Amit Asks, If Islam is the Only True Religion then how come there are Hindu evidences…

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I'm a Hindu from India, how old is Islam and what was before Islam?

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If only Islam is the truth then how come there are Hindu evidences, four to 7000 years old.

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But the admit, I know that most of the non Muslims have a misconception and some of the Muslim also that Islam came into existence after the birth of Prophet masala salah and Islam is about 1400 years old. This is a misconception. Islam is there since time immemorial. And the first prophet of Islam was not Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It was Prophet Adam peace be upon him. And Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the last and final messenger. And Quran is not the first revelation of Islam. It is the last and final revelation of Islam. So a question when How old is Islam Islam is there since time immemorial. Since time immemorial, since man set foot on the earth, the first human

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being was Adam be upon him. Since that time, Islam is the

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second part of the question, how come there is evidence of Hinduism four to 7000 years before I agree, there are some evidences of Hindu scripture and there are some evidences. But that doesn't mean that Hinduism is older than Islam. Islam is much older, anyhow. Religion becoming old does not give more authenticity, authenticity is on the scripture itself. It is not based on if it is new, it is more authentic if it's old, it's more authentic, or sensitive depending upon the truth. So if we analyze the Quran, as as Quran says, There were several revelations and on the face of the earth, by name only four I mentioned the Torah, the subdue the engine and the Quran. And there were 124,000

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messengers sent on the face of the earth, by name only 25 of mission in the Quran, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, peace be upon them all.

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So what we have to realize that if you study the Scripture, and you do comparative study, which you can see my talks on it similarly when Islam and Christianity similar to me, salmon, Hinduism, and if you put the test of time when we put the test of time that Quran is a miracle of miracles, previously, it was the age of miracles and Quran is the miracle of miracles. Then came the age of literature and poetry. When the Quran was revealed. It was the age of literature and poetry and Arabic was at its Pinnacle. What are the best? And when the Arabs when they heard the Quran, being excited, when they read the Quran, they said, this cannot be a human handiwork. No human being can

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write such beautiful Arabic, and many simple slum. So Arab Quran is the best Arabic literature on the face of the earth. So that time was the age of rich and poor to Quran prove itself. Today, if a religious book says in a very politic fashion, the world is flat, we'll have more than men belief in it. And the answer is no, today is the age of science and technology. So today, if you put the test of science to the religious scriptures available, only humbling laughed for and passes the test.

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If you put the test of science to haoran, I've given a talk on foreign and modern science compatible and compatible. And they you come to know that there is not a single verse in the glorious Koran, which is against established science.

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And there are more than 6000 verses in the Quran out of which more than 1000 speak about science. So if you put this test, you will come to know that Quran is the most authentic scripture. And if you do analysts, then you come to know which religion is most authentic.

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All the scripture that was sent before the Koran by the passage of time they changed.

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And since they were not to be followed to be followed to eternity, all the messenger that came before Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, they were sent only for their people. And that time, all the scripture that were revealed before the Quran, were only meant for those people at that time, that the reason Allah subhanaw taala didn't feel a requirement to preserve it in authentic form. But the Quran in the last and final revelation and Allah faith in the Quran for region, chapter number 15 was number nine that we have revealed the Koran and we shall guarded from corruption.