The Younger Cousin of The Nazi Party

Yasir Qadhi


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The speaker discusses the current political climate in India, which is linked to the Nazi Party of Germany. The two groups have common reasons for their political views, including theARyan race and the worldview of the communist majority. The speakers also mention the current political climate and its linked to the Nazis-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-theanist-And-thean

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Also, while we're talking about issues of the globe, let us also not forget other places that we need to be cautious about other places where things are happening that are extremely problematic. As we speak, another power has already risen up a power that is similar to Nazi Germany ideals, an ideology of far right ideology that is actually directly linked to Nazis. You know what, when we talk about regimes, we like to say, Oh, these are Nazi type regimes. When we talk about dictators, we say, Oh, these are like Hitler. And we're correct. A lot of times the current country that I'm talking about, and the current political party that I'm talking about, this isn't just not z like,

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it isn't just Hitler esque. No, factually speaking, what we are seeing with the BJP in India, it is directly linked to the Nazi Party of Germany. Let me explain. Let me explain. Brothers and sisters, we need to stand up and educate the world what's going on

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the Nazi Party of Germany back in the 1920s. It got some of its ideals and some of its motifs and some of its slogans and even some of its its symbols, you know, the the four you know, stars that they have it got it from a radical strand of Hinduism, the notion of Aryan purity, that, you know, four star that they have, where is it from? It's from a radical strand of Hinduism. And that's why Hitler was talking about the purity of the Aryan race. The Aryan race is actually allegedly an ancient Indian race. Why is Hitler talking about the Aryan race? Because there were certain people from that Hindu mythology that he got this from that same mythology it gave rise to an organization

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called the RSS look this up, RSS was active in the 30s and 40s. They had a direct relationship with the Nazis of Germany. One of the members of the RSS was the one who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi, the one who didn't want to fight because he was a pacifist. They felt Mahatma Gandhi had betrayed the Hindu religion had betrayed Hindu ideals. So a Hindu radical who belonged to the RSS assassinated Mahatma Gandhi, the RSS was dissolved for a period of time another party was created to take up those ideals. That party is the BJP party that is currently in charge of India. So the BJP is literally no exaggeration. It is literally a younger cousin of the Nazi Party. There

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is no exaggeration to say this and both Nazism and the BJP. They have three things in common. Both Nazism and the BJP. They have three things in common memorize them, number one, number one, a warped, ultra nationalist ideal of race and of race purity. They're obsessed with race and racial identity, like the Nazis wanted pure Germans. So the BJP has this notion of pure Indians. Number two, they have combined the worst aspects of a fanatical interpretation of religion. The Nazis were a type of Christian. The BJP is a type of Hindus, they've taken the worst on elements of bigoted religion, and they've combined it with the worst elements of nationalism. And number three, they

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take a minority of a different religion and a different race. The Nazis took the Jews and everybody else and the BJP takes the Muslims and the Christians and they blame all of the problems of the world and all of the problems of their country. They blame it on their minority

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