Can Dua Change Our Destiny

Zakir Naik


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Can Dua Change Our Destiny? – Dr Zakir Naik

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How correct is the phrase which some people say in there?

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Oh Allah, I do not ask you to change your decree but I do ask you to help when it comes to pass.

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I'm aware that many Muslims ask this door. But this is not the right way to ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah has told us that we can ask Allah subhana wa Taala anything, we can ask for forgiveness, we can ask for the good things we can even ask him to. Even if he has mentioned something in our decree that something wrong is going to happen, something bad's gonna happen, we can ask him for good. So it is wrong to say that we cannot ask you to change your decree. But please help us further as mentioned in the Quran, in Surah, Falak chapter 113 with faith that will also be a big fella that say, We seek refuge with the Lord have down from

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the mischief which has been created. So we are seeing last minute Allah for prediction, refuge. It's mentioned in, say Buhari, born number nine, in the book of Hadith number 6616. That the Prophet said, that take refuge with Allah subhanho wa Taala. From the severity in the calamities

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from the evil end, and the bad fate

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and from the malicious joy of the enemy. So, but naturally, you can ask Allah subhanaw taala to change his guard. But I like to give an example

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that suppose there is a student for ps4 examination, and he has been fed well knows that he's going to fail. So he comes home, and he prays to Allah subhanaw taala that Allah subhanaw taala please pass me

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and Allah Spano tala accepts his prayer. So in the Condor, it was mentioned that this particular student, he was going to fail, he comes home. And he prays to Allah subhanaw taala. Allah subhanaw taala even knows whether the person is going to pray to him or not. And Allah even knows whether he would accept a spear or not. So in the written record that was mentioned, you will fail the examination.

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Allah also knows in advance that will come and pray and ask Allah to pass so that you pass him the examination, Allah even knows that he's going to accept this prayer and pass him the examination. So actually, the color is perfect, it doesn't change, but the previous color, which was there they go to fail is there. So when you pray, the previous color gets changed. But Allah also it's a game that whether you're going to play or not, therefore always you should pray to Allah subhanaw taala and ask for his forgiveness and ask for help. So it's also mentioned the other that he's going to pray and Allah will accept this prayer and impasse. Okay, that's good. That's very good.

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There's hope for us all. In other words,