What is (At-Tamaluq) when making Dua

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Thermal Lu COVID. Do you know what this means? Perhaps this is the first time you hear this word thermal leuco Fidra

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Mahama they say a diamond look at our due to be Qlm in Latif, what about raw folk marionberry a thermal look is loving and gentle, peaceful words that you see with extreme desperation for Allah azza wa jal

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a tamale Look,

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your dad must be with loving, gentle, peaceful words.

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If your ad contain that, then that dryer is almost certainly accepted, never rejected. Give you an example, like the dryer of Zakariya Alayhis Salam, you know, the daughter of Zakaria, Allah What a beautiful diet. He said, I'll be in the wahana love mommy knee. And this is an example of what normal look is what loving and gentle and peaceful words in a duet means look at the drop of Zakaria. He says OB new Ohana love Momineen My lord, my bones have become weak. He didn't say I've become weak. He's saying my bones have become weak. He didn't say My heart has became weak that my boots because the heart of the believer is always strong. It's never weak. And look what he says

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look he's putting the blame on the boots. You'll get his loving words to Allah he's saying to Allah it's not me Allah the bones the bones have become weak I wish that Allah wants to show you that and my hair on my face yeah all of it the bead the mustache, the eyebrows there has all gone Gree style on fire. You know when you light something on fire, like a coal and then it burns it becomes white then becomes gray ash. That's how his hair has become white. Meaning is very old. While I'm a combi Dwyer, he got a bishop here. He said, No, why my Lord, I have never been miserable when making diet. Meaning I have never know once given up when making diet. I never feel bad when making the system a

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look. Look at the gentle, soft words. He's saying he's talking to Allah and he knows Allah is Hearing him.

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These are peaceful, gentle words. Then he says look, look at his dryer for in need to know earlier. Meanwhile he he said oh my lord, I feel the successes after me. I feel for the generations and the children and the people that are going to come after I die. Who's gonna guide these people who's going to teach them their deep work in the Maratea? Allah, my wife is barren. She can't even conceive and get pregnant. For Habibollah don't cardio please your Lord. Give me your grant me give me an apostle person. gift me a child. Mila dunk especially from you. I don't know. I know my situation is impossible. I'm old. My wife can't conceive. Mila dunk something special. Give me

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something special from you.

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Very funny. Give me a child that will inherit me. Why are you filming le aku and he inherits from the family of your coop. Meaning inherits knowledge, because the prophets that don't inherit money, and worldly matters and houses and whatever, no, they inherit knowledge. So give me a child that would inherit knowledge and prophethood from me and from the family of your poop. Where's your Hello hola Bill Obeah and my lord make this channel pleasing to be pleased with him. Danny has a hard time and low coffee.

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That is gentle, loving, compassionate words when making diet at the look is to talk about your intention to Allah. Why are you asking Allah for such a thing? You see our core values salaam sorry when Zachary MA The DA. He said Allah give me a child so he can take the knowledge and prophethood I want the child so he can look after generations that come after me. So he can teach them their Deen see the intention? See the Tamil look, he's talking about his intention for why he's asking Allah what He wants. So when you make dua, and you ask Allah what you want, tell mama why you want to even though Allah knows, but a Tamil look at the look with wise for you to express Allah bring it all

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out. Speak. Are you conversation with Allah subhanahu wa Dionysus don't hold back