Zakir Naik – Categories Of Elderly Exempted From Fasting

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of fasting for the elderly, particularly those who are at risk of health problems. They also mention the importance of fasting for those who have weak health conditions and the need for a fewer meal per day. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to feed only one person for health reasons, even if their health is weak.
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Dr. Zakir regarding elderly people, which category of elderly people are exempt from fasting. Allah says in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter number 284. That it is difficult for a person to fast, he can either fast, or he can give a ransom that is feeding of a poor person. As far as those elderly people who are exempted are those people whose health is so weak, that if they fast, it will damage the health. A person who's reached a very elderly age, the age is not fixed, whether it is 6070, or 80, or 90, depending upon the health condition due to the old age, if the health condition is bad, which prevents him from fasting, then is the time where he should feed one indigent person. And

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there's a hadith of a beloved partner so seldom say Buhari, born number six, how did number 4505 we, our beloved Prophet said that the old elderly men and woman, they need not fast, but they have to feed one poor person for every fast they skip. And similarly, there are various ad, for example, if read, direct me to stroke 208 it says that, if a person who has to give a ransom, he has to feed a poor person, one month of wheat, one month is equal to two hands outstretched full of it. Therefore, we should see that another idea, which is in direct need to stroke 270 that announcement, I visit him one year when he became very old, and you could not fast for the end of the month. He called 34

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people, and he fed them with bread crumbs and meal

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properly, for 34 people. So it means that every fast you miss, you should feed one person. But coming back to the question, that if the elderly person is a sound mind, and not healthy, that's the time he has to feed a person or given person. But if a person is elderly, and it becomes insane. If he's not a sound mind, then he doesn't have to fast. He's exempted. Neither does he have to give him the ransom neither yes to compensate because he is like a child. As our beloved Prophet said earlier, which I mentioned that the pen has been lifted on three categories of people. person was a child reaches puberty. So these people again become like children, or they become like a person

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who's insane. We say that the person has become senile. The village is an age in, which has been custom built is not there. He did not fast. Neither does he have to compensate the fast later on neediest opinions.

Dr Zakir Naik – Which categories of elderly people are exempted from fasting?

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