Ahsan Hanif – Mindset Of True Muslims

Ahsan Hanif
AI: Summary © A speaker discusses the difficulty of people feeling sad after the destruction of events like the events of the previous months. They explain that those who have lacked certainty or faith in the Promise of Allah subhanaw are people who become depressed and feel a sense of hopelessness. The speaker uses the analogy of people who have a "hopeless" sense of their state and don't have a sense of their obligations as Muslims.
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There are people who see as we are seeing now and it's been some three months since the events of causa started. The difficulty that the oppression levels people are facing the many, many deaths that they had to endure the destruction that we see on a mass scale and ask Allah azza wa jal on the status President find it or Allah subhanaw taala Bucha relief to them, that Allah azza wa jal protects them and their families, the land and the water the property.

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When it when you see something like this, there are two types of people in the way that they respond. Those who lack certainty the Promise of Allah subhana wa Tada either because they have no Eman or because they Eman is weak. And so they are people who become depressed people overcome by despondency not only in themselves because they feel a sense of hopelessness, which is natural, but also amongst the community and amongst other people. They look at everyone around them and the Muslims in general. And they say that this is our state and this is our affair. You see no hope wherever you look, you see no relief wherever you looked. And that is not the mindset of the Muslim.

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That is the mindset of those people who lack certainty and the Promise of Allah azza wa jal. They don't have truly man, in the words of Allah subhanho Terra bras for those people who do they know that the words of Allah azza wa jal not true

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