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hamdulillah equality with God Mina de la knew him in a column for mostly just subliminal Adam homolka Toba to Allah, another financial guru who will most likely become an attorney. On Sunday Allah rasulillah from the shadow Villa Shama noodle atom. Well kitabi mocha mocha Melinda Bina will say either one or the other lady Mashallah v Reese Ave Maria de Brahim Ali Salam Hina. Kenya Furukawa debate Illa Hill Mohan for some a lot more either he was alone. It's very highly Lama, Latina barakallahu li him catheter nurse a lot of Raja

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and hamdulillah la de la Mia.

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Lucia de

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la volume in a truly what a beautiful tequila when hamdulillah Hey lady Angela Allah Abdel Kitab

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Al Hamdulillah Latina who want to stand in who want to stop film when he went to LA. When I wrote to him in Chile, unforseen a woman sejahtera Molina, de la la la la, la la la la de la Allah, Masha Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah when the shadow Mohammed Abdullah he was Zulu Allahu Allahu taala. Buddha with him in Huck youth Hara who Allah de Vaca fabula he shahida for solo la hora de he was seldom at the Sleeman casilla and casilla.de Sica double la ohioan Howdy, howdy Mohammed in Salalah alayhi wa sallam, we're in a shotgun Marina de to her We're in nikolova Desert in Mira akula with Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah azza wa jal Chiquita Kadeem an akula let him initiate a new regime.

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His scholarly Abbey he will call me Hema, Heidi Tomasi realty until the hottie phone call

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between Paula Lakota quantum and Toma will continue but it will be called watch it and I will enter in the lobby.

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Sorry, we're silly Emily Waterloo, Dr. Tammy lasagna, Ollie along with a bit and the multi de la ilaha illAllah.

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Muhammad Muhammad Ali has also been happy, whatever. So beside me I mean,

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in today's Goodbye, I hope to continue the conversation I started with you last week about a passage belonging to so little MBR. That's the 21st surah of the Quran. The passage started from the 51st ayah. And it's talking about Ibrahim alayhis. Salam and how Allah makes a claim to Ibrahim Alayhi Salam and the guidance that he had. And he cited one moment or one one, you know, phenomenal incident from his life when he challenged the faith of the people around him. And he was the only one who came to the conclusion that these false gods aren't the ones to be worshipped. So when he first last week, I told you about the confidence with which he posed a question mahadevi hit the

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materiality and Tula hierarchy, food and even what I didn't point out some things that are, I think, important to point out is the escuela Sharla, here, my How did he, what are these idols? And the word these is used? Obviously, it's a demonstrative now I want to point at something, it's done for rhetorical reasons, a number of them. And one of those is actually, when you say this to someone, you can say it out of disgust. Like this, you want me to eat this? Right? So the word this can be used in language to talk down to something? Or is this what you want me to do? And you're in shock? Right? So the word this, there's an undertone behind it? And of course, if he's talking about, he's

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talking about the idols as if he's never seen them before, we all know that he has. But what are these idols? is kind of the tone of his question. You can, you know, in do, you know, deduce from the text, that there's a frustration inside him, this is what you these are the representations that you want to worship. This is what you want to give yourselves to. And so he poses this question, and he's passionate about it. And that's the kind of indicated in the strength of his language when he uses the word heavy. But what's important here is not just what he said, because it's brave enough for him to say that, but a lot gives us lots of lessons in what the prophets said, and what they

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spoke and what good people said. But there's lots of things to learn also, from what not so good people said, right there. What they said also is recorded in the Quran. And it's important for us to learn lessons from that to their response should also be looked at analytically, carefully. So when he said this to his father, and he said this to the society at large, people in leadership, obviously, are people full people around the temple that are engaged in their worship and he goes out to them and he

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poses a question to them. What is this that you're doing? Right now? It's interesting. You could you could ask that question in general, it's another when you're actually in the center of what they're engaged in, and you're challenging them right there. It's one on everybody else. And it's very easy that you're gonna get, you know, railed on by a mob, it's not an easy thing to do one person to take on an entire crowd, and he's a kid, he's really young at this time. Their response, however, some of the older, maybe you could say, or some of the more senior his father included, instead of losing his school, or becoming angry, and how do we know that there's that anger yet? You see, when

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someone's angry, then their language becomes stronger. Right. And then the Arabic language that Allah chose to reveal his final word, there are degrees with which you can make your language stronger. So the stronger statement is, the more emphatic a person is and the more they're reacting to somebody that they want to correct. Or they want to put in their place. What's remarkable about their statement is what Jelena kalu they responded with just another hobby Dean, there's practically no no refutation. There's no emphasis. There's no lokhandwala, another hobby Dean, or in another IBD, or, you know, the IBD in something like nothing, there's no devices that are that are available

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that are used all over the Quran to emphasize something, they're not being used. So what I'm trying to get it in simple words, is their response to Ibrahim alayhis. Salam was not an angry response. It was a very plain, normal tone. That's what our fathers did. We found our fathers doing this. So they acted totally normal. Why? He see he asked a question, and clearly he seems to be, even though he's logical in his question, he's asking a very

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reasonable question. But he's passionate about his question. So I want you to take a moment. And really, hopefully I can get across what I'm trying to say to you. There are two components to his communication. There's two things that he's trying to do. He's trying to say something logical, but he's also seeing it clearly with some passion. Right? So it's what he's saying, which is a logical question, and how he's seeing it, which is passionately, because it hurts him that other than the lies being worshipped. Now, their response, they don't have a logical response. So they can't respond to part one of his communication, which is what he's asking for. They don't have an answer

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for that. Because the answer to that will be these are, like I said, last week, these are idols. These are made of marble, and wood, and a little bit of glue, and this.

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And this is the story that was passed down, and we don't really know where it came from. That's the actual answer. That's the actual but they can't do that. Because if they give that answer, they're admitting their own fault. For what they can do, is say, Hey, why are you getting so worked up? Why are you getting so out of out of whack? Why are you so upset? You seem a little excited about this. This is normal. So instead of responding to his actual question, they're responding to his tone, with calm, making it seem like he's the one crazy. They're the ones that are normal. You see how smart that is. And so you can you can, this is a great a remarkable form of manipulation, that

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someone speaks out for the truth, and you say, Hey, is upset, calm down, this is how it's supposed to be. And now my calm tone becomes a validation for my wrong idea. And your passionate tone becomes an endorsement that you're saying the wrong thing you understand. So they're trying to frame his passion, put him in a corner, and say, This is what it's supposed to be normally. And this is also, it's done to him because he's young and impressionable, right. So the calm tone coming from the elder makes the young person feel like well, they're so calm, and they're so relaxed about this, they're, first of all, they're being forgiving of me. Because I went out of line, I got too

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passionate. So they're calm tone is in between the lines, they're very forgiving of my disrespect. I just crossed the line. And they're so kind. So now you're they've done you a favor, they've got a point on you, you're already in the under position, right? You're underneath them. And they're at an advantage now on this communication psychologically. So just understand that in communication, it's not just words that are being shared. Body language, tone, those things make an impression on who stands in what position. It's not just the words that come out of your mouth, it's somebody made you feel a certain way. And that makes you It impacts you in a way should I respond? Should I not

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respond? Should I start apologizing now? Should I start questioning myself? And that's These are some of the intentions of this normal response. This is what we found our ancestors doing. And this that was the normal tone of that response from that we can extract from the grammar is as if to say you're the ones

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That's not normal. Whereas the ones that are, let me use the Islamic terminology. Whereas the ones on the fifth law, you're the ones that are not, you're the one that isn't. We're the ones that are on doing the natural thing. You're the one doing the unnatural thing. You're the one who's young, who doesn't understand this wisdom is not just the wisdom of your dad, who's got many more years than you, then it's his dad and his dad and his dad. So it's many, many generations of wisdom. There's, there's, there's goodness in it, there's benefit in it. And by the way, let me tell you, just while we're on the subject, practically any religion in the world, any religion in the world,

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whether it's Hinduism, Buddhism, it's the ancient Egyptian religions, whatever religion? Will you find some wisdom in it? some benefit? in it some good teachings? And at some morality in it, you can?

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Don't you see that in our religion we give to give to the poor? Don't you see how we take care of the elderly? Don't we? Don't you see this? So even if it's a false religion, from our point of view, it's impossible to deny that virtually every religion has some aspects of good.

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And it's very easy for someone to highlight those aspects of good and make someone feel like how could you criticize something good.

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This is what we found our ancestors doing and for good reason. Look at all the good around you. You think your neighbors are evil people? You know, the ones who helped us last year? You know, this one? And that one, the ones who helped us when we were sick? Or who helped your mother who did this? Who did that? Those were all people of the evil religion? You think they're all evil? So now they are trying to make Ibrahim alayhis salaam in between the lines question, maybe I went too far. Maybe I'm being too judgmental, right. It's a really interesting, very powerful and very clever form of manipulation, to not be aggressive, to actually be calm. And to make you question yourself, and to

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make me maybe think maybe I am too judgmental. While the fact let's take a step back and look at the fact of the matter, Ibrahim alayhis salaam is not hateful of his people. Ibrahim Allison is tremendous spite he does for the idols for the idols are bt na na, na casilla minuteness later and is coming when he speaks about the idols almost perfect personifying them as enemies, and uses the lamido hoonah. Even though they're non human, he uses hot enough for them the feminine idols as if he wants to, like, he wishes they were alive, so he could destroy that is called the middle of him, you know, that they've just this misled so many from the people, these idols, and his passion came

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out when he, you know, obviously wreck the idols and destroyed them. That's a later part of the story. But here, what I what I wanted to first focus on is this form of manipulation that they put themselves with. And then the interesting thing is they didn't seek and they didn't offer an explanation from themselves. They didn't say we do this. And here's our reason. They said, We found our ancestors doing so. So who's responsible? Not us? It's our ancestors. So if is our ancestors, that means that you are if you really want to ask, you should ask the elders, but they're gone, and they're too wise for you to question them? Are you going to question them too? Are you going to

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question these these greats? These are the ones you want to question. We think, think twice about that. So it's bigger than you and it's bigger than me, it's about our entire heritage. This isn't just about you and me. So make him feel like, it's almost as if you need to understand this is a repeat a little bit from last time. questioning the ancestry or criticizing the ancestry, especially in ancient times, is like saying you're not proud of your own identity.

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like something's wrong with your identity, if you question that your ancestors did something wrong. The new form of that is your country where some people are very patriotic, or even nationalistic. Right? And if you're super nationalistic, you can't hear any criticism of your country, you lose it.

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Right? Because questioning that is questioning your very own existence. Right? So like people paint their faces with flags Nowadays, people painted their faces with their ancestry back in the day. Ancient poets would say these are my father's which ones are yours name yours, though they would name their ancestors and talk about this one was among my great grandfather's This one was about my great grandfather's This one was the one and who you got

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this one we got what you got. Right? So this was a part of questioning identity. And it's as if they're suggesting to Abraham Ali Salaam, you're, maybe you have your identity hasn't matured yet. You haven't you haven't come to full adulthood yet. You're not fully You know, you're fully aware of yourself and your place in the world. And maybe it'd be better if you took a step back and developed a sense of all

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And a reverence for your ancestry. Because clearly from your your question, it suggests that you don't have respect for your elders, and respect for your history, and therefore you don't have respect for yourself. This is what's being said in between the lines without having to say it, it's very clever again. And so when he says when they say this, he hears what they're saying. He's pretty smart. He's one of the most intelligent, analytical human beings that ever lived, even from a young age. So when he hears this subtle attack on what's going on in his mind, then he responds, in very emphatic terms, called a left guard, which has two layers of degrees of emphasis, quantum and tone,

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until again, another hover after cannon, that's again, another layer of emphasis. Until What about our comfy bodily moving, he said, The fact of the matter is, I swear to it, it's already established that all of you have been all of you, and your father's, and your ancestry, all of you have been drowned in delusion, obvious delusion. You've always been in detail, a lot of times it translated as an open misguidance or clear misguidance you're you've obviously been confused. And it's not just you. You're saying we should, it's not me, it's grandpa who did it? Yeah, grandpa was confused, too.

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It's you and your ancestry and Lotus how he, in these words, they said we and our father's and he's among them,

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but he made it You and your father's, because when it comes to this delusion, I am not from you.

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And from an ancestral point of view, I am from you. But when it comes to this delusion, and this false ideology that you live by, I have nothing to do with that's you and your father's, even though he's talking about his, his own father included, and therefore his father's. So he says, Look at Quantum antimo, Abba, hukum Fever, fever, a movie he calls them out, he said, it's pretty obvious that you guys are confused. And we'll be in interesting word here. It's almost an oxymoron. mubin actually, in Arabic means two things, it means something clear.

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So if a glass is clean, I can see right through it, it's moving, it's clear. It also actually means clarifying. So it's transitive also, what that means is, it makes other things clear, like a flashlight, the the lens on it is clear. And when you turn it on, it makes other things clear. Its visibility, other things become clear, right? So one of the qualities of the Quran also is moving, it's clear in and of itself. And it clarifies other things. It clarifies reality clarifies what's going to happen on Judgement Day, he uses that as a description of their misguidance. Your misguidance is clear. Anybody who looks at your practice will know this is misguided. It's clear in

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and of itself. But it's not just clear.

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It clarifies to anybody else also, meaning it projects onto others how false nobody will look at this and see,

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see the truth in any any of its teachings. And even if it's a good teaching, it's corrupted with something evil.

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There's a in and of itself, it's wrong, and it spreads the wrong. This is what the movie when he calls them out like this, their response, another, you know, first response was let's act normal, make him feel like he's abnormal, right. Here's the next response. This is really amazing. And this is what I wanted to conclude our clip over today. They said callooh they gave him two options as a tenable hotkey.

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Did you bring us this truth just now? Did you just

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do use this claim that you are right and we're wrong? Is that what you? You didn't just do that? Right? Um,

00:18:58--> 00:19:02

and I mean, a lot. I mean, or is it that you're just kidding, you're just kidding, right?

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As it turned out, we'll hockey enter minella IV. Now this is also really interesting. Because here you have the concept called the solver the solver means you've got two options. Did you do this? Or did you do this? Are you doing this? Are you doing that? And do you want to go eat pizza or get a burger? Right? Two things. And in Arabic When you do that, table hockey?

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Then you have bill button that will help you. I'm Bill Bradley, did you come with the truth? Or did you bring me the truth? Did you bring a claim to reality or truth or did you bring something false? But actually what they did is the first the first option is did you

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did you actually think you brought the truth?

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Or and the next part of the agenda is me and Mina Larry been moved to China with Alibaba for my students. The first one is they will have the

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Joomla philia data antigen database

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hockey. I'm continuing, I'm antamina Larabee. So digitalise we are stronger, right? So they're putting more emphasis on the kidding. So here's what it means in Simple English.

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Did you seriously just say that? Oh, no, no, You're kidding, right? He's kidding everyone. These kids, he's just, he's the kind of Indian is among antamina. Let me hear from those who joke around, which is old English basically means this boy. Come on. Yeah, that was a good one. That was a good one. Haha. And everybody can dismiss it and walk away. Why? Because it's almost as though, you know, I do this as a teacher sometimes. What did you just say?

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Just kidding.

00:20:39--> 00:20:42

For a moment, you want to terrify someone?

00:20:43--> 00:20:47

And then the only way out of that terror is you're just joking, right? Yeah, yeah, I was joking. Yeah.

00:20:48--> 00:21:06

And they back off. So they threaten him with a double hook. And then they give him a way out by saying, just go along with our claim for you. That you were just kidding. Oh, no, You're kidding, right? You're kidding. Yeah, he's kidding. He's kidding. Everyone is just kidding.

00:21:07--> 00:21:23

What is this, this is to drown your voice out, threatening you without actually openly threatening you. And to defuse the situation. And to make it sound like we're doing that for your own good, because it would not be safe for you to not take this, this road,

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and to speak on your behalf to take what you're saying. And to wrap it with what he's just joking. He can't be serious, or he's going through something, you know, to take to put a mask on it to analyze it in some way. Sometimes people cycle analyzing. He's just saying that he's just going through something,

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though, she just said that. She's just you know, she's having a hard time right now. She's always you're you can't take her seriously.

00:21:50--> 00:22:27

I mean, guys, it's just the kids kids act like kids, that happens, you know? So it's a way of dismissing what someone's saying, but at the same time, letting them know in very subtle, yet very effective ways that you better be kidding. And even if you weren't, you better pretend that you were kidding. Because you don't know what's what we're gonna do to you. If you weren't kidding. So I didn't I will hockey and terminal IV. That's the second time around the first time around, they made him feel like he's not normal. The second time around, they're like, okay, no, no, you are normal, you are normal, Because I said so. And the only way you acted as normal is because you were joking.

00:22:27--> 00:22:29

And that's the official version Did you get that?

00:22:30--> 00:22:54

You better, you better play along. And with those two options, now, Ibrahim alayhis, Salam has to think not just about what he believes. So it's no longer about this is right, and this is wrong. Now he has to understand, he has to fight the feelings that they've tried to inject into him. The first feeling they tried to inject into him was you're not acting normally.

00:22:55--> 00:23:35

You should you should act more dignified and calm. We're the ones that are dignified and calm. He didn't have it. He responded even more passionately the second time around, and called out their basis, the second time around, they put a threat on it. If you keep this up, then this is not going to be good for you. But we're still giving you a dignified escape. You know, sometimes what happens is, and behind closed doors among politicians, and behind closed doors, they've got Hey, you know, I know you messed up. But maybe if you just publicly go out and say you resigned, then we'll make up a story that covers your faults. Right? You won't get it? We you can there's a there's an easy way out

00:23:35--> 00:24:09

of this for you. That doesn't make you look too bad. Right? So this is even, like you're making your father look bad, because you're his father's involved with the horizontals involved with the idle building, right? With this kind of talk, you're making your family look bad. You're making us look bad. But you can save the honor of your family. You can save yourself kid, just you know, you were just joking and just dismiss it just don't bring it up again, right? That's kind of embedded in there too. Just let's not have that again. Okay, we find something else to joke about. keep yourself busy with something else. This is the

00:24:10--> 00:24:52

sort of the blackmail that has been issued in this language. And this is important to understand not just because these conversations are about Ibrahim alayhis salaam and his people and his family. These are the kinds of Abrahamic exchanges that happen throughout history. Right? This is we're learning this because this is a form of manipulation. And this is a form of psychological pressure that can be put on young people or people alike when they stand up for the truth. And it can be made to feel unsafe, if they stay, they stay by their stance. Now, if I could just say, Fine. He won't say anything anymore. He doesn't want to escalate the situation. He knows it's gonna get worse now

00:24:52--> 00:24:59

he has they have kind of issued as much of a threat without issuing one as they could. So what might you do

00:25:00--> 00:25:11

Next, what what would his response be? So inshallah tada in our next code bar, I'm going to talk to you about where how Ibrahim Ali Salaam decides, no, I'm gonna escalate this further.

00:25:12--> 00:25:40

I'm not backing down, and it makes you mad, and I should I should back down because I wouldn't want you to be mad. Now you can go ahead and be mad because if I don't do this, a lot will be mad, alone will be angry, and I'll have to decide between fearing your anger and fearing his anger. So he's gonna make a call. It's a very brave call that he makes and the way he projects that call. So inshallah we'll analyze that in the chemical barakallahu li walakum Philco monophyly

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hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Ali Mohammed Nabi Muhammad. Meanwhile, le Iwasaki h bang Kala

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Nakula Nevada

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regime in Oklahoma

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Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Camus Allah tala Rahim Allah Allah

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Allah, Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad Rahim Allah Allah, Allah Allah mean in the middle aged about Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah

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Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah

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Allah in a salata, Canada Nikita makuta