Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #069 – An Exploration into the Depths of Islam’s Guidance

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of Islam's desire for ease for the succeeding of the United States, which is a source of suffering. The speaker explains that Islam's desire for ease is not just a promise of success, but rather an internal ease that allows individuals to find a sense of purpose and resilience. The ultimate ease is after the death of the individual, not just a temporary bliss.
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Allah says in the Quran that he wants ease for us. And this is something that's really essential and central to who Allah is that he has goodwill to us. He wants us to succeed. But some people might be confused. And they might think, Well, okay, if Allah wants ease for us, then why doesn't he just let us do whatever we want, right? There's all these rules I have to follow. I can't do this, I can't do that. I have to do pray five times a day and dress a certain way and all these limits. So how do we square those two things? How do we say that Allah subhanaw taala wants ease for us? And yet he doesn't let us do whatever we want? Well, that's because the ease that Allah wants for us is in

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Islam, right? Islam actually, is the ease. Now that might seem counterintuitive at first, because we have this idea of negative freedom, this idea that the good life is just doing whatever we want, not realizing that if we were truly allowed to do whatever we want, or to do whatever we wanted, then we would actually have a very miserable life. Imagine children, right? If you let them choose what they ate for dinner, right? Anything in the house, you could eat, they'd eat ice cream, right, or candy or whatever, and they just, that's all they would eat. And maybe for one night, it would be fun or two nights, but then three, four, or five nights go by and they're gonna get sick, you know, their

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teeth are gonna start rotting after months, and they're gonna eventually have hardship, actually, because of this type of ease. That's not the kind of ease that Allah wants for us, right? Allah wants for us a more sustainable and fundamental and permanent ease, which is, first of all, an internal ease that we get, it's not tied to our external circumstances, because you know, who can control that we can't, you know, you're going to have loss, you're going to have hardship, you're going to have heartbreak, okay? So when Allah says that he wants ease for us, he's not just promising us an easy life. He's not saying that you're going to live without hardship. No, but if we

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submit, if we trust Him, if we obey, then we're going to be able to find the internal resources and resilience to deal with whatever happens. And we'll find an ease in that right. If you believe in a lot, if you trust a lot, if you love a lot, then no matter what happens, you're going to find a certain amount of ease, even if the world is falling down around you. And then the second dimension in which that is true, and the ultimate dimension in which that is true is that ease in paradise right ease after this whole thing is over. Because we're not just made for this world, we're made for the afterlife. Our lives are tiny in this world, and they really begin once we're dead and

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resurrected. And so the ultimate ease the eternal ease. The lasting ease that Allah wants for us isn't just some sort of shallow, superficial doing what we want here. It's the eternal, never ending bliss and internal EASE OF PARADISE.

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