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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the theory that Islam's supposedly higher level of spiritual knowledge is based on submission and not actual knowledge. He warns against saying "justly" and giving false information to avoid false accusations. The importance of following scientific methods in learning about Islam is emphasized, along with the use of witnessing and witnessing things. Consistent belief in multiple ways can lead to salvation, and unity is based on a shared commitment. The segment also touches on the concept of manifesting and its potential negative impact on one's behavior.
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And they worship other than Allah, they worship that which neither harms them nor brings them any benefits and they say, these are our middlemen, our intermediaries, our intercessors with Allah azza wa jal say to them, do you inform a law of something that he does not know, either in the heavens, or upon the earth Exalted is He high above that which they associate with him?

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Here Allah azza wa jal confronts the Qureshi regarding their idolatry and exposes their excuses. As pure fiction. Look, see the Quran they claim that the idols will benefit them by interceding for them in the afterlife. Instead of approaching Allah directly. They resorted to lesser gods who they claimed were close to Allah subhana and already had his approval. The idea was, that if they could make these lesser gods happy by worshipping them, that they would then put in a good word for them if Allah subhanahu wa Tada and that they would secure and guarantee their salvation. There are several problems with this idea that the poor I have here in this verse, Allah azza wa jal focuses

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on just one glaring problem. How do they know?

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How do they know that these idols represent real gods? How do they know that those gods have allows approval? How do the Kodesh know that they can secure Allah's approval from these idols? How do they know it will work? How do they know?

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The theology of the corporation is like a house of cards. The slightest breeze will make it all come crashing down. We had here not just one false assumption, but several false assumptions stacked one on top of the other Allah azza wa jal confronts this bogus Theology at the root say to them, do you inform Allah of something that he doesn't know? Meaning Allah azza wa jal surely did not tell you any of this through genuine revelation. So where are you getting this information from? And the more importantly, how dare you make conclusions about Allah azza wa jal?

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How dare you make conclusions about Allah? Or about salvation? Or about it? Those are about intercession? How dare you make these conclusions on your own,

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you have no authority whatsoever to do. So Allah never gave you any authority to do so. It says if you want to educate a lot about himself, or about his religion, or about reality, and that is simply arrogance, and delusion. Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us what Islam is, what it's all about, not just the five pillars, not just the six articles of faith, Islam also has an essence to it. And it also has a method, the essence the character of Islam, is submission, to submit. And the method is following the revelation that comes. This makes this man the only scientific faith that's out there. And I'm not talking about scientific miracles. What I mean that Islam follows a scientific method of

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induction. The revelation is our data, and we follow the data to wherever it leads, we don't form our conclusions first, and then go to the revelation to find out which evidence matches what we already thought.

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And the reason that this AG is in the Koran, and relevant to us today is that a Muslim can fall into the same spiritual knowledge practice that the poor life have committed in this verse. Some of the things we believe some of the things we practice, have no authority from Allah subhanho wa taala, whatsoever. And yet, and yet we are so confidence. It says if we're ready to educate Allah about the issue, there are well known examples out there that come to mind, such as worshiping the dead, as entered intercessors or practicing magic to get what we want. Of course, we know there's no authority for any of this. But for the younger generation, we have all sorts of popular slogans and

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ideas that we don't think twice about

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But in reality, they fall into the same spiritual malpractice. One of the big ones, is the idea that all religions are the same.

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It doesn't matter if you're a Hindu or a Buddhist or a Muslim, all paths lead to God, we hear this. Now, in our culturally Christian part of the world, where for hundreds of years, people were executed, just for not being a Christian, or even for not being the right type of Christian statements like these are supposed to encourage toleration for other people and for their religious commitments. However, as Muslims, we should push back on this a little bit and say, We don't have to legitimize an entire belief system that is false in order to not persecute them, or kill them. In fact, Muslims have been doing this successfully for over 1000 years. And when it comes to which path

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actually leads to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, we should not speak for Allah on this issue. It's not up to us to decide this is up for him to decide to for him to decide which path is acceptable to Him, which path is actually going to purify one's soul, and results in salvation. And in the Koran by the way, it is abundantly clear in the Drina, and along that Islam. Indeed, the path in the sight of Allah li path is Islam. What may you ever tell me about Islam, Medina, fell

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for nothing.

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And whoever desires of faith other than Islam, it will never be accepted from him. And in the Hereafter, he will be among the losers. Now, this does not mean that we can pass judgments on individuals and their destination in the hereafter. Allah azza wa jal knows best, what opportunities each person had to find the truth. And he knows Subhana how sincere each person was in trying to find the truth. But that also doesn't mean that we believe that all paths are equal, or that all paths are the same. We follow the evidence, we follow the data that Allah azza wa jal revealed, which is to the contrary, and we don't speak for Allah subhanaw taala on the issue.

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Another act of spiritual malpractice that's relevant to our youth is this concept of manifesting.

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Manifesting is an idea in pop psychology that says, believing something will happen, or focusing our attention on something happening will actually cause the thing to happen. Now, this idea is not completely off base, there's some truth to it. We have a hadith, pudsey, collected by someone, even manager that says, I know we've already been called Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yaku love so can Anna and one knee RBB Allah says I am as my slave thinks that I am. But one of the problems with the idea of manifesting is that it exaggerates our abilities and the amount of control that we have, which is supposed to make us feel empowered. wealth, success, happiness, relationships,

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everything he wants. It's all within reach if you just focus your attention that way.

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On the other hand, if you're not getting what you want, you must not be manifesting correctly. This could not be more different from the advice that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave to him not best when he said it while an ohmmeter loge tema Allah and Pharaoh can be shaken Lemurian Farooq in luxury and for the Ketubah hula hula wonder which tinaroo other any other group can be shaken. Let the Ruka LLP che and for the customer who love more I realized that if the entire Ummah worked together to help you, they could not help you except in a way that Allah azza wa jal had already decided.

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And if they worked all together to hurt you in some way, they could not hurt you in the least except for something that Allah azza wa jal has already decided. In other words, the concept of manifesting has subtracted Allah azza wa jal from the equation entirely. The self is the one who provides not ALLAH SubhanA

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bissa besides that, in this framework, and getting what you want, is unquestionably good. And our ability to correctly identify what is good

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There is beyond a doubt contrary to what Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, that perhaps you may hate a thing. And it's good for you. Or you may love a thing that in reality is bad for you.

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Finally, this idea distorts the purpose of a Muslims life. Our purpose in life is not just to get what we want. It's to accumulate virtuous qualities and virtuous actions for our afterlife. And the hardship that is given to us in our lives, is more meaningful than simply a failure to manifest. It's an opportunity to develop that virtue and achieve our own salvation. These notions are against the essence of Islam and its method. Do we really think that we can educate Allah about how the world really works? about what's the right path to salvation, about what's the surefire way to get what we want? What makes us so confident? How do we know puto polyhedra what stuff could Allah if

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any will accompany said it was the minimum colada stuck in a hole for Rahim?

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Al Hamdulillah he certainly wants to tell people he wants to watch out and learn. A lot of actor would actually color Hotel de Manisha

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Vienna will say that Mohammed and Abdullah sudo who, when he saw the logo

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he was having he was acquainted with saline water, steam and cathedral. In the next verse of Surah Yunus, Allah azza wa jal speaks more specifically to the phenomenon of religious difference will mccannon national or maternal after 1015 A full? Well, Kelly Mattoon several thoughts me and Rob pica, the CO the available fee mafia he actually phone and mankind was not but one religious community, then they differ. And if not for a word that had preceded from your Lord, it would have already been decided between them concerning that which they deferred.

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One of the problems with the idea that we mentioned earlier,

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that there are many paths and that all these paths are the same.

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That all religions are merely different ways to the same end is that it understates the significant differences between these faiths. For in order to really believe that all paths lead to Allah, or that all paths lead to salvation, we would have to accept that belief in one God is equal to believe in multiple gods,

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we would have to accept that believing in an eternal perfect God who is free from need is equal to believing in a god that has to eat, or a God that dies, we would have to believe or we have to accept that belief in all the prophets with the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam acts their head is equal to believing that some of the laws prophets are liars and frauds.

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These differences are major and mutually exclusive, they cannot be reconciled. And if Allah subhanho wa Tada, were pleased with all of these beliefs, we would then need to ask what's the point in believing in anything at all?

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Is religion only valuable for what it can produce here on Earth? Is truth irrelevant? As long as we're kind people?

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It seems humble at first. But there is profound arrogance at the bottom of this thinking, when Allah azza wa jal, out of His love and concern for human beings consistently sent authentic revelation to educate us about the truth.

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And the prophets, struggling struggle and strive to and sometimes were persecuted and murdered in the path of communicating these truths. And human beings along the way, in their vanity, and arrogance, attempted to conceal this truth or change this truth for people to come after the fact and point over here to the genuine God given truth and point over there to the fabrications and lies and say that these are the same.

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That is the pinnacle of arrogance. How do you know? But I want a full authority do you clear them equal?

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Do you dare speak for Allah? Allah subhanahu wa taala tells us in the verse something very important something

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We should never ever forget. People didn't start out this way. People did not start out believing in different things. People started out when they weren't far removed from their own creation. They started out believing the same thing to feel the Oneness of Allah, that one perfect, eternal God. Allah exists and takes care of everything after that. After that, they started to split.

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And this sort of splitting is not a praiseworthy type of diversity, not like our languages or our culture's, or our skin tones. No, it was a split between those who stuck to the original teachings, the genuine revelation that ALLAH SubhanA had sent and those who wanted to change it to suit themselves. Allah subhanho wa Taala is not pleased with that second group. And there is no comparing them to the first group. Despite that, like Allah Subhana Allah, Allah said in the verse, he won't judge people immediately.

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He will give them time,

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he will give them time to come back to the truth, he will allow them to prove themselves, whether they were sincere or not, and then he will judge them after they have born witness for or against themselves with what they did in this life, people of faith, the unity of Muslims is extremely important. But that unity is based on a shared commitment.

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You have an inner Jimmy Iguala, to fab Raku and hold tight to the rope of Allah and don't become divided. The rope of Allah is the Koran is the revelation holding on to Revelation and unity go together. Unity without the rope of Allah is pointless. If someone wants to unite with us, meaning they want to be the same as us, this is the condition you have to submit to the revelation. No submission, sorry, no units. Similarly, collaborating with people across faiths is extremely important. It gives us a chance to represent our faith when we represent Islam, sometimes we downplay the differences between Islam and other religions. And that is fine and useful. However, we

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cannot pretend that we're exactly the same as everyone else. And erase what makes us special in the first place. You don't need a Christmas tree in your home, to be treated with dignity, or accepted. We need to stand up for what makes us unique. We believe that as Muslims, we have something unique to teach the people to teach the people of Utica to teach the people of the United States of America and the whole world.

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How do we know? Because Allah subhana wa Tada told us

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