166.The most amazing story of Uwais al-Qarni

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166.The most amazing story of Uwais al-Qarni 23 Dec 2016


AI Generated Summary © The transcript describes a story of a man named Sir Halal who claims to have the potential to become a rich man in the internet, while a woman named Missus Imran refuses to allow him to join the joint forces. The transcript describes a video of a man named Jesus who claims to have the potential to become a rich man in the internet, while a woman named Missy claims to be the God of Islam and hesitantly talks about her mother. The segment also touches on a woman named Sabrina who claims to be the God of Islam and hesitantly talks about her mother. The segment also touches on the importance of honoring family members and not giving birth to children who have no parents.
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Hungary Hungary law number two who wanna stay in 101 Amina Biggie wanna taco La

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La him in Shura and fujinami sejahtera Molina, Maya de la, de la la la la la

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la la la la la sharika one a shadow under Mohammad Abu who are a solo salvaterra he was Allahu alayhi wa he was heavy woman da without what he limited by the blood brothers and sisters in Islam. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.

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Allah allows ohana Tara speaks in the Holy Quran Allah says we will finally insert bhiwadi de Asana homiletical mucho Quran wa to Quran Mohammed who are for solos Allah Suna Shara

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allows 400 series and we have

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men to be kind to his parents.

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For certainly his mother had born him in pain

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and a given birth to him in pain

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and the weaning of the child

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and the pregnancy is equal to 30 months.

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There are many other Ayat of the Quran as we all know, that speaks

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about parents.

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And today inshallah I want to focus somewhat on that by telling a story, which I've told before, but which I think could probably be told every second week in the job.

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It is a story about two principles. The one principle is to be kind to your parents, particularly to your mom, to your mother.

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And the second point is

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not to place too much emphasis on the world on the dunya not to place too much emphasis on the dunya.

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To what is this dunya we say not not to place too much emphasis on the dunya What do we mean by dunya? Do we mean that you should not wear nice clothes now we don't mean that to mean that you should not have money now we don't mean that? Do we mean that you should not enjoy the dunya is our last one No, we don't mean that. We mean that you should not have the dunya in your heart.

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You should live in the world to be around him or not in your heart. You should not attach yourself to the dunya because it's something which it's impossible for you to take it with you so too getting attached to it is meaningless for a Muslim.

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So, the story today is a very unique story. It is a story about a Tabby. Now a Tabby is a person who did not meet the Nabi sallallahu wasallam but met the companions of the Nabi sallallahu wasallam.

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And this is the story about the single men only this one man in the history of the world on the history. Rather Mohamed Salah lasala this single man who loved he never saw the Navy slowloris Allah and the Navy saucer and never saw him.

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But he's the only man whom the Navy saw Salaam described by giving his name

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by telling us what he will look like

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by telling us what his character will be like, and basically everything about this man.

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And we know that there is a Salam also referred to the conquest of Constantinople Nabi Sallam said, I gave my good wishes to the leader of the army, who will conquer Constantinople without mentioning the name of the

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Conqueror, or the leader of that army was of course Mohamed el Fattah.

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But yeah, then me Salah mentions his name.

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how did this story come about?

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And who is this man we learn each other who this man is, and what his claim to fame is.

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The Navy salatu salam

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was one day sitting in the masjid nabawi.

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And sitting in his company was amongst others, Abu huraira

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and Ali bin Abu Talib, so one could say, to have this habit or not to reach as beloved Navara In fact, they wouldn't reach at all they were poor. And then there was almost an ally who were quite rich compared to below and

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above her era.

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So whenever you saw someone say to them

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tomorrow morning, a man will enter this Masjid

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And you will pray with us and you will be a man of gentlemen.

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So I bought a rocket very excited and very happy

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and he thought inshallah tomorrow morning I'm going to be one of the first people in the merging for Pfizer. And I'm going to make sure that nobody says I stand right behind the NaVi Salam. So the NaVi saw Salaam will notice me and I wish inshallah that I will be that men whom the NaVi Salam refer to the men of the jungle.

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So further came aboard rested behind the NaVi Salah Molly was the armor was a Bilaal, of course was in the morning, and

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after the completion of the prayer, the Navy Sallam completed the prayer. Some people had left an abortion, of course stayed behind because he wanted to confirm and affirm Who is this man who Nebojsa Salaam referred to? Was it him? Was it below or was it Omar was a rally and then a man into the masjid another man into the masjid.

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And it was a very poor man, his clothes were torn. His face was ashen full of dust, probably slept outside, and for Carmela who never you saw Salah, and when he came into the matches, and he got up from his seat, and he stood up and he smiled.

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And abora looked at the face of the Navy, salam, and he saw the full moon of butter.

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And they knew that when he saw Salaam stration, like the formula button, and it was extremely happy. So I looked at the man and he stood up and he smiled at the man. And the man came over to the Navy Salam.

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And he said to the olalia rasulillah The men came and he said yes Rama please make dua for me.

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And Nevis Hassan lifted his hands when the man asked to be lifted is the NZ say Allahu, Allahu Allah for those who

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prefer to Allah make him an inhabitant of the highest heaven, the highest gem

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What do I know man you if your gender and make him

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be my company in the agenda? So Pinilla so the mindset Amina and the mandate.

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It's like the demand left.

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So I've already looked at the Navy, the Salah man, he said our Asana said, Oh prophet of Allah exists. The manager spoke about yesterday, I wanted to confirm that maybe that's not the men. There's an obesity property. You said you're a soul is a man who is this man prophesied who are the horrors.

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This is the man of I spoke about yesterday he will be he will not only enter Paradise, and the highest paradise he will but he will be with me in general Subhana Allah.

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I've already said Yasser Allah, this man, you don't know who this man is. He's a slave. He belongs to such and such a man. He's just an ordinary slave. He works for so and so. And he said yaroslava if you really want to be good to him, why don't you set him free, you know, we can collect money, and we can buy his freedom. And Marshall if he's going to be with you in Ghana, we can make him a free man in this dunya.

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So the Navis Hassan said,

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Allah subhanaw taala has given him what Allah has given him on the dunya

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This is his Nasim, this is the result. This is how it's going to live in this dunya 101 de la he Omar pa ma, ma con el mundo de la Hacienda.

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But on the Akiyama he will have the status of one of the kings of Jenga.

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So do you want me to ask Allah Do you want me to set him free and make him a rich man? He may be losing status Well, last parameter.

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You will be with me and Jenna, and you will be a king of the kings of general Subhana Allah.

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This of course, my dear brothers and sisters is not a call to poverty. I'm not saying we all become poor tomorrow, give all our stuff away, you know and become slaves to somebody and then maybe it will be with a prophet. No, no, no, no. This is a call. First of all, to for people, those who don't have that. You should protect your luck. Even if you're poor, you should protect your candidate. Always be a person of good character. Because obviously what is taking this man to that heights, what has taken this man to that Heights is His goodness of character. Because what else is he got to offer the world. He's a slave, he belongs to somebody. All he has to offer the world is he's good

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character. And for the rich. It is a call not to value this dunya as much as we value the dunya we attach way too much value to the student. And we spend way too much time for this dunya I mean some of us work seven days a week. We spent one hour in the masjid.

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How much is seven times 24 some of us come for Juma because we have time if you don't come with us

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Imagine your comfort in front of Allah subhanaw taala definitely Allah sees you, please.

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Just one hour you gave to me. What do you expect in return? You work for your boss, five days a week, Sunday's overtime, Saturdays and Sundays. And what is he going to give you? He's not going to bring into jungle. But you give one hour to our loss hunter and we want to enter Paradise. So

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he looked

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at himself and he looked at this man and we say to himself, Subhan Allah, this man will be a king of the kings of Jannah Subhana Allah. And the prophet SAW Selim looked at him and he looked at armor, and he looked at earlier at the LA salon home, and he said

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yeah, abohar era, we address alboran Satya Barrera

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in a mineva de la he, Manju haimo, la junta Baraka wa Taala. For rollin Allah,

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He said to avoid coochie coochie Barrera was a bit perturbed about the fact that he wasn't the man designated by the province of Salaam to build agenda, nobody saw Salim said, our era

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of the servants of Allah subhanaw taala are those whom Allah love

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kabara Kota,

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for who are all in Angola and this man who just came into the masjid, he is valuable by alone.

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He may have no value in this world, but allows for 100 he has the highest value value call the Navis Assalam o to monomial Rasul Allah sobre. O Messenger of Allah, Who are these people? Who are these ibid? Who are the servants of Allah, that has this high status? Well last, but not least, of sphere, the pure ones, pure of heart, pure of tongue.

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They don't consider themselves to be above others. They don't load over others with a wealth or the status or the color of their skin, or the color of their homes. Or how many wheels their car has what model it is no, they fear they have this quality of purity in their house.

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What are fear? And they are the insignificant amongst us.

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muhabura boo him. The faces are not as beautiful as our faces. The faces are full of dust. Much Roland Phil, are they busy in this world, seeking a little respite care? setting something they are begging something here? Morrow from fish summer, but well known in the heavens, well known by Allah, well known by the angels, well known by the mbf. All the heavens sing their praises in the dunya we won't give them a second look, who is this man? You know, many times you stop with the robots and you look at something you say Subhana Allah, look at this man.

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And you sit in your car, and you and you roll up the window and you think to yourself, Well, I have a car.

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My booth is full of this kid from Brooklyn pay. You know, you this man should do that he's gone working. But this is exactly that same way we look at that man, the robots. Well, that woman. That is exactly how the Navy system describes the outer appearance. We can't say what is in the art of the person. But certainly the outer appearance of the person is a person who's down and out, completely down enough. You can see even the office bed, you can see it on the faces.

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And then it says lm described and it goes further and said

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if they asked to be married, everybody refuses them.

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No one visits them. If they are ill.

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If they are present in company, nobody takes notice of them. nobody speaks to them.

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If they die, nobody wants to attend the janazah maybe one or two or three people people don't even know that they have died. While I can hang the law he aronia but by Allah subhanaw taala they the people of the highest statue of Allah was pinata sakala Abu huraira de la de la Barrera said yes Ooh la la. Do Lana Allah wa had been home Yes, oh la la. Sabrina said, O Messenger of Allah, this people have described now to us. Show us one of these people.

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So that we can emulate

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and follow that person. For example, show us under these people.

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So the Navy Salam said, the valley cutaways al Qaeda attorney, Mr. Sutton said he is

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always called me

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his name is always

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wages name and current is the name of his clan. We belong to that clan.

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So over an alley, Anna Barrera and Bella looked at each other,

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looking at each other and saying, Do you know who this man is? None of the knew him. They didn't know that he didn't know their hobby. who he was. They never heard the name before. It's the first time they hear the name. So they were quite surprised. Nobody saw spoke about somebody that they never knew, never met, had no inkling who they were. And then every smile nobody could see on their faces that they were completely stumped. Who was as always called me and then he smiled. When he said he will be he's a man of medium height. Let me describe him of course jabril came because nobody never met always alchemy never met him. So all the description and the name was given to the

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Navy's asylum by gibreel. la sala jabril came and said, Yasser Allah, I want to tell you to convey to them allow swana law says you should make an example to them of always al karney. He will be of media built. He will have dark brown skin complexion. I see him says the Navy says what is the right hand over his left hand, reading the Koran and crying. So now we had a picture of him in his mind.

00:16:23--> 00:16:26

medium height, darker complexion.

00:16:28--> 00:16:49

His right hand over his left hand sitting and reading the Koran yet to a foreign, key. Harsha and crying out of fear of Allah was hand over time. His name is Hassan Sadie's waiting, he's always wearing a garment of wool. Now in those days, they those who garments didn't have the wolf sign on it

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didn't have this is a pure will sign on it. That was the cheapest clothes that people wore because they would take the skin of the sheep and they would make a jacket out of it and they would wear it. So it was the cheapest kind of dress that people were and he wore this skin and then the Navy Sallam said and his left arm on his left arm. There'll be a mark

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around white circle.

00:17:17--> 00:17:23

That circle is the remainder of an illness which he had when he was a child. That is what is left of it.

00:17:25--> 00:17:30

And the circle the white.on his left arm is as big as a coin has a silver coin

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module and being out tomorrow Fernando and Alisa Alisa Salaam again said he is well known

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in the heavens, little known in the dunya in fact not known at all in the dunya but much rule with the dunya seeking is in the dunya

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the Malacca nosy ma then the NaVi Sallam said

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he will be known by his mother, The Omen he will have a mom

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who are Berggruen Bihar and his relationship with his mother would be that he has the utmost care for his mother.

00:18:12--> 00:18:15

Now when the Quran speaks about caring for your parents,

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it does not use the word

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maintain doesn't say it was maintained your mother and father nor does it say you must put them in a house doesn't say that. Nor does it say you must feed them doesn't say that. Nor does it say take hospital plan out for them. It doesn't say that. Not as it's a must visit them doesn't say that the word used for beruwala Dane or caring for parents ease to spend time with your parents.

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A man once came to me

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and he said to his notes he was his teacher has about two was of course a great alum of Basra

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and he said to his teacher I I want to go for Hajj I wanted to go for Hajj and I have a mother so I decided that I go for a hike My mother was okay at home and I lifted everything for her and I went for Hajj.

00:19:15--> 00:19:27

He said Sir, was it a good idea I should have done that hospital but to say to him, for me to sit at my mother's table and to have one meal with her is great invalid to be that going for Hajj 50 times.

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That's it was

00:19:33--> 00:19:41

the great surveillance of Islam. people understood the deen people understood the Quran. So the Quran talks about some of

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the Hadith as you know, when the men Asad Elisa Salaam era surah Allah who deserves my sofa, who deserves my companionship not my money, not my food, not my room that I gave to her or no

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who deserves my companionship? So nobody's gonna say to your mother, he said, Yeah, I know. Who else is it again my mother city I know, prophesied and he said, Well, he said my mother three times and then he said, Father, so when we speak about and looking after my mother, my mother saying buy my sister's house that I go there every Friday night to take some chocolates. No.

00:20:23--> 00:20:24

Why kiss up? No.

00:20:25--> 00:20:30

You asked your mother and your father what they want from you. You don't want money from your chocolate so praise.

00:20:31--> 00:20:32

Mothers and fathers don't want to

00:20:34--> 00:20:41

they want you to spend time with him. To have a meeting with him said to them, talk to them, listen to them. Just say to them maybe not talk but to spend time with

00:20:43--> 00:20:44

and this was always funny.

00:20:45--> 00:20:49

That was his conception of looking after his mom.

00:20:53--> 00:21:04

While Oh x Mr. Allah Allah He oboro nerissa salam says and he had another quality which always caught me when he swore by the name of Allah that he was going to do something he did it

00:21:05--> 00:21:06

at some Billa

00:21:07--> 00:21:10

auction Villa we say as a means to

00:21:11--> 00:21:14

mean Samba biLlahi one Locky

00:21:16--> 00:21:31

how many times when we said Allahu Allahu and we never do what is supposed to mean how many times when we say in sha Allah with the intention of not doing at all we just say in sha Allah well to get rid of the guy, you know, you're coming down in sha Allah Hello, using Allah's name to tell lies

00:21:32--> 00:21:53

Can you don't say inshallah say yes or no if you know you're not gonna make it or don't say anything Don't use our last name don't say inshallah leave our last name out of your ordinary conversations, then that was with me. So every ultimately fulfill every promise he made he fulfilled and said, either call

00:21:56--> 00:21:59

me whenever you raise his hands and said you're not allowed to display

00:22:02--> 00:22:12

he doesn't have to make the fuzzer sala de la sala Muslim Salah go to the beta law stand by the Malta and study the thing at response now. This man just loves his answers

00:22:14--> 00:22:20

and the answers in reply, come straight below validate you look down here for his mad love this man.

00:22:24--> 00:22:27

And then every time Salam says that is on the dunya

00:22:29--> 00:22:31

is looking at is looking Amara

00:22:33--> 00:22:34

Who is this man's for Han Allah

00:22:36--> 00:22:43

says you are Tabby movie Nina Yama. Yama Musa Salaam says the believers will appear on the deaf piano

00:22:45--> 00:23:01

for your call and agenda and allows me to tell the believers the meaning to enter Paradise and they will enter barrier one after each other they will go and always they'll Courtney will be in the queue and when he comes to the doors of Jana the malloc will say to him stop.

00:23:03--> 00:23:08

And He will say to the angel, the angel says fire call Allah Who?

00:23:10--> 00:23:17

And he says Yeah, what is what is the matter? The mark will say to him ish fear. Lehman.

00:23:20--> 00:23:26

You will say to him, ask Allah to forgive as many people as you want to intergender

00:23:28--> 00:23:36

first, this is your first before you can enter Jannah Allah has given you the privilege that you can choose. Mineral momineen

00:23:38--> 00:23:40

any number of people to go into Jennifer

00:23:41--> 00:24:05

Aniston says he will stand the fire superb immediately added Moodle wasabia and he will intercede by allows for Huntelaar for the the number of the people in the tribes of murder and robbery are these two tribes Medina their numbers is about 200,000 isn't it is awesome. So he will have the facility, not overdraft.

00:24:08--> 00:24:19

overdraft is a really really big overdraft non repayable overdose panela you will have the facility to take with him in the agenda 200,000 Subhanallah

00:24:21--> 00:24:36

of these types. Shaheed a person who dies on the battlefield, he will have the facility of 70 people will he be able to take with him this carnian abubaker Anoma never knew knew the Prophet never met will have the facility of 200,000 people

00:24:39--> 00:24:44

and then the NaVi looked at other an alley La Jolla and he said oh yeah

00:24:46--> 00:24:48

well yadi Omar Denali

00:24:49--> 00:24:51

in an tamala g two

00:24:53--> 00:24:54

ways first Aloo

00:24:55--> 00:24:59

when you meet him one day than me say to Hama Denali when you're going to meet him one day, ask

00:25:00--> 00:25:01

To make to offer you

00:25:02--> 00:25:07

one SFP local and ask him to ask Allah to forgive you.

00:25:09--> 00:25:30

Hello, these two men, Amara and Holly will not just ordinary two men, they will promise gentlemen the dunya they were promised Jen on the dunya. They have them. Shamash Baba, Sheena, Bill Jana the 10 who were promised. Jen on the dunya visa Salam says yo Omar an olive you meet this man always

00:25:31--> 00:25:32

asked him to make the offer you

00:25:33--> 00:25:36

asked him that Allah Subhana Allah.

00:25:39--> 00:25:42

At this time when this happened, this incident happened in the magic number we

00:25:45--> 00:25:48

always al cudney

00:25:50--> 00:25:53

was in Yemen. It was a Yemeni.

00:25:56--> 00:25:57

He was

00:25:58--> 00:26:01

when the Navy Salam died. He was 20 years old. This was

00:26:02--> 00:26:10

three years before the death of the enemies of Salaam at this time when Abby told us to armor and Holly and abora.

00:26:12--> 00:26:17

And Bilaal weighs in Yemen was about 17 years old.

00:26:19--> 00:26:20

He was born

00:26:22--> 00:26:25

when the Navy's asylum was in Medina.

00:26:27--> 00:26:32

And he at this point in time when the Navy was telling the story to Homer. He was not Muslim,

00:26:33--> 00:26:40

Islamic and rich German yet climb as the chairman. And he had a blind his mother who

00:26:41--> 00:26:41

was blind.

00:26:44--> 00:26:45

And he relates

00:26:48--> 00:26:52

that we had not completed his story to Omar Ali and now

00:26:56--> 00:27:04

ways he says his mother was blind. And one day he used to guide his mother when it's a gorgeous tech, his mother by the hand, take it to the market take a take a day.

00:27:05--> 00:27:07

So when they came home,

00:27:08--> 00:27:12

was very dark. And he led a small candle on the table,

00:27:13--> 00:27:18

took his father by the hand. And the wind came and blew the candle out. And his mother name was in total darkness.

00:27:20--> 00:27:27

So he was a bit unsettled. So he told his mom, you know, we are in total darkness, I have to find the lights.

00:27:28--> 00:27:40

I navigate this out every single day I'm blind, and exactly every Chase, whatever it is, you just take mine I will take you through the house when you want to go. I can tell you where you can find a little other candle and we can light

00:27:41--> 00:27:45

and he said to himself Subhan Allah didn't say swan.

00:27:47--> 00:27:53

He said it struck me. It struck him. He asked the question to himself what is light?

00:27:55--> 00:28:11

What is light? There's the question asked himself couldn't get an answer for it. But 1000s of what is like, if a bride My mother is completely blind. And she must now guide me in the darkness in what is the use of my eyes, and what is light.

00:28:12--> 00:28:19

And so the NaVi salatu salam at nalley Cara Ramallah wotja to Yemen as the as the day to call people to Islam.

00:28:20--> 00:28:25

And as Ali was going around the streets of Yemen, to call people Islam to Islam,

00:28:27--> 00:28:30

with Al cudney method nalley in the street

00:28:34--> 00:28:53

and he says to say nalli say daddy call him says Alison, have you heard of Mohamed Salah Salam he said No, I haven't heard of Mohamed Salah who is Mohamed Salah. And he said he is the last prophet of Allah. And Allah said what in the Quran? A book a lesson with him a book called Al Quran so what is it to actually read for me from the Quran?

00:28:55--> 00:28:59

So as I was wondering, I wonder did Denali read for them sooner? No.

00:29:00--> 00:29:09

So I've known and tilted navigate to the reverse, while I'm Elijah de la hula who neuron family home in

00:29:10--> 00:29:17

Cincinnati came to the verse where our last founder says, and hemo Allah doesn't give light will have no light

00:29:19--> 00:29:28

panel, and he knew that light, the real light comes from the one who revealed this book to Muhammad sallallahu

00:29:29--> 00:29:30

alayhi salatu salam.

00:29:32--> 00:29:40

And then he said to himself, he said, so light comes from all the real life. No, nor have he died, nor have he man not know from

00:29:42--> 00:29:47

the power station from his cabinet. No, the layer the light of the heart.

00:29:49--> 00:29:58

Then you say to say Nally Tell me what does he say? Tell me what does he say? What is the mama say by himself, not from the Quran? What does he say?

00:30:00--> 00:30:03

So she that he looked at him and said to you, you're very poor man.

00:30:04--> 00:30:34

I must try and go to a body that will suit you as a person. So it was a very wise they were wise, the hub of nurses absurdities that you had that Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, the Navy says lm told us Monday when he Dunia komali dunia O'Malley. He said, Professor Sallam told us one day What is my relationship with the dounia and they do nothing relationship with me, is it?

00:30:35--> 00:30:40

What is my relationship with this world? And what is the relationship in this world with me?

00:30:42--> 00:30:57

In the mamatha li li dounia kamatera Julian, Mr. Salim said he tells us man episode Salaam said my relationship with the dunya and the donors relationship with me is like a man.

00:31:00--> 00:31:21

Marsha filmin shahidullah a man walking on an extremely hot day, walks outside an extremely hot day, first of all, Natasha. And he sees a tree and he sits in the shade of the tree for a while, sir, for a while, maybe an hour or

00:31:22--> 00:31:30

so Mara ha Botanica. Then he leaves the tree and he goes on on his journey. He says that is my relationship with this dunya. Bye.

00:31:31--> 00:31:49

I'm just every time I enjoy the shade of the dunya and then I move on. That is my relationship with the dunya. And of course, this thing could identify with it, because one of the qualities that he has is that half of Annie dunia did not consider the doughnut of any value for him.

00:31:50--> 00:32:05

The only valuable thing that he considered was his mother, his blind mum that is already considered valuable of this world. And when said now he said this, the man said I said Oh Allah, Allah Illallah. Muhammad Rasulullah saw Salah, he accepted Islam, and he went on his way.

00:32:11--> 00:32:15

When he went home, the first thing that came to his mind was

00:32:17--> 00:32:20

Should I visit the Navy so a lot of similar Elisa to

00:32:23--> 00:32:24

Medina is not far from Yemen.

00:32:26--> 00:32:28

And it went through his mind

00:32:29--> 00:32:31

and immediately said himself, no.

00:32:32--> 00:32:58

But his mind just continues to tell him but you know, you're going to meet the messenger of our law. You're going to visit the most beloved person of Allah like to do we say, you know, we go for Amara, we're going to visit the NaVi Salam in Medina. We're going to make our for the bay to LA we leave everything behind. wives, children, mothers, fathers wealth, everything we leave behind to go there. And he said no.

00:33:00--> 00:33:13

Until as long as my mother is alive, she doesn't need she needs my softball. I have to be with a physical year. I cannot leave not even to go and visit the Navy salatu salam ala rasulillah

00:33:15--> 00:33:17

so I asked myself the question, what would I have done?

00:33:19--> 00:33:19

What are the

00:33:20--> 00:33:34

I mean many people today we have to book to go for Hajj we have to give our name in. So some people have an old mother and father and they get selected to go for Hajj. They forget about everything they get on that plane. And they gone

00:33:35--> 00:33:50

when the mother would cry and say my child you know, no, but you know, the chef said you know 100,000 days were found to stay home and look after your mom. Man came to the Navy center and said he wants to go for profit as a mother he said his mother

00:33:51--> 00:33:58

when when she had his 40 most of them had because he defending the deen and defending the territory of Islam.

00:33:59--> 00:34:00

So he said no.

00:34:01--> 00:34:18

And then the Prophet died. So we never saw the prophets of Allah Subhana Allah imagine the Prophet describing everything he never meant an ivysaur salaam. That is why it's not called as a hobby. It's called the Tabby. He made the Sahaba made Ali Ahmad and COVID and salt Sahaba is what made the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:34:21--> 00:34:27

so honorable hottub radula Tron because they never forget what the prophet sallallahu Sallam told him.

00:34:29--> 00:34:38

So he passed away no not became halifa Ahmad became Khalifa and Omar always had on his mind he has to meet this men

00:34:40--> 00:34:48

with alchemy and he has to ask him what the Prophet told him to ask him. So the fancy armor goes for Hajj.

00:34:50--> 00:34:57

He goes for hedge Aeronautica because he's I mean, he's a ruler of everybody

00:34:58--> 00:35:00

and he says to the average

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

I guess all the nominees together and he says to the Emmys

00:35:04--> 00:35:05

Everybody sit down

00:35:07--> 00:35:21

only those who come from the tribe of Mulder stand up in where it came from the time of Mulder stand up because always afternoon was from the tribe of Buddha. Then he said everybody's heard McLean have currently

00:35:22--> 00:35:30

because a tribe a sub clan sub tribes with a ko cleanse. So he said now everybody from the tribe of current Get up.

00:35:31--> 00:35:32

Sonia, one man stood up.

00:35:33--> 00:35:51

So I'm not looking at this panel. Maybe this is always so almost Who are you? So the man said I am the brother. No, Omar said do you know always tell Courtney Are you always tell Courtney said no, no, no, that's my brother, son, son, son sommerset Vz.

00:35:52--> 00:35:54

So he said well, you know why?

00:35:56--> 00:36:04

Nobody knows anything the woman and then the mountains of the almond eyes. I know him because my brothers and nobody will know he is.

00:36:05--> 00:36:06


00:36:10--> 00:36:12

our cried heinola

00:36:14--> 00:36:15


00:36:16--> 00:36:28

saga Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoken the truth that this man would love his mother. He will never leave her alone. Nobody spoke the truth that we said he was most of our most caring for his mom.

00:36:30--> 00:36:42

So Omar say to him, is his mother still alive? He said yes. So my smile, said yes, Marisa Salam said, long as the mother is alive, he would never leave the side of his mouth not for not for nothing, he would leave the side of his mouth.

00:36:44--> 00:36:48

So the last day before my dad the third Hajj Ahmed performed this was the year before he died.

00:36:50--> 00:36:51

Ahmad was again on arafah.

00:36:53--> 00:37:00

And again, Nicole all the avenues together and again a call the other day, a call the time together of ways.

00:37:03--> 00:37:08

And again, the same cousin of him was there and he said to him,

00:37:09--> 00:37:22

is your cousin near did he come? So he said yeah, he's somewhere out there. You know, he's tending to his sheep. He brings his he brings his animals with him, you know, when it comes for eating and whatever, for milk and whatever else.

00:37:23--> 00:37:25

So I said why is he said

00:37:27--> 00:37:33

sama Alex, Malika these girls this God meeting, visiting. So they come to him.

00:37:34--> 00:37:41

And they say to him, Omar was I mean, Omar was gay straight to the point. So my looks this guy is.

00:37:43--> 00:37:46

So my sister in law. Tell me Show me

00:37:48--> 00:37:48

Show me on

00:37:49--> 00:37:52

the left at the studio overlooks the white spot

00:37:54--> 00:37:54


00:37:55--> 00:37:56

So I'm gonna say to him

00:37:58--> 00:38:08

you have a mother says My mother died. That's why I finally decided martial law was about 3334 years old, I finally decided to come back because my mother in law passed away.

00:38:11--> 00:38:14

So this was our company looked at Amara says well you

00:38:15--> 00:38:21

have new Why are you Why are you asking me these questions? Someone said you do.

00:38:23--> 00:38:25

What is 1,000,001 million

00:38:27--> 00:38:31

600 Allah you the mini samosa and this is Ali.

00:38:32--> 00:38:44

So always looked at Ali and he said, I know this man. I met him. I became Muslim with these hands Han Allah. So this is Ali. Yes, almost. This is honey Lord Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam.

00:38:47--> 00:39:22

So he said, Omar, how do you know me? I mean, nobody knows me. Nobody knows me. I don't know anybody. And nobody knows me except for my cousin. Nobody knows who the How do you know? So I'm not related to him the story. He told him that jabril came to the Navy so seldom until the Navy so solemn about him. So panela and told him that he was he may not be well known in this world, but the whole of the tomatoes him every one of the millions and billions of angels which Allah created, who will know his name, who is alchemy,

00:39:23--> 00:39:24

and Allah knows him.

00:39:25--> 00:39:48

And all are said to him and NaVi sasaram told us how you will care for your mother. And then iv sasaram told us about the mark on your shoulder and then told us that you will have the facility of taking with you to Gen 200,000 meaning who has decided not to go digital. We are lost on the mcats in Sharla of those now that we know him and we are lost on the grantee which Allah is the highest place in Ghana.

00:39:49--> 00:39:52

The ground is also the highest place in gender inshallah.

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

So I can imagine this, this young man who is standing there with a sheep

00:40:00--> 00:40:11

Leave with this woolen jacket over him. Very poor man. Maybe never shoes on his feet looking at our mother thinking, wonder what went through his mind for how not

00:40:13--> 00:40:13

to breathe

00:40:14--> 00:40:24

normally allows foreigners spoken about I will have the facility 200,000 taking 200,000 people to them, so pardon the law and then almost dead

00:40:25--> 00:40:33

canavese as salaam said, we should ask you to make dua for us. Imagine almost asking the shepherd to make. So he raised the sentence Allahu

00:40:35--> 00:40:43

Allah Jalla amaru I live in MENA region, Allah, Allah says Allah, may Allah in honor of the people of Ghana and forgive them

00:40:44--> 00:40:45

and I was it early.

00:40:47--> 00:41:03

Then on our route, fifth anniversary, from today, you will be my constant companion, and not going to let you out of my sight. From today, you must be my constant companion, and my dearest and closest friend.

00:41:06--> 00:41:09

In a way, certainly maceda will mean I can't do that.

00:41:11--> 00:41:29

I want to remain as I am. You good as you are, I believe me to be as I am. I want not to be known. I want to be as I am. I don't want to have this dunya. So he's awesome, but it'll be good for you. He says Yamuna uomini listen to what I'm going to say to you.

00:41:31--> 00:41:45

The space that I'm in is the space that I am in is good for me. The life that I live is good for me. And the life that you live is good for you and good for all the Muslims. Not only good for you, you are the lead of the woman

00:41:46--> 00:41:56

you cannot leave that position I unfortunately view calling you but I can't leave my position. This is my position. I don't want to be known by men. Now that I know a lot harder to be known by men.

00:41:58--> 00:42:01

Someone said okay, fine. What are you going to do now?

00:42:02--> 00:42:06

He said I my mother has now passed away and I would love to go to Kufa.

00:42:08--> 00:42:12

I want to one day inshallah join the Muslim army from Kufa and I want to fight in the path of a lot

00:42:15--> 00:42:35

of normal commitments at home. How to Make Your heart so I was inspired when we finish on arafa will meet me in Makkah, I want to give you your whatever you're going to need on your journey. I want to give that to you as a presenter, give you a camel give your money give you whatever you need for you to take with you to Kufa

00:42:38--> 00:42:42

so again, always smiled and he said yeah armor Yeah, I mean

00:42:44--> 00:42:49

what do I need? This what I weigh? I can't wait to have this

00:42:50--> 00:42:56

even 100 my camera to have this when this one goes how much is give me nothing.

00:42:58--> 00:43:23

samosa but the money you can leave us multibyte instead, I got four silver coins in my pocket. Which I can't spend yet. Just sitting there. I must first spin that four coins in each dollar. Once I spend the coins I will find a way of getting more four coins. So much but you could buy food instead buy food is with me. If I need to just milk my sheep and I drink milk. That's all I need. panela imagine

00:43:24--> 00:43:31

so Omar say to him, please make montages stay with me said no, I can't I have to move on.

00:43:36--> 00:43:38

But look at this.

00:43:39--> 00:43:55

Look at the the moral of the story. We have one man here, who is who has so much power Subhan Allah. In his 10 years of rule he conquered the known civilized world. Persia fell at his feet.

00:43:56--> 00:44:07

Medina was like Fort Knox. All the wealth in the world was in Medina. In other words, meaning Mr. Rajaratnam was the richest King ever.

00:44:09--> 00:44:10

He had power he had position.

00:44:11--> 00:44:26

Yeah, was the men or the men always felt Carney. He had nothing, no power, no money. Nobody knew him. It was known by the kings of Rome and the kings of Persia. This men nobody knew him.

00:44:27--> 00:44:30

He didn't even know Amara hottub was at the time when he met him.

00:44:33--> 00:44:43

What is what is in Ibiza? salamandre teachers first and ivsa llamando The teachers are haba how he brings generations together Sahaba into the arena.

00:44:45--> 00:44:54

He brought together over an alley, not with another arm or an alley from the top again but from the poorest of poor of the top three.

00:44:55--> 00:44:59

But what what do they have in common? What did Allah

00:45:00--> 00:45:02

And Ollie and always have in common.

00:45:04--> 00:45:05

But the question was asked yourself

00:45:07--> 00:45:10

I know you're thinking about it. I'm not gonna ask you.

00:45:13--> 00:45:14

You said long enough.

00:45:15--> 00:45:21

What they have in common is that all three of them didn't attach any significance of the dunya.

00:45:23--> 00:45:27

On Earth all the money as in the vital mile, consider that not his.

00:45:29--> 00:45:31

Everything he had he considered to be nothing.

00:45:32--> 00:45:47

And this man who is what he's nothing he considered to be non locality danez and evisa lam said locality dounia and the light it Luciana Baroda tiene la masaka loca financial batana

00:45:49--> 00:45:49

Subhana Allah,

00:45:51--> 00:45:54

Amara nalli knew that Nevis of Salaam said, if

00:45:55--> 00:45:56

this dounia

00:45:58--> 00:46:07

had the value of the wing of a wing of a mosquito by Allah subhanaw taala, he would know that given the copy of one drop of water to drink.

00:46:09--> 00:46:19

But in the eyes of Allah, this dunya and everything it contains, everything it contains, is not as no valuable Allah more than the wing of a mosquito.

00:46:21--> 00:46:22

So why not the whole mosquito?

00:46:25--> 00:46:48

We added so much value to this, we want to accumulate and accumulate every mother's donor. And the man in the light which I'll also underline was to give us we refuse to take that light. And yet we see people die in front of us every single day. My mother is always known I prepared this footpath some time ago and I went over it. I said, Can I just see my mother for one second?

00:46:51--> 00:46:51

Just one second.

00:46:54--> 00:47:11

And I'm sure when we listen to a to a story like this from the Navy songs salatu salam we think about the relationship maybe that we had with our mothers and they not there anymore. But those of us who have moms Subhanallah if you should hear a story like this, and you don't go to Paradise, then you've lost us.

00:47:13--> 00:47:41

If you have a mother Subhanallah and you listen to a story like this, remember, Jana is very cheap. Just look after your mom just spend time with her. Many of us think you know when I go to Jenna, I've met so many Salah I've done this wrong I've done that wrong. Maybe I didn't fast maybe I did no bad things I'm trying to make up now I have grown a beard my quota is above my ankles. You know, I've shaved my head. You know, I get both in my jeans. When I go to Jenna.

00:47:43--> 00:47:47

I spent all my wealth in the path of Allah just have to be consumer.

00:47:49--> 00:48:02

Always say, you know the agenda is easy. Look after the poor fearful the poor, makes charity, don't look at the men what it looks like, Don't judge him. Allah made him not for you to judge him.

00:48:03--> 00:48:16

And Allah gave him to you so that you can intergender because if there's no poor people, what are we going to do with our Allah made him to Allah put him in front of you, so that you can buy your charity to him so you can interject?

00:48:18--> 00:48:30

Don't wait for the day when the Navy says I'm saying people will walk in the roads with copies of money telling people please don't you want please, please don't you want this money to do so we don't need

00:48:33--> 00:48:35

everybody's rich history, Scott enough.

00:48:38--> 00:48:39

So is it easy,

00:48:41--> 00:48:42

or just make yourself five times a day?

00:48:44--> 00:48:44

That's the key.

00:48:45--> 00:48:50

Nobody wants you got the key. You got the key. Nobody can take the key away from you. It's

00:48:52--> 00:48:55

always our country once you have a Koran.

00:49:01--> 00:49:04

He was Muslim only for about 15 years.

00:49:05--> 00:49:06

That was it.

00:49:08--> 00:49:18

But he's hot at the light of Islam inside his heart. So we are lost on giving Sharla. And I want to say to you Don't forget about the daddies hosts.

00:49:20--> 00:49:29

I know this is about the mother, but allows father that speaks also about who was slain a bit while he dainius. And Allah says, and we have commanded men

00:49:31--> 00:49:33

to care for his parents.

00:49:34--> 00:49:43

But we know the Navy so Solomon said three times the mother three times a month. So if you have a habit of visiting your mother every Sunday, no.

00:49:44--> 00:49:55

You're not going to go to journal, three maybe through other things. But remember if your parents are not happy with you, especially if you don't have the blessing of your mother particularly, you are in some kind of trouble.

00:49:56--> 00:49:59

No matter how big that big that hole is that your forest is gone.

00:50:00--> 00:50:02

into making Salah harmony Amara tomato Hodge.

00:50:07--> 00:50:10

So May Allah gave those of us who have mothers and fathers

00:50:11--> 00:50:13

that we spend time with them.

00:50:14--> 00:50:39

In sha Allah that's what they want and inshallah we make to offer them we know the animal will make to offer them. I mean lots of to offer them every Salas like to offer your parents, every Salah, they look forward to it, they wait for it that we saw some say three things they leave behind we are parents when they die. Three things everybody but particularly a parents they leave and three things they leave behind you so that you can make the offer

00:50:40--> 00:50:48

and will lie if you make the offer your parents, your children will make to offer you but if you don't like to offer your parents, your children

00:50:51--> 00:50:57

and that's the least we can do for our parents. What else can we do for our parents? Maybe so solemn said,

00:50:58--> 00:51:00

honor the Friends of your parents after they they

00:51:02--> 00:51:07

honor if your parents your mom and your dad had good friends, honor them off.

00:51:09--> 00:51:17

Anyway, even if your mother has a sister we still alive and then you honor your art as if she is your mother.

00:51:20--> 00:51:38

She becomes your mother, your mother sisters become your mother. Because you know, mother so you know. I don't have to know if there's an art here to spend as much time with them as you spend with him. And so Islam talks about close family ties Lalalalala sir America