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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the meaning behind certain words like "bringing on" and "will" in various context, including the lack of market in wealth and the potential for "brinks" in people's lives to cause their health and wealth. The rapid turnaround in time is highlighted, along with the importance of focusing on the right things and making aware of the lack of attention and attention seeking. The speakers also discuss the loss of focus on time due to COVID-19 and the need for people to focus on their emotions. The importance of building a spiritual foundation and not breaking the law is emphasized, along with the importance of having a strong mindset and not wanting to be caught up in small talk.
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rockville alameen wa Salatu was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah alameen. Wa early he was happy he woman wa won't be accepting Illa Yomi Dean

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for the college and Nevada kitabi Hill, Majid wa for Connie Hill Hamid rosewill ministry upon your rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim what is our work on

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but Amina lobby to move on. And second will be Tina up noon. We're calling maybe your son Allahu Allah alayhi wa sallam either Gujarati amanecer to Santa Teresa. Outcome akbar Allahu Salatu was Salam. Honorable scholars respected brothers and elders. as Muslims, we all are familiar with the term burqa, generally translated as blessings. We commonly associate this word to business to dealings to transactions. So more than often you would find a person making the door or requesting others to make the door that alarm has given me Berkut and blessings in my provisions and my sustenance, many people unfortunately, interpret Berkut as the multiplication of wealth, which by

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its very definition is a flawed definition, because then the chain stores have the most market in the world. If the definition of market is the multiplication of wealth, then obviously they have more power than us. The correct definition of burket is

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to be as barbil Padilla maximum benefit with minimum provisions. So you're not multiplying your wealth, you have a moderate income, but that wealth generates such good that is burkard. Today, unfortunately, we are facing a reverse scenario, where we have maximum wealth, and we barely have minimum benefit out of that wealth. Now, just as there is Birkett in wealth, there is market in business. And the opposite of that is obviously the absence of market in wealth. In the very same way. There is something like Birkett in time, and there is Barkat in life. And again, let me remind you that burchett in life does not necessarily mean a long life. May Allah give you Berkut in your

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life, it doesn't mean May Allah give you a long line. It could well mean that, but not necessarily be restricted to that. When we look at our

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pain, then we find many of them had a short life, but they all had a meaningful life. Jonathan mahali Rahim Allah La writes, I love to cut dreamy ideal Kelly in a love play with me to compile the commentary of a half the Quran, which is accepted across the globe and taught in many institutions. The commentary of Jelani, I compiled the commentary of half the Quran in the duration that Moses went to meet his Lord at Mountain and there is 40 days.

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Now he's 40 days also comprised of 24 hours. But what he achieved in that 40 days you and I cannot achieve in 40 years, Leslie is now working in time, Mohammed bin Idris as shafia era FEMA como la that the world today is indebted, indebted to the jurisprudence of Imam Shafi. at the tender age of seven he memorized the Quran. at the tender age of seven I must mention two weeks ago when I was in Canada for a youth conference in North America, after I completed my official program at the conference, and there was a final program that was arranged for the South African Canadian so to say, so as I was leaving the masjid, many people came to greet and share you know, you must come

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back whatever else they both a little young say at age of six, and they said he is just completed the heads of the Quran.

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I was absolutely amazed in my rush and in my haste I sat down. I said I need to listen to Quran from this youngster. Six years, the father was the end there was not was there. And while in mahari I told all the brothers just wait I need to listen Subhan Allah he read Quran he made me cry and he made those around cry. Now obviously this youngster will stand up as a hood judge and as a prove that a youngster at this time in age living in the heart of North America can memorize the Quran. And despite the challenges I asked the father endo started what age did he start? He said at the age of three. At the age of three he started I'm telling you 10 days ago, this is what it happened. So

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even Shapira memorized the Quran at the age of seven. He memorized the author of Emma Molly. That's the book on how to eat at the age of 10. At the age of 15, he was officially granted the permission to be to be accepted.

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As the Grand Mufti at the age of 15, he was issuing fatawa and issuing verdicts on Islam. This is Birkett in time, during the holy month of Ramadan. routinely he completed one Quran by night and one by day. In essence, he completed 61. He passed away in his early 40s.

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He passed away he didn't have a long life. This was Berkut in time, in the throes of death when he was about to take his last breath. One of his students entered to greet him and he said Kay for a birthday or Iran, or Imam Shafi, what does it look like? He said to me that

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I'm on my way out of this world, when he when he moves on and inside, we'll have to separate from those around me when you saw a family maratea and I will have to put up with my evil actions.

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And I'm going to soon present before a la la, Rue de la gente.

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De ha, I don't know if my soul will make it to paradise, then I can congratulate it on my soul is destined to help NLF to consolidate, complete in 64 rounds in Ramadan, memorizing the motto of him America the age of 10 and dying at the age of 44. Now this burn cutting time that I'm speaking about the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the rewrite of the Remi the Anna Sidney Malick narrated the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said la Taku Masato Hatta, yata carabas de mon Tiamat will not come until Berkut in time will become absent

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Tiamat will not come until Burkett and blessings from time will be snatched away. How the proper classroom then elaborated further corner center to Christianity was broken, Giamatti went to Kenya. So a year will literally lapse in past like one single month.

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Now, look at the words of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam we thought of, you know the predictions of Nostradamus if we look at the prophecies of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam how apt how precise to the point we literally are the living statistics of this prophecy. For the corner center to Kasturi and year will lapse like a month and month will lapse like a week a week like a day in a day like an hour.

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The sorry hyena days have labored in detail exploring and understanding the wisdom of the spirit and much commentary has been given. I share too with you. One is this a time will literally rapidly move like it comes in today's alum Tara Anna Layla, Juana har Yoker rebind equal lapidaries

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Nicola JD YT and Eb Colima. Why don't you reflect that the rapid turn of 19 days is bringing every distancing close is making every new thing Oh, God, I told my wife I said, you know how long will we call ourselves young couples? We need to be serious with ourselves. One brother passed away. So I asked him I said so. And so pastor asked another brother How old was he? No, no, he was young like me. 62.

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Young like me 62 when the reseller isn't said every lifespan of my 50 and 60 up to 60 on borrowed time you run in on bonus? Young like me? No, no, he was my age 62.

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We talked before Nina spade is a spade. How long will I call myself a young couple? How long am I still pregnant smart in an improper Lana

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de facto who can pee by Avi, what's one piece of ID, the poet says I have a child, I have a pen. And the time has a pen. The only difference is in I write with black ink on white paper. And the time writes with white hair on black head.

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I have a pen and the time has a pen, or

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D. The only difference is the ink I'm writing with black ink on white paper and the Chinese writing what white ink on black paper. So

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every distancing is coming close. When you have an equal look at it, every new thing is becoming old. That's the first explanation that time will move so rapidly. Before you know it's the new month of Ramadan. Before you know it the new academic year, time will move so rapidly. The second commentary the scholars of Hadith give is that time will move at its general pace. But the individuals of that time will be so developed in their own sort of in their own misery in their own anxiety that because of that they will lose focus of time. So we know if a person is in clinic and you're in and out of clinic. Your lunch is

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Not on time your working hours are not on time. You don't know if it's night or day with Monday Oh, it's Saturday, if it's September, it's August, you lose absolute focus. And this is the second commentary that prior to tiama people will be drowning in this coral grip into depression confused in their anxiety that they will lose focus of time he has a Dhamma in the provinces and says in this process, a year which is left like a month and a month like a week. This is how it will go and make no mistake my brother, what is to come this passion and this rhythm will gain momentum. So if things are happening in haste cloud and if suddenly you met the brother yesterday and today you buried him

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and you can't digest the sudden death. Then let me tell you prepay and brace yourself for something worse. When I

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when I takumin Nosferatu Walker in

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the lab and he licked hace para Yamaha the prophets of Allah His son says a man will go you'll see him going in the middle. He will be grieving his camera you talk of sudden, you know unexpected caught me by shock. The Prophet doesn't say you will see him going in the meadow. He'll be melting his camel. The milk will be in the vessel the vessel will be in his hand and next best thing it will be Tiamat before he suffers from it. While

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a person will build a pond to tap a new building end to However, he will be doing the final touches of his spawn. The final refurbishing tomorrow is the launch tomorrow is the opening to Norway opening doors. He will be in crossing the final touches and it will be

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one at takumin asako

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LRP the food will be prepared the table will be laid out. People will sit down. Now we say it in theory but when it happens, we can't digest it. Let's brace ourselves for the profit someone has said they will sit down the food will be in the muscle in his muscle will be in his hand. What are the raw archaeologia who LRP the proper person said he will raise the muscle to his mouth. But before he can consume that food it will be

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easier to

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study all the signs of Tiamat everywhere he says time will just pass rapidly in

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among the signs of Tiamat your

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knowledge will be lifted away how Allah will take the learner away in the long

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run. To be able to be what I can yet to be

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a llama we've seen recently how many learned people have left. And obviously that leaves a vacuum it plays that cannot be substituted. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam says it will come to a point of crisis where because of the lack of leaders, people will be compelled to make ignorant people the leaders, the ignorant people will exploit the position and abuse it and mislead people. And another commentary given of the knowledge of the indepted away It refers to the respect for the knowledge of Dean will disappear. hustle and bustle he used to say Lola Lola love foreigners.

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If it isn't for the owner ma then the general nurses will become like animals.

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So your general knowledge will be taken away. Use the horrible jungle, ignorance will become the order of the day wherever you see widespread ignorance.

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Wherever you see there will be immorality. Someone said it very beautifully in the new language vapor the key section at john Nicola, this qhubeka some Java batida Nicola

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because of the absence of modesty, and because of this entire, you know trend of immorality, it brought about such evils that the one I thought to be my son turned out to be my nephew. The one I thought to be my son turned out to be my nephew. That's the repercussion, the consequences. In fact, I don't have time but part of the conference where I attended, there was one particular program that really caught my eye they had a panel of a Muslim scholar, a Jewish rabbi and a Christian priest, and all spoke about how pornography has killed the use of our time. This was the common goal. It was not any religious thing, a joint platform shared by three religious leaders, speaking on the harms

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of pornography in our world today. And obviously the key issue was the internet. How this is destroyed society should be not Xena will become common.

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What's up economies are men will die in big numbers and women will remain happy

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that there will be one male Guardian who will have to take accountability and responsibility for 50 females

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there will be one male Guardian

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Now it's an undeniable fact. If you look at the birth and the death rate, the population of male and female there is a difference between the two men die in larger numbers. If we look at the current war torn zones, and we see the numbers in which the men are dying, then if you look at the statistics, just to give you some some statistics, in Russia alone, it is said, the female population outnumber the men by 10 million. In the United Kingdom, they are 4 million females more than that of males. In Germany, they have 5 million females more than that of men in the United States, they are 7.8 million females more than men. And just off the topic, this also throws into

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perspective, the need of polygamy, if we really look at it carefully, those who found on this and have an issue with it, when these are the gross discrepancies in the population of male and female, and then not to speak about those that have become gay they don't want woman Look, look at that problem we got I mean, one is this this growth depth discrepancy that there are so many females in ratio to that of men, and then 25 million if not more, have become K so they have son woman. Can you imagine where this world is heading for?

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The revised Buhari omnicell manner at a state

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level selam Laila levy says I'm caught up by night.

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He said Mother owns illegal amine and Fitton. I can actually see trials descending Alfreton chakra Okay, lol abou t conecuh. What will matter is coming onto your roof, like our rain droplets fall on your head, that is all the trends that come in. May you pick up a pen

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you read?

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Will someone be kind enough to politely awaken my sponsors and my wife and tell them this is not the time to say this fitness coming down from the heavens? Who's a part of your lawn who said the generally Sahaba asked the professor some after your death tell us what good will happen after it What good will happen. I used to always be the negative one perceived to be I used to say tell me of the evil that will happen. Tell me of the witness so that I can avoid it. And one day he stood before us. And from that day till the Day of Tiamat he spells out every trial that will happen. Happy the woman happy though who witnessed the humaneness to those of my companions who will recall

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they will testify to what I say and those that forgot that they forgot. He said awaken my wife and tell them to engage in Santa Rosa man he said, time will pass rapidly they will be no Berkut to her will fit and fitness will become the order of the day you

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everywhere you go which will take place for the woman.

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Elaborate what is heard, he said

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they will just be killing and massacre. Brothers. It's a sad reality that you and I have become immune to the scores of Muslims that are dying across the world and others. You know one of the former US presidents said if mankind must end war, otherwise war will end mankind. Mankind must end war. Otherwise war will end mankind. The professor said they will just be killing the rights of Buhari law. Yes.

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Pima cotton wasn't enough to pee makuti the murderer won't know why I made it in the murdered won't know why I'm being murdered. However, my Sahaba in this chaos I must tell you both will go to hell. Sahaba said we identify with the crime of the murderer. We failed to understand the crime of the murdered the prophets or some said in a hurry Sinhala cotton is soft, maybe it is fate that prevented him from killing. And his time was up that he died but he was equally armed to kill and to defend. It says that he died also in time was up for him. But both will have a common goal of killing without a mission. What you

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say evening Miss Rhodes said I couldn't hold myself I said Juan Mata yaku a Yamaha Raj, a prophet sallallahu Sallam Can you be more specific? When will this massacre start in the world? When word is killing start in the world? He said hyena Allah Yamato Raja la gente de

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when trustworthiness will become so absent that you won't able to trust your colleague, your companion the men with whom you associate and you sit next to you start doubting your shadow my brother, hain Allah

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when things will become such hypocrisy where you won't know who is your from who is not yours, you won't be able to trust that is why someone asked the method. When is the Yama is that is that the Yachty lamina when trust is abused, then you know it is the Ahmed Carla working for

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a profit system. Do you want to elaborate? How can the trust be abused?

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He said his amuru in other areas, when undeserving people will be given honorable posts, then you must know it is the image and one is the professor Some say undeserving people will be given a post that is the homage and if it goes to a stage beyond where they design in the post, it was Seaton, Amro, Illa very early when undesirable, and you know,

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people that are not wealthy people that do not have that position and they will desire that pose.

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And in one rewired, he said, it will become so absent usefulness we get about your own people will engage in business, in commerce in trade, law, yada yada don't you ideal Amala you will travel you will fly from Africa to China, from China to Europe, the professor said you will not find one person to be honest. You call in a fee bunny funan or Ron jhulan me you know, that people will it will become such a scarce It is such a shortage, that they will be a big hype about the fact that in this country in this capital in this place. Yes. There is a trustworthy person. The problem is, people will actually hype up the thing people will come to meet him. You're going overseas you're going to

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London, you must go to this country. There's the honest men as salaam alaikum Nice to meet you. It will be actually set up by Nicola Rajan and I mean, people will travel the length and the breadth of the nation's to find one honest man, and then the professor's and said that's not all. You can't only rajul Montana. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Omar people became it's called him in her daily minima and it would be set regarding a person. Brilliant. Or that meant mind boggling, inconceivable. He's so profound. He's the most articulate human and rescuers show they won't be an iota of human in his heart.

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Then Jose said,

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he has a man on my belly, you Kumbaya too? I can recall the good error where I dealt with everyone. I didn't see what was the man's religious background or his credentials in Canada, Muslim and

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Islam. If he was a believer, his conscious wouldn't allow him to deceive me in Canada.

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If he was a disbeliever, the environment would have exposed him while on macoun to OVA, Illa, phoolan and wakulla Anna, but now I've come into a period which might not be had proper size, and I very selectively deal with people. My brothers What I'm saying is the signs of Tiamat are apparent Why is our car allowing him?

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Betcha Mina. Allah says when the when the issue will be final, and the Hazara will descend, we will cause mount suffer to split and a massive creature to exit from the earth. If that creature was then advanced to the Kaaba, turn fudo

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Rob dust in the sound of his body, and then the scripture will advance towards people in the rotation of the forest and he mentioned in the discussion in the dialogue of this animal will be another second will be I know this animal will speak to humans in an Arabic language in an audible way, telling them and appealing to them. What is it that you did not listen to Allah? In essence that which you refuse to listen to on the tongues of Zambia. Today you will have to listen to on the tongue of an animal. But the Quran says lion found a man who Harlem takuna Minutemen Pablo, aka Sabatini, Imani, ha ha Yo, it will be too late. What I'm saying is the sign of the time will move

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rapidly. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said my own math lifespan is the shortest. So we have the shortest life. And our life has been further shortened by the absence of markets. understand what I'm saying, we have the shortest life in relation to the previous nations. And this also is the mercy of a lot so that our sending period is restricted. Because this is the sending period, we have come last so that nobody reads our tail. You and I read the tail of our end, supply and loot. But Allah sent us home at law so no nation reads our tail.

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Allah gave us the shortest life. This has been further shortened by the absence of burkard. I asked you my brother, can we afford to lose this time? hustle and bustle he said to a woman Kanaka.

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I met many Sahaba in one in one breath, if I have to describe them. They were a nation possessive over time and casual with their money. You could get money out of them. You never got time out of them. Today with the direct opposite. You can get them in touch with you for hours. But if you want him to spend like one good friend of mine, he says, You know, I tell the very simple, humble man. He says

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Rafi chocolate is an offer to the man. It's a no no, I'm diabetic. But when I give him preheat

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I also am diabetic my brother but when I give him presented so really today you get tired gentlemen meet at a coffee shop in 72 hours. He said Sahaba you won't get a second out of them money you get millions. You never got a second. My brother Our time is short. It's running away. It's ticking away. Can we afford? I asked you can we afford to lose that one? And more and above over that year? Can we afford to destroy what we have built?

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Manta mama who matter I have an old pony and a young man Tama who is Hakuna Matata bunny he was a Eureka demo. The poet says when will a building reach its completion. When you build and others demolish what you build.

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The end be considered constructors Berlin brake. That is what we become. I am not here to appeal to you today to start a spiritual construction in the holy month of Ramadan. I have the absolute satisfaction with the grace of Allah. Every Muslim globally will embark on the spiritual journey of building. But what I am afraid of my brother of myself in you in the world is that we demolish with our own hands what we build. So you went through a hot day a tired day. rest assure as soon as you started moaning and groaning of the heat, you started demolishing what you build in from the morning. My message is keep burning, don't break keep building don't break. There is a divide in

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martial Quran and the first volume on page 444 on the front of Abu Mama, one person will present before Allah Allah will put his good deeds before him. He will have a look at him Allah said everything in order to say Allah with respect a lot of good actions I don't find recorded Yeah, I posted in the month of Ramadan. I don't find it Yeah. Allah said you correct we omitted this because he used to backbite about the people. I asked you a simple question. Yeah, but we'll find out. Why above is shut up says the profits are some said, Oh seek of good advance Gallop, trot run. Out seek of evil, halt, pause, abandoned stop, put an entry in Ramadan. Things that are lawful have become

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unlawful food, drink and have in relation with one's partner if the lawful things have become unlawful. Can you imagine the prohibition of those things that are permanently unlawful? Those things that are unlawful at every time, every venue every location? I'm afraid once you've abused your site, you have started demolishing what you build in my humble message is not to build I am building with the grace of Allah you built in, stop breaking what you're building that is my message. What did Allah Allah say? Bukhari right in Romani, under the commentary of the saya, Colima mini

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boom in other parts firing him why furuta home?

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Tell the believer to drop his gaze. Allah is a way of his actions he writes for things while law will be eternity gnabry Allah is aware of your rotating your gaze, you've started your destruction with that one gaze. Number two, voila. Ruby is Miley Cyrus.

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Allah is aware that you are using all your senses to just obey Him. You are deriving pleasure from the fragrance of a strange woman. One law will have your own PETA jawara. Allah is aware that your limbs are moving in is dystopian. Your thoughts are fantasizing? Your hands are advancing. Your legs are moving. What are the rune? Bhima Yokozuna? An ally is a way that ultimately you intend to make dinner. So once you've started abusing your sight, this is what you have done. I leave you with one quotation.

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He has not only unfussy him as mcsa where you know

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the Mona Monica balloon there are three actions as a result of which you plant your own dislike in the hearts of people. You constantly attract the Wrath of Allah and you perpetually demolish what you built. Listen to these words

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they are three actions usable, softer you create dislike in the hearts of people for yourself you're gonna owner metallian for same YouTube una softer you attract the rock of Allah. And number three, yeah, the moon Amaya balloon you demolish what you burn. And what is that? Number one, as most of you will be Will you be?

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The person who's passionate to search for the faults of others is constantly demolishing what he is building. So his drum is never filling up with spirituality. I know one of my scholars whenever he addresses the congregation in the institution. He always tells her I don't appeal to you to study. I don't appeal to you to increasing your budget. I envy what

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Do you start with four you start with Quran you start with Jude, you start with Salah, there's nothing I can tell you to increase in a budget What I can tell you is put an end in block all these outlets so that spirituality can be contained. I know my brother, you will embark Yokoyama lane is a construction user who is a construction is a construction, but then your anger you say destruction, your abuse of your site is a demolishing and your abuse of your tongue is destruction. So my opinion is both both. Like I always say there is this fire of sand, it's crossing the world. We welcome anyone what whatever quantity of water to extinguish this fire. But we don't welcome a man with a

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match. We really don't need another flame we need water, we need to put another brick on top we don't need to remove the bricks that have been laid out. The first thing is as the muster will be, will be not the one who searched for the faults of others. The second person enough see who has an inflated ego who has an opinion about himself that I am something and I deserve it and I'm entitled and the third is almora Eb Amelie The one who trumpets himself and boasts about his performances. May Allah subhanahu wa taala give us the ability we welcome this great and pleasant month. We are amongst those people whose forgiveness can be concluded before the end of the month of Ramadan And

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may Allah save us from destroying our good action give us the ability to burn and to continue to burn Buddha back to Cali attain and continue building until death overpowers your like an ancestor understanding what to do on an infant