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Who are the Ubuntu Asahi? What is this story? Where did they come from? What does this terrains, these two kingdoms, these two times of authority? When will it happen and how will it end? Where are they now and what is going on today? What will be the conclusion?

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Alhamdulillah Wakasa was Salah to Al Mustafa, while he was already a woman that we had he ala yo Miller our bond.

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When Allah Allah Azza talks about the Quran, he has the Virgil mentions two types of verses.

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So he says Gela Subhana Minho to Mohammed

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from it or verses legis legislative directives, they are clear, concise, easy to understand, and very difficult to get alternate understandings from

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logically if someone commands you to do something, the expectation is that the command should be explicit to warrant obedience and to warrant following and the absence of that there will be confusion. So the first type of verses are those type of verses clear directives. Yeah, Tom Moore cannot. And then he says jilda Subhana Hoonah omole located.

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These are the essence of the book.

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And then the second type of verses,

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Allah Arambula Isaiah says, whoa, haram, Mo Tasha Behat and other verses are more complex. metaphorical, difficult to understand, requires delving, deep, analyzing, synthesizing, unpacking.

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And with regards to the motor shall Behat Allah or Buddha is the size one year I learned motor a wheeler who Illa Allah

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and no one knows its interpretation. It's more odd, its aim except for Allah. And then he makes an exception or raw, see who's gonna fail.

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And those who are deeply advanced and knowledge, who delve deep and unpack and analyze and synthesize. These are the ones who will understand the verses of Mater shall be had.

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So, tonight we are here to discuss

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prophecy and prophecy by nature are verses of Moto shall be hurt. They require delving deep, they require getting technical, they require analysis and synthesis, and unpacking. Now, the problem is when you do that, your audience their eyes start to wonder, you know, they lose interest, it gets too much for them.

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So, my challenge is to try to balance the two to get technical so that I can accurately convey the message and at the same time, make sure that I retain your interests so that you can consume and absorb and digest the information. Ask Allah Allah, Allah Riza to grant Ophir Komodo Lika Adela Hibiya Aziz, the prophecies we are studying tonight

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prophecies about the children of Israel

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and it is mainly in the Surah of a surah.

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And it is also sometimes called the surah of Bani Israel.

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So, the verse Allah or Buddha is a says

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we'll call by ina Isla Benny is Surah e leftfield? kitab.

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And we decreed upon the children of Israel in the book.

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And the book here is reference to the Torah. So we decreed upon them and this decree isn't one that requires obedience. This is a decree of destiny as in this is what will happen.

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Eli Burnie is ra de la fille que Tabby let to say don't

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Fill out the maritime while letter alone now no one can be around that twice, you will rain mischief on Earth and you will reach mighty heights.

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So when Allah or Buddha says, You will rain mischief, and reach mighty heights,

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this means that this is not the ordinary mischief committed by normal man. Because there is height associated with it, there is might and power associated with it. So, from this you deduce that twice, they will be given rain and authority on earth.

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they will spread mischief in that rain.

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So, before we go any further, let's go back to the beginning to find out who are the Banu Assad in?

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And what is this story? Where did they come from? And

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what is this tool reins? These two kingdoms, these two times of authority? When will it happen? And how will it end? And then where are they now and what is going on today? And finally, what will be the conclusion and the end of these rains?

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So to start our story, we go back to the time of Noah, Noah in English

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no or no holiday his Salam is called the second Adam.

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Because after Adam Alayhis Salam civilization built, population grew. Then at the time of law, the floods can and the floods drowned everything and everyone and only those that were in the ship with no holiday salaam survived.

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Yet from the people that embarked on the ship and on the voyage and on the safety with him.

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The rest of them were not able to have children. They were not

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able to procreate. The progeny ended with them. And only the progeny of new continued. So Allah Allah Allah says, What

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do reata who whom will bear Hoon, and we made his progeny as in the progeny of Noah. The ones that lasted procreated survived. And Noah had four sons, yam hum Sam, and the earth is

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Yom is the one that drowned. You remember the story, his father tells him come to the ship come to safety, he said I will climb up on a mountain instead. So he said son, there is no safety from the punishment of Allah this day, except for in the ship. So the wife came and drowned him so on the harm some and

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his last Sunday if is survived from some can. The Arabs in the Hebrews, all of those who speak the Semitic languages. In Arabic, they're referred to as Sami Yun. So some produced a Sami Yun and they are the ones that speak Arabic or Hebrew or Aramaic or Syriac or hubba Shah. So, these people and these nations all draw their lineage back to Sam and as such are referred to as Semites.

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So amidst the Semites, there were those amidst the children of Sam they are those who ended up speaking Arabic

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And amidst them are those who ended up speaking Syriac and amidst them are those who spoke Hebrew and amidst them or those who spoke Aramaic. Although these ones are smaller in comparison to the big languages of Arabic and so on, but all part of Semites

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so they occupied the lands of Yemen,

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the Arab Peninsula

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towards Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and so on.

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These were all Semites but because they had grown vast and number

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within the Semites within sands offsprings. Now there were sub nation

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It's so, sub nations spoke their own distinct languages. So amidst them are the Arabs and as I said, Syriacs and so on.

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Now, if you come to the holylands, this is

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current day Palestine.

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And around it, which is Syria and Lebanon and parts of Jordan,

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a specific

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sub tribe of the Semites used to live here, they were called alkyne ironi Yun, an English Canaanites

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and the land was called canine or canine, as it is in the Bible. So this is these regions Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, what is known as the Levant.

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Above this on the other slightly

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that way, is Iraq.

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There were Semites there too but as I say the tribes the nations had grown bigger, they spoke a different language, somatic very closely related, so Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, the sister languages, they have similar words similar grammar, similar pronunciations. So they are at the end of the Euphrates where Euphrates comes to join the Persian Gulf, there was an ancient city called o u r, or modern excavation, has shown a thriving, massive civilization and all.

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And biblical scholars have concluded that this is where Abraham used to live.

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And when they excavated and this is pretty recent, they found hundreds of little idols, the little gods that they used to worship, and then they found these three massive idols.

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And these three massive idols, one was dedicated to the stars, and the other one to the sun, and the other one to the moon.

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And of the miracles of the Quran, is that when it talks about the story of Abraham, it mentions these verses, phylum Jana Lai Lai, la ora, kabbah, Carla, Heather OB, rugby.

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Abraham is living with his people,

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debating and arguing with them. The Quran mentions that Abraham,

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Night fell on him, and he saw the stars, and

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addressing the God of the stars, as in the idol that they had dedicated to the stars, and the people that were there worshiping it. He said, almost in theater, that this is my God.

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And then when the stars disappeared, he verbalized that my God cannot be part time, showing them that you're in error.

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The stars cannot be gods, because they're here parts of the time and not the parts of the time. And then again, he addresses the God of the moon, and again, the matter of the sun. These details are missing in the Bible, but it is the miracle of the Quran that it captures it, and then a scientific miracle these days that they have excavated.

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So in the city lived, Ibrahim or Abraham and Abraham, the Scripture is referred to as the friend of God. So this friend of God was commanded to leave the city of origin and go and resettle and the land of Canada.

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So he migrated at the ripe old age of 75 years of age migrated. And in the migration important point to note, it is him,

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his wife, and his nephew.

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So three of them migrate,

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or four of them migrate.

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So they come to the land of Canaan

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and the land is already inhabited.

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The king irony you the Canaanites?

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DNA evidence and archaeological evidence shows that they lived in those lands for 1000s of years.

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and even because tonight we're discussing prophecy. So it is more about Scripture. And even if you look at Scripture so in the Bible, there is a king, a gracious old king, the Bible says about him, a man with no father, no mother, no beginning no end. This is Melchizedek Melchizedek. So the Bible says that when Abraham cam he paid taxes to Melchizedek, to this noble, righteous king, and Melchizedek received him.

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So meaning not only a civilization existed, a kingdom existed, and coincidentally in the siematic languages and in the language of the Kenanga Yun, he was known as Maliki slaughter.

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Melchizedek meaning

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the righteous or Maliki esodoc, the righteous or honest or truthful King

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Melchizedek saw an Abraham cam this household are full.

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They didn't come as power breakers, as mighty people, they came as immigrants, four of them, and they probably settled in a little place quietly by themselves,

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you know, living their days.

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So settled, amidst can earn and probably by the coast, time passed, and again at the ripe old age of 86. Probably he had his first son, this is Ishmael, is smile.

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And he was commanded to take a smile into Maccha and leave him there with his mum.

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And he himself can back smile state, and Maccha. There he married into another Arab Semite tribe of Judah home and from there had his children on this side was Abraham. And 13 years later, 13 years later, he is given the son Isaac.

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And if you look at the verse coincidence that God Almighty says in the Bible, that to you and to your offsprings, I give this land of Canaan,

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the offspring of Abraham as to a smile from which a big section of the Arabs come not all of the Arabs, just a big section of the Arabs and Isaaq who from which a just the children of Israel come and no one else.

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So the prophecy would hold true.

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Even if it is just the Arabs that have occupation of the land and live in the land, even if it is the Arabs that dwell on the land, but irrespective.

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So, our interest has been on Israel. So it is the son Isaac.

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So Isaak grew and had a son called

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Yahoo poop, or Jacob.

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And Jacob is what Scripture calls Israel. So notice carefully Abraham, Isaac, Jacob

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Isaak is not an Israelite. Abraham is not an Israelite. Israel started the the name Israel and the children of Israel started from Jacob. Israel started at Jacob.

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Now Jacob was blessed with 12 sons. And we know the story. The famous son use of was taken from Jerusalem, into Egypt, there who grew up there he gained prominence and there he invited his family brothers mum and dad to join him. So as rial and the children of Israel, all Israelites ended up

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in Egypt.

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And in Egypt, they can first of all under the reign of hexes.

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And at that time, he was just the king

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and use have had favor with him and his children brothers had favor with him and they were well perceived and received. But

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over the times, generations as the children of Israel grew the cops, the original native Egyptians started to grow resentment. And against this a movement started, and eventually, the reign of this kingdom was

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removed and the pharaohs came in.

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And the pharaohs enslave the children of Israel. And this lasted 430 long years.

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And just coincidentally, of the miracles of the Quran, is when Allah Allah is talks about Joseph

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and the king at the time of Joseph. He says, PA, ll Maliko.

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The king said,

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but when it goes to the time of Moses, the Quran distinctly mentioned surround,

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yet same Egypt.

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And the expectation of the rest of the world was is that the pharaohs ruled all the way through. On the recent archaeological evidence showed that no rain changed. And the feral started after Joseph, and before Moses, the writing of the pharaoh started.

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So for 430 years, they lived in this the children of Israel, all in Egypt. And again, I asked this logical question, whilst the children of Israel are in Egypt, who was in Palestine? And the answer is the indigenous Palestinians, Canaanites, who have been living there for 1000s of years, and whose DNA is well documented across the region of the Levant. So the Canaanites lived in Palestine.

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So now that Moses has come here to Egypt,

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and this is about

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more than 900 years

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before Christ, so 900 BC,

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is when they left Egypt, and made their way

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to freedom and emancipation. This is 900.

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Archaeological archeological evidence show that at 1200, before Christ 300 years

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before the emancipation and the freedom of the Jews, another group came and settled and Palestine as well. They are called feasts. And if you read the hieroglyphs of the Egyptians, Ramses the third in his documentation on his tombs, the red historical record that they used to keep shows that Ramses the third had a confrontation with this new tribe that had come to settle at the edge of Palestine. But even they arrived 300 years before the Israelites came back. So Moses came out with his people.

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And they crossed the sea and in the wilderness, and God Almighty told them go into the land of canine but they were hesitant to do so and they disobeyed the command of God. So he kept him dwelling in the desert for some 40 more years. So count with me for 130 years, they were under subjugation in Egypt, now another 40 years, so 4050 6070 470 years,

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they will basically in Egypt and away from from, from Canaan, where the grandfather and great grandfather had come to settle. So after the 40s passed, this generation that had been brought up under the whip and on and on and on chains and afraid, died and another generation grew up in the wilderness who knew freedom and who knew courage and all lived in the open and obedient to the prophets. These generation when they reached maturity, 40 years later, they went into into the land of Canaan and under the leadership of USIA at noon and fought the local Mala kites, I'm Malika or Amelie,

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who are the descendants now of the of the Canaanites of the Canaanite tribes that lived there, because you must understand 500 years have passed the tribes have grown big sub tribes have formed kingdoms have changed. Now the tribes that are in charge a part of the people of Canaan or the progeny of the Canaanites are referred to as the analytical

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mela kites in English. So, they come there and they fight. Take a little, you know, foothold on the ground establish their place and

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as planned

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In passes and the time of King David and King Solomon, the kingdom grows and they take over the whole lot and a divine righteous godly kingdom comes into effect, which according to some rains, from the Euphrates, all the way to the Nile.

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This is the kingdom of the prophet of God, Solomon or Solomon, as it is known, and Solomon was a mighty ruler, like Solomon was was King and Solomon's rule, didn't miss a bit. And there was no give in the authority of Solomon.

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You know, you hear the classic story in the Quran. His army, in their parade used to include men, jinn, the unseen creatures and birds. And just imagine this authority. So he looks out from the 1000s and hundreds of 1000s that have amassed in front of him and he says, Mally Allah, ora Hood Hood, why can't I see Hood Hood a single bird and look at the consequences, the level of accountability, he says, the banana who has ever been Shalida, I will punish him a severe punishment, I will ask the HANA or I will slaughter him the bird or he will give me a good reason for his absence. So mighty ruler, absolute King, and no give in his kingdom. So when a mighty power

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leaves like that dies like that, there's usually a power vacuum very hard to fill the shoes of a person like that. And that's exactly what happened after Solomon. So Solomon passed away. As soon as his son came into office, people started to invite So of all the tribes the 12 tribes of Israel on the to accepted his rule, and 10 rebelled against Him. And then when they rebelled, evil and mischief happened, because this no longer the rule of God. So

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the evil spread and vice spread and as a consequence, because whenever this happens, remember this swan whenever nations

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adopt vice, and evil reigns and injustice rains in cruelty rains and harshness, rains, then Allah Allah Azza says we're either Aradhana and no Holika Korea tun Amana mudra visa for first aku V her for help Carly hello hello for them. Morna hurted me Iran. When we want the destruction of a people, we put in charge of them, the most vile of them, the worst of them rise to positions of authority. And when they rise to positions of authority, evil and injustice and cruelty spreads in their rain, and when all this evil and vise spreads, then there is reason now to remove them. So evidence has piled up Hoja has been stablished. So Allah will send something to get rid of you and replace you.

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So this is what happened in the time of the sons of Solomon is because of their rebellion against the rightful king. Our authority is divided. Now authority the vile comes in charge and amidst them evil spreads. So the first consequence was the Assyrian Empire camp to attack them. And then as the Syrian war finished and they had their Ryan finished the Babylonian scam. And by that time the whole of Israel had fallen into sin and into cruelty and into oppression and into Zulu men into usury and into killing without right and all of the saw the Babylonian scam and, you know from history, all of the Israelites were taken, you know, war camps through their dwellings. They were taken as captives

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shackled and taken back to Babylon. Then the Persians come after the Persians, the Macedonian scam and after the Macedonians the Roman scam and one after the other.

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You know, they attacked and destroyed and removed every remnants of Israelites that lived in this place. So now we go back to our verse of prophecy.

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The verse says,

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What call by ina Isla Benny is ra e la fille que Tabby LA to Sedona fill out of them are rotini wa la luna aloo one Kabira we decreed on to the children

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Enough Israel, that twice you will rain mischief on Earth and you will reach mighty heights. So this is the first one, we have just completed the reign of Solomon finished and the writing of the Sun cam which was rejected. Then infighting happened and this order happened and vice happened and evil happened yet they had a huge massive kingdom. So, they have might and there is facade there is Vice There is mischief on Earth. So as the Quran said twice you will reach this position they reach that after Salah Eman so listen to the words of the Quran says for either jack or wa do Oh ALLAH Houma when the end of the first rain happens, as in when the demise comes.

00:30:57--> 00:31:37

Bath na la comida the learner only seen Shadie them Fajr Suhaila that the we will send upon you servants of ours who are mighty and severe, and they will enter through your houses. And it happened at the time of the Assyrians and then the Babylonians and even as diverse said, they were searched and sawed through their dwelling dwellings and admit amidst their dwellings and taken as captives and removed. So now we have reached the end of the first part of the prophecy,

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which was their past. So after this, we go towards the time

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of the present.

00:31:47--> 00:31:52

So after the destruction of the first civilization,

00:31:53--> 00:31:57

there is a story and a life of how they got from here

00:31:58--> 00:32:09

to where we are today, and then we go to study the last part of what the Quran prophesizes about the future, and inshallah we'll cover that in our next session.