Do You Want To Prove The Qur’an Wrong? Part 3

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Falsification Test – Do You Want To Prove The Qur’an Wrong?

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Now these two false vision tests were false images of the past. Now you'd ask me, but as a kid, today, I want to prove the brand wrong. How can I prove it wrong today?

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Can I do it today?

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Yes, everyone has a chance.

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Allah says in Surah Isaiah, chapter number five was limited to

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For the believers, the closest to the believers are those people who say that we are Christians. And the furthest away the staunchest enemies are those who say were Jews and pagans. The Quran says the staunchest enemies of the believers are the Jews and the pagans. And the closest to the believers are those who say we are Christians.

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As a whole, the Quran is talking as a whole. There are many Jews accept Islam, there may be few Jews are better than the Christians but as a whole, the Quran says the Jews

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are the enemies of the Muslim as a whole and the Christians are closer only thing to prove the Quran wrong. Now all the Jews of the world they get together and they plan.

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Okay, let's be good to the Muslim for a few years, or two, three years better than the Christians.

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Quran is proved wrong, so easy. All the youth of the world get together for three, four years. We'll be good to the Muslims. And then we'll say this was the Quran ceramizer chapter number five verse number 82 is wrong.

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They will never do it. They will never be able to do it

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