Du’a: The Embodiment of Worship

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If there is one act of worship that allows villages, ascribes to them gives to them says that they used to perform on a regular basis. It is the act of worship of more than Salah more than fasting more than charity more than any other act of worship. It is the act of worship of God. And that's why if you were to analyze the Quran, and you were to look at all of those different demands that come from the prophets of Allah alayhi wa salatu wa sallam, you would find a wide vast array of doors for everything that we could possibly need. There is a dua that Allah azza wa jal has mentioned in the Quran, from one of those prophets already he was Salatu was salam, if it's divine

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help and care and protection that you need. Then you have the drop of Mohali. He sent him for the out of bamboo and NEMA urban fantasy when he called upon his Lord and he said I am overcome, so help and assist me Oh Allah. If it is children that you want. You have to do I have Zachary Ali Salaam una Lika De Anza kuriyama ba, ba ba Hubli Mila done Korea tiempo Yabba thereupon Zakaria call upon his daughter and he said Oh my Lord, give to me bestowed to me a righteous progeny and offspring. And if you have children, and you want to make dua for them and your parents, you have to do algebra him and he said I'm Ravi Gianni Maki, masala tea woman Daria T. Robin.

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Robin of Philly, what do you

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mean a yo yo como he said, Oh my Lord, make me from amongst those people who establishes the player and my children after me. How many of us in this month of Ramadan have made a single that our children will be from the people of Salah that our children will be from amongst those people who stand five times a day and night and they worship a large religion in the Salah. Oh my Lord make me from the people who establishes salah and my children after me over

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and over law forgive me and my parents and all of the believers on the day that you will hold us to account and if it is that you have some problems some some illness that you're trying to overcome. We have the deriva you barely sent them in NEMA sin El Dorado Antara hamara haneen Oh my Lord, I have been overcome by affliction, by illness by disease. And you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. If it is hardship, difficulty that you're in. We have the director of university he said um, when he was in the belly of the whale, La ilaha illa Anta subhanak in the Quran to me, nobody mean none has the right to be worshipped except you, Oh Allah, Glory be to You. I am from amongst

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those people who have oppressed themselves. If it is forgiveness that we want. We have the drama of our four parents, the man hawala, he was Sam robina Valentina and fusina, Willem tofield and our hymnal and akuna Minal ha serene, oh my lord, we have wronged our sounds, and you are the one who forgives and if you do not forgive us and show mercy to us, we will be from amongst the losers. If it is acceptance that we want for our deeds, this month of Ramadan, I will pray and I will fasting and I will charity and I will recitation of the Quran and all of those acts of worship that we've done. Then we have the death of Ibrahim and is married and he must sell them that they were making

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as they were constructing the Kaaba, and they were seeing what I've been at Taco Bell Mina, in the current seminar in our Lord acceptors formers and you are the one who is all hearing and all knowing if there is a responsibility that is upon your shoulders, and you find it difficult to discharge to fulfill that responsibility. We have the director of moosari serum, rubbish Ronnie soldering, well, you're certainly Emily

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melissani only, oh my lord, expand my chest, make my affairs easy for me and tie the knot in my tongue so that the people may understand me my speech over and over again in the Quran, we have these demands, if it is gratitude that you want to show to a large soldier, for the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon you and upon your family, from wealth and from good health and for more of those blessings that Allah has given. We have the dawn of Suleyman early. He said, I'm

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an Iranian American lady and until Allah Yahweh Allah wa de will not Masada hunter de

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Matic, Effie rebetiko solea him, oh, my Lord, give me the ability to show gratitude to you for that which you bestowed upon me and my parents before me. And they should continue to do righteous actions, and in to me with your mercy into the company of the righteous over and over and over again, that the wires of the Koran that the prophets or the humans salatu salam made alonza which will record them because it is the most consistent, consistently recorded act of worship that we have, from those great illustrious prophets, early humans Salatu was Salam. And that's because in the Koran in

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The sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The concept of Dawa is more than simply the concept of raising your hands in da da da da is the embodiment of worship, from the meanings of the law, from the understanding of the concept of da is that the heart leans towards Allah subhana wa Tada. When you turn to a large religion, in any type of worship, any act of worship, be that Salah be that this Juma hookah here be when you give charity, your heart turns towards a larger religion. So it is a form of dharma. It is a form of invocation of supplication. Why, because when you're performing that act of worship, as your heart turns and leans towards Allah azza wa jal in within

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your heart, you have that ardent desire and hope that a large soldier will accept from you that he will accept the deed from you. And you have within your heart that fear, that apprehension, that trepidation that perhaps alarms that we just won't accept, perhaps he will reject those deals, perhaps they're not worth anything in the sight of a large villager. That is a form of

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and that's why the Prophet sallahu wa Salatu was Salam and our profits on the lower end, he was seldom the focus so much on this amazing act of worship. That's why it's so closely intertwined with this month of Ramadan. Because in this month of Ramadan, our whole heart is leaning towards Allah azza wa jal, we're worshiping a lot more in Ramadan, than we do throughout the rest of the year. And that's why there's a drive for every occasion, not like other acts of worship. If you want children, there's not a single specific solid that you can perform for children. There's not a type of other act of worship that you do to have children or to have wealth or for good health. But drama is

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something that you can use for all of that. And that's why the Prophet told us on the lower that he was selling them in the hadith of a Normandy bin Bashir of the Allahu unclicking, the telemovie, he said, who will do is worship. It is all of worship, when you understand this concept of the law, and the concept of your heart that he must lean towards a larger region, then why is worship and then he said, How do you select to a cinema Rather, he was cited the verse in the Quran wakad or buko madonia statue? blackham and your Lord has said, Call upon me and I will answer in the livina instek. Burana andreeva that he said, Hold on a Johanna muda hearin for those people who are too

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arrogant and too proud to worship Me and a lot Kuwait's do it with worship, then they will enter into Hellfire for eternity. So the companions the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his companions are the Allahu anhu, which mean they will be engaged in worship for the whole day, from the moment that they woke up, when they used to go into the bathroom and come out to chroma qumola when they would eat and they would drink when they would leave their house or return into the house, when they would enter into the masjid or leave the masjid when they would go on a travel or they would go on a journey. The whole day is punctuated with drama. And that's not the type of variable you have to

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face today below, you raise your hands, but it is the aisle when you call out to a large religion and your heart has turned towards Allah subhana wa tada that he leans towards a larger religion. And that's why, for more of the things that we've committed, everything that we've done all of the things that we have a single act of when your heart is filled with sincerity, filled with desire and hope of Allah's mercy filled with fear of his punishment, years and years of accumulating sins can be forgiven in the single act of law. When you make Toba, you repent to a lie, it is a form of law. When you ask for a loss, forgiveness and mercy. It is a drive that you make. The Prophet told us on

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a low hourly He will send him the hadith of Pudsey, that is clicking the telemovie he said that a large soldier Adam, in the Commander ohtani world Joe 24 Foot Locker, Allah Makana, minca wala rubelli, a child of Adam or son of Adam or daughter of Adam, so long as you continue to call upon me and hope in my mercy and my forgiveness, I will forgive you for all of your sins, and they are not insignificant for me. Doesn't matter how many they are. It is insignificant to Allah, that you should forgive all of that. Not only that, but we've been told in the Sunnah and another Hadith and Pudsey on the authority of Abu Dhabi, Allahu Akbar platoon Sahih Muslim, that if all of us were

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together in a single place, a laws, treasures, laws, grease, laws, bounty is so wide, so comprehensive, so expensive, that it covers all of us for everything that we need. The Prophet told us on a low while he was selling them that Allah says in this how do you see your ebody low and welcome eurocom we're in Sakuma Gina Calm, calm. woofie sorry denwa for a loony feralpi to Kula hidden Miss elata mana Casa de Luca me Mary

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The electromagnetic pulse on mithya to either auto

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or my slaves, if the first of you and the last of you meaning from the time of Adam, Allah, He sent him the first of creation, to the very last of creation, and the humans from amongst you and the jinn from amongst you, all of you, what to gather in the single pane, how to single time on a single piece. And each and every single one of you were to ask Allah for everything that they need, not just one day that you choose, all of the hours that you have all of the needs that you have, you were to ask Allah for everything Allah says, and I want to give each and every single one of you all that you asked, he would not diminish from my kingdom, except the way that the needle diminishes

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from the water of the ocean. That is how expansive alaric xeljanz mercy forgiveness bounty and grace is. And that's why the Prophet told us a lot while he was sent him into Hades in a Tinder movie, Lisa shaken a Chroma Allah him in a DA there is nothing that is more noble in the sight of Allah than making dua. Because when you turn towards Allah azza wa jal, before you raise your hands, your heart has already attached itself to a larger religion. Before you open your mouth and you utter those words of law. You've already shown your poverty and your need before the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of all creation. And before you put your hands down, a large soldier has

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seen the need and the poverty in the hadith of a son manual fallacy, or the law of war. No Prophet told us some love while he was still him in the law, are you young Corinne is the original Elijah de and Europe the Houma seafront, Holly Martin. Alonzo was really shy, shy, and a lot of social is most generous. He is shy that a person should raise their hands in to him, and he should return them with not empty handed. A lot is shy, that you should turn towards him. Ask him, show him your poverty and your need, especially for something that you really need, especially at a time of desperation and need, and that alarm should return you without anything. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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in some of the most pivotal times in his life. Like for example, before the Battle of Baba, he was engaged in

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turning towards a large soldier, raising his hands towards the heavens, because he understood the importance of their act of worship. That wasn't a time for Salah wasn't a time for charity was our time for any of the other illustrious acts of worship that we have in this religion. It was a time for and that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if he was perturbed by something distressed by something, he would rush and hurry towards the prayer, because the sooner the prayer all of it is in record in sujood in Tisha hood, it is full of drama and supplication to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The Prophet told us subtle love while he was seldom showing a loss, generosity,

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showing a loss of panatela and the mercy that is on offer, especially in this month of Ramadan. He said in the Hadith of the summit, or the Allahu Allahu Akbar, he said, the Muslim moon, la la, Isla De La Jolla, Osaka and Lumina sumith la, Mamma mia to be met Thurman okatie Akira. He said Adi salatu wa sallam, there is not a single Muslim upon the face of the earth. There's 1000 of us gathered here to 3000 in this mission, each and every single one of us calls upon Allah in our own language in our own way, in our own manner. We use different words and expressions, and we have different needs and wants and supplications. And allies, the wisdom hears all of us, and those

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voices, those needs those applications. They're not confusing to Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah doesn't mix up my daughter with your daughter, and a wife soldier doesn't have a problem understanding my speech or my dialect to my accent subhanho wa Taala. There's not a single Muslim upon the face of the earth, 1 billion plus Muslims, except that if they make a dua to a large xojo, our Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us that if they make a dua to Allah, Allah will give them what they want, or he will remove from them some harm that was coming to them. No do is answered in one of these ways. I the law gives you that reward now he gives you what you asked for, or he gives you

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that reward a normal piano or he removes some harm that was coming your way in your path. So long as you don't ask for anything which is sinful. And you don't ask a large soldier to break the ties of kinship and family. A man heard this Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a companion, and he said you're a surah Allah, either Knoxville or messenger of Allah then we should increase

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We should do more. The Prophet Allah salatu wa sallam said, Allahu Akbar, and Allah has even more. You can't wear at a law, there's not, there's not a limited finite resource of what a larger which enhance, there's not a limited amount of law that you can ask Allah subhana wa Taala for. And that's why the companions of the Prophet alayhi wa salatu salam would be engaged in the act of Dr. Omar, Badiola Juan Omar, this amazing, illustrious companion, but of your loved one, he used to say that I don't worry about a law's response. I worry about my law. That's my job, my responsibility. That's what I have to do. And a large social will respond to my draw, if I make it, the famous illustrious

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scholars of God but arena rahima Hello, Tyler said, doesn't matter how many sins you have, how evil you've been? Doesn't matter what major sins you've committed, never think never think that a law won't answer your law. Because the law tells us in the Quran, that he even answered the door of your beliefs. And there's not a single person here, no one, no matter what sins they've committed and what they've done in their life, that is more Richard, more outcast, more evil than he believes. But when he believes knowing of lost power, knowing a loss, Grace, knowing and loss bounty when he Please turn to Allah And may Allah responded to him. He says, as a law said in the law says in the

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Quran that he believes said Rob be founder Nina young new bossa nova Allah, allow me to live give me wesbite until the Day of Resurrection. He made that too at the beginning of time, at the time of Adam and he sent him over LA, allow me to live until Yeoman piano violin for in the communal Medina la said, you will be given that respect. He answered the derogatory beliefs. Then what about our when we have within our hearts he man and a love for Allah and a love for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that acknowledgement that realization that we are in need, we're in poverty of a loss, blessings and his mercy, his forgiveness, his bounties in his grace, do you think that a

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larger version wouldn't respond to your demands? And that's why the companions of the Prophet son alone while he was telling us to say that we ask Allah for everything, we make dua for everything, even the shoe laces upon our shoes and our sandals. We ask Allah for we make two extra larges eligible for it, there is nothing small or insignificant, that you think is beneath the lies illusion, there is no, no matter how great or how big that you shouldn't make from from Allah subhana wa Tada. The prophets on a low early he was silom, once went to visit a companion, the companion was sick, he was so sick that the narration says that his body had become weak. And he

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sounded like a chick, a chicken because of how weak his voice had become. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam saw his illness and he said to him, is there a way that you used to make? And the man replied, Yes, almost in Java law. I used to seal the law, if there is a punishment that you have for me in the next life, then bring it forward to this life. If there is a punishment that is in store for me on your piano, I would rather have it here in this life. Why? Because the man's thinking, that in in this life, the punishment is nothing like the punishment of the hero. Our Prophet told us on the lower it was seldom that the fire of this world is only one of 70 parts of

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the fire of the hereafter. So he wants the punishment of this life. The Prophet said to him, son, Allah, Allah, he was seldom Subhana Allah glory bitwala that's not something which you can ask for. It's not something which you can bear. It's not something which you can withstand, but rather, it would have been better for you to say, along with dunya Hasina. orfila irati hacer una mattina azova. Now over la give to me the best of this life and the best of the next life and save me from the punishment of the Fire. And that is from the beauties of the neurons of the Quran. They are comprehensive in meaning short in phrases and words easy to remember and memorize, but they are

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amazing their potential and then they reward Mel larussa which will accept our two hours in this month of Ramadan. Maillard soldiers show His mercy and forgiveness upon us, except our deeds in this month of Ramadan and make us from amongst those people who flees from the fire of how us our families, our parents, our wives and our children subhana

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wa salam ala masurian will hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen

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smilla with hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah

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he was talking to her woman voila, who seldom at the Sleeman kathira our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the from the types of duality that are not rejected by Larissa which is the

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of the person who fasts, filler through the hour to Mr. Java, three types of browsers are accepted by Alan from them that were to sign the drawing of the one who is fasting this month of Ramadan these last few days that we have left of the explicit man. It is an amazing opportunity to make dua for everything that you can possibly ask for. in any language that you choose in any way that you wish to express yourself. Please enlarge the region since Allah upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Nazca lines that will gel for all of your needs. Our mother Ayesha or your loved one. She said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Hadith and Sunnah even manager,

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Yasuda la,

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la la la parte de ma call or messenger of Allah. If I think that I find Laila to other What should I say what why should I make? He said Ali salatu salam say, Allahu Akbar foon to HIPAA law FWA. For me, our law you are the one who pardons you'll have to pardon. So pardon me these days and these nights are a time to make throughout this day is the last Friday of this month of Ramadan. So last Friday, and in the time between us on anti muslim, there is a time to make do is a time when do is accepted you're going to be fasting is the blessed day of Ramadan, bless the month of Ramadan, the blessed day of Friday, and you have that time on a Friday, in which two hours are accepted. Make

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that two hour and from the dance that I want to recommend that you make in this month of Ramadan is the via which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would always make in Ramadan outside of Ramadan. It was one of the most common demands that he used to make. But it is something that we often neglect, and that is that he would make to ask for his heart. He would ask Allah to make and to rectify his heart to make his heart steadfast upon this religion, in the region of Ramadi

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in the ration of ignore, how shall he said that I came to the mother of the believers almost selama rhodiola Juana and I said to her yo masala makan

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was telling me that countering that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was with you meanings at home behind closed doors, the companions on around him is in his home with his wife and his family. What is the most common dua that used to hear him making all these salatu salam? She said that he used to make the most often yamo Caliban lube, Sabbath colombiana denecke or the one who turns the hearts make my heart strong and firm upon your religion. She said so I asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on messenger of Allah. Why is it that you make this to our most? Why is it that you make this more than any other? He said yo masala nermeen adomian in Laval boo

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bien en spiny min Asahi of ramen, from Parma woman shut us off. He said almost selama there's not a single human except that their heart is between the two fingers of the fingers of a man and whosoever he wishes he will make steadfast and whosoever He wishes will be misguided. So he would make this throughout often. I will show you how arola the ones that we met. One of the dryers that they would most make is that they would ask a large soldier to rectify their hearts. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the manner lokala poofy jofa de Coca Cola Film Festival la mujer did he manage to become Eman? it disintegrates in the heart, just as your clothes disintegrate over

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time. So ask Allah to renew a man in your hearts. The Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam would often focus on these aspects of forgiveness and rectifying the heart because if they are done, then all of the other fears become easy. So in this month of Ramadan in these last few remaining hours, make to our for yourselves make dua for your families make dua for your brothers and your sisters and for the Muslim ummah. We ask Allah soldier that accepts our decent this month of Ramadan. And the large soldier gives us the blessing of being able to witness this month over and over again, whilst we're in good health and with a man masala soldier that he elevates our ranks in this month of Ramadan

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that accepts our deeds shows His mercy and forgiveness upon us enters us into the highest ranks of gender and that if we use us and our parents and our families from the fire supernatural because the hamanasi phone was Sarah monogamous setting will help