Most Common Questions Asked by Non Muslims

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Today, the Times have changed,

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especially after 911.

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We find that the Muslims on the receiving end, there is virulent propaganda about Islam, on international media, whether it be the international newspapers, the International magazines, the radio broadcast stations, the television channels, there is virulent propaganda about Islam. They are bombarding people with misinformation about Islam. It's the duty of every Muslim, that he tries to remove these misconceptions.

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There are various types of the

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the most commonly used is that you speak 1000 good things about Islam, to non Muslim, even if you speak 1000 good points about Islam to a non Muslim. And even if you agree with those 1000 points yet, at the back of his mind, he thinks, ah, you're the same Muslim who's a terrorist. Ah, you are a fundamentalist. Ah, you're the same Muslim who marry more than one woman. You are the Muslims, who subjugate the woman by keeping up behind the veil, these few negative points at the back of the mind will prevent the non Muslims from accepting the beauty of Islam.

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What I personally prefer that whenever I meet a non Muslim, I asked him upfront, what do you feel is wrong with Islam? With your limited knowledge, whether right or wrong? What do you feel is wrong with Islam? And I make him comfortable? You can ask any question on Islam, you can criticize Islam, you can attack Islam, I will try my level best to reply.

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And in the experience that I have, of more than a decade in the field of Dawa, I have come to know that there are about 20 common questions with the non Muslims have regarding Islam.

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And when they ask two three or four questions, invariably it falls amongst these 20 common questions. So if you know that apply to these 20 common questions asked by the non Muslims based on Quran, Hadith and the Scripture with reason, logic and science, even if you cannot convert him, at least you can neutralize him, you can remove the animosity which is there in his heart.

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I've written a book called The replies to the questions asked by the non Muslims. And these questions arise depending upon how the media portrays Islam. And today, the number one

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question is regarding the Islamic word, jihad.

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It was number five on the list previously, after 911 it became top of the charts. The others have come behind but it's their day.

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They will not permit me to reply to all these inshallah, in tomorrow's talk I will deal more with this topic about terrorists about fundamentalist about extremists etc in detail.