Dawah and Islaah

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define the term Dawa and two from Allah show on Islam. How does that differ from Dawa Alhamdulillah? Wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah Serbia has been a My bad. I was bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. Rubbish only Saturday Wasel Lea Marie, while Melissa and EF currently,

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as far as the word Dawa is concerned

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when anyone use the word Dalit, especially the people from the subcontinent, India and Pakistan, the moment they hear the word doubt, immediately, they start thinking of mutton biryani or chicken biryani. They start thinking of a lunch party.

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That word does not mean the lunch party Dawa or Dawa means an invitation.

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And today, we will not be discussing about an invitation to a lunch party or dinner party. We are discussing about delta Islam, the invitation to Islam. And an invitation can only be given to an outsider.

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So dava that the reason can be only done to a non Muslim. When we give information about Islam, to a non Muslim, inviting him towards Islam. That big word used is Dawa.

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And the meaning of Arabic word Islam is to repair.

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It means to improve. So when we speak about Islam, to Muslim, giving you more information about Islam, the more appropriate word is Islam, though both these words are interchangeable. But if you want to specifically the word Issa is used when we speak about Islam to a Muslim, giving you more information and Dawa is a word used when we speak about Islam to a non Muslim inviting him towards the fall of Islam