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filarmonica Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi Lumbee river mercerie Hamburgo Rasulullah sallallahu ala he right it was

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the Salim on Cassia on cathedra from Abba who

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one of the Hawaiians

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but Allah Who Kalam who we call him at the Chakra

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The alumna gave her

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a year Amina with a Elina warhead in

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the hara sugar

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how overhaul? Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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Hamad Allah Tala Nanbu Luna

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we generally will completely

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overhaul well Lizzie Asakura che in California over the hill Collins setting and theme so Magi the NASA home is rather thin in my in my head, so Massawa who anartha harpy Nero, he was Jada Kusama wala sarova either Heidi the mothership

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duck D.

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Lemon Quran

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Hello Collinson. I love a hole where

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gonna have dinner?

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We don't. Alcala we don't Ankara we don't deliver the karate. We're either in Quran Al K.

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Fever going ahead. We don't have a Nirmal Akbar

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was a Corolla Jota Allah

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Who accom and I'm not sure if he had well Jeeva Hall of Fame as well that was added I know welcomes the word. Leila Lavasa Hara Mirage and

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Hulu new Rahmatullahi

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see that Filipina coffee how Lina? Wolfie few Hi Regina.

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What is how nehama

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the Latina Wolfie Oh Allah you know if he has worked in our fi today you know a few servers you know if he could leave a

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Google Home nearmap Mineola heater ADA

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as you Ballina or Mohammed Lana nano colonna, Nevada Aloha

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equally Han

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Shi cola vicia of in Mount

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Fierman Have you have

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a while

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way Molina Why do you wanna nano Nevada LIDAR down

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a lot of our data began his book with the word of sugar, very sir hungry.

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And he taught us how to begin every day and every night and how to begin our life and how to live on

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by thanking him.

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Allah subhanaw taala said He is the One who created everything

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in a beautiful form,

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who Allah the eye Hassan upon Lusha in Hello,

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everything in a beautiful form.

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That is the reason why it is so important to study science. Because science takes you to the

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the reality of things

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there are two reality there is a spiritual reality of something and there is a physical realities on both are important.

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Science takes you to the spirit to the to the physical reality of the thing.

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And religion the way the Quran takes you to the spiritual reality the same thing where you recognize Allah subhanaw taala through His creation through the science which the science teaches us.

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So if you if you look at and if you examine anything in creation, and that is the reason why if you look at the for analog game, and that's why they gave us the example of mosquito egos example of a fly give us an example of a I mean of a bee, honey bee and here's an example of an ant

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The usual reaction of a human being when you see an insect is to kill it, you know, unthinkingly

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To see a flyswatter to see a mosquito So, which one of us will take a look at our mosquito and this one Allah, look at this creation of Allah

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what is the sign of Allah in the mosquito Allah subhanaw taala considered the mosquito important enough to mention the Kurama we don't as far as we are concerned zap it

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I don't know how many of you are aware

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our mosquito senses the presence of

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the human being by the amount of carbon dioxide that we exhale.

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Now imagine if you are sleeping alone in this room, what is the volume of air in this room

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and you are alone how much carbon dioxide are you going to exhale? But believe me, if there is one mosquito you will find you

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that mosquito will find you

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the amount of carbon dioxide that you will excel in a room of this size given the volume of air in this room and this air is not static there is regulating there is air conditioning is happening something's happening.

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The amount of carbon dioxide that you exhale is not even measurable. You cannot measure it you cannot take an air sample and then you know see how it is not but but the mosquito knows it. The mosquito finds it

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we thank Allah smart Allah, Allah subhanaw taala daughters to thank him and that is why Allah is rather so the Navi.

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He talked about the earth he talked about the mountains he talked about the rain he talked about the the the seas talked about sleep he talked about the daytime and so on all

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everyday things

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no normal everyday thing nothing remarkable nothing's Allah is not talking about the marvels of creation in outer space. Our daily lives because we tend to take these things for granted. We normally are okay with morning night morning night No.

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Islam teaches us to * or whatever the book that Allah says, Allah that the Brunello Khurana Allah Kulu been a follower let's say don't deflect on the Quran Allah did not say don't read the Quran or is it don't they reflect on the Quran?

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Good they think about that the board Allah, Allah Karim Allah.

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Raisa Karatu, Karim Allah now reflect on it, what is the why what is the other thing here?

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Why is he saying how does it affect me? How does it connect with me what am I doing?

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That is the purpose of the of the column of Allah subhanaw taala.

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The kind of Allah Subhana Allah came to us, for us to reflect on it. Think about this when you are reading the Quran, it is Allah talking to you. And when you are praying, it is you talking to Allah.

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This is the this is the connection. When you are reciting what are we reading Quran is Allah talking to us? That is the column of Allah, the speech of Allah, actual speech of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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It is not an interpretation, it is not the meaning of the word, no actual speech.

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That's why I always give the example. A lot of people ask them as a seller, they said, Who is Allah? So Allah subhanaw taala revealed Soto Nicholas Cole, who Allah who had say,

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Allah subhanaw taala is one I'll add. Now, the point is very simple.

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my brother here, his horse comes to me and he says, There is a man outright and he wants to know, where's your house?

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So I tell Asus, tell him

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tell him my house is behind them as tell him

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hello all by T helper muscle.

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What will you say to them?

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Think about this, what would you say to them?

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The houses bandha Majid he will not say tell him the house. No. Tell him is for you. I am telling you tell him this thing.

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But he was at his house he Rihanna Majid

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Allah DeVito Shazam Cole,

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who say

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who is oh, it was gonna be a wrestler. You tell them this. What did Nebuchadnezzar repeat? He repeated the phone call who Allah Who?

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He did not say Oh Allah, Allah had

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though is called Hola Hola.

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This is the silk of the revelation of the Colombo velocity the city of Nabil a seller seller or seller.

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So the hola was so awesome

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it is the speech of Allah subhanaw taala speaking is when we read the Quran, read the Quran Al Karim with this delay this is my Rob talking to me.

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And when we pray, we are talking to him

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so we begin our rival Alhamdulillah Allah Kalia

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everything is of Allah and everything that is high. And everything that Allah gives us is a sign of his special attention and especial mercy.

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If Allah did not love us, you will not send this color. Allah loved us enough to send his actual speech. There is nothing which is greater than the actual speech of Allah subhanaw taala and he loved us enough to send us to teach that the greatest of His creation, not the greatest human being not the greatest person on the earth. No

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Rasul Allah says, Allah is what?

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The best of creation, everything, all we know and all we don't know.

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He's better than all of that.

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Individually and collectively, Allah sent him

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to explain his color was what we were saying, do we want of the love of Allah for us?

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That is why it is so important to make sure that

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I do spend time to understand discolor read it's to love it

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and to ask Allah to bless us with it as colors rather to fill our hearts with the knower of his columned agility and to fill our lives with the header and the baraka of his color and the bulk of the Sunnah of Muhammad Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam was salam ala Nabi anyone it will send you an article