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Ash-Shura 20-35 Tafsir 20

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I was a bit lazy. Machito Angela Jean Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 254. Similar to Shula, I am number 2235.

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Men can you read to help, Hirata whoever desires the harvest of the hereafter? Noseda who he helps he, we will increase for him in his harvest. woman can a URI to help the dunya. And whoever desires the harvest of this world, not the human Hmm, we will give him some of it omala who fill filati men asleep, but there is for him in the hereafter No, sure, he will have nothing in the hereafter. Why? Because he never wanted to hear after he never worked for the Hereafter, who will get your ward in the hospital, the one who desires the AHA and the one who only desires dunya then Allah will give him some dunya but nothing of the Astra because enamel armello wynia. And we're in Nevada

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equilibrium Manoa every person will have whatever he intends for. So if a person desires the alcohol, that's what he will get. If a person desires the dunya, then he will get only some of it.

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Over here, lots of pounds. Allah says, Man, can you read Have

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you read is from Elijah? And what is the intention? The reason why you do something? The reason behind an action, the objective the purpose of an action, what do you want to achieve by doing that? So every person is doing something or the other? Isn't it? In the ciriaco Shatta, that indeed, you're sorry, is different, diverse, every person is struggling for something.

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And every person who is working has a goal, why is he doing something

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over here, do things I mentioned, either a person desires the author, or he desires the dunya.

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And remember, there are no other two objectives. But this because only these two are mentioned. Either a person is doing something for the sake of Allah. That's what his objective is. He wants to work from him in the hereafter. Or he's doing something because he wants immediate gratification, he wants some immediate results in Indonesia, there are only two options.

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So over here, the two intentions are mentioned. And the results of those two intentions are alternation first one men Cana URI to health,

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meaning in return for his actions in return for his efforts in return for all of his deeds, this person desires house and

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house, notice the word so up has not been used, but the word house has been used, because house is used for crop. How often Yes, so is basically to plow the land and to sow the seed.

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So a person sews the seed before that he plows the land and then after that, he starts looking after the crop and after sowing the seed the process of looking after the crop that is called Zahra that is called Zahra they

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and health is also used for the crop to produce the end final result, the fruit of the effort.

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So when can I use it to help sell acara he is sowing the seed. Why? Because he wants the crop where he wants the result were in the euro.

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So his goal is to get reward benefits in the hereafter. And this is why he busies himself in various good deeds.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says about this person, what will he get? He is sowing the seed. He's putting in effort in order to reap the benefits in the hereafter. What will this person receive? Allah says in asila, who he helps he we will increase for him in his crop. And as it from Ziad we will increase we will multiply meaning the reward for his efforts, the reward for his driving the reward for his struggle, that is going to be increased. It's going to be multiplied. How is it going to be multiplied in various ways?

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That first of all, the reward that he will get in the Hereafter is going to be many times more compared to the effort that he has done. Isn't

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that a loss of parameter it is Al Karim. He is the one who is most generous a shocker. So when He rewards a person, he doesn't just reward him one for one. No. He rewards the person many times more for the work that he has done.

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So a person puts in only one

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seed, but his goal is to get crop where India so will he get only one in return no many times more in throttle back to 61 we learn that the example of those people who spend in the way of Allah is like that off camera tallyhelp like a green, um, but at savasana Villa physicalism boletim me to have been Allahu la Lima in Asia, like a seed of grain which grows seven spikes, you put one seed and it grows seven spikes, and an eat spike is how many grains 100 grains. And Allah multiplies his reward for whomsoever He wills. So a person he is putting in effort, but how much reward will he get in the Hereafter, if his intention is the asset or many times more compared to the effort that he

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put in his reward will be multiplied in various ways, in terms of quantity, in terms of quality, and also in terms of mood in terms of time, meaning, that a person he did one good deed Will he get only one reward in return? No 10 times 700 times many times more as much as along once in quality, a person puts in his effort which is full of weakness, but with sincerity, he does something exclusively for the sake of Allah. So Will he get mixed things in the hereafter? No, what he will get in the Hereafter is excellent is best. And also in terms of muda that if a person spent one day one hour doing something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Will he get only one hour in general?

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Will he got only one day in general? No, he will get eternity in general.

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So the reward is multiplied in quantity in quality in time in various ways, because Allah He is the one who is most generous.

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So in osito, fi house he

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also nasbla houfy house he has been understood as that we will multiply for him, we will increase for him in his reward, how that he will not just get his house in the Hereafter, but he will also reap the benefits in this world. When, when a person aims for the author, his main goal is the aha, that is his ultimate desire. So when his ultimate desire is the author of a lower love, make him wait until the athlete so that he can enjoy something so that he can reap the benefits of his efforts. No, he will also gain benefit in the dunya Mozilla houfy healthy. So what do we learn over here, that when a person strives for the asset, then their double benefits aren't there? That first

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of all, he gets reward in the dunya.

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And secondly, what he will get in the Hereafter is going to be many times more. So what should a person strive for for the near the FM

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but what do we see here that the main goal is not dunya dunya as a side benefits.

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On the other hand, a person who strives only for dunya woman Cana UD to help the dunya whoever desires the house of this world, meaning he's putting in his effort, he's doing whatever work he's doing. But his goal is to only gain benefit in the dunya he wants immediate gratification whether it's in the form of praise of people or appreciation, or he wants the result in the dunya. That is his ultimate goal. He's not concerned about the ACA, Allah subhanaw taala says, Look demon her, we will give him some of it, some of what

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some of the dunya some of what he desires, some of his house,

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meaning main overhears of debris, some of Sparta, you will not get cola or other he will not get all that he desires, all that he wanted, but what will he gain? Only some of what he gained,

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meaning his efforts, his rewards, they will not be multiplied, but rather he will receive only what has been fixed for him. Only what has been preordained for him.

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If you think about it, people want to achieve many things in this world, but do they get everything? No. Even people who are very successful, you can say that they have everything that they want. But still if you ask them there are many things that they want, but they're unable to get them they're unable to receive them.

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Because Indonesia, a person can only get what is fixed for him.

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In Islam 18 we learn men can you read Raji letter Arjuna Allah houfy hermana Chateau Lima noted some major anala who Johanna yesler hermit moment mother hurrah, that whoever should desire the immediate meaning this dunya we hit

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For him from it, what we will do whom we intend, meaning we hasten for him, whatever we want, for whomsoever we want, meaning every person who desires something of the dunya does not get it. Allah gives it to whomsoever He wants whatsoever he wants, that in the here after we have made for him hell, which he will enter to burn center and vanished. This is why Allah says over here, women who've been filati men asleep, he will have in the hereafter no share why?

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He never wanted it. He never intended it, he never stowford that was never his goal. So if he never desired the asset, or why should he get the asset? This is the reason why a person should desire the in return for his deeds. Because performing actions doing something for the sake of dunya is what a loss

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because results are not guaranteed. Profit is not guaranteed, the wage is not guaranteed. But if a person aims for the Euro, then if he's done what he's done with sincerity, then what do we learn over here? Then for the accident, Allah subhanaw taala says and does it and I hope it helps the first of all, the reward is guaranteed. And secondly, it's also going to be many times more.

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Now, if you think about it, a person performs different types of actions. Like for example, he performs religious actions, such as Salah sadhaka, the crow velocity upon data on different types of religious actions. And it's understood that when a person is doing anything like that, why is he doing it?

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Why do you get reward in the hereafter? Like when a person prays? Why does he pray? Even when he's very tired? Why is he praying? Because it's his obligation, it's a duty upon him and he wants to reward in the arcanum. When a person gives some of his wealth away for the sake of Allah, in the way of Allah, then he's farting from his wealth. Why would he do that? Obviously, to get reward in the hereafter. So with regards to religious deeds, it's understood that if a person performs improperly with sincerity in the prescribed manner, hoping for a walk from Allah, He will get reward in the hereafter.

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However, there is a question, can a person perform the armelle of dunya for Arma of dunya dunya such as eating, drinking, buying, selling, going to the store, getting groceries, going back home, cleaning the house, washing the dishes, looking after your children changing diapers? This is what I've done here. And the list is endless, isn't it? So driving somewhere helping someone out? The list is endless. So can a person do? I'm going to have donia for axilla? Yes, he can. Because if you think about it, if a person does not do his armlock dunya even for Africa, how much time would be wasted? What a waste of time because if you think about it, so much of our time, in 24 hours goes

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and what I'm gonna do,

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especially as women, some time you take to sleep, other time you use in order to help other people serve other people. And then you take time out for yourself for other, yes, definitely we should be Harris on that. But sometimes we have limited ability, limited time, too many responsibilities. But we see that Allah subhanaw taala is so generous, that out of his mercy, we can also perform normal of dunya for the sake of Allah and still get reward India him, but there's certain conditions. First of all, remember that there are two types of actions that people perform. Firstly, religious actions and secondly, worldly actions, religious actions, what are the rituals, acts of worship

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and worldly actions What are they that are with regards to the dounia fulfilling your needs, so on and so forth.

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And we see that even worldly actions a person can perform with the intention, duty and reward in the FM but how

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for example, a person goes to the grocery store to buy bread and butter

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is gonna get up pick up the keys, even picking up the pieces what an angle right? Going outside sitting in the car driving all the way parking the car going inside, all of this is what Anoma

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so you're going all the way to buy bread, butter, your groceries and our goes do hours going that and you come back home, but if the way is correct, the intention is correct. Then reward can be received how

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that first of all, if you think about it, a person when he is fulfilling a worldly need. He is doing it in fulfillment of the command of Allah soprano.

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Because for example, he is going to buy bread and butter Allah subhanaw taala

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tells us kulu wash Babu maristella he will autofill only will city. Allah is telling us eat and drink of the provision of Allah and do not do facade India gulaman for you, Betty Mendoza Kanaka eat of the good things that we have provided for you.

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So when you go to the store, what will you buy them? Any junk play, you bet.

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And when you choose the best, the healthiest option, the very best option, even in choosing that is reward.

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Because sometimes we think, oh, why bother reading the ingredients? Who cares? No, there's a word even in that, because you're choosing the best option for yourself. And when you will eat of the good things, you are doing that in fulfillment of the command of a loss of Hamilton.

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Likewise, he is doing this why in order to preserve his body in order to preserve his health in order to preserve his strength. If you don't eat proper, if you don't eat healthy, is your health going to get affected? Yes, it will be a Lost Planet. Allah has told us what adequate to do and foods are going to not kill yourselves and killing yourself. What does it mean that a person commits suicide or that a person does not take care of his elbow that his body, his health deteriorates, so that he's unable to do anything and eventually his life gets affected, his lifespan even gets affected?

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So he's going to the store he is looking for the healthiest option, he buys the healthiest option. And then when he eats, what does he do?

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eats extravagantly and sleeps endlessly? Is that what should be done? No. If a person eats properly, eat sufficiently eats that which is good eats that which is enough, then his body will feel better.

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He will gain strength from the food that he has eaten.

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And with the strength that he has gained, only then you'll be able to pick up the juice into the lesson, isn't it? Only then she'll be able to come to class and stay awake, isn't it.

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So when you eat proper, don't just eat for the sake of eating, eat with the intention of getting better of getting healthier, of getting energy, so that you can do something. And with this correct mindset, just imagine from the time you picked up your keys to the time you finished eating. This entire act can even be considered as an act of worship, bringing reward in the hereafter multiple times in a Zilla, houfy healthy.

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And when a person he is enjoying the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given to him in that even his reward when he is grateful.

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Because Allah Who is he occurring? Elijah, the one who was most generous, and the one who is generous? What does he like? That the gift he has given is used? Isn't it? So the one who is generous likes that the gift he has given is used? Imagine you have a guest staying in your house.

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If you're truly generous from your heart, and you've placed some things in the room, some snacks, what will you want that they eat them? They use them? But if you haven't put them over there with generosity, then you will wonder have they eaten them of the left hand? You understand?

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So Allah soprano Dada he is most generous, and what does he like that the blessings that he is given should be used. So when a person uses them properly, and he is grateful, then Allah is happy with him. This is why even worldly acts can be reversed.

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When a person does improperly, when a person doesn't with the right mindset, when a person doesn't in order to get closer to Allah in order to fulfill his responsibilities, to assist him, so that he can gain more reward in the hereafter.

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So we see that there are certain conditions that a person has to fulfill when he is performing worldly actions. Because sometimes think, Oh, yeah, I'm buying food to something good and we buy endlessly we buy with his love, and then half the stuff we throw, this is not correct. The thing is that intention must be correct, but the way the approach the method, even that should be correct, then a person will get reward in the hereafter.

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So what are the conditions?

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That first of all, his intention should be correct? When a person is performing a worldly action in Armenia, and he wants to get reward in the hereafter for it? What's the condition that first of all, his intention should be correct? What intention should he have?

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That, for example, he is doing what he's doing in order to gain reward from Allah alone.

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For example, you're cooking. You're cleaning mopping the floor. Nobody likes mopping the floor, very few people.

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So you're mopping the floor and as you're mopping, you're like, what's the problem with these people can't they like Be more careful and not throw stuff everywhere and keep their crumbs to themselves, keep their hair to themselves.

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Why are people so careless, you could be thinking about such things. Or you can think at that time I'm doing this for the sake of Allah. This is my contribution to the family, this is my contribution to this house, to this place that I'm living in. And I want to work from Allah. So what's the intention here? That you want to work from Allah, you understand? for the work that you're doing? Similarly, you're helping out your mother in law in the kitchen, you could be getting upset, why does she use so many dishes? Or you could say, No, I'm doing this for the sake of Allah to do whatever she's doing my time over here. I'm doing it for the sake of Allah, I want to walk from him.

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worldly action, your intention is what after

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you get it.

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Then similarly, the intention is that a person is doing something that will facilitate him in his worship. So for example, you are driving, you are driving but what's your intention that you want to get to school so that you can learn, you want to go to the masjid, so you can pray? Now, because of your intention, even the act of driving becomes what meaningful?

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Similarly, you eat properly why, so that you can worship Allah subhanaw taala, so that you can get up and pray you understand? So with the right intention, you can get reward in the afterlife as well through the adonia. Similarly, a woman is looking after her children, she's teaching them, spending time with them, if she could be upset, what a burden or be she could think I'm raising my children and this is an investment and inshallah when my children will grow older, they will serve the deen they will become worshipers. So, this is what because of the intention, everything she does for children is what an investment in the author.

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So, first thing is correct intention. The second thing is that a person must perform the action in the correct way, in the correct method in the way that Allah has prescribed in obedience to Allah following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu. So, wherever applicable, wherever applicable.

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So, for example, when it comes to wearing your clothes, can you follow this along with it? Can you you can, when it comes to sleeping, can you follow this another? Yes, you can.

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When it comes to eating, can you follow this one over there? Yes, you can. When it comes to leaving the house coming in, can you follow the sun? Yes. So, in these worldly acts, even when you follow the Sunnah, when you do it in the way that Allah likes, then even these actions can be an investment for him can be an investment that a person can gain reward India.

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So, the first is intention. The second is the method that the method the way he does it with Sam.

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And okay, now there are some actions with regards to which the Sunnah tells us what to do. A lot of panel data is fixed or when it comes to eating, eat this do not eat this.

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But there are some worldly actions with regards to which the method has not been prescribed by the Quran and Sunnah. Can you think of an example driving? For example,

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driving a car,

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okay, yes, definitely you say that, why you say Bismillah, but the method of your driving. So how can you make that in the correct way?

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So for example, you drive with your son, you follow all the rules, you do it properly. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala has told us that obey the rules as well. Be patient, you can do they could have a loss of panel data while driving. That even when you're doing a worldly act, you don't find direct guidance from the Sunnah concerning it, you can still make it an investment How? By remembering Allah throughout by doing it with your son, by doing it with someone with patience, that when a person faces some difficulties, some challenges he wears impatiently. He doesn't complain. He doesn't create a fast, he doesn't remind others of favors, but rather he does it with patients. And

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he does it with axon and he has calmness throughout remembering the loss of panel data throughout these actions.

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So we see that a person who intends for award in the year after his ultimate goal is the Acura, what should he do? He should exert all of his efforts with the in mind.

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And when the ACA is in mind, then doing every action becomes easy as well.

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Then you're driving back and forth will also become easy. Then you're cooking and cleaning will also become easy. I'm not saying that then you will spend hours cooking you'll spend hours cleaning know that even those 30 minutes 45 minutes an hour that you're spending, it will not feel like a burden

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Because sometimes what happens, we're doing these things and we just want to run away. We don't want to do them. But you have to do them if you have to live, isn't it, it's a part of life. So it makes you a happier person, it makes you a content person when the alcohol is your goal.

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So a person who wants the author, what should you do, then he should do, every action that he does, arm will have dunya and will have Dean with what in mind, the author in mind,

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and when he has the author in mind, that Allah will accept his efforts and the best way, and he will increase for him his reward, how that he will give him not just in the alcohol, but also before that in the dunya. And he will give him more in return many times more in terms of quality in terms of quantity in terms of duration.

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And this is in contrast to the dunya where a person puts in so much effort to gain something But does he get everything in return? No. A person is working somewhere. Every person what does he think I'm not being paid as much as it should be paid, isn't it? The person works somewhere. This is what he thinks I'm not being paid justly. I should receive some benefits, I should receive some bonus arrays. This is what a person wants that every year. With his improved work, there should be improved pay as well. But after a loss of time without his has voted in sort of the welfare I have 33 that even the fruits of Jenna lemme cateura teen what am Nura neither limited nor forbidden.

00:26:37--> 00:26:45

They're not limited, you can't put a stop, you can't put a limit to the reward in the hereafter. And they're not forbidden either.

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That the difference is that when a person is doing something for the dunya, and he gets some benefit from the people of dunya that benefit, that reward is limited. Why? Because a person can only pay you for the work you've done, can they pay you for the effort, for the sacrifice for your love, for your dedication for your sincerity, you can't put a price tag on that no way, the kind of work that you're doing even that you can't put a price tag on.

00:27:15--> 00:27:55

But Allah subhanaw taala when He rewards He rewards abundantly, not just for the effort not just for the result, but for the intention, the sacrifices that a person had to make, the dedication, the determination with which he did the work. And for every step. Allah subhanaw taala rewards the person what do we learn through the doorway, that when people go out in the way of Allah, they don't cross any Valley, they don't take any step except that Allah writes for him. And for that, every step, it's the highest paying job, when a person works for Allah subhanaw taala hope and reward in the hereafter.

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So who is the wise person, the person who does every deed with the apostle in mind

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and the dunya. It's not his ultimate goal, what his ultimate goal, the ultimate goal is the author.

00:28:11--> 00:28:53

But Allah subhanaw taala is so generous, that he will out of his kindness, not just reward this person in the effort, but he will also give him reward in the dunya nasbla houfy helps. He said just one side point that if a person has his goal as the Asha, but he does gain some worldly benefit, should he think that Oh, if I'm getting this worldly benefit, I won't get rewarded Dr. Hill? No, no, it's not like that. It's a bonus. It's just a bonus. It's just dill kaboosh La Jolla. It says good news that has come very soon to a person that has gone quickly to a person. So this is why it's necessary that a person keeps reminding himself my goal is my goal is the author and when he gets a

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reward in the dunya, he should enjoy it with happiness. However, he should keep his goal the after.

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There are some actions like for example, eating drinking, you do them the way you do them because you are following the sadhana. For example, eating with the right hand drinking with the right hand, and they become a habit.

00:29:12--> 00:29:19

And each time you use your right hand to eat, you don't have that near that I'm following this on. Do you understand?

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So what about this? Does it mean that a person for every action that he does he should be conscious? I'm eating with my right hand because I'm following the Sunnah.

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Some scholars say that, yes, a person must have Nia but other scholars say that no, it's understood if a person is doing it. This is why he's doing it. The Nia is not active in his mind. However, if he's doing it in that way, he has developed that habit that habit has emerged from what? Following the sun. This is where it began from a loss of planetary he's generous. He knows about his servants. And if you think about it, what's the opposite of that? What's the opposite of eating

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The right hand left hand, you wouldn't do that, right. But if a person does that, then that shows that he needs to renew his intention. Because sometimes it's out of habit we're walking, and all of a sudden, we start eating with our left hand, no, left hand, no way. When you've changed a habit, when you've developed a habit, when you switch to something else, that you say to yourself, now I'm going to follow this and I'm only going to eat with my right hand. Then, from that point onwards, every time you eat with your right hand, your intention is there, even if it's not 100% active in your heart and mind, but that is the goal.

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So we see that there are, you know, three states. One is that a person has an intention, a good intention, the other is a person has a bad intention. The third is that a person has no intention.

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Now, usually, when we're doing things, we do it with a third state of mind, no intention. But remember, that even this category, it's not 100% liked. Because what happens is that when a person starts doing things with this mindset, then he's not as earnest, he's not that desires for the reward and the alcohol.

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Practically, it's not possible that every time you eat, you have that near. But every now and then we should revive our intention, we should remind ourselves why we're doing what we're doing.

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Because if we don't arrive, the intention, that eventually the action even it goes away, doesn't it? It goes away eventually. So you have to keep reviving your intention.

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So, the wise person is the one who does every deed with the in mind.

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And on the other hand, the second person who was mentioned in this is the one who does not strive for the,

00:31:48--> 00:31:51

but his ultimate goal is the donor only.

00:31:52--> 00:31:57

So a person whose goal is dunya, only, what do we learn from this ayah?

00:31:58--> 00:32:00

Allah will deny him the

00:32:01--> 00:32:22

Allah will not give him anything in the hereafter known asleep for him in the hereafter. Why? Because he did not strive for it, whatever he did, he did it for the dunya. Therefore, he will receive the fruit of his efforts were Indonesia only, but will he receive everything, only some of it,

00:32:23--> 00:32:28

only some of what he wants only some of what he strove for.

00:32:30--> 00:32:40

Now over here, we have to become very clear, because sometimes we see some people doing a lot of good things. They have left great Assad in the dunya.

00:32:42--> 00:32:44

And they have died, as well

00:32:45--> 00:32:55

as someone who has not submitted himself to Allah subhanaw taala. So should we be saying to that person rest in peace? Hmm. Know why

00:32:56--> 00:32:57

he never desired the

00:32:59--> 00:33:00

he never intended the

00:33:01--> 00:33:03

his ultimate goal was the dunya.

00:33:05--> 00:33:31

So if his ultimate goal was the dunya, Allah gave him whatever he wanted in the dunya. Remember that there are different types of Schick. One type of shark is saying that other religions are also okay. One type of chick is considering that people of other faiths are also correct. And that Allah will reward them, he will not punish them. This is also a type of chick, why?

00:33:32--> 00:33:35

Because the person is worshiping other than Allah and you were saying that's okay.

00:33:36--> 00:34:03

In a way, it's supporting check as well. It's acknowledging check, whatever it is, but the main point that I'm making over here is that if we say, a person has been striving for dunya, and when he dies, we start praying for him. And when he dies, we start saying, Yes, Allah will definitely reward him. This is incorrect. Because Allah says very clearly over here, the one who desired dunia, he will only get some of dunya he will have nothing in the hereafter.

00:34:04--> 00:34:14

And Allah, He is most generous. He is the one who is most just the person ever wanted the answer. So who are we to say Allah should give him the

00:34:15--> 00:34:40

Allah is very generous, the one who wants to give him so much. But the one who doesn't want the after Allah will not give him anything of it. Because the matter of the Hereafter is very serious. And we have to be very, very careful when we go and press like and when we go and reshare some posts, we have to be very careful because sometimes without even thinking, we go and say things. We go and acknowledge things we go and support them.

00:34:41--> 00:34:59

And a very disturbing statement that I came across somebody shared it with me that those of you who worshipped Steve Jobs know that he has died. And those of you who worship Apple, the Almighty Apple know that it is living and it will keep coming. What kind of a statement is it? What kind of a statement is it?

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

Tell me, does it benefit a Muslim to even say such words? It does not. This is not right.

00:35:08--> 00:35:34

He was a good man. Many people are good people, they did what they did, they have left great authority, the dunya, they have made lives of so many people very easy. And ultimately, who is the judge, Allah soprano data. But we have to be careful, a person who wants to dunya he will get to near only, no matter how much he has accomplished. No matter how much he has done, he will only get dunya who will get the answer. Only the person who strives for the

00:35:36--> 00:36:11

and this is something very scary, we have to learn from it. We have to learn from this example that a person can become very great. A person can accomplish many great things of this dunya he can change, he can have an effect on every single child of this world even. However, if the author is not the goal, what does Allah say? He will not get the simple as that. And the thing is that we are supposed to make dua for non believers when they're alive. Yesterday, what do we learn fairly? They're like offended for that reason Call, call them

00:36:12--> 00:36:45

the messenger sort of odd is I don't why was he sent it on the raw human January? Now I have a fee for you config agenda, or free con for sorry. While people are alive, we are not concerned for them at all. We don't care for them at all. We don't even realize our responsibility of doing power of getting up to that standard that we are able to talk to them, we're able to send the message of Islam to them and when they die, we say well, why wouldn't Allah reward them? Why would Allah not send them to paradise? Look how great of a person they were.

00:36:46--> 00:36:52

Ally's very generous and this is an evidence of his generosity. When unless has an asila houfy healthy,

00:36:53--> 00:37:15

look at how generous he is nasbla houfy healthy. So if Allah decides not to give to someone, it's because that person never wanted it simple as that, very simple. So, we learn from this ayah that for a person, it is very, very important that whatever he does, he does it with the in mind

00:37:16--> 00:37:39

when he does it with the author in mind, that is every action should be done sincerely for the sake of Allah should be done in a way that Allah and His Messenger have instructed us should be done with your son should be done with patience. And if a person is just investing in the dunya, then in fact, he's short selling himself. In fact, he is underselling his efforts.

00:37:40--> 00:37:50

Because this dunya can never pay you fairly for what you have done. Only Allah can give you in the hereafter the true result of your deeds.

00:37:51--> 00:37:53

Let's listen to the recitation.

00:37:59--> 00:38:09

Here on Tina z, the fee house one v two Halstead dounia T min.

00:38:13--> 00:38:15


00:38:19--> 00:38:21

You'd like to say before we continue.

00:38:24--> 00:38:58

Our plans are human being really vague into the short term planning or the long term planning. And here was one of those mentioning the better one deed is which one, the long term one because when you make a short term planning, yes, you get everything. Sometimes everything something you win, you lose. But when it's a long term planning sometimes apparently looks like we're not getting anything. But again, it's the kind of thing you're investing in. And the example you gave us previously, the girl and her son, whatever he loved the most. He used to give it in the way of the way he was making a long term planning. He wanted it in the hill.

00:38:59--> 00:39:24

Some people, they're only linear oriented, and others they are oriented. Being linear oriented means what? Whatever a person does, he only wants to reward into the near end, he wants immediate results. He wants to see immediate results, even when he makes the law. What does he want immediate results. It's apparently a religious action, but he wants immediate results. He is dounia oriented.

00:39:25--> 00:39:42

And the other is that a person is oriented, that whatever he is doing, he wants results in the hereafter. Now, if you see people who are donor oriented, who want their result in the dunya How do they do their work? Oh, just for some time.

00:39:43--> 00:39:59

The person has a big goal in mind. He wants to bring about a huge change. What will you do? Will he spend only some time doing that work? No. He will spend hours and hours doing what he's doing. Will he feel tired even when he's sick with

00:40:00--> 00:40:18

Stop doing his work? No. Will he ever waste his time in doing useless things? No. And whatever time he is spending in doing what he wants to achieve? Does he consider that time to be a waste of time? No. Does he find it boring at all? No.

00:40:20--> 00:40:49

So similarly, if we say that we want to be ultra oriented, then how should our deeds be? How should our deeds be? consistent? Should we just spend some time doing their other overload or more time, more time? And when we're doing it, should we feel bored? Should we feel as though we're wasting our time that we start referring other things over? know, whatever goal you have, you will spend more time for it, you will spend more energy in it,

00:40:50--> 00:41:11

you will focus on it. But depending on what your goal is, you will not get bored of it. dooney oriented people they show it with their actions, endlessly, tirelessly, they're doing their work. And if we claim to be 100 oriented, we claim to want reward in the Hereafter, then we also have to show it with our efforts and our actions.

00:41:12--> 00:41:30

So when can you read health? Hirata? nezzie della houfy? healthy woman can I use it to house adonia? Nope, demon her woman who fell asleep and he will have no share in the hereafter. Nothing in the hereafter because he never desired it.

00:41:31--> 00:41:51

And we see over here that one of the main things that must be corrected is intention isn't an intention, Nia, this is something that we have to constantly, refresh, constantly revise constantly keep checking, because if the NEA changes, then the whole action is gone.

00:41:53--> 00:42:04

We learned that so Fianna 30 He said, I have never struggled to rectify something that is more difficult to overcome than my soul. Sometimes I win, and sometimes I lose.

00:42:05--> 00:42:24

The most difficult thing to rectify, the most difficult thing to fix is what you're enough. And part of that is correcting your near correcting your intention. So this is one of the most challenging things to do. And a person has to be very careful concerning it because we sometimes don't pay much attention to intention, isn't it?

00:42:25--> 00:42:29

We're usually in that third state, having no intention.

00:42:30--> 00:42:41

We learned that a pious man he once said that whenever you find a person testifying sincerely to their sincerity, then their sincerity needs sincerity.

00:42:42--> 00:42:43


00:42:44--> 00:42:50

Whenever you find a person testifying sincerely to their sincerity, then their sincerity needs sincerity.

00:42:51--> 00:43:05

So if a person says yeah, I know I just wanted to work in the ACA, I just want to work from them. This is my only goal, the more a person says it, the more sincerity they need. So we need to stop saying this a lot. And instead, we need to start doing a lot.

00:43:07--> 00:43:49

It seems so long. But when we started saying that, in Ghana, inshallah, it seems like it's so quick now, like, every time we go to for grocery, even when we're carrying our heavy bags, it was like Indiana, Mama, Indiana. And every time like, you know, it seems like we were only for half an hour or something, it becomes easy, like you know, every time you say that, you're doing things because you have the difficulties here. But you have that in mind that Indiana, you're not going to have it anymore, then everything would be easy for you. And Allah will make it easy for you. And again, he knows how hard you struggle and all that stuff. And so he knows how difficult it is. So he makes it

00:43:49--> 00:43:54

easy for you to have that easy, then you don't mind doing it.

00:43:55--> 00:44:07

So the first benefit of having the answer in mind, is that the difficulty it becomes easy, right? And on top of that you actually start enjoying the difficulty.

00:44:08--> 00:44:48

Do You Have you ever experienced that? That you don't mind the difficulty? You really don't mind it, you start enjoying it. People feel bad for you, people pity you, but you enjoy it. Because you know that everything you're doing every step you're taking every effort that you're putting in, inshallah you'll get rewarded for it. Then you forget the difficulty. you overcome it because you're enjoying the work that you're doing because you are often oriented just like a person who's journey oriented, whose goal is dunya he's doing his work. He's so tired. He's so exhausted, but he's still doing it. why he's enjoying his work. He doesn't complain them.

00:44:50--> 00:44:59

That thing, same thing related with today's lesson that some people when they say What about her cydonia is not going to come again. And this was a child

00:45:00--> 00:45:12

She was facing regarding her son that whenever she tries to give him advice, every time he says Mom, this youth and young Let me do what I want to do, because my this age will never come again.

00:45:13--> 00:45:47

And I was thinking because one of the parts of Eman Is this what will occur at home you can only So I was thinking, How can I give her the right answers? The problems, whatever we need to do, we don't have the clean that yes, in the hereafter we would be getting young again. And that is a real place to get what we think we say, Okay, what about this? What about this test? I would never look at what Allah subhanaw taala says over here does it Allah houfy hosting, it's not just that a person has to wait until the Sahara to get reward. No, he will also reap the benefits in dunya.

00:45:48--> 00:45:54

Dunya is written for every person believer or disbeliever. But the something that you have to strive for.

00:45:56--> 00:46:29

Just thinking that we just spoke about that every action can become meaning a source of you by the first. And we take things so lightly. Like for example, even if, you know people post things all the time people like update their statuses all the time, or they write weird things all the time or funny things all the time, just to make people laugh. Yeah. Or just to make people laugh, like, Oh, I'm such and such or, you know, just weird, weird comments. And I was thinking that even this could even be a source of your bother. Or it could even be a source of punishment for you. Because you're encouraging something which is possibly Hold on, which is possibly should, which is possibly

00:46:29--> 00:47:02

something that's disliked in our Deen. But you're encouraging that instead, you could use that to earn yourself some good deeds in the hereafter. Because that could be who knows a source of satellite, Jerry, for you because you wrote something nice, because someone read that and said, Hey, you know what, that's a sinner I should revive to instead of saying, Oh, look, she's making fun of this. That's excellent. That's so funny. I should make fun of that, too. Exactly. So a person whose goal is the aha, he becomes very careful, very careful with everything that he does everything, he shares everything, he promotes everything he encourages, because he knows that eventually, he's

00:47:02--> 00:47:14

going to see it in the alpha. And he doesn't want to see anything that will ruin his reward that will waste his efforts. Being the company of those whose goal is the author as well, because when they're going to Zakat only then you can do something good.

00:47:15--> 00:47:40

I was thinking that you know, whenever you go to the store and want to buy something, we always look for the best offer, like whatever is on sale, we buy that. So here you've been given two choices. One is that you desire the dunya. And if you desire the dunya, then you don't get the after and you get some of not all of it. And then if you desire the akhira not only do you just get the alpha, but you also get the dunya so why would you go for the dunya for getting better, a better deal.

00:47:43--> 00:48:26

This is kind of reminds me of this one person that I know of everybody needs reminder and this one person, we all have a hand phones, right. And so in his hand phone, he has to do list. So every time the phone rings whenever he sees it, but one of the to do list is oriented to Qibla so whenever I see that it also reminds me and also the same person. What he does is he wouldn't sleep unless he faces the Qibla so whatever your room model is, or anything like that, he would change the position of the bed so that he can sleep also on his right side and also facing the Qibla. So every day you're reminded you're reminded reminded, I just wanted to share

00:48:28--> 00:48:41

even the act of sleeping, follow the sun and make that a source of reward. So that all the time that a person is sleeping, inshallah even that is an investment because with the sleeping, what does he want? reward and Dr. Phil

00:48:42--> 00:48:55

I have a quote from Tamia. It says in this world is a paradise whoever does enter it will not enter the paradise of hereafter. So whoever enters the burdens of this dunya will not enter the

00:48:59--> 00:49:00

let's listen to the recitation

00:49:49--> 00:49:50

me know