should lead to something. Memorizing the Quran is a means and there's Baraka in it, but should lead to something and if it doesn't,

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and if you don't see an effect of what you have memorized and what you have read on how you're living, how you're solving your problems on your heart,

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on your choices, that you haven't pondered the Quran because he's also said that AHIMA, hola and this is important to the boodle Quran ulama Dobie pondering the Quran is fulfilling its message.

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And also added to this which is the focus of the reading of the Quran

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is to simply focus of those of us who love the Quran on the melody of the Quran.

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On the singing of the Quran, there's a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that said a whole format Ahafo Alikum the things that I feel most for you and he enumerated few things among them he said one issue and yet the Hebrew owner Khurana Muslim you

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your cut the Mona radula Lisa, we have him water hola me him Maka Dima who Illa you can near him, he says and the young

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who will take the Quran

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as singing

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or for singing, they will push someone forward meaning he will be their head either as an imam or etcetera, they push them forward. He is not the most knowledgeable and he is not the wisest. They only put for her before it because he can sing the Quran best. His voice of the Quran is beautiful. And again, if you listen to the Quran, and if you enjoy the melody of a particular recital, that's that's permissible. But if the only thing that you get from the Quran is the melody of the Quran, the just simply listening to some sort of singing.

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So did Allah azza wa jal revealed the Quran simply for it to be sung? Yes, Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said in one Hadith, they you know, Quran Abbey or Swati can beautify the Quran with your voices for endless assault al Hassan II, as you know Khurana husana The beautiful voice adds to the beauty of the Quran. But the beautiful voice is a means to that you understand the Quran better and it be absorbed better, not that you should listen only to the beautiful voice and ignored the words and what they're saying.

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So listen to whatever recital you would love want to listen to as long as their performance of the Quran is adequate, but at the same time, understand that Allah has devoted his talking to you and what is it that Allah azza wa jal wants from you. So this call is used to say the seller used to see the Quran as messages from Allah azza wa jal that they would take it and put it on their heart so it could medicate them or you know, metal rugby him. So whenever you are reading whenever you are opening the Quran, understand that Allah is sending a message to you. And if you approach the Quran this way you will get something definitely out of it. And if you approach the Quran with a need that

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is I'm reading but I'm not just simply going to focus only on how I'm pronouncing it's good to know this and perfect it if

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You can, but don't stop at the level of ama fam. Focusing on how I can pronounce

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or focusing on how much I've memorized or focusing on, I have to reach the end of the surah to fulfill my daily portion of the reading of the Quran. But when you opened it, I have a question and I have a need my wife, my husband, my children have a question and they have needs, my house, my community and Muhammad Sallallahu send them we have questions and we have need. Now open the book of Allah azza wa jal and see how Allah can medicate you and heal you and make you better. That is how you ponder the Quran approaching it. Because our life depends on it. And imagine Subhan Allah, if a nation were to be sure that the Creator is speaking to them, what would they do with that message?

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If you understand that Allah azza wa jal, the only remaining message that he has on this earth is in the book that you have? Is it respectful?

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Is it meaningful as a Muslim to ignore the only message from Allah azza wa jal and seek guidance and Betterment everywhere else except with what he had revealed?

00:26:14--> 00:26:16

Can that be really a testimony that we are Muslim?

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So ask Allah Allah, Allah, Allah mean or hamara Jaime and that if they are locks on our hearts that are stopping us from reading the Quran and understanding it, and following its message we ask Allah azza wa jal to unlock those Lux. We ask Allah azza wa jal to cleanse our hearts. We ask him our hamara Hamid to make us of those who are Al Quran the people of the Quran, Allah make us of Quran, Ya Allah make us of Allah Quran. Allah grant us the peace of reading the Quran and following it in the dunya and make it an intercessor for us on the Day of Judgment here are hamara hai mean, You Allah elevate us with the Quran. Yeah, Allah make us of those who memorize the Quran, who read it

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every day, make us of those who follow its message make it a companion for us in the dunya and in the euro will ask you, el Amin to make us of the followers of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yeah Allah Allah Our mantra is to follow your book and follow the message of your Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam was horrible. Allah means to cleanse our heart from sin from arrogance from envy from Sheikh and Buddha and hypocrisy was your noble Allah mean to heal our hearts and bring them closer to your bill. Alameen fill our hearts with iman and Toccoa fill our hearts with your love and lover of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and love over the believers. Allah Medina for dunya

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Hassan our Villa Clara de hacer una Lapena either na la my yarmulke liberal Kulu with a bit Galoob Ana Ana de la Mian was suddenly fell colo besotted with Hulu burner adulterer it Allah Marina Allah decree cover Shoukry co host near Ebert attic, Aloha Minister local Jen Neto, Makarova, la ham and Colleen wireman when are all the becoming a Nereo Makarova la Hammond cold environment

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when it's a local Hara Kula who agita. Hua Ji Lahoma alumna I mean who am alumna alum when Oh to become an usher equally Genie Genie Hema alumna I mean who am alumna alum yah yah yah, a human will be automatic and steady if oscillation inertia and an Akula wala Tokina either unforeseen Altorfer time wealthiness