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The importance of knowing Islam and its associated science is crucial for every individual to fulfill their purpose. The benefits of learning about Islam include creating vacillions and filling gaps in one's life, experiencing spiritual pleasures, and learning about the natural world. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning the name Islam and avoiding confusion, as well as the need to expand knowledge about Islam's attributes and natural world. They also discuss the use of hate language and the importance of knowing the meaning of "has" in the title of the video. The discussion touches on the confusion surrounding the name of a beast and the use of "meditation" in biblical context, as well as the potential implications for the western culture.

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of a science is highly related to what is being studied.

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So, those who study

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something that is trivial or not like those who study

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quantum mechanics or nuclear science

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and therefore, if you look at the most important, the most valuable, the most precious, the most honorable thing,

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you will not find any other than Allah the Almighty.

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So, the knowledge of Allah azza wa jal, the science that leads you to know Allah azza wa jal is by far the most important, the most noble, it is by far the greatest science a Muslim could acquire.

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And not only Muslims need to know this by the way,

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even the non Muslims, even the disbelievers,

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they need to know the science and they need to understand that, because they suffer from this void

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in their chests, they suffer from this emptiness, this suffer from so many illnesses that cannot be filled

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except with the knowledge of Allah azza wa jal, except with the answers to the questions that lingers and are frequently asked, without any proper answer. This is why they are disbelievers, who created us, why did He create us? When did He create us?

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And what is needed from us to fulfill the purpose He created us for? And finally, then what after we finish our sentence on earth, then want these questions and many more.

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They tend to create the void and emptiness in disbelievers chests, whereas youngsters children, among the Muslims have the answer to all of these questions with the grace of Allah azza wa jal. Now,

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when I say that even the disbelievers would benefit from this science, what science again, the beautiful names and attributes of Allah, the science of knowing Allah says, As soldiers names and attributes, even the disbeliever would benefit, because each and every human being was born upon the fitrah

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upon the human nature, which Allah has had created all humans upon and what is that human nature, to

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believe in the Oneness of Allah,

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to worship Him, to be submissive to him, to feel enslaved in His service.

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This is what each and every individual of us

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regardless of our ethnic upbringing, or religious commitment,

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our denomination, it doesn't matter, every single human being and every single Jin as well. Were born, to believe in the Oneness of Allah and to feel the urge to worship him subhanho wa taala.

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And as we grow up,

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our parents change our England nations, the environment, the country, the surroundings. So

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all in all, these things make us lose our compass, till we don't know where we're headed to, and where we're where we came from.

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Therefore, disbelievers need to know Allah azza wa jal

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so that they can answer these lingering questions they've they have in their chests. Wallahi and I swear by Allah, once disbelievers know about Allah, they will have no other choice but to accept it.

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Islam and surrender their will to Allah. Why? Because all those who are non Muslims, all those who are disbelievers have lost their compass. And hence, they claim to be atheists, Jews, Christians, they claim to be free thinkers, but actually, they are enslaved in one form or the other.

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They are enslaved to other gods, who are not worthy of being worshipped, to their own whims and desires. So that that it drives them where it wishes, to their lusts, to their demons,

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and all such types of

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All such type of slavery to such things would only darken your chest, harden your heart, fill it with depression, stress, despair,

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it would make it void of

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knowing Allah, but filled with all evil, and

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demons that can possibly inhabit it.

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Therefore there is no salvation.

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None whatsoever, except by knowing Allah. And this does not only address the disbelievers, also the believers, the Muslims, who are sinners, who feel the void, and the emptiness. Yet they fill it with music, with movies with following their whims and desires with worldly matters. So they're addicted to it.

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And they cannot stay for five to 10 minutes straight, without doing any of these things that fills temporarily this void and emptiness in themselves. That's why they're always depressed. They have

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confusion in their life, lives, they have panic attacks, they have anxiety attacks, and they cannot sedate all of this, except with worldly matters, which gives them temporarily

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enjoyment or satisfaction.

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But it is never, ever lasting. The real true believers who have the knowledge of Allah and their heart, they're the most

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they're the happiest people on earth. Like one of them said, By Allah, if

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the Kings, the sons of kings, were to know the the enjoyment and the comfort we have in our hearts, they would have fought us over it with shorts, wanting to get it from us. This content, this satisfaction is not temporary. It is not wordly driven. It is oriented from knowing Allah azza wa jal

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and knowing ourselves as His servants and slaves.

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It is knowing how proud

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how honorable, how great Allah is, and how humble, how poor, how in need, we are. So when you study this beautiful science, which is by the way,

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so important that people don't even realize this Imagine if you open the Quran,

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everybody has a copy of the Quran, open it.

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read it from cover to cover,

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what will you find? You will find that the beautiful names and attributes of Allah azza wa jal far

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exceed the amount of the description of paradise of hell of this or of that.

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It is filled in every single page. Talking about what talking about Allah the Almighty, this is more important than *. This is more important than Tafseer This is more important than sila. This is the core of Arpita to know Allah Azza wa Qian

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imagine the greatest surah in the Quran. The greatest by far is Al Fatiha. What does it talk about? Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen or Rahmani Raheem

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MADI Kiyomi deem the first three verses praises praise Allah azza wa jal and describes and they describe Allah to us. The greatest verse ever in the Quran, the greatest verse is a little kursi What is it about? The description of Allah azza wa jal

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Surah to a class chapter 112 So what Paul who Allahu Ahad, what does it talk about? Nothing, except Allah is description. And it is equivalent to 1/3 of the Quran as the Prophet said, Ali Salah 1/3. This fourth letter for is a Surah. Full of Allah. Allah has somewhat limited when a mule to an American local one.

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How ignorant are we?

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When it comes to Allah's beautiful names and attributes? How ignorant are we if someone were to give us an a4 page and says, Fill in the names of Allah azza wa jal that you memorize, if we can do one or half, line Alhamdulillah.

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But if when someone would tell us to write the name of Manchester United players, or Liverpool, or rel Madrid, or whatever, right, the top 10 box office movies of this year or the past year,

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we would be more than thrilled to do this. But why? Because this is what fills our hearts. If your heart was filled with Allah's beautiful names and attributes, your life wouldn't be like this Wallah, he would not even have any signs of depression, or anxiety or

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any displeasure

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because you have the most valuable science in your heart. And this is why it is extremely important to learn this beautiful science now,

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if I were to

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try to give you

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this science, according to the academic norms, and to research it, and to present it to you, that would take me a full year maybe, or more, because we have to talk about what the names mean, and what the attributes mean. And what's the difference between both of them. And we have to talk in depth about the SIFAT or CIFA, the attribute of Allah azza wa jal and which can be according to his actions, or to himself a variety, welfare Lee, and we have to talk about so many aspects

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that would take us a long time.

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But due to the time limitation of the program, and due to the limitation of the few days in Ramadan, that we have this schedule, too.

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I thought that in sha Allah, we would first of all talk about the benefits of learning this beautiful science. And then we would go directly to mentioning and listing the Beautiful Names of Allah azza wa jal and give a short description so that when you go through it in the Quran, or in the Sunnah, you have some connection. So you understand what the name means. Not by just hearing the name and not knowing what it actually means. So what are the benefits of this beautiful science?

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First of all,

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knowing the Beautiful Names of Allah azza wa jal is one of the routes that would lead you to paradise.

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Is that so? Yep. The Prophet says Allah, His solid sermon, the Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari, so it is top in authenticity. The Prophet says alayhi salatu salam, Allah has 99 names 100 Less one or minus one.

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Whoever learns them will enter paradise. Whoever learns them will enter paradise. Okay, one question chef.

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These 99 names 100, less one.

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Does this mean that Allah has beautiful names?

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are limited to 99.

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And question two, why so many names to Allah azza wa jal

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and question three, what is meant by learning them?

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After you ask so many questions, but we will try to solve or answer them to the best of my ability. First of all,

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are Allah's Beautiful Names limited in 99? The answer is no.

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The hadith states that whoever learns these 99 names, he will enter Jannah it doesn't say that Allah has only 99 names. It's like when I say, I have 100 euros, ready for charity? This doesn't mean that these are the only euros I have. I may have millions. But these 100 are the ones that I'm dedicating for sadaqa for charity. And likewise, 99 names are not limiting Allah's names. And by the way,

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I've been to many houses, what I find a portrait of the Beautiful Names of Allah azza wa jal. And when you ask the people, where did you get this from? They would say that this is found in in Swindon, Tirmidhi. And the hadith is mentioned. But all the scholars

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of Hadith state that this hadith is extremely weak, and it's not authentic.

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And even Taymiyah says, There is not a single Hadith where the prophet is Islam lists the Beautiful Names of Allah azza wa jal. So the Hadith, which most people consider to be authentic, and some copies of the Quran may have it at the end of it, naming that Allah azza wa jal Beautiful Names are so and so. The hadith hadith is not authentic due to unbelievable Muslim who is not authentic according to the scholars of Hadith. And

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in addition, there are many names of Allah azza wa jal that are not included. The most famous is a ROB in the 99 names you don't find out Rob. And we know that Rob is one of the Beautiful Names of Allah and most do as in the Quran, Rob Birna, Valentina and fusina a lot better at the end of dunya, Hassan and so on. So most of the drugs in the Quran, they begin with Robina and Rob not found in the 99 al Hannon elmen Nan. This is also from authentic hadith. A Shafi isn't the authentic hadith, Al Jamil l waiter in Allah who turn your head below. So I'm not going to go into details but

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these 99 names do not limit Allah's Beautiful Names. Okay, do you have any other evidence? Yes, in a very long Hadith.

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The Prophet said la salatu salam in his dua, I asked you by every name belonging to you, which you have named yourself with, or revealed in your book, or you taught, have you talked to any of your creation to any of your servants, or you have preserved in the knowledge of the Unseen with you?

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What does that mean? It means that Allah has beautiful names or unlimited either he named himself with and we all know what he named himself by, or revealed it in his book in the Quran. So the names are revealed in Allah's book, or you taught to any of your human steward servants, meaning the names that the Prophet told us about Alice or SAM, or other prophets may have known. Finally, you have preserved in the knowledge of the Unseen with you. What does that mean? It means that Allah azza wa jal has names we are not aware of. So to limit Allah's names to 99 is totally wrong.

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And hence, this is why we need to

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expand our knowledge about Allah's Beautiful Names and that they are not excluded and limited to 99.

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These 99 We will try to

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I gather from here and there, whatever we can from the authentic sunnah.

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So that we can learn them in order to enter Jannah.

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But what does learning them mean? Okay, learning them means one to count them. Hola Rahman r Rahim, Al Malik al cudos a Salah, and we go on, so we know them all by the numbers. We know that maybe we will count 100 Maybe we can't 210 Who knows? So this is part one of learning them. Part two, knowing what they mean.

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Someone comes to you and says to you, Allah's name is Mohit, what does more Kate means?

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I don't know. What does Mateen mean? Rosa Codelco watin Mateen? I don't know. So you have to learn the meaning. And this is what we'll try to do. In this series. We'll try to list the name, where it's found. How authentic it is. What does it mean? What did the scholars say? It means and if we can get some of the benefits of learning it that would be a bonus inshallah. So counting them to knowing what they mean, three implementing them.

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What do you mean by implementing them? It means that some of Allah's beautiful names

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can be implemented by the humans in themselves. So Allah is merciful Rahim. And he orders us to be also Merciful. Allah is raffia kind, and he tells us to be kind. Allah is Kadeem, generous, he also ordered us to be generous and so on. So this is one way of implementing Allah's Beautiful Names. Also, part of implementing them is to ask Allah azza wa jal whenever you want something that can be related to his name. So if you want Allah's mercy, you say you're a man of harmony.

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Oh, the Most Merciful have mercy upon me.

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It wouldn't be appropriate to say, your job bar there, honey.

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It wouldn't be appropriate to say yeah, Aziz Romney,

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because these attributes relate to Allah's power and might.

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So you don't ask forgiveness by calling him with these names. And likewise, when you want victory upon the enemies of Islam, you don't say, Iago for almost forgiving. Grant is victory over the enemies.

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This is mocking Allah azza wa jal. You use the term Yeah, Aziz? Ja Jabbar yaka. We

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grant us victory over our enemies because this is related to what you're asking. You want provision you ask with Yara, zakra, zucchini, and so on. So this is learning them, knowing them, counting them,

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knowing what they mean, implementing them by either calling Allah azza wa jal or having these attributes in your life and doing what Allah loves of them.

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The second benefit of learning the science

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is that without it, you cannot know Allah.

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So many people come and say Shall we do not find who assure and solid? We don't have concentration in solid? We're always negligent, absent minded when we make vicar why is that? Sir, it's very easy, because you do not know who you are worshipping, knowing Eliza is divided into two types.

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And it can be looked at from various angles. But one of the types is that is shared by Muslims and non Muslims, by sinners and a righteous people and that is to acknowledge there is a God

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to acknowledge there is Allah the Almighty who created the universe. Everybody knows this. So this is part of knowing Allah but this is general. There is this specific type of knowledge of Allah

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Zoa gel that can only be given to those who know his beautiful names and attributes, which would make them bashful of Allah.

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Which which would make their hearts connected and related to Allah always looking up to Allah azza wa jal and to the day they meet him, and there is nothing more important for a soul than to know Allah azza wa jal, the Creator as of now, am says, There is no way to

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acknowledge and recognize your Lord without knowing his beautiful names and attributes. The more you know, the more you are closer to Allah azza wa jal, you're seeking Him Subhana wa taala. And you're striving for that. And the more you are ignorant of Allah's beautiful names and attributes, the further you are, the more ignorant of Allah, the more resentment you feel when you're called to come closer or to do any sort of good deeds.

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knowing Allah is beautiful names, is the origin of all forms of worship.

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So if someone comes to you in Islam says, What is the origin of

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worshiping Allah? No one would doubt

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saying, though heat, without to heat, there is no

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knowledge of Allah, and there is no worshipping of Allah.

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And we know that nowadays, these new students of knowledge new that is new trend

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in America and Europe, who deny the importance of toe heat, and some of them even go to the extent of rejecting the concept of the name and it says, Where is the heat mentioned in the Quran? And this shows you how ignorant people can be, regardless of their fame.

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Allah azza wa jal ordered us in the Quran of the hate. Is it No, no, no, I want to see the word to hate. Well, it's a hey man Muslim, and also in the Buhari when the Prophet ISIS sent more eyes, the new Jebel to Yemen He said, Let it be the first thing you call them to is to heed of Allah azza wa jal Are you a hate Allah.

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So the Prophet himself use the terminology of to heat

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the Oneness of Allah azza wa jal, and this is the mother of all sciences, and no form of worship would be accepted without the proper tow hate, intact and found otherwise. There is no point in having it. Without the heat, who are you worshiping? Yes, you're praying, you're fasting, you're performing Hajj, you're giving the cat to whom? If you do not know Allah azza wa jal, if you do not have to heat.

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And this is an essential part of your Arcada of your conviction without the heat. If you're doubtful, of whom you're worshiping, you don't know his description, you don't know his names. Why are you doing what you're doing? He says, Well, everybody's fasting. So I'm fasting. But seriously, I don't believe in this being controlling the universe, that you're a Kaffir. With all due respect, or without respect, if you don't have the conviction of Allah, the knowledge of Allah, that the heat of Allah, and I'm not talking about to hadal, although here, that the hate of Lord of worship, or to hate or Rubia to hate of Lordship, or to hate the smell was the fat which we are talking about at

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the moment. I'm talking about the hate in general, you have to have this in order for you to

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be accepted. Now, I don't know what is the status with the control room about the questions and answers. So should we continue or do we have a break? I have presumed that we should continue until I am given a notice because I believe that we are supposed to have like 10 or 15 minutes remaining for the questions and answers, but I hope that everything is going fine.

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among the benefits of studying Allah's Beautiful Names, is that your DUA is accepted.

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If you study the names of Allah and understand them, then your DUA will be accepted. Allah azza wa jal says, well Allah Hill Esma will host Na, Allah has the most beautiful names, so call upon him by them, this is Allah's orders, order for you to call upon him by the names, His names. And he promised us that if we were to call him, then we are to be responded and answered. And as I said, Allah azza wa jal loves to be called by his names. And this is what the Prophet used to say. I think it's awesome is dua, he used to praise Allah by His beautiful names and attributes and says, Allah who may or how you are you and Bill ametek history, or Allah, all living the sustainer in your

00:30:59--> 00:31:36

mercy, I seek refuge. So the Prophet praises Allah by His beautiful names. And this shows you that He also asks Allah, I ask you by every name belonging to you, which you have named yourself with or revealed in your book or you're taught to any of your creation or you have preserved in the knowledge of the Unseen with you. So this is what Allah azza wa jal ordered us to do. And this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala will respond to us. So I think that we don't have a

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break and we will go straight to the questions so we have met wish from the US a cinematic Allahu

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Allahu barakato Can we ask two questions or one? You're calling from America? It's a long wait make it to but quick please. Okay. First question. Can I combine past mandatory fast to the fast of Ramadan or also likewise sunnah fast can we combine the Sunnah fast to the mandatory or to the Ramadan fast number two?

00:32:13--> 00:32:21

Upon whom can we say it? He said I'm already Allahu Anhu or Rahim Allah JazakAllah Hayden will just come

00:32:23--> 00:32:27

and we have whereas from India

00:32:28--> 00:32:40

Salam Alikum she said I'm Salah she's since the COVID vaccines are out if a person takes the vaccine while fasting in Ramadan Ramadan does is fast be invalidated just like Milan watches

00:32:43--> 00:32:46

and we have is half from India.

00:32:47--> 00:32:53

Assalamu Aleikum Allah so if person does not remember who

00:32:54--> 00:33:02

and does not remember the word my word, but knows Monday it talks about is it okay for him to convey to other people in his own words?

00:33:03--> 00:33:05

Are you referring to Hadith or Quran

00:33:08--> 00:33:09

Okay, I will answer inshallah

00:33:14--> 00:33:16

we have Rashid from Tunisia.

00:33:17--> 00:33:19

So Maria sample Hola.

00:33:20--> 00:33:54

Hola. I'm confused about something. Yes. Why I go here I found people who studied Islam for years but they're doing badass it many of them are Imams. I never studied *a or anything but it's clear to me that what they're doing is wrong in order to speak against this people get angry in criticize me like I'm the one who is misguided. You don't understand how could layman like me know that all of these things are bad as the shapes Imams here are doing it like the sunnah or worship. Okay, I will answer inshallah. Aftab from India

00:33:55--> 00:33:58

releasing whether or not we're going to go to Bali consider

00:34:01--> 00:34:25

I am 31 years old and for a long time and tackling the issue of Sunni and Bihar being I asked my elder that what's the difference between two and the conclusion was this order for father's following something so they are following the same and the issue is so much that a Sunni harvesters that do not read the meaning of the idea of the Quran which is translated by a heartless father or vice versa. Okay.

00:34:27--> 00:34:47

I will answer inshallah. So we have eight minutes and we have five questions. Man who is from us question a number one, can we combine with Ramadan? Previous mandatary fast, like previous Ramadan that we missed, or expiation

00:34:49--> 00:34:53

fasts or oath that I made?

00:34:54--> 00:34:55

The answer is no.

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

There is nothing to be combined with Ramadan Ramadan

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overrules all and you cannot combine two mandatory acts in one. This would not make it possible. So, today is Monday, the first today's what Tuesday, the first day of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia. And I would like to combine to it in the intention. They expiation of an oath I broke, I don't have money, so I have to find three days. So I'll combine it with this one. And I missed one day while traveling three years ago, in a previous Ramadan. No, no, this doesn't work at all. What is mandatory has to be isolated from everything else that is mandated like it. Now, if it was the other way around, if I were to make up a miss day of Ramadan,

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on a Monday, a missed day of Ramadan, not during Ramadan, after Ramadan, I'll make it up do on a Monday. Yes, I'll get two birds with one stone, making up for the Miss day and fasting Ramadan.

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Excuse me, fasting Monday, but you cannot combine two obligatory acts in one. And as for the second question,

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who should we say Alayhis Salam, Ra Salam can be used with anybody. So you can say, my wish Ali Hassan, awesome alayhi salam, there is no problem in that there is no restriction is dua. So there's no problem in that. Unfortunately, later, down the road somewhere down the line. This was preserved for

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messengers and prophets and angels and righteous people. So when we say Madame, the mother of Jesus, we say, Maryam Ali Hassan, when we mentioned the name of Jabril, we say Jabril. And he his setup, when we say Adam Alayhis Salam, all prophets and messengers, the prophet our Prophet Muhammad said we see a Salam or RA his Salah to a seller, which is the best and the most appropriate

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later down the line, in some of the Late Late generations, they associated it with Al bait. So the rafidah Shia, whenever they say Jafar al Bakr Al Islam, or Al Hussein Ali, they will say it Hema a Salam, Fatima Ali ha a Salam and this is inappropriate. One would say oh, we know that Imam Buhari mentioned in one of his narrations that Ali Ali his Salam and Fatima Ali has Salam. This is one single narration. And it's not the trend. It could have been a mistake. It could have been an error made by one of the scribes who copied that Buhari and he added it instead of writing Radi Allahu Anhu Ummah because we know that probably Allah is what the majority of Allah Shanna attack attached

00:38:02--> 00:38:43

to the names of the companions. So it should be like this but if someone says it he said um, we see Ali and Fatima it him Salam, as well as Abu Bakr Omar Osman Ali himself. There is no problem in that but to only single out a hurdle bait with a Salaam and no one else No, this is an innovation and Allah knows best. More is from India says what's the ruling on taking the vaccine of COVID-19 while fasting? This has no problem over your fasting or fasting is valid you can do it without an issue is how from India he says what's the ruling on re

00:38:44--> 00:39:36

narrating or reading a hadith? By the meaning and not by the actual words. It's an issue of dispute. Some scholars say that this is not permissible. Because in the hadith of Al Baraka Azim may Allah be pleased with him when he was taught by the prophet Isaiah said I'm the DUA to say before going to bed after making wudu and sleeping on your right side. The Prophet told told them as some to say at the end, meant to be Kitab Nicoletti and Zelt will be in a B HC Allah the CELT I believe in the book you have revealed and in your Prophet you had sent now prophet sent So Bella Asad repeated the whole dua, but at the end he said, we'll be on a solely calorie ourself, I believe in the book that you

00:39:36--> 00:39:59

have revealed, and by the messenger you had sent because sent is more associated to messengers. So the Prophet corrected him and said to him is awesome. No, by the end in the profit you had sent, not the messenger, which led some scholars to say Ah, we have to stop exactly at the specific

00:40:00--> 00:40:51

word that was used in the Hadith and we cannot mention it by the meaning. But the vast majority of scholars say that it is permissible for someone who knows the meaning of the Hadith. Truly, so if I know the Hadith, truly, and understand it, and rephrase it, or translate it into English, that would be fine insha Allah because I have knowledge and I'm conveying what was the intention of the Prophet Salam? Sometimes, and this was an I told this so many times in America, I was reading a hadith that was translated by one of the Imams there. And this is the best that the Imam could do. But this is wrong. The Hadith of the seven who are martyred other than those who die on the battlefield, among

00:40:51--> 00:41:05

them, the word is el mapa rune. Al Motta alone, can mean the one who was stabbed with a knife. But also it means and this is what the hadith is referring to the one who dies with the plague.

00:41:06--> 00:41:51

So the gentleman translated it to the one who was stabbed. Imagine me reading this hadith not knowing any better. Someone comes to mug me with a knife and he says, give me a wall or I'll stab you and kill you said no, no, go ahead and stop me. I'd like to write die as a martyr. This is not true. Well, this is what he translated to. So saying it with the meaning is permissible, if you know the meaning rachet from Tunisia, why do people who are knowledgeable, have studied Islam fallen to Bidda there are many reasons rushett First of all, praise Allah, Muhammad Allah, that he made you upon the Sunnah, and that he showed you bit from non Bidda. Secondly, lots of these people are

00:41:51--> 00:42:35

ignorant, though they have bachelor's degrees and master's and maybe PhDs, but they're ignorant because they are blind followers of what they've read and studied not what of what Islam is truly about from the Quran, sunnah. Thirdly, a lot of them are making money from their congregation with these bidder. So the layman love these innovations and these mystic Sufi stuff, and they don't want to change to proper Islam. So they follow their congregation and let the flock follow them. And this is why they feel angry and May Allah guide demo finally after up from India, he wants to know the difference between Sunni and Wahhabi and some of the half of tell him Do not read the interpretation

00:42:35--> 00:43:25

of a Wahhabi. Okay, all those who talk ill about Wahhabi, though we don't have a sect called Wahhabi, but my teaching makes me classifies me as a hobby. So anyone who talks ill about Wahhabism or Sheikh Mohammed Abdul Wahab or his books, he is someone who's deviant either a super Sufi or a raffia Lahiri or someone who is deviant Morteza li or a che or whatever. Following these deviant sects, this is why they don't like the mainstream of Islam that is following the footsteps of the Prophet so salaam, the favorite generations of the companions, the tambourine and Tabby tebing this is all what Wahhabism is and if you study their books, you will find that it fits as a glove to the

00:43:25--> 00:43:39

Sunnah of the Prophet Assam and to the correct RT than the pure Arpita of the favorite generations. This is all the time we have until we meet tomorrow Inshallah, same time, I leave you hear Manila wa salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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