Conditions that make Zakaat Obligatory upon Muslims

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Exactly could you furthermore explain that? What are the particular conditions that make Zakah or Zakat, an obligation upon the Muslim Zakat is compulsory on every Muslim, irrespective whether it's a man or a woman,

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but the adult or minor, whether sane or insane, as long as he's a free citizen, and he has surplus wealth or savings, which has reached the nisab level or above it, and he has that wealth surplus amount saving for one complete Nigeria alone a year, then the cat becomes compulsory on that particular Muslim and most of the time the most of the cases it is 2.5%. So, basically, there are a few conditions required number one, that person should be Muslim,

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irrespective whether male or female, young, old, sane, insane, doesn't matter Muslim number two should be a free citizen. Number three, it should be a sub n sub that means he should be the sole owner of that surplus wealth, above the basic requirement. Whatever savings he has got what a surplus he has got, he should be the sole owner of it, it should not somebody else.

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And it should be with him for man complete lunar year or engineer, as it's mentioned, in the need of tirmidhi added number 61. The beloved partner solicit him said that Zakat is payable

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on the property but natural which is surplus on the wealth, which a person possesses and has with him for one year.

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And the last criteria is that the cloud should be paid from lawful earnings.

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It should be from holiday earnings. As a beloved partner celestron said its mission so nice. I added number to five to five with the Beloved Prophet said that prayer without cleanliness is not accepted. Same Zakat without lawful earnings is not accepted. So the crowd that you give should be from lawful earnings. That is a requirement. And if it's a minor, or if it is an insane person, the person who is the guardian of the wealth of that insane person on the minute person, he should pay zakat on behalf of that incident of minor person from his belt.