Concept of God in Sikhism

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Let's try and understand the concept of God in Sikhism.

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is not considered one of the major world religions, but has a huge following. It is considered as an offshoot of Hinduism. And it was founded by Guru Nanak in the late part of the 15th century,

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in the land of Pakistan, and not western India called as Punjab, the land of five rivers and Guru Nanak Sai.

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He was born in the Hindu sutra family, that the warrior class family

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and the word sick

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is derived from the word FIFA, which means a disciple.

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Therefore, Sikhism is called as the religion of 10 gurus. The first and the founder is Guru Nanak and the last is Guru Gobind Singh.

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And the Sacred Book of Sikhism is the Guru Granth Sahib also known as a de grande

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every sick has to maintain his five case. The first case is the case that the uncut hair which all the Guru's kept, the second key

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is the Kanga that is a comb

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to keep the hair clean.

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The third key is the color.

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That's a metal or a steel bangle, which is used for strength. The fourth key it is a coupon or the dagger was used for self defense. And the fifth k is the kacha or the long under draws underwear, which is used for agility. Every sick, according to Sikhism has to maintain a safe case. And if you ask any sick that what is the definition of Almighty God I'm sick isn't the best reply he can give you is code to you the mool mantra of Sikhism, that is the fundamental credo of Sikhism, which is there, in the first volume of grew Grandsire first chapter first was known as tjapukai. It says that God is only one, he is called as the true

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the Creator who is free from fear and hate, the immortal, not begotten, self existence, great and compassionate.

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This is the description of Almighty God

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in the JRPG which is the mantra of Sikhism and Sikhism is strictly a monotheistic religion. And in the unmanifest form, Almighty God and Sikhism is called as a conqueror. And the manifest form is called as conqueror. And there are various attributes given the almighty Gordon citizen. In the sacred scriptures, he is referred to as a title

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that is eternal, he is called as the carta. The Creator is referred to as Santa nama, which is the holy name, he is called as time which means the Lord. He is called as pervert the Gar

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which means the cherisher. He's called as a him, the Merciful. He's called as Kareem. The beneficent is also called as Waheguru means one through God.

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Sikhism besides being a monotheistic religion,

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is against Arvada,

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which means it is against Almighty God taking incarnation against Almighty God incarnating known as Alta and it is also against idol worship.

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Guru Nanak he was also influenced

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by Sun COVID.

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And in our school days, we were taught the couplets the house of Sun COVID and one of the famous couplet, which I learned in school was to come as a soccer, soccer Macarena boy, just soccer.

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Which means during trouble,

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all the people remember God, but during peace and happiness, no one remembers God. The person remembers God in times of peace and happiness, why should trouble touch him?

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This is the same thing which is mentioned in the Quran. In surah, Chapter 39 was number eight.

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Almighty God says, when trouble touch it man,

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he prays to Almighty God Allah subhanaw taala. And when Almighty God bestow His favors on him, he forgets

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that he had prayed to Almighty God

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and he associated partners with him. So if you read the Guru Granth side, and the six scriptures, you should understand the concept of God and Sikhism