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When it comes to public and what everyone sees, is makeup permissible for women to wear when they go out? How much is allowed? Is there a line a woman must not across?

Shaykh Abu Eesa answers.

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Can women apply a certain level of makeup in front of their suitor or when they go out?

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See, this is another interesting one. Women, specifically when it comes to makeup,

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there's a natural affinity there, there's a desire actually within humans to all look good. But for the women, there's a very specific one, a specific feeling a desire to look beautiful, and especially to accentuate the irony, that beauty, whether it's and listen, I am not an expert in any single way, even though I have worked very close to a makeup department in my in the good hotels, but obviously blushes and this and that, and a bit of foundation a bit of cover up and year or whatever, all this kind of stuff.

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And, you know, it's a massive sliding scale, there's that which is neutral and and is that way, you know, you know, it makes a person just look normal presentable. And then I think and I know this is all subjective, but there are certain stands that we can all agree on the way it starts to get out of control, like wearing red lipstick, red lipstick is a, I'm sorry, and I know this is going to become one of those clips, that's going to then come back and haunt me forever. But that's sending out a whole different message, as opposed to something which is more neutral, more in line with the actual color and shade of your lips and accentuating it as opposed to saying, Look at me, and I am

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to be, you know, the object of desire as I walked down the street, etc, etc. And so there's got to be this kind of level of

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honor of oneself, sense of gravitas, not making yourself Danny into this kind of, you know, advert of traffic lights for people, and not slapping it on and really looking strange and weird. But I believe it is permissible, it's in the nature of women to be able to be presentable. And I believe that that is not just the issue of low self esteem. I don't believe that I think it's very unfair to refer to people like that the progress of lies and them indicated the annual both both Yanni in the observance of men and women that were in different states have different times whether in extreme acts of a bad or whatever, that it looked a bit rough, okay, to use a different word. And so taking

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care of yourself is something understood and for the woman that's understood in a different way to to men, we have a long tradition in the cinema, I would like to have using an eyeliner and so on. And so what I want to say is that a woman is it is permissible for her to use a very simple basic form of makeup that allows her to feel confident and presentable. And that obviously I am very aware of how dangerous these words are confident and presentable is indicating that she should not feel confident if she doesn't wear makeup. No, no, I'm not playing into that game at all. But I'm very, very aware of the nature of women and the halaal and the intrinsic fitrah that women have been

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created upon to want to look at so you've got to be careful to not go too much to attract too much attention but to be normative and to be not someone who is attracting attention for the other way that you're very Yanni Myskina and very Yanni rough on whatever I think that you understand what I'm trying to get to another knows best