Muiz Bukhary – The Story of Nooh – Lessons in Family Dynamics and Faith

Muiz Bukhary
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam as a powerful shield against evil and as a means to draw people closer to Jesus is discussed. The Prophet sallama Alayhi wa sallam is a guide to life and a foundation for prosperity, and the use of " handy" in the title of the book is highlighted. The importance of steadfastness in pursuing one's faith and honoring family bonds is emphasized, along with the need to let go of emotions and let go of one's love to maintain healthy relationships. The importance of compassion and love in shaping people's lives is emphasized, along with the need to learn to let go of emotions and feeling sad to maintain family ties.
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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam,

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in the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. All praises, do you want to him properly I mean the sustain of the world's

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Maliki Yomi. Dean, the Owner of the Day of Judgment, the one who covers us in His mercy, the one who guides us, the one who nurtures us, and the one who has graced our lives with countless blessings are seen and unseen.

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We send an abundance of blessings and salutation upon the noblest of creation, the embodiment of mercy, our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, he the one who eliminated the corridors of time with his radiant presence, he who was sent Walmart or Sanaka Illa Rahmatullah Alameen. He who was sent as a mercy to all the world's exemplifying the pinnacle of character, grace and compassion, we beseech Allah subhanho wa Taala to shadow him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with peace with blessings and to raise His majestic rank even higher.

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As we get to hear for Salah to Juma.

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We pray unto Allah subhanho wa taala, to open our hearts, to open doors of beneficial knowledge and to open our hearts to the wisdom that is to unfold to guide us to truths that resonate, and to

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illuminate our lives with the luminous teachings of our beloved messenger sallallahu alayhi wa early he was seldom may this gathering become a source of light guidance, and a means to draw us closer Unto Allah subhanahu wa ala and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I mean,

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respected elders. My dear brothers and sisters, I stand before you as your brother in fate, united in our love for Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam. Before we delve deeper into today's sermon,

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let me take a moment to remind ourselves starting with me of the essence of Toccoa it is the consciousness of Allah. It is a shield, a fortress that guards us against transgressions against sins. It is a beacon that guides us to goodness, it guides us to watch you it is to walk on the earth. With the ever present knowledge that Allah is watching over us. Allah is Aware of our innermost thoughts and our outwardly actions. May Allah subhanahu medalla strengthen this shield in my heart and guide me to tread the path of righteousness me. And now I turn this reminder to you, my beloved congregation. Let us nurture this taqwa in the gardens of our hearts. Let us irrigate it

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with actions pleasing unto Allah. Let us prune the weeds of negligence with regular Maha Sabha with regular self accountability. Our maker reminds us in the Noble Quran Yeah, you have Nadine Kula haka Ducati. Thermotoga. Illa, Anta Muslim on or you who have believed, bring in Taqwa be conscious of Allah, as he should be feared, as he should be, as Taqwa should be brought in when you tune, and do not die in law unto Muslim own except as Muslims in submission Unto Allah. Let us therefore my dear brothers and sisters, strive to live and breathe this Taqwa to embody it in our interactions, and let it be a guiding force in our lives. May Allah subhanahu wa ala make us all from the people of

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Taqwa and make him make us from the victorious and successful ones mean.

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Now, with hearts grounded in Tukwila

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soaked in Toccoa Let us now turn our attention to the life of a Prophet whose story is one of great triumphs, whose story is one of steadfastness whose story is one of deep familial bonds. The Prophet no highlight is salatu salam, we shout Allah we explore his story, not just as a pen of ancient times, but as a mirror, reflecting the complex dynamics of family and faith.

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That resonates deeply in our lives today as well. Mr. Libin kefir Rahim Allah, he mentioned in Kossel Ambia.

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Even Ibis through the Allah one who narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the gap, or the period between Adam Ali salatu salam, and new alayhi salatu salam was 10 rune

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recorded in the Book of Imam Al Bukhari 10 Quran Ashura Quran so what is meant? See Quran is the plural of corn in the Arabic language. You might have heard this term in the Arabic sermon most of the time Hyrule Guney corny. Hyrule karuna, corny the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the best of the generations is my generation. So corn is the singular form karoun is the plural form. And generally what is understood by a corn is a century 100 years. So the first meaning that would come to our minds is that the period between them between Adam Alayhis Salam and new Haile Selassie was salam was 10 centuries, 1000 years. However, Kuru Korean may mean generation as

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well. Like I pointed out in the words of the prophets of Allah while you were listening hydrocone For me, the best of generations is my generation. And Allah azza wa jal, he says in Surah, Surah Surah with it, which is the 17th chapter is number 17. Welcome. LEC na minha mineral, Rooney mimbar. They know what Kapha beer up because we don't know anybody here hobby rhombus era. And how many? Have we destroyed the from the generations after No.

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here we see the translation as being generation.

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And we are also aware of the fact that before no highlight, so that was the generation used to see in our times we have generations Yes, your father's generation, your grandfather's generation, and each generation, a max of a century, a max of a century maximum. You know, it's very rare that they would cross 100 years, but before no holy so that was the generation used to live for eons. They used to live for hundreds and hundreds of years. So accordingly the period between add demolish that was salam and new highly salat wa salam then would not be just 1000 years. Earlier we said if you go with 10 centuries, it's 1000 years but if we were to go with the generations, then each generation

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spans across hundreds, hundreds of years. Then we are talking about 1000s of years between advantage that was salam and north and east to Salaam and FYI for your information, new highlights that was left was the first Rasool to be sent by Allah at malice net wa salam was a Navy obviously time does not permit for me to go into the differences between in Abidjan, Rasool, but in summary, Rasool is a

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messenger who is given a book scripture, no harness that was named was the first Rasul to be sent by Allah subhana Hotel. Allah chose no Allah. Allah chose new heights that was salam. Allah says in surah Al Imran in Allah has tougher than our know how Allah Ibrahim our earlier in Marana Island Isla me and indeed Allah chose Adam and Noah and the family of Ibrahim and the family of Enron over the words. Allah subhanho wa Taala sent Noah highly slept was salam to His people to call them to worship Allah alone towards worshiping Allah alone. Allah says in sort of, out of luck of the outsell nano hunt in COVID Me he for Call, call me or Gu Allah my allah to mean Isla he never you in

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the fall of Wiley Kumada young me now the

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new Hilux LA to Salah Salam, Allah says We had certainly sent Noah off to his people. And he said, Oh my people worship Allah, you have no other god other than Allah. Indeed, in Nia Hoff, who indeed I fear for you the punishment, have a great day. Have a tremendous day. My dear brothers and sisters, the prophet no Holly salat wa salam was sent to guide a people to guide a nation who had lost their way, a society entrenched in disbelief

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and all kinds of in moralities. His was a mission fueled by divine guidance by the help of ALLAH to shepherd his people back to the path of love.

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While back to the path of righteousness, and there's no highlights that Islam embarked on this great mission, a strenuous journey of inviting people and to the way of Allah he strove for how many years? How many years do you think my dear brothers and sisters, some of you might be aware

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not 10 years, not 20 not 50 not 100

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There is a difference of opinion and the scale starts at 950 years

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that Hola 950 years,

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the next view 1050 years, the next opinion 1000 1200 years, the next view 1400 years, the next view 1650 years. And the last view that I have to present time does not permit for me to go into each of these views and mentioned the names of the generators of the of the of the narrations, the last view out there is 1700 years.

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The view 1400 which is smack in the middle was narrated by even Abdus or the Allah one. It's mentioned in the book of Imam Al put to be Rahim Allah and Imam Ibn katheer Rahim Allah Allah he says in the Pharaoh for allow them. After mentioning all these views that the view of human at does that the Allah one Houma is likely is likely to be the strongest, the most, the most strongest and the most authentic view of all the views that I just presented. So we're talking about 1400 years of permission, calling people Unto Allah. And now being attentive here many brothers, this is great prophet.

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He faced opposition, not just from his community, but heartbreakingly from within his own household, from within his own family. I want you all to imagine, put yourselves in the shoes of Noah highlight Salat, wa salam, massive shoes indeed to fill. But to relate to the story I want you all to imagine you being in the stead of profit No, Holly's salat wa salam, a messenger of Allah facing rejection not from his not just from his own people, but but from within his own family as well, including

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his beloved son of fathers in the crowd. rejection from the sun. The Quran, vividly portrays the deep conversation, the earnest please, filled with love and desperation as no honey slap wassalam in white, his son to board the ark. As the punishment of Allah was descending, he's pleading unto his son to board the Ark to abandon the park of disbelief and to embrace salvation. I want you all to picture the torrential rains pouring down from the sky. Believing or rather the past few days it's the weather has been stormy picture the torrential rains, the dark clouds, the wind blowing, rain pouring from the sky, the waters rising and amidst all of this chaos, a heart wrenching situation of

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father reaching out to his son of flesh of his flesh, a person an individual he nurtured with so much of love and affection. The Quran vividly mentions this surah to who we are no hello to salaam cries out unto his son. Yeah Boonah year come man. What are the compile care theory? Oh my beloved Son, come aboard. Both the ship come aboard and be with us and be not one at the compiler carefully and do not be from the disbelievers

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poor pause for a moment.

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Mohamed Salah to rob the USA on the White Lake. We find a similar parallel in his life.

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In his deep care, his deep affection and his relentless effort to guide his uncle Abu Talib, who has a boulder of support abou toilet, loved Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa universal he cared for him. He stood as a boulder of support. Even though he did not embrace the message. He stood as a boulder of support

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and the incident he's in the throes of debt and the profit the messenger goes to him and please

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begged him to embrace Islam to proclaim La Ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah. And that Muhammad Sallallahu ala you early Eva Selim is the Messenger of Allah, but he refuses, he's stubborn, he refuses and he passes away, refusing to embrace the message of Muhammad Sallallahu ala you at the center.

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The Prophet maintained a relationship of love of respect till the very end, showcasing what showcasing this balance this beautiful balance between adhering to one's faith and honoring family bonds. And at this juncture I remember the words of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recorded in the Book of Imam Muslim Rahim Allah where he is reported to have said at the No no see, or do not say that the deal is sincere advice. The religion is sincere advice. And this is indeed true to advice with compassion, to advise with patience, to advise with love, to advise with care and mercy. This is an act of faith. This is an act of love.

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I want to pose the question, let us all pause and reflect at this juncture. How can we embody this profit grace in our own interactions with family members? How can we ask yourself my dear brother media system? How can we be a source of gentle, loving guidance nurturing our family's spiritual growth whilst respecting their individual journeys? Each one is at their own pace. How do we do it with this prophetic grace? How do we do it with hikma? How do we do it with wisdom? How do we do it without severing family ties without cutting family ties? How do we do it with love and respect? How do we do it without shunning them and pushing them away from us?

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My dear brothers and sisters, as we sail through the stories of these illustrious prophets, these great prophets of Allah, we are reminded of the beauty of patience, we are reminded of the virtue of kindness, and we are reminded of the supreme value of fate. As I come to the conclusion of my sermon, I want to quickly run through a few lessons that can be gleaned from the story of Noah Hawley. salat wa salam. Number one, steadfastness in the face of trials from the life of the prophet Muhammad sallallaahu Salam, we learned the quality of steadfastness 4000 plus years, he remained committed to his mission facing rejection with a heart farming faith. This, this is the karma. The

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steadfastness is a guiding light for us all that has asked ourselves, how can we foster such a spirit of steadfastness in our own lives? At times with our own family members we give up to quickly

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look at him 1000 plus years working on them facing rejection for 1000 plus years. Yes, we know that we must advise. We know that we must nurture spiritual growth we try once we try twice, thrice the minute we faced rejection we give up. Oh, you know what? Nothing gets through. To him. It's no point it's a dead end with him. It's a dead end. And we move towards cutting family times did no Holly salat wa salam do that in the story until the very end, until the very end, the I portrayed it to you on the ark. The storm is raining down upon them. And he is pleading to his son Oh my beloved son Yeah, Buddha and look at the language those of you who are familiar with the Arabic language will

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appreciate this. He's not saying son, Yabu named Oh my beloved Son of flesh of my flesh.

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Come aboard join me while at the Kumal Catherine Do not be with the disbelievers. And even at that juncture, the sun haughtily response, no, I'll go here. And I'll scale these heights and I'll be safe from the water until a massive wave comes and separates the two of them.

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Lesson number two a balanced approach to the hour. You see both the prophets no Highness Leto Salaam and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam they showed a beautiful balance to Golden balance in Dawa illustrating unto us how to maintain a respectful, loving stance even

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When we met with rejection, the prophets that Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he went on to hold a space of respect for his uncle Abu Talib, honoring the family bond, honoring the family ties. This serves as a lesson in the nuanced understanding of maintaining family ties, whilst holding true to one's own principles, one's own fate. Number three, compassion, this compassionate outreach, when reaching out to family members, my dear brothers and sisters, that the approach must be one of compassion. It must be one of love, it must be one of understanding. It is not only about sharing the message of the Quran of the teachings of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam, but also to embody and infuse

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those teachings with love, care and mercy. If you don't do that.

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You're going to drive them away, because each one is on their own individual journey. If you're harsh, then you're going to drive them away. And don't chalk it down to oh, that's just how I am. I'm blunt. No, you must make an effort to be careful. You must make an effort to be compassionate.

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You are following Muhammad Sallallahu Allah you send them warmer outside Naka Illa Rahmatullah al Amin, the one who was sent as a mercy so his teachings are filled with mercy. So we must approach our family members with hearts brimming with understanding and love.

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The next lesson harnessing the power of dua, we live in in the story of Musa Ali of new Halley's that was salam that he turned to Doha in hardships. So in moments of desperation, we must turn to Allah subhanho wa taala, the prophet Neuve, putting all his efforts and he turned to Allah surrendering unto Allah. So when we find ourselves in similar circumstances, let us follow in the footsteps of the great prophets of the past, pouring our hearts out into seeking guidance seeking help and strength from Allah subhanho wa taala. The next lesson, it's an important one, learning from rejection.

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How do we navigate rejections? Sometimes this is very important. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, you have tried so hard.

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The reality is that our loved ones may choose a different path.

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This is a heartbreaking reality that both the prophets knew and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam both experienced no malice, let was salam experienced it with his son.

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam experienced it with his uncle who was a father figure in his life.

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Yet, in these moments of rejection, there are so many lessons of grace,

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lessons of learning, mark my words, and even if this is the only thing that you take away, I think it will be important of learning to let go whilst maintaining love and respect.

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You I don't know whether you've seen pictures of this on social media of someone holding a kite. The rope of a kite. Okay. And this person holding on to it so tightly that the rope is now burning into his hand and it's hurting him. It's a painful experience because you're holding on so tight. The kite wants to fly away.

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You've tried your level best. But sometimes certain family members they want to take a different path. You've tried your level best. And at a juncture you need to learn to let go with grace with respect with the love and care

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when you let go.

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I obviously can't let go of this. When you let go the experience becomes one that is less painful

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so we are at that juncture we are willing to endure the pain, the sadness, the heartbreak for the sake of Allah. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he leaves the room dejected, dejected after his uncle passes away. Heartbroken, just imagine you are on a mission.

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And if one can only try to relate you're feeling sad because you couldn't convince your uncle.

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Allah immediately sends down either in Kerala, demon Babita wala King no longer is the man he or she Ah. Oh messenger. Oh messenger in the colada de manga

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bid, you cannot guide those whom you love Allah Akbar. By the way many brothers and sisters people think that this is Allah reprimanding the Prophet No, no, no, no, no, no, no. This is Allah very lovingly consoling the Prophet, you cannot guide those whom you love.

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Allah is easing the burden on the shoulder of the Prophet. Why can no long Hyun de mi Shah, but Allah guides those whom havens so similarly with your family members, you cannot guide them My dear brother media system, however much you try, whatever efforts you put but you are supposed to put in the efforts at the end of the day, it is Allah who guides he Daya and guidance is from Allah, Allah King, Allah has been my Yasha.

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As we conclude, my dear brothers and sisters, as

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we conclude the sermon, we have explored all these narratives all these stories, let us now hold a mirror to our own lives.

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Let us ponder how to embody these lessons in our day to day interactions, perhaps with our siblings, our family members, our loved ones, our spouses, our children, our parents. It's very subjective, each one different dynamics out there each individual, I have a family you have a family and my family dynamics are different to your family dynamics.

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But the story the Quran is for everyone.

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So let us reflect and apply these lessons in our lives in our interactions with our loved ones.

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Let us ground the realities of our familial relationships.

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Using these lessons from the lives of the prophets, transforming our homes into havens of understanding havens of respect and loving guidance. I conclude by praying Unto Allah Subhana Allah Allah, may Allah infused our hearts with the wisdom and grace to navigate the complex dynamics of family life embodying the beautiful examples of the prophets. I think he was salat wa salam in our daily lives. Yeah, Allah grant us the patience of new highly histria to A salaam grant us the nurturing compassion of Muhammad Salah cannot be wasallam more Allah help us to purge all negative elements from our hearts are toxic elements from our hearts like envy, hatred, anger and arrogance.

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They Allah help us to infuse our hearts with positive traits. positive qualities help us to become generous individuals help us to dig deep into our pockets and help those who are less privileged. They are Allah.

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It is raining these days. Let the rain that comes down, transform it into a beneficial rain yeah Allah. There are families that have been displaced. Help them yeah Allah that our family is suffering due to the disasters, help them your Allah, protect our loved ones, protect our families, protect our country, protect our communities, and Yola keep us united. Just as how you united us here in this masjid for Salah to Juma unite us upon good causes for many, many good causes in the future. And finally, unite us in the beautiful and lofty gardens of gender in the companionship of our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and bless us all to drink at the howl at

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the fountain to the Blessed hands of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam and I mean we're further away and in hamdulillah here behind me

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