Are Women Allowed To Pray Taraweeh In The Masjid

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Do you face Dr. Zach here relating to women? Now? Are women allowed to pray the Torah way? In congregation in the masjid? As far as women being allowed to pray in the masjid? Our beloved Prophet, Wolfensohn mentioned say Buhari was number one, in the book of Salah Hadith number 834 The Prophet said

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that do not prevent the female servants of Allah

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from going to the mosque The Prophet said disable it Well number one in the book of Salah Hadith number 865. That if the woman asked you permission to go to the mosque even at night,

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you give it to them that means even going at night, but natural family of four inshallah you give it to them, talking about Dharavi, give it to them.

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And further, it's mentioned in the hadith of ternopil dog why number one book of Salah Hadith number 1370. It narrates about Han Solo Sallam had iftaar along with the family and the woman and all of them and then they pray that night cam will lie and they nearly missed.

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The fella fella success talking about the pre dawn we talked about so hood which we discussed earlier, nearly missed the food indicating that the full family along with him in the family to pray together with Mr. solemn thing is allowed for this machine in the heat of say Muslim are number one in the book of Salah added number 81. The Beloved Prophet, he said that the best role for the men in salah and the first Rose and the worst is the last row. The best rule for the woman are the last rows and the last row of the front row. That means the woman can go in the mosque to offer Salah even Campbell. But there are some advocates, the men should be in the first row

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and the woman should be in the last rows and they should be careful they should not create a fit man that's important. Not Have you know sometimes ladies come with all glamorous dresses and they adornments and ornaments etc. As the Quran says its renewed chapter number 24 was number 31 theory the believing woman that she should lower gaze and garden modesty and display not the beauty except what appears already off and draw a veil over the person that means an unnecessary too much of glamour ornaments etc. and Quran says in Surah chapter 33 verse 59, no prophet, tell your wives, your daughters and the believing woman when they go abroad when they go out dish put on the jilbab

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the clock, so they should be cared that they should read the jilbab when they go for Salah for the camel in Ramadan or to the mosque and should not make a fitna as long as they don't make a fitna and they don't unless they put perfume in attraction, they can go Alhamdulillah it is fine, it is good. And further mentioned in say Buhari or number one in the book of Salah Hadith number nine, that the Prophet after men led the congregation, he turned to the people, and he waited. And the woman immediately got up and they left. And then I had to say that, you know, maybe the Prophet did that purpose that they didn't want the men and women to meet. And also, you should read carefully if not

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get a fitna, so men can go to the mosque, and they can offer the therapy. It's perfectly fine. It was a practice at the time of the Baptist.