Tom Facchine – Journey Through The Quran #1

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The importance of reading the Quran and understanding the core of the Bible is emphasized, along with the need for guidance and guidance in the way of doing things to succeed in a changing world. mistakes and misunderstandings are also discussed, including disrespecting the Holist themes and the lack of protection for the situation. guidance and shabby are emphasized, along with the use of "areptic" in the context of the message and investigating and asking questions to determine if it is a true statement.
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is the month of the Quran.

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Allah azza wa jal says, shuffle Ramadan and very on Xena V Hill for put them in NAS are they united

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the month of Ramadan is when the Quran was revealed guidance for people and clear proof of guidance and the criteria.

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The Prophet Mohammed salatu salam used to sit with Gibreel are they he said, to review the Koran every Ramadan since the time of the companions with one oh, here are the Muslims have used this month, the month of Ramadan, to draw closer to the Koran to deepen their relationship with the Koran and often reading it from cover to cover. If not once and even several times in this blessing month, but more importance than the quantity. The number of times you finish the course and or how much you read more important than that is the quality of your reading. This is guidance. A lot of those words weren't reveal adjust to sound pretty. They were meant to be understood and put into action. There

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is absolutely no substitutes for understanding the Arabic of the court and to know what your Creator said to you through the exact words that He spoke. But not everyone is able to access the core and its original Arabic. Many of us come and attend to Tada we prayer and we wish that we could understand what a loss of Hannibal Tada is saying. So this Ramadan, we will be using the full clothes to bring those folks along to take a journey through the core and looking at the core and piece by piece of reflecting on some of the main themes and essential points that Allah azza wa jal wants us to understand.

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Everyone knows that Allah azza wa jal begins or an Masuda is in fact in

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Surah 230 is a miracle it's like a tiny version of the entire Quran by itself. Allah azza wa jal says of how you believe that it opened on Amin Hamdulillah. Allah begins with gratitude, a short of what how gratitude is the foundation of all faith worship, Allah Inada is simply expressing our gratitude. It's a way of saying thank you. And if you don't feel grateful to Allah subhana wa Tada it will be difficult to find the motivation to worship Allah subhana wa Bucha either at all, let alone enjoying that worship.

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Why should we feel grateful? Allah subhana wa Tada said it right there in the mercy of God me. Because Allah azza wa jal is a robber, he owns he controls he protects, he nourishes, he loves absolutely everything in his creation. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and telling us about himself. And there's one thing about himself as a Jedi, that he wants us to know more than anything.

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Allah tells us first and foremost before anything else, that he is merciful. He is generally merciful in the way that he provides for every single creature and he's specifically merciful to the believers who repent.

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It's not an accident that Allah subhanaw taala begins almost every single chapter with these two names of his or Amanda Rahim. He wants us to know with absolute certainty that his mercy is vast, beyond comprehension. Allah subhanaw taala says it cuts about Omada and I've seen that

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Allah has decreed he's obligated mercy upon himself. The Prophet Mohammed Iranian salatu salam said, Linda follow along with Caterpillar and then fell Karachi in Naraka. To set up for the other V.

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Muslim, when Allah azza wa jal created the creation he decreed from above the throne. Certainly, My Mercy outstrips my wrath, or My Mercy is greater than my wrath.

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But Allah azza wa jal also wants to be balanced. He doesn't want us to get complacent. He doesn't want us to think that we are saved no matter what we do.

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Which is why he then reminds us directly after Maliki only the Owner of the Day of Judgment, Allah azza wa jal is in control of that day. And by reminding us of our depth by reminding us of our meeting our Creator and our judgments, Allah subhanho wa Taala is trying to give us enough fear to motivate us in this life, to do our very best. Once Allah has given us the motivation, we need to know what to do if we want to succeed. What do we do if we want to be successful on that frightening day when we stand before him alone? He cannot move what kind of staring? Only you do we worship only you do we ask her have only you. Do we seek refuge with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah alone created

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us. Allah subhana wa Tada alone provides for us He alone will resurrect us, He alone will decide whether we are in Jannah or not. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada alone deserves our worship and deserves our gratitude.

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Now that we know what to do, can we do it alone? Can we figure it out all on our own by ourselves? Do we need any help? Are we perfect creatures? Or do we make mistakes? We need help.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala makes us ask for the single most important thing more important than health, more importance than money more important than a spouse more important than kids more important than anything. We ask for guidance in a cell phone study. Guide us to the right way.

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Which way is that? What right way? There's so many possible ways out there. How can I tell which way is the right one?

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See it all Adina and arms are vague in the way of those who Allah azza wa jal has blessed. Great, who are there?

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Who are the only people we can be certain that Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah has blessed is it the person with money? Is it the person with power?

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Can we be sure that wealth and power is a blessing? No, we can't. So it's not them.

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It's the prophets. Prophets hood is the way Allah azza wa jal chose to guide us without following the prophets. We are lost.

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This is why it's the second part of our shahada, our testimony of faith that in the law, is not enough.

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Without the prophets we are lost. Later on and several, Allah azza wa jal criticizes people who claim that Allah never sent prophets are never sent any revelation. What does Allah say? Well, now that Allahu Akbar poverty is a man's of a mystery to me and shape. Allah as I just said is that they underestimated Allah. They didn't think highly enough of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada when they said that Allah never a sense revelation or prophets what kind of God would create us create paradise create how fire but not tell us how to get there? Not show us the right way. No, no, no Allah subhana wa Tada is far more merciful than that. All Eliza gel loves us more than that. He has shown us the

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right way.

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But isn't enough just to know which way is the right way?

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What if you were given a map. And on a map, it shows you the right way to go it showed you you are here big X, it showed you your destination. It showed you the path how to get there. But it didn't show you the obstacles in the way. It didn't tell you that there would be mountains to climb, or that there would be rivers that you have to cross or wild animals that you have to avoid or points where the path becomes even hard to see. Would that be a very good map? We would be writing a review on Google giving us zero stars. A good map would tell you about these things at the end of sorts. Infatti Allah azza wa jal warns us about the obstacles along the

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Life, the wrong paths, the paths that if we were to follow them will lead to our ruin and our failure like it is not full we are not the path of those who have angered Allah will lead and not those who are lost astray.

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The Prophet Mohammed alayhi salatu salam, he was asked about this a while. And he said that Allah subhanho wa Taala is referring to the Jews and the Christians. But it is a mistake, to think that this verse only applies to that.

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It doesn't just apply to Jews and Christians because of their identity, because of their neighbor who that's who they are, this is a huge mistake. Because we might get the wrong idea, or the false understanding that we can't make the same mistakes that they did. That's very wrong,

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rather than Jews and the Christians are examples, as people who were also given revelation, they represent certain attitudes towards revelation that we have to avoid at all costs.

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The Jews are an example of people who knew the truth and went against it. Anyway. That's called defiance. They had a prophet, they had a book, the book was clear. And despite that, they chose not to follow it.

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The Christians, on the other hand, are an example of people who were given the guidance, but they didn't protect it. They didn't take care of it. And through neglect, they eventually lost it.

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They're confused. They don't know which way to go, or what to do.

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This isn't in the Koran, just to make a nice story. We are not saved just because we call ourselves Muslims. We don't have a guaranteed spots and Allah's Gemina just because of our identity or who we say we are.

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These reminders are in the core fan specifically. So we learn from their mistakes and do not repeat them. If you and I know the truth and refuse to follow it, guess what? Allah subhanho wa Taala is angry at you and me. If you and I don't take take care of this theme. If you and I don't prioritize this theme, don't raise our children up upon this deal. We will end up loss on the straight to the point where we can't even recognize what the right path is anymore. Nicola Foti has stuck to the law he welcomed

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the stock.

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Hamdulillah he

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was sugar level? Well, I tell people if you want to know

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why after the blood sugar level theme was shadow and the VNC to them 111 When he was on the wall, so I'm gonna log on it.

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While he was having he was glad he was suddenly just leaving.

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The following two chapters of the Quran Surah Baqarah and surah Al Imran continue were sort of the 13th I left off, they go into more detail about these two false paths, the path of defiance and the path of confusion by looking more closely at the examples of the Jews and the Christians again so we can avoid making the same mistakes, sort of the developer is mostly about banning Assad in the story of banning Israel is one of the most frequently told stories in the Koran. But notice that Allah subhanahu wa Radha never tells the same story exactly the same way twice. Sometimes the emphasis is on Musa ladies. Sometimes the emphasis is on the around. Sometimes the emphasis is on their life in

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Egypt. Sometimes the emphasis is on what happened after they left Egypt. So to the bottom is mostly about bene Israel eel itself and how they responded to Allah's blessings and guidance. Allah azza wa jal says you have any scars either through an empathy of the TNR to the athlete or in the article money yeah, I've had wound Oh children of Israel. remember My favor which I have

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bestowed upon you and fulfill My covenant so that I will fulfill your covenant and be afraid only of me.

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Salvation. Jenner is a transaction it is not guaranteed for anyone Allah azza wa jal says that if you do what I tell you I'll give you what I promised you what I touched that it will be a teeth m&m Adila what yeah, if at all, and do not exchange my signs don't sell them for a small price and fear only me. Meaning don't exchange Allah's guidance for anything in this dunya your priority has to be here due to a loss of time.

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More than a facet be available what time zone that number physical, my honor, that's gonna keep tell

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people. Do you tell other people to be righteous and you forget yourselves? Why don't we recite the Scripture? Then won't you reason? Allah subhanaw taala tells us to not be hypocrites to practice what you preach.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is warning them about what they do with the guidance they have been given. This guidance is for you to submit and develop yourselves. It is not for you to feel proud and entitled. It's not for you to manipulate it as it suits you.

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Some people use themselves to serve the deen and some people use the deen to serve themselves. This was the main mistake of Benny Israel even they care more about the dunya to the point where they were willing to manipulate the guidance of Allah subhanho wa Taala just so they could get ahead here on Earth. Throughout this chapter, Allah subhanaw taala tries to bring them back to a place of gratitude. He says remember when I save you from Fidelma? Remember when I parted the sea for you remember when I gave you the total? Remember when I sent down food from the sky to you in the desert? Remember when I gave you rivers to drink from it brought you to the Promised Land? What was

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their response? How did they react? Time and time again the response was arrogance. Defiance, a complete lack of gratitude. Allah as widow tells them, you started worshipping the golden calf. You demanded to see Allah subhana wa Tada directly. You complained about the food you avoided and resting on the Sabbath, you would apply the revelation when it suited you and when the revelation challenged you, you would ignore it or change it.

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This is the attitude. Allah azza wa jal is warning us about do you think that as Muslims, we're safe from this attitude.

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You say to someone brother, you should pray? He says a DD yourself.

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He says that the religion is easy. Yes, brother. That means that the slide is useful. It means that the religion itself is ease and it will bring you ease. Don't twist the faith to get what you want. This is the attitude of Vedic Astrology.

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When we move on to a solar array calm Allah azza wa jal discusses the Christians again, as an example, a lot of sellers, who would that the answer directly without going into too much

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detail, but also to the shabby has the AMOLED in a few following who says they have to be Roman Amantha Shabbath? I mean, who was the law? And if it's naughty, what would the law really it is He Allah who sat down to you, oh, Hamid, the book, in it are verses some of which are precise. They are the foundation of the book and others are ambiguous. As for the people who have disease in their hearts, they will follow that which is ambiguous. Why because they want to seek discord and they want to seek an interpretation that is suitable to them. It's no accident that Allah subhanaw taala brings this up right before talking about the Christians because this was that a mistake? This is

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what led them into falsehood and ship. This was their method to focus on the verses that are ambiguous and interpret them however they want.

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Is there any evidence in the Gospels of a three person go? Are that a sermon? He sat down with the Son of God? Of course there's not. But for hundreds of years, all of the focus has been put on the couple of verses that might be interpreted that way.

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at the expense of the other parts that clearly contradicted, oh people who believe is this a mistake that only Christians can make?

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Of course not. We can make the same mistake which is why Allah azza wa jal specifically names his religion is

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submission in the data and the logging of this map. Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah azza wa jal is is

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a sample submission. It captures exactly the attitude that Allah subhanaw taala wants us to have towards the guidance that he set down not to defy it, not to twist it or manipulate it, not to try to find loopholes or reinterpret the scriptures to suit our needs.

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If you have doubts, if you're not sure, yes, you need to investigate and ask questions and think hard, that's fine. But once you're convinced, once you know the truth, Allah subhanaw taala asks us the following is,

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Islam is Allah's religion? He's asking for submission

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