Abdul Wahab Saleem – Is It Halal to Fall in Love – #40 For Her

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the importance of love in relationships and how it can be difficult to maintain a romantic connection. He uses an analogy of " Easter egg" to explain that love is like a flower and that it's important for everyone to have a romantic connection. He suggests that love is like a flower and that it's important for everyone to have a romantic connection.
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real life, it happens. You know, love is a reality and it's not haram to fall in love. You know, this is another myth that people have that it's like haram to fall into love with someone they were our love at first sight. How do you even know? It even hasn't has a book in which he calls it local hammer, toppled hammer, right? In token hammer, my discard discusses all the different forms of love. And he actually speaks of love at first sight as well. Okay, so this is a reality. In some cases, there is something called Love at first sight. And sometimes it's not even lust, because maybe the person doesn't look that good, but they just fell in love. The prophets I send them said

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that an waho genome agenda, the souls happened to be Judah, magenta, that they're like armies, which have been paired together and coupled together, mapped out off I mean,

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well, not that accurate. I mean, that whatever ends up agreeing with one another, immediately, they fall in love with each other, and whatever happens to be at odds with one another, then they end up disagreeing with one another, and departing and parting ways. So sometimes you see someone you actually do fall in love with them, this is a reality. So this might happen. And this happened at the time of the Prophet sissala. Okay, how did it happen?

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An authentic hadith hadith of Omar, it's a Muslim and farrokh, that the prophets of Allah, what do you send them? A man came to him and he said, All messenger of Allah, I have an orphan child, that is under my care.

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Two men have come to us as suitors for the for this child, right?

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One of them is very wealthy. And this is by the way, the question is, well, I've got a wealthy one. And I've got a poor one, where should I go for? Right? So one of them is very wealthy, and the other one is not so much. He's very poor, actually. mousset in western meaning, one is well off, and the other one is very poor, very difficult circumstances. Okay.

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But the girl she liked the one that was poor.

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What he had, what he had that will Merson, she's interested in the man who happens to be poor, and we want to go for the rich one,

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when they're thinking from their angle, and but the girl is in love with this man, she's interested very in Hawaii is a very big term. She's very interested in this, for a lot of sort of Lysa Lim YOLO little mood to have benei. With ronica, there is nothing better for two people who love one another, that they get married, then that then the fact that they get married. So he encouraged marrying off this child this year Thema, this orphan child, to the one who happens to be poor, just because she's in love with him. And he perhaps was also in love with him. Maybe the Prophet knew more to the story than we know. That's why I said there's nothing better for two people who love one another than for

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them to get married. Also, the fact that the Prophet said this hadith in a very generic term now it's applicable to everyone. If there are two people who are in love with one another, right, then the best decision that you can make as parents for these two children, or these two young ones is that you marry them off, so that they can actually enjoy themselves with the love that they have for each other.

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