Chirag Asks, Because you were born in a Muslim family you are endorsing Islam?

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Good evening everyone and good evening Dr. Nyah.

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Today, I am a human speaking on behalf of humanity.

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Now, Dr. Nyah, since you were

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Yeah, I am and please don't ask my religion.

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Dr. Nyah, since you were born maybe in a Muslim family, you will prescribe with your religion.

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Now, that is why, today you are endorsing it maybe,

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if you would have been born in a Hindu family, it could have been possible that today, this religion would have been on Hinduism. This, I feel is an extreme case of ethnocentrism, wherein you feel your religion, culture, beliefs and ideas are Supreme. That is why you said that Sikhism or Arya Samaj, or whatever religion that abandons idol worship is supported by you to,

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according to me, we should be discussing a larger religion of humanity and not keep juggling here. Any comments or just a good question? They say that because I was born in a Muslim family. That's the reason I'm endorsing Islam. Maybe if I was born in the Hindu family, I would be endorsing Hinduism. And I'm supporting Arya Samaj and Sikhism because it matches my view. And I'm juggling around. I should rather speak about broader aspects. Very good question. Yes, brother. I agree with you. his age of 19. I was a Muslim, only because my father was a Muslim. After the age of 19 when I started studying about comparative religion now, I'm a Muslim by choice.

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And believe me, if you can point out any other religion to me better than Islam. I'm ready to accept that religion today. Today, sir, I'm endorsing the religion of humanity rather come to it. Yeah. I'll come to it. Yeah. I'm telling anyone. close to me logically, scientifically, any other religion better than Islam? I'm ready to accept it. You're dealing you're talking about humanity. Who wrote this religion humanity must not only who wrote it, you know, a Muslim cannot be a good Muslim unless it's a human being. That never religion says every religion says rather let me complete my answer. Yes, sir. Are you here to hear my answer? Are you here to give your views? I would like to have a

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healthy discussion and reach the logical conclusion. This is not a debate session. Not at all. I never say so. Listen to my unfair Aftermath so you can give your comment Okay, please. Let me finish manager keep on interjecting that means you listen to answer carry on Listen carefully. Yeah, something is going mama is going in your mind. Now. When you listen. When you when you read out your question, Did I interrupt?

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Please carry on? Did I interrupt you? You did not please carry on? Everything writing down coming asking question. I am giving the reply. Listen. I'm listening. So why are you commenting?

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Please carry on Sir, please justify Tell me on so if you listen to my answer, you understand otherwise? All this more than 100,000 people will understand yet you'll have the same question. I'm a medical doctor. A person can concentrate on two different things. Listen to the answer after the answer though. No problem. What they have to realize you're talking about humanity. First. You said don't ask my religion. Then you're saying I'm endorsing humanity. First of all, you're ashamed to identify your view, then you're talking about humanity. I'm asking the question, who wrote this book called humanity? Is there any book? Is there any guidelines of humanity? I'm telling you, a Muslim

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cannot be a Muslim until every human being.

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Every religion doesn't say that. I'm sorry to say that you have not studied the other religions. I can give a talk. I can give you a quotation from the Vedas quotation from Hindu scriptures quotation on the Bible, which goes against humanity. I'm not here to criticize religion. If you have not studied any religion. Please don't say anything which you have no knowledge of. Quran says first Alou Allah Vickery in confirm that Allah moon Surah Al chapter 16, verse 43, for the Gambia, Chapter 21 verse number seven, you are not afraid of comparative religion. So please don't make comments without knowing I can give you a quotation from the Bible of humanity. I challenge you to point out

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a single verse of the Quran, or single teaching of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, which is like his humanity. So don't tell me every religion says that, sorry, your knowledge is very weak. What I'm trying to tell you

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Humanity means okay you and standard 2am talking about not only passing school not only graduation, you have to become postgraduate. Islam means higher level, only humanities low level.

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No Muslim can be a good Muslim unless he's a good human. I challenge you to point out a single teaching of Islam, which is against humanity. You may not be knowing the logical background, the logical reason why Islam is prescribed the teaching, and you may think it is against humanity. As always, the old doctor is giving me injection it is poking me. But that injection is good for you know, doctors cutting up my dummy is cutting up a dummy to save your life. So doctor knows you don't know if I have two choices, okay, passing standard two or three, or doing post graduation. I would prefer post graduation My only standard two and three, humanities good. But Islam is far superior

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than that. regarding a question, I'm endorsing Islam because I was born in a Muslim family, I told you, I challenge you, if anyone proves to me any other religion, I've studied most of the major religions. And I think Islam is the most logical, the best religion for humanity. It is the only religion which has the solution for humanity.

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Allah says in Surah lebrun, chapter number three, verse Dhamma, 19. in Medina, in the last Islam, the only reason acceptable in the sight of Almighty God is Islam. And for your information, your argument is so weak. Do you know out of more than 30 scholars that we have, from different parts of the world, more than 10? They were not born in a Muslim family? Do you know that?

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I'd like you to answer this question. Do you know that out of 30 people speaking from the stage more than 10 they were not born Muslim? Do you know that said I attached maybe

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Western? Do you know that? I don't know that. So that we the whole argument falls down out of the 30 people speaking from different parts of the world, more than 10 are from America for buy from Canada, fewer from UK We are from Malaysia, we have a couple from Saudi Arabia, from UAE, from Somalia, from Sudan. And more than 10 they were born in non Muslim families. They grew up some accept Islam in the teenage, some extreme Islam in the 20s and 30s. And unlike if they are Muslims by choice for logic, that because we are born in Muslim family, therefore I'm endorsing these people weren't born in Muslim family. They were born in a Christian family. They were born in non Muslim

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family, yet they're endorsing Islam. Why? Because they have studied, they have studied other religions, and they found Islam is the best way of life, what I request you, you study humanity and study Islam and try and find out what point Islam is against humanity.

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Then you come to know that the best religion I'm not asking a religion, I'm asking you to accept the best religion and the best way of life. The only solution for humanity is Islam.