Umm Jamaal ud-Din – Spiritual Tips & Life Hacks for Ramadan

Umm Jamaal ud-Din
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Salaam sisters, my name is Gianna and I'm here to bring you real sister talk by Southern cow welfare fund. I am so grateful you are here because this podcast is designed for you our sisters in Islam as a thank you from South Africa welfare fund for helping us reach so many of our brothers and sisters in need.

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Assalamualaikum My dear sisters, welcome to real sister talk. Joining me in the studio today is Sheikh Hamza Malik Dean who's the Quran and Islamic sciences teacher here in Sydney. Salaam Alaikum Shaka wailuku Muslim or Rockford a cattle It's a pleasure to be with you Jana and we'll same here I'm so happy that you agreed to join us today and why would you for inviting me inshallah. So um, this episode is airing in Ramadan in sha Allah so the whole topic is going to be about Ramadan shout out to Tom pump ourselves and sisters up for Ramadan and like to keep our amen on a high inshallah. Yeah. So what do you think is the most important thing for us sisters to have in our bag for

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Ramadan? Yeah, by Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wala, and he was happy he wanna know Allah. So look, if I could invite advise anyone, anything, I would say to them, you know, don't lose your whole focus from our bond. A lot of people what happens in our bond is, they get so focused on checklists. And, you know, like, the outward actions they get, you know, they kind of get caught up with all of that. Yeah. So I want everyone to just come back and think, what is the whole goal and purpose of Ramadan? Right, the whole purpose and goal of Ramadan is, you know, to get close to Allah to Allah. Number one. Yeah. And to really try to, you know, make yourself feel the a

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better, like, feel the worship, you're doing, like, enjoy the spiritual experience of worshiping Allah in this month. So hallelujah. Okay, that that is really important. And look, if anything, try to think about it as like a spiritual retreat, you know, these days with a lot of non Muslims, you know, taking people on all these spiritual retreats, you know, doing Zen and mindfulness and all that, but we don't realize and they pay 1000s of dollars, right? They pay 1000s of dollars for those retreats. Right hon. Allah, Allah hota, Allah gave us the spiritual retreat for free. Pamela, it's just that we don't know how to treat it properly. Most of us lose sight of the higher purpose of our

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modern Yep. Okay, so it's really important that we all just, you know, slow down, try not try not to stress try and try to just focus on the big picture. Yeah, you know, simplify your life as much as you can. Yeah. And just try to cut out the outer noise as much as you can as well

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you know, and just try to come into a still mode still mode if you can, you know, as much as possible. I mean, we can't completely come to stone right, we still have the kids we still have the work we have but you know what I mean try to just cut down and and sort of become quieter and then you'll be able to focus more on that spiritual side of you because look, Ramadan is all about nourishing the spiritual self. Yeah, you know, and yeah, it's Ramadan is all about you know, tapping into the spiritual self and really tasting that sweetness of being with the loss of pantalla in Ramadan. So that's what we should be focusing on as much as possible and then you really feel

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Ramadan beadnell La Jolla. Yeah, final launch. Allah will get those moments in sha Allah Allah my mean, hopefully they're not moments hopefully they're like, always there but yeah, I feel like we all get these moments and clams panela It's beautiful. You feel the stillness you feel the quiet it can happen in different times. Like it could be when you're reciting Quran it could be when you're standing in piane behind the man it could be making Dwyer in the early hours of the morning there will be times you know you've got you're not gonna always feel spiritually high every moment Ramadan Be realistic yet but you know as much as possible try to get yourself into that mode of trying to

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enjoy the better and realizing your need for that a better I think that is the very key point that we need you actually need this very bad I like a lot does not need this a bad day you're the one who needs this a bad and that's what Allah you know has you know prescribed this any better for us because we need it and we neglect the spiritual self you know we're all hooked up with

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you know, we all take care of our diets we take care of our physical health but we neglect our spiritual self yet

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so you're a revert yourself you converted to Islam A long time ago, I think Yeah, very, very long.

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Sometimes I forget sometimes like I have to like actually think oh, yeah, sounds like a fair dinkum Aussie accent. That's like how I remember is Pamela. But what do you tell? What is your advice for like, sisters

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Who like reverts, but they're alone? They either like they haven't told their families yet and they're gonna spend their Ramadan alone. Yeah, look, um, so I actually, you know, handle it I've actually passed through that myself like i when i reverted to Islam, I was still living at home with my non Muslim family. And I had to actually be an undercover Muslim for a while as well. And I had to fast from a bond, like as an undercover Muslim. So I've gone through that.

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Look, I think my, what I did, some of the things I did was, you know, I was at uni then so I called Mike maybe made up for a thought with other Muslim students, you know, and have you thought at uni? Yeah, gather? That's a good idea. Yep. Um, you have, you know, try, it's very important as reverts, we do have to be very proactive about staying in touch with the community, you know, being getting in there into the community and really trying to establish connections, but inshallah you'll, you'll find some friends or families that may invite you for your thought. I mean, that's what one thing that Muslims born Muslims need to be conscious of that there are a lot of reverts out there, who

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might have to, you know, be breaking fast on their own to know if they see anyone out there, they know anyone, think about inviting them over and didn't feel the warmth of that family, you know, gathering family gathering for thought, you know, because I had that I was very blessed, you know, to have certain, you know, sisters in the community that had that beautiful family that they invite me in, you know, what you've thought? Yeah. And then look, you're gonna know other reverts? Yeah. So even just get together with them? Yeah. And I do think that it would really help a lot of robots if they can try to get to a Masjid and pray, you know, go for the prayers. I think you really need that

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connection cuz you used to home by yourself. So either go to the masjid and pray, you know, behind the Imam or get together with some other sisters and pray together at someone's house. Yeah. But I would suggest so that you don't you know, make sure you feel a bond, make sure you get into the Ramadan mode, because there is a beautiful feeling when you're like in the gathering, and I'm olanzapine Alola. You just feel it and thoroughly, absolutely feel the vibes of like, yeah, angels are surrounding us upon. It is beautiful. So maybe at least just get that rather than because it will be like actually very sad to break your fast alone. But now with intermittent fasting and all

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that is as a fad. You can actually have that as your alibi of I'm not eating because I'm doing intermittent fasting. I'm doing a detox for my body. Yeah, no, I look, I didn't find it difficult because we would have dinner around about, like, if I came back from work, or uni, would have just had dinner after sunset. So no one really noticed. So I was just having dinner with the family. But yeah, a bit later on might delay my dinner. Yeah, really noticed. And then I would keep my lunch, you know, for for support. You know, so that's, it wasn't too bad. Like, if you're breaking your fast with the fact like, if you're at home with family, and you're breaking your fast dinner, yes.

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Notice it that much. But you still do need to get out and be with other Muslims for Easter as well. Other days to feel it. No. Yeah. Pamela? Yeah. Yeah. And what do you tell sisters, because I feel like the most problems arise I feel during Ramadan is through the menstrual cycle, where we actually have to pause from all that either that and we just, we can't perform our Salah or go to the budget, and then we get disconnected and then going back to it. We feel like we're just dipped. So what do you what is your device or sisters who feel like they're their email that goes a little bit lower? during that in the month of Ramadan? I feel like we can't afford it, basically. Yeah. So I actually

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don't believe we have to let our amen deep. You know, it's just a matter of realizing you just need to refocus on other types of worship. Alright, so like, yes, you can't fast you can't pray, but focus more on like, I take the opinion you can recite the Quran without, you know, physically touching the Quran. But without a barrier, you know, I'd like that opinion. So I would, I would normally be increasing my recitation of Quran during that time, for example, increasing my car,

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you know, making Vicar of Allah subhanaw taala, and stuff like that. Yeah. But besides that, as well, that can be a good time for sisters, for example, to cook for others. That's what I do, actually, yeah, I invite all the time, you will get more energy, usually when you're not fasting. So you know, use that time to cook for others. And think about, you know, enjoy the feeling of, of giving, you know, and feeding that the fasting and thinking about the fact that when you feed the fasting person, you get the same reward without decreasing from their reward panel, you know, and I think that's very fulfilling for sisters. Yes. Pamela? Yeah. So then, you know, I think too, I

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should add to an important point, which I would like to always emphasize. And that is when it comes to the last 10 nights because a lot of sisters because they're not praying, they may think, Oh, you know, I'm just going to go to bed and sleep. You know, I'm trying to say but yeah, they don't realize that those 10 nights, like the profit sort of love on them, if I should describe that he you know, he'll lay like that he would, you know, wake up at night and basically bring

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like to live with his a Bader right. So it doesn't mean you have to necessarily be praying. Yeah, you know, you can be, for example reciting the Quran you can be making dua, you can be doing Vic Toba, you know, Cynthia tabuteau Allah these days, you know, we can even hop online and just do a transaction for sadhaka. Yes.

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So, you know, so you can still get that fulfillment. But I definitely advice is don't just go to sleep on those last 10 nights and especially not on needle, Laila quarter, you know, later other you know, if you think it's that like the night of the 27th 25th those nights just be even if you can't pray, don't go to sleep, like stay up and really make the most of, you know, your worship in that night. Yeah. And don't feel that you're not part of it, you know? Yeah, cuz you feel like a you're missing out. But no, no, don't let yourself feel like that. You are part of it, you need to be part of it. You need to ask forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah, you need to make Toba, you need to

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repent. You need to, you know, get close to Allah as much as you can. You're trying to have you know, since the moments and most private moments with the law in those days, Allah, it's finally Yeah, like, I just reminds me of like, God, if I like, you're just making the art. Basically, like I spend hours just making darts. And you still feel the connection? That's right. Exactly. It's a very good, it's a very good analogy. So Pamela hummed along. So let's break it now to our segment life hack.

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So in this segment, we usually ask our guests to just give us a life hack that they that has made their life so much easier, or they just can't live without it. So what do you have for us? Okay, my life hacks This is from a band right? Yeah.

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It can be like,

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Okay, so my look my life hacks from Oban. Basically,

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I found that the best thing when it comes to your approach to Ramadan is the first 20 days just go on a moderate pace, try to develop a moderate pace for yourself. Yeah, with everything that you're doing. And like I said, try to really enjoy that those acts of worship, like really get yourself to feel it deeply. And just enjoy it and just go on a moderate pace, right? Don't Don't, don't try to go too fast and too hard early. Because you can, you can end up getting burnt out, and then you may not have energy left for the last 10 days. So keep in your mind that you're trying to develop a moderate pace. Then when you get to last 10 days. That's when you hit the accelerator. Right? Yeah,

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but in saying that you prioritize those nights too, because we most of us can't stay up every night All night. You know, so look for the odd nights, and they're the nights that you put your maximum energy into it. Yeah. Okay, so that's one of my hacks.

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Another one is especially if you want to stop for those last 10 nights if you want to stay up. I found one thing that really helps me is having a coffee yes at my crib. Oh yes.

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I have first of all as well. Also who are just like me like

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you're going to sleep after this. I have nothing so I'm just like it's happening. We're taking a coffee and so forth. So I'll have a coffee like like I'll have my thought then I'll have my coffee and then I might sleep for like half an hour Yeah. Or maximum like an hour is like a power nap Yeah, cuz what happens is a coffee starts to act while you're sleeping but you've got that rule wrist yes then when you wake up but you've got the combination of having the coffee plus the rest having that rest and then you're ready to hit you know instead of the whole night so panel Okay, that really helped. that's a that's a really powerful technique. That one yes, Pamela? That's a good one. Yes,

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cuz like I feel like what happens is that would that that's what happened to me like the last night I'm like, those seats I'm tired. And with us I feel like we don't have the luxury of like, what happens is that my family overseas they just sleep Oh, after after they what's called the shadow comes like they pray they're the heart and then they go to sleep. So before

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we have to drop off kids to school. Yeah, and like it's not happening i think i think some of the school holidays might follow on in time for Ramadan but like usually you're gonna have to wake up and get the kids ready go to school. I'm like, how do you deal with that and I have to go to work I'm actually Yeah, not thinking about it because I don't have like a panic attack but I work nine to five I'm like, how's that gonna fit to into the equation? What am I gonna come like a zombie to work? Like I'm like, half asleep so yeah, I don't know. Like it's it's it's a bit tricky. You don't want to miss out on the reward. Of course at the same time you're living your normal life. So how

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long Yeah, that's right. Yep. So that's a good life hack. I'm definitely gonna do a power nap. Like take drink your coffee parent app and then get the kick

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panel up. So what is your typical day? For like Ramadan? Like, what is the typical day for jamaludin always like

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You know, look up to you guys. What do they do? What did they do in the day? Okay, I don't like I don't really like to say exactly, of course Yeah, you're not gonna get lost. It's not just that as well. Um,

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everyone's got a different life. And so it's not really good a good idea to compare to someone else's routine because we've all got different circumstances like my circumstances now are very different than they used to be like, I haven't got young children anymore. Yes, that makes a huge difference. Yeah, okay, I'm able to you know, I have a lot more private time now than I was able to have like say 20 years ago, but yet more headaches so it adds up I feel the balance shallow when they're older like there's more things to worry about panela not because like it's just that they have a bigger life decisions and you just worry as panelizer like it's always the balance. So I'm

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like everybody goes through in different stats. Yeah, but like I'm just talking about time in rabban years. So look, this is what I there's like a blueprint I tried to give people to give an idea of what you can do and then you can work into that your own routine right. So the basic plan is you know, obviously wake up the support.

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If you can play a cup of rock you know, rock octane for example, cup of records,

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make them light you know, have you suffered

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and then you know, identified what comes pay pay your son or a fudge Of course, pay your pay your father

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Father faccia and then if you can do make that your crown time, especially if you're working or something like that, you want to really maximum maximize the morning, you know, so if you can do your coat on at that time, I mean, normally you can fit in about a whole juice. Yeah, sort of like after fudge until until this Yeah, yeah, until this you know, till the sun rises then when the sun rises, pay your blaha if you can get a bit of a nap then you can have a bit of a nap. And then once you have a nap you can wake up and you know Yeah, when you take will do and pray again in and then for example, you might spend the morning doing doing some Quran or preparing for the you know,

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preparing the the dinner. Yeah, for example, taking the kids to school, whatever that is. There's a lot of things we can do in that time. Yeah, it could be it could be studying for uni, you might need to study Yep.

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And then

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the whole time comes try to pay all your robotic press in Ramadan like if you don't normally pray them so that's like the 12 recommended records you know, rock out to pray like so. It's true before fudge for before though, too after though, too after Margaret too After I shot I tried to get those in because we know that the Messenger of Allah little lighters and told us that whoever prayed these 12 prayers in a night and day, Allahu taala would Buford my house in janma I know you know a lot of the time during the year we're a bit stuck without these sort of prayers you know, we tend to just get off course and

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so we want but like I said earlier, like Ramadan is about realigning yourself with your ultimate purpose which is to worship Allah right. So try to think Okay, you know what, the rest of the year I don't get to do stuff but in Ramadan, I really want to try to focus on you know, getting these things in which I don't normally get in. Okay. So okay, so you prayed doctor and I told you about those robotic prayers. And then like you've got the afternoon you've got again you can be reading Quran because the main the main one of the main things that if you look at the seller, what they used to do is mainly focusing on reciting Quran right so if you've got that time yeah by all means

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prioritize that otherwise if you're not and you're busy you're running around do a lot of F car yeah you know even mmm will pay him Rahim Allah He mentions how that the best of those who fast are the ones who remember Allah the most powerful, right? The best fasting. In fact, he said the best of anyone who does any type of action is the one who incorporates the vicar of Allah into that action whether you're doing Hajj whether you're doing a cm Yeah, that's what really raises the level of your fasting. Yeah, the vicar of Allah because you're on a different level. You know, you're being mindful of Allah Subhana Allah you're remembering Allah subhanaw taala while you're fasting why

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going about your daily daily you know, routine? Yes. Okay. Then you've got acid. Yeah, before us just before Maghrib you can make a Cincy do it because it's the time to get the diet accepted just before you break your fast and then break your fast. Yeah, hey, it's good. You know, we all know that. It's best to break your fast on the dates and mortar and then just go pray straight away because then you can relax and that was that was a very good luck. Because we were usually lucky am I in law sock it's a big family gathering. And hamdulillah we good we could like we started in doing this. We where we break our FOS on a day and water and then go and it's really like it's nice. When

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you pray and you have an empty stomach. It makes a difference in how you pray. Maghrib you're more spiritually connected then

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actually doing an after where you're like, Oh my god, even if you don't eat a lot, I feel like even your tummy hasn't had food. That's right. You feel like that pressure. Even if you don't like I know we do indulge in our meals. But yeah, if even if we decided not to, it's still like a heavy load on the tummy that you just see. We're like without food for so long. So it just makes the prayer a bit different since Panama that's a really good thing to do. Yeah, even when you're eating and you know, you've got to pray Maghrib still, yes. I don't know. I just don't feel relaxed. Because I know I've got to go do some Yes, you sit down and you're like, we need to eat and we need to do something

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rather than just doing that and then starting to pack the dishes and all that. Yeah, you feel like more relaxed, like a sense, Pamela? Yeah. And then you're gonna get prepare yourself for total. I personally prefer to be honest, praying at home, I find it less stress on me. Yeah, it depends on the person. Like if you're a person that you don't trust yourself, you know, that you're going to be like, slack off and just, you know, get into the bed because it's warm and fall asleep yet, then get yourself to the masjid, you know, and if you don't know how to, for example, you're not very competent with you know, um, you know, reciting the Quran that you might need to, you know, get to

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the masjid.

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But I personally find it less stress to just pray at home. Yeah, you know, I mean, my own place. And I mean, years ago, and my husband who would take the kids to the masjid so it was great. I had the whole house nice and quiet. So I actually enjoyed, you know, praying at home was lovely, you know?

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So, yeah, and that's, that's basically your day, you know, praying prayer, Alicia, and in total we, yeah, yeah. So that's, that's basically the day especially for the first, you know, the first 20 days. Pamela? Yeah, yeah. And then then it hits, it hits we hit the accelerator of we're not sleeping in sha Allah sha Allah. This podcast is brought to you by South Africa welfare Fund.

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The sea face.

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Bear with me.

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And now back to the podcast. So how do you get like, I know your children are way older now. But how did you use to get them like into the spirit of Ramadan? Yeah. Look.

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I, I think you have to realize that we are the ones that really set the tone for Ramadan. Yeah. So it's about your, your, you've got to sit the the feel of Ramadan in your home. Yeah. Okay. Like, I used to think about certain things I could do to, to make it

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a different experience. Like, for one thing is obviously the fact the warmth of the family environment. You know, like, if you have to hold it together, like one thing I used to do sometimes is I put like candles, we have a candle light candle light support, so you make it a bit exciting for them. Because like kids love things like that, like a candle light. So who do you know? And then you know, you have your little spread of all these amazing little dishes around the table that could be just lab na, and you know, wall and stuff like that. But it's because we don't normally always have that. Yeah, by the way, it's been mentioned that probably only lasts for a couple of days after

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that used to get stuck in Asia week because you don't I mean, but at least for the first few days just to you know, get the fun.

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And, you know, and I think also I think we have to watch ourselves in trying to create a peaceful environment in the home because especially in Ramadan because you want the kids to associate Ramadan with a really peaceful warm time. Not a stressful time because sometimes some people when they fast, they actually become angry. And they sort of like start screaming more at the kids. Yes, and stressing so I think let's just go back and you know refocus and remember what is Ramadan about it's not a time for us to stress we just need you know, just try to relax and let the kids feel relaxed in Ronda and don't feel like your o'clock becomes the worst so they sort of dread every year when

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Ramadan comes in. Now my mom is gonna be angry. Now.

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I feel like I might have maybe I don't I don't remember but ever since my eldest started fasting I feel so like, Oh, you poor thing. And he's like skinny and I'm like, Oh, are you okay? Like, you know, I just want to make sure like he's he's fed properly like, Did you eat? Are you sure? Like I feel like they're the little buddies like they're just getting used to false things patola saw with me I feel like I'm just become an overprotective mom.

00:24:56 --> 00:24:59

Are you okay? It's like you're fostering so hello, Angela.

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As long as they're eating well at at you know a dinner time you know they don't eat well I feel like their their stomach has just gets full very quickly and then make sure that it will make sure they wake up you know for any well then it's really important yeah you know we used to always make sure to have their full have you know like some protein daily yeah make sure they like eating something really substantial that's going to last Sunday night sustained them during the day so panel Yeah. So what do you tell Sisters now I told you like I'm going to be working nine to 500 alarm working in a charity organization. So jela I keep telling myself I want to just live in the idea that we are

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helping the our brothers and sisters in need the disadvantaged brothers and sisters overseas. So I need to like keep telling myself it's not a job because you do fall into the trap that it's just a normal job. It's a nine to five and clock in clock out. But I feel like no Madonna, I just want to and it's it is the biggest month of giving. And you see a lot of inspiring stories of Pamela Bodie tell sisters that just go to uni? Or like they go into normal job?

00:25:56 --> 00:26:05

What is the advice for them to like actually still feel the spirituality of Ramadan to still get the Azure inshallah I think you need to

00:26:06 --> 00:26:39

each morning you wake up, yeah. You know, have that intention that this day, I'm gonna leave it for the sake of Allah. Like whatever I do this day, even if I'm going to unit even if I'm going to work, I need to make this day for the sake of Allah in everything I do. So that you become so set the tone for yourself and the beginning of the day yet, right? And then whatever you're doing, like for example, don't waste that time you're commuting to work, right? You're driving to work, you're, you're catching the train to uni, make the you make the most of that time. Yeah, it could be reciting Quran could be listening to Quran could be, you know,

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doing the kind of Allah Subhana Allah or you know, try to, you know, be don't waste that time. This is precious moments. Yeah.

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But panela will not return to us again, until the day of the type until the Day of Resurrection. Yeah, we will, you know, open up our book of good dates. Yeah, inshallah, May Allah help us to do that. And, you know, see the result of all this driving. So do you understand this? These are days going by, like, once these days gone? Yeah, it's gone. So that's why you really have to, you know, prioritize your a better. Yeah. And also remember to that, obviously, you can do time management, right? There's time management, but let me say this, even the person who's the best in time management, yeah. There's something called Baraka in our time. Yes. Okay. And what brings the Baraka

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in your time is the dhikr of Allah. Right? So increasing the dhikr of Allah, Allah, Allah is something that increases the Baraka, like the blessing in your time that you can get more out of your day. And the other thing too, I think, is, um, focus on quality, as opposed to quantity, especially when you're busy. SubhanAllah Yeah, you know, I mean, like, so even if you're not able to do as much a bad that as someone else. But when you do get to do you're a bad day, make sure it's high quality a better Yes. You know what I mean? Like, really focus on your prayer. Like really get into your prayer and really, I really feel the prayer focus on it. Yes, you know, I mean, so

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whatever you're doing and with your you know, your your fasting

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keep keep you know, the awareness of a loss of pantile always while you're fasting alone, yeah, as far as I feel like

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now like with with work, like people over they were telling me parenting advice there at the time that you spent with a kid with the kids since you're seeing them less, make sure you're conscious that you're spending this time with them. So it's the same thing as panel we do it and other things in life as well. Might as well just focus on our spirituality. Because we get like from old like older, like you know, secular advice about like, how to be conscious how to be in the moment. And since we have less time if we're working or going to uni, or whatever, we're busy with just being conscious of like the idea of ardene my A lot of people don't realize that what we're what we're

00:28:51 --> 00:29:32

really aiming for in normal bond is to try to reach the level of La San Yeah, you know, and the profits that allowed us to undescribed us What is this level? Yeah, and dabbled Allah her cat and the cat Dada who for inlanta contura who for inna, who Yurok to worship Allah, as if you see him, even if you can't see him, he sees you. Now, a lot of people might use that Hadith for prayers. Yes, but they don't realize that that flows of over into your daily life. Yes. Okay. So you live your life for Allah spawn, right? As if you can see Allah all the time, not just in your Salah. Even the whatever you're doing in your life, right? And even if you can't get to that level, keep conscious

00:29:32 --> 00:29:55

that Allah sees you. Yes, and that is a really important advice for when you're fasting because then you're going to guard your tongue. You're going to guard your eyesight, you're hearing everything and you're going to reach a higher level in your cm a higher level in your fasting and that's what the whole aim of fasting is yet to actually like. Be there. It's Palmilla. Yeah, like it's making me change a lot of things.

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This podcast is brought to you by South Africa welfare fund.

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Santa Monica,

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Santa Monica.

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Ramadan Kareem,

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Ramadan Kareem kuramoto

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Ramadan Kareem.

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Kareem. So how does the deen approach charity like it because because we're prepping now like when we're like the Ramadan, as I told he's like the biggest month of, of giving an A we give. So the call like throughout the year of course, like Allah has encouraged us about soccer and soccer. But like you feel like people tend to be reminded of soccer conduct more like how do you approach it? And how do you actually get your children to approach SATA cotton to actually make them have empathy towards the the people overseas that are disadvantaged or vulnerable? living in vulnerable communities? Yeah, look, I think we have to realize that if we like, if we want Allah to have mercy

00:31:40 --> 00:32:17

upon us, yeah, we need to have mercy with our brothers and sisters. Yes, you know, we need to have empathy and be thinking about our brothers and sisters, you know, so Ramadan is not just about our our slack. Yes. There's the whole focusing on your individual relationship with Allah. Yeah, but then Allah wants us all sort of thing outwardly to, you know, about the oma, what are we doing for the oma? What are we doing for our brothers and sisters? You know, if we want to get close to Allah, how are we gonna get close to him? We don't think we don't think also outwardly, right? Yes. So we want to get close to Allah, one of the ways to get close to Allah is by, you know, sadhaka by by,

00:32:17 --> 00:32:50

you know, charity and sadhaka. And the cat in pain makes you pay as a cat By the way, some people, you know, they haven't paid this a car, but they'll play soccer. So it's very important to make sure you've ticked those things. Yeah, if you really want to, and it's easy now like on our website, we have like as a cat calculator, we just put the numbers and it's just calculates it for you. So like, we've made it easier for brothers and sisters to actually just directly know how much the cat they have to put in the year inshallah saw. It is easier now. I feel like we're so lucky and fortunate. We don't have to think about it that much. So yeah, it's so much easier. I mean, you can even do you

00:32:50 --> 00:33:21

know, where they take out a certain amount from your account? Yes. You know, the last 10 nights we're gonna take out a certain amount of your account, you know, yes. From your account, so it's, it's much easier. Yeah. Before we used to do it in the masjid when we when when we're going to the masjid? Yes. Like we don't like I don't know how it's gonna be this year. But like, last year, we obviously couldn't go so most people were doing their transactions online. Yes, due to that analyze it, but I think that's the main thing you know, focusing on you know, that's part of your your Ramadan. You know, part of your acts of worship in Ramadan is going to be sadhaka 80 is going to be

00:33:21 --> 00:33:59

yours occur, you know, if you normally pay yours, okay, in Ramadan. And then, like I said, just thinking out would be thinking about the all my thinking about the, the brothers and sisters. I mean, imagine feeding, feeding, you know, the people in need around the world, right? And I always think about them spell imagine those people breaking fast. Yeah, on something that you've provided for them. It's like, and that could be even when you're not fasting, they're breaking their fast. Yep. on something you've provided. So you know, you're gonna get the reward of all those people that inshallah you've provided. If thought, yeah, and you'd see the meat, you'd see the videos here as

00:33:59 --> 00:34:36

well, I can see like they like or just came right in time. Or they say, they say like, we wait for the trucks in Ramadan, we just wait for the trucks to arrive. If no trucks arrived, and we don't have anything to eat, if the trucks arrived with the aid, then we do have something to eat. So imagine just waiting at Maghrib time, you don't know whether the aid is coming or not. So it's like, a big thing. I'm like, we have we prep, prep, and we prep and then we start from 1pm like you see the mother just doing all these dishes, and I don't mean to like belittle anybody or whatever it was, but I feel like we're, we're in such a like 100 our blessed now, like we live where we don't

00:34:36 --> 00:34:59

have to worry about these things that like us. panela like these people are just waiting and with their children just waiting for us to send aid. And they know like they know from what country it came as well spawn a lot. I just feel like it's right. Like, this is our test as well. Like this blessing we're living in is our test like their test is poverty. Their test is, you know, hardship artist is this this bliss and this blessing where

00:35:00 --> 00:35:19

Allah is going to test us to see you know, what are we going to do with his blessings Allah has given us and we and panela most of us in Australia are very, very blessed. the least we can do is you know give the small amount at least you know what I mean as as a as a shock to Allah as a thankfulness to Allah subhanaw taala yeah

00:35:20 --> 00:35:52

yep. Yeah. And like any feel like with children how do you tell them about how do you come about like to tell them to to have empathy I feel with my children, I tell them all there are people that are for whatever I show them Now luckily hamdulillah I work in our charity organization I show them the videos I'm like, you see these kids sock they're running for the boxes for the food packs like they were running towards on Monday run towards me for like the willies shopping you don't like you don't care about this. Like they care about rice and lentils and all that they they don't have that access. But how do you make it like, you know, something that it's ingrained in them? Like you see

00:35:52 --> 00:36:28

some kids that actually believe it? How do you try to instill that in your children's panela Look, there have been in at times powerful videos. Yeah. Young children, for example. Make everything easy on our on my you know, for example, digging in the dirt trying to find a bit of bread, yes. You know, things like that. Just show them those kinds of things and let them think about like that, like, while you're sitting there deciding whether you're you know, you don't even want to finish your food and you're being picky on your name. I don't like this food. You know, these kids actually just grateful just to find a piece of bread. Yes. You know, I think that's probably the you know, I

00:36:28 --> 00:36:32

think you would just give it in a very relatable way there's still kids you know,

00:36:33 --> 00:36:55

like, that's why if you can't ever go overseas and let them see real life children who are struggling Yeah, I think that's a far more powerful you know, experience it's we are very disconnected that's the problem Pamela Yeah, very disconnected here. Yes. Hello. Is like a lot here for joining us. I really love this conversation. I wish I could I want to keep you more I want to ask you all these things and pick your brain.

00:36:57 --> 00:37:30

Memory would you for inviting me And may Allah bless your efforts what you're doing here shall lunch sisters if you want to learn more about what we're doing this Ramadan, we're trying to reach 11 million meals and shot a lot and that cannot happen without your donations. So visit for you to see how you can help today. And if you enjoyed this episode, make sure you comment, share with your friends and family the benefits and if you want to listen to the audio version of it, you can subscribe to our podcast on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts and Spotify inshallah. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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