Paying Zakaat On Rental Vehicles

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Does A Person Have To Pay The Zakaat Even On Rental Vehicles? – Dr Zakir Naik

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Is there any cap on rental cars and vehicles that companies own for moving produce, as far as possessing vehicles which are given on

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the same view is used as houses on rent,

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the same thing. So majority of the scholars say that, if it's legal union knows the cause is there on that region,

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fine. If it's a taxi driver, who is a poor person who has one taxi, and the learning is just a few $100 a month, or a few 1000 rupees a month, but natural, if you pay the car, on the cost of the vehicle, on the taxi will be too much for it. So I agree that there should be no Zakat on the cost of the vehicle. But on the other hand, if you have a person who owns a fleet of cars, maybe 1000 cars, you know, we have horses and the big big company, we own 1000s of cars. Now for them, that itself becomes an asset.

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No, they give on rent, they can keep on buying

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every few months, hundreds and 1000s of cars.

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So I believe that if it's a fleet of cars, and if it's given on rent, then the cost price, the depreciated cost price, don't pay the cost at which I bought the car, but take the depreciated cost every year keep on taking on depreciation, but give it at that value. You give two and a half percent of the fat that will preferably agree more with those same group of scholars. shaker Davi dibny, aki epinal rb Shaykh Abu Zahra the Rahman, Al Hassan, and all the superstars