Karim Abuzaid – Between Negligence and Extremism

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The importance of moderation in Islam is discussed, along with its use in shaping society. The speakers emphasize the importance of moderation and its use in shaping society, including its use in promoting negligence and avoiding fall. The speakers also discuss the history and implementation of Islam, including its use in marriage and divorce, and its impact on politics. The segment ends with a brief break and a discussion of language talks about the character of Islam.
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Shalom Salaam Alaikum

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Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome day viewers to another live episode of hula tonight and I'm your host for the evening Junaid de, I like to take this moment to thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for giving us this fantastic opportunity to do his work. Furthermore, I'd like to thank all the viewers for tuning in for their continued support and making, making the effort so that our programs are successful. like to take this opportunity also to thank all of you for being patient with us, we had a slight technical problem. So we were unable to start on time, but Alhamdulillah Allah has given us the grace to start the program. And we are here. And we have two

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fantastic discussions prepared for you today. In the first segment, we'll be discussing an important topic and that is the topic of moderation. is Islam a religion of moderation? Or is it a religion of extremism, as some people may say, and in the final discussion, we'll be talking about how a Muslim is meant to behave, how is meant to safeguard his tongue safeguard his behavior, so that he is a positive entity in society. Now the views? How many times have we seen on our television screens on newspapers on social media, the word Islamic terrorist or Muslim fundamentalist or fanatic? How many times we've seen that the media makes use of these terminologies in order to persuade those people

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who have little knowledge of Islam or no knowledge of Islam, for them to formulate what they have to make their understanding of Islam, but unfortunately, that is not the correct way we know that Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us in the Quran, what can vedika Jana cometan was about that Allah said, Verily, We have made you a balanced nation. So this is our discussion today moderation who really proclaims this true moderation in Islam. And with me, we have a very special guest in the studio. So let me begin by introducing the guest and then we go straight into our questions. So if I could begin by introducing you shake cream, I was eight. You are very popular here on the TV. You've done

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a number of different programs here, like aqeedah matters and various other programs. I'd like to welcome you to the tonight by saying a Somali Jackalope heroine, brother grenade and Wiley who Salama lightoller Baraka to all the viewers.

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I always feel at home being on the TV screen. Okay.

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Good to be too good to be with you. Thank you very much. also gave us a lecture at this moment to remind you all that our phone lines are open so please do get close to your phones and do coalesce the numbers we'll be running across the screen. If you're calling from outside of Egypt Don't forget to use the code which is in the brackets 002 inshallah Allah the shift is here in the studio. So we will address your question. So do pick up your funds and do koalas inshallah. Jeff, if we can begin from the verse that we recited at the beginning, what what is meant when we say cometan was a balanced nation what is meant by Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool Allah, Masha,

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Allah ilaha illallah wa Hu luxury Jalla wa Chateau now Mohammed bin Abdullah, who was who? First of all we ask Allah subhanaw taala for sincerity in actions, and sayings in the open and in secret.

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Before I go into the verse, I just want to remind ourselves and the viewers that just 17 times every day, we make this in the mandatory Salah, okay. Dena Scirocco al Mustafa

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just in the mandatory Salah you know if we count the five daily prayers and multiply the numbers of units rockets, we're going to end up with 17 times in sola till Fatiha you're asking Allah subhana wa Taala to guide you to the straight path okay. This straight path is the path of moderation is adjust and balanced unbalanced one. Okay. Not to the extremism, excessiveness nor to negligence, right. Okay. That verse you refer to there is something very interesting about it that maybe a lot of the viewers may not know. This verse is in a chapter Al Baqarah, which is chapter number two from the Quran.

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The number of verses in sola Baqarah 286. Okay, so how do you know what number this verse is? Surprisingly 143 So, the middle right in the middle, it is the middle of verse 286. The middle of 286 is 143. What does the verse say?

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What are their Lika alna? oma tanwar Sapa and wehrli are thus indeed we have made you Muslims are wassup and I chose purposefully or intentionally the the word in Arabic because we will explain it okay. I was at nation what is the definition of Watson's

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two things what is the best of anything, right? The best of anything or

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something that falls in between two edges right.

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And always when when something runs its course and it reaches its middle course is the best look at the moon when the moon gives its best when middle of the month and the middle of the month look at the sun when the sun gives its best heat when middle of the day and normally when you are in between those two ages, which are bad, one of them is negligence and the other one is excessiveness or extreme. Okay? So you're allocating yourself in the middle.

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And this is again what you're asking Allah subhana wa Taala to be on, okay. In this world, and this is what makes Islam an enjoyable. Okay experience just to summarize that so we're saying that the two edges right is negligence and excessiveness, excessiveness. And the true path is somewhere in the middle in the middle. Okay. Now, when you're in the middle, you're protected, you're preserved. But when you go to the side of negligence, you're on the edge.

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And I want to tell you, some are on the side of extremism. A lot of the people and I bet you, the school the viewers have come across some people like this. Like the people who took for example, the path of excessiveness and extremism after a couple of years, they actually find them abandoning the whole religion somehow. Why? Because you see, you're supposed to balance your because listen, that path, the road until you die is long, and is demanding. And if you don't base yourself, you're gonna exhaust yourself, and you're gonna run out of energy. And is it possible that when you make things too difficult for yourself, that when you do fall, you will not fall to moderation, but you will

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fall to complete negligence? Absolutely. You see, both they serve to one another. Yeah, you see those two extremes they serve to one another. But before I go into, you know, the manifestation of this because I think that's what would would make the overcoming to the a, you know, easier on the viewers to grasp what you're saying.

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We need to pay attention to something very important because a lot of people use the word data that was a failure to justify that negligence. That's right. And a lot of people yeah, in Edina use in Edina was what was it? I mean, when you're talking about praying five times a day, so really was a fear that you abandoned praying. That's not what we're talking about. Because that's a very dangerous and

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devious goal that you utilize the term or Sofia, in order to promote negligence. Okay, check I want to come to that in due course not to but I want to talk about the very thing because every Muslim group, you will find, you may call them something or I may say some but every group claims to be the moderate group so that we can come to that in a minute. But check, I want to look at the manifestation, like you said, of moderation. And there are a number of different places where we can see that. And can I begin by looking at belly for it? Because as they would say, Oh, we

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middle people, there are some people in the world who don't believe in a God. And there's some people who have 100 gods, even some of them have 1000 words. Are we in the middle of somewhere? Let's take two extremes. Yeah. One extreme that tells you no place for intellect whatsoever, okay, for

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two to at least initiate the process of believing.

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And even they end up with weird theology. And I say this with respect and I hope I'm not hurting the feelings. The Trinity for example, you ask an average Christian theologian

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to convince you that one plus one plus one equals one.

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In symbols normally in math, one Father, Son, Holy Ghost, those are three. No, they tell you, one plus one plus one equal one. One, they're supposed to be three. Now when you ask them, this doesn't make any sense.

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dogma, no place for what? The brain, the brain cancel out the brain. So that's one extreme top. Let's come to the live calakmul philosopher the speculative speech and the philosophers. Okay? They ended up actually making God the way that the intellect would in between. Look at this Islam is in between Islam and allows you to use your intellect in order to establish two realities here are two points or two principles that there is a God and the names and the attributes of this God must be greater than what he created. He can use your intellect of course, and this is why the word or the question FLIR alone, I feel attacked alone. when Abraham for example, said to his people, when he

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destroyed the idols, these idols cannot protect them. So if Allah

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And, look, they asked a Beduin, a very simple man, not deep and studying religion and so forth. And they asked him, How did you know that there is a God?

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He said the following Listen, if I see a dunk of a camel, that means there was a camel here. Okay. And if I see the planting of feet on the ground, that means somebody was walking here, Alba that didn't die? Well, after we are doing a little messy. Look at this sermon on there to abridge the heaven with all these stars. What are you doing there to fudge the earth with all these valleys and mountains? What the * are in there to enlarge the seas and the oceans with all these high waves, la ciudad de la people, Hubby, this doesn't tell me that there is lucky for me. So again, the point I'm trying to make here is you use your intellect to deduce that there is a creator. But now once it

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comes to the names and the attributes of the Creator, stop, you haven't seen him? How do you? Where do you go to Revelation? So look at that striking the balance in between? That's just comparing

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Islam to other faiths. And now you spoke about groups. Okay? Why do we have divisions, a lot of Muslims, they sit out there and they think our divisions are in the issues of I bet that we'll do an salah and sebab the hands, our issues in there, you end up with almost two extremes as well. Right? Okay, one negligence and one What? Let's come to the subject of a man. Okay, this is why the man is the definition of a man the belief in Allah. But I'm not talking about the articles of faith. Okay. I'm talking about the concept of faith. What comprises faith? What makes faith? Okay, the reality the nature of faith. That's what I'm talking about. I'm not talking about that believe in Allah.

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Hereafter. I'm not talking about the six articles of faith, right? What is faith? And this is for your information. One of the first subjects early Muslims debated upon, okay, we do have a definition that is condoned and adopted by Sahaba. imaginary a man of God, the believer of the Prophet and his companions who don't have one, but he ended up with two extremes. Okay, so what are they?

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The let's take a little more Jia. Is that the finishing filament? Yeah, this is in the side of negligence. What did they say? They say amen. Faith, is you believe in your hearts in the six articles of faith. And thank you very much. If you can see a Chateau La ilaha illAllah. Muhammad Rasul Allah, so that, you know, you can marry a Muslim woman. And if you invite me to your house, I can eat your baby.

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Because there are religious rulings, okay. On the basis of Islam, because a Muslim is different to a non Muslim for a Muslim, okay? There are religious ruling Thai to have the last map. And the to that whether he's a Muslim is a Kaffir is upon things that you could do and he cannot give you if somebody comes proposes to your daughter, and he is not a Muslim. But if he's a singer, so that's what he meant. Then you ask them, What about Salah? What about Zika? What about Hajj? Oh, no, no, that's not important. So this version of Islam is a very easy, relaxed versions. This is what actually Christians did to the religion, right? This is the debate in Christianity, that prophet

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Esaias salatu salam when he came, he said, like, for example, in Matthew 517, I believe, he said, I came to confirm the lows and the profits, you still going to have to work. Some guy self proclaimed disciple who never met Jesus peace be upon him.

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whose name is Paul? He said you know what, there is no more need to work on what you have to do is to believe in this formula that Jesus died in the cross for your sins. Okay, so he canceled out like in Malaysia and Islam, okay, they canceled out in alignment. And this is unfortunately and I say this with with a grieving heart. The majority of the Muslims, they tell you a lie. A lie. I'm mushy if he or she and I will be up y'all. This is an Egyptian one now. My heart is so wide so clean. I just don't pray five times a day. Okay.

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I'm a good man. Good man. Or you know, I think there is every culture actually produce its virgin like Allah is in my heart. Okay, well, they can find a man to the heart girl backup your heart Your heart is wide. You're all with Uppsala with Zika.

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So that's extreme.

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The other extreme right, the other side

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okay, the groups who actually label Muslims who for what is the issue? The issue is you see our email email Allah Sundar, Gemma Emmanuel Nabi sallallahu wasallam women of the man that they passed on to us, they see that faith increases and decreases right illimitable Haryana hemolysis laqad Cabell to I have met 1000 scholars of the provinces all of them they say, la mano coluna I'm an email man is believe of the heart and action of the limbs and it increases and decreases the more Jia the side of negligence they said the man what believe of the heart and the statement of the tongue. Hollis, you're all good. Look at the other extreme.

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The college knows when they say a man is one entity.

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If you mess up with it, all of it is done. As a man Shea or noir head, either they have ababu they have a coup, meaning what if you commit a major sin? You lost your amen? Okay, so you're not Muslim? You're no longer Muslim. And and those are the groups by the way who bomb and kill Muslims. Okay, because you see, for them to kill Muslims, they have to take them out of the fold of Islam, how they do it, they label them kuffaar because they commit major sins. Okay? So, but the truth is, we've again in the middle in the middle, that a man his actions, believe of the heart statement of the tongue, and listen, you're not going to be perfect, you're going to commit sins. That is why a man

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goes up and goes down the kitchen I want to look at another manifestation

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of moderation, but it's a sensitive subject, the issue of control kata, so, some people will say that we are like robots, we have no choice in our actions, whereas others will say no, you are totally free to do what you want 100% you create your own actions. This is by the way, the second subjects or the third the also the debate happened. Okay. And if you read Hadith, GB, the famous Hadith A lot of us know the Hadith about the questions What is Islam what is a man what is the whole Hadith actually was cited was narrated because of

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right because the two individual just I invite the brothers This is the first Hadith inside a Muslim. Okay, just go and read the very beginning. The two individuals came from Basra in Iraq because there was a mandate called Maribel Giovanni, who started promoting they believe in our own meaning work. Things happen a lot doesn't know about them. Until they happen. Okay, so now fukada because what is it Imagine if

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you believe that Allah knew everything.

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He wrote it subhana wa Tada. And who established 50,000 years before he created the heavens and the earth and his throne was on water. He willed it

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and he created you and me to execute it. Okay, that is the man and those are the levels of color. So elka Daria that my buddy Johannes started promoting what they believe that a lot of the know things so he really cancelled if he doesn't know then there is no need to talk about the writing the will the Divine Will, nor the creation if you don't believe me, Chef a says that when you debate with a party in an affair than a gator of other house you will ask them about did Allah know about it or not? If they say no, then you need to go out of the fold of Islam because if you if you negate an attribute that is established in the Quran and the Sunnah suffer too late or too early or suffered

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That the attribute of knowledge is an eternal attribute and it's it's pertaining to the Divine Essence of Allah subhanaw taala that means you go out of the fold of Islam and Cortina who Mr. Luna Dini, you have cancelled out what is known from the religion by necessity.

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Now is when, when those two individuals came to Medina, they met Abdullah abnormal, or the other one woman, and they said to me up, Norma, we have this guy in Basra saying that in the llama, oh, no, no. That's an extreme nokhada

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Abdullayev normalcy to them. What if you meet them? Let them know that I disown them. Whatever, bah bah, bah, bah,

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bah. I own them in a very warm Graveney. Okay.

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And then he said had Bethany Abbey. My father married to me the honey was a college degree. So that's one extreme who the other extreme, we call them algebra. Okay, the Federalist. Who are the Federalists? I'm sorry, I shouldn't be doing that. But I want to bring the meaning to the viewers quickly without taking a long time I come and I slap you in the face. It's hard on By the way, this lab others in the face? And he asked me Shikari, what do you do? Of course you're not going to get him now.

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You're gonna say something else? What are you doing? That's generic. That's gotta

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have a little Jabri that means you don't have a Will you have no control? You have no control you use a perfect word. Robot the robot that's what he was like the robot. Yeah, yeah. So guess who is the head of that school? Right? Who shaitan Sega when he refused to bow down to DC to Allah Subhana Allah por la BB Ma. Ye Tell me who Allah you misguided me. So let me have that despite

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to show you that the children of Adam are not deserving of your

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honor. And okay for the creme de la look The truth is weird. But during the time of over the hyperbola a lot I love this story.

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A man was caught stealing. For Sarika the criminal punishment in Islam for stealing is known cutting the hand for the man came to overdenture ameerul momineen in new syrup to be

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a Commander of the Faithful I stole because of

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Omar said and I will cut your hand because

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he was he was the head of it. This is look at him. Wakanda Latina Ashleigh Kula Lucia Allahumma shorrock na, na na Well, those who committed chick polytheism they say well, if Allah has willed with enough, I tell you a real story. Well, luckily, this happened to me.

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I was in Maryland. And I messaged Dave,

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and I was supposed to counsel somebody regarding his family.

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So after I said was the appointment, so I let the salon I looked in the cloud, I didn't see him. So I said, Okay, let me go to the my office for a while and hopefully he will arrive. So when he arrived, you know, knock knock knock salamati from South Africa. So he said, I recognize that he didn't pay us. I said to him, brother, IANA. Go ahead inshallah and pray and wait for you Don't worry about it. You know what he said to me? Allah doesn't want me to pray.

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Okay. Very strange. I said to him, okay. Why don't you go and pray and say Allah wants you to pray.

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More. Listen, do you know what Allah wants for you or not? You don't

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die? Didn't Allah send you a messenger asking you to pray? So why you justify your shortcomings using unknown evidence and you abandon what is known what is knowing what doesn't look the truth? I wouldn't want to turn this into another subject to talk about. That's my favorite. We can talk about this. Michelle has a beautiful No, there's so many things I have. But I want to tell you our look at the names and the attributes another area by the way, that is okay. You got Danny gators, and Eleanor Martha NOFA. They say Allah has no need no attributes.

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Okay, who Sammy has no meanings. On the other hand, you got What? You got another extreme that says what the names of Allah is like the human so they turned a lot into an image similar to him. But the truth is intimate. Allah has names and the attributes, but how we understand them, laser chemically, he shaved, no one's like, Look moderate. Always being in the middle. Yes. Okay. Another aspect I want to talk about and how Islam promotes being in the middle like we said, Is that the way we treat the property

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So for example, you will find some of the Christians and even some of the Muslims, you can say, taking profits outside of their circle and making them into Gods or making them into things that they are not. And then you have another group of people who are from the people of the book or possibly it will lead to the profit. Let's talk about profit as a solid. Okay? We have two extremes. Okay. The Jews and the Christians, right? The Jews accused his mother of adultery that he is the son of adultery. Yeah. What do you call for him? We're calling him Allah, moriyama, Bhutan and avena

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they accused him to be a liar, that he is not even a messenger or a prophet. Not the Christ, the Messiah, Messiah. That is why the word boastful when they said, we're only him in our potential mercy Hi, Sapna Maruyama rasulillah Look at us we call the mercy this guy who claims to be

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the Messenger of Allah, we killed him, meaning he is a liar. If he was really

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you know, that mercy He shouldn't be killed and hamdullah that's what we're saying that he was not killed. He was what he was raised up to Allah Subhana. So that's one extreme top look at the other extreme, he is God, the Christians, okay, he is a god he's our Lord. He, Allah came down from the throne into the womb of Mary are led to believe, I don't believe in this, by the way, but I'm just showing woody another extreme right here, right? And then Jesus is is the, the body of divine basically and but look at us. He is the messenger, he is a messenger of Allah. He is the Christ, but he is not defined. Okay? That's about like earlier, let's let's not just take the messengers and the

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prophets. Let's just talk about Muslims here. You get people being excessive in

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showing respect, honoring schoolers, for example, to the extent that they assume that they know the unseen, they come to you and bow down in front of you. And the other hand you got those people is it meant that schooler Karima was it? That's ignorant

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in the middle, give each person is due respect, respect, okay? Show honor the person but not to the level that you take him as a rival Rasul Allah. Allah Salam dismissed that for himself. Okay, that's a truly accurate insogna Maria. What I can pull you up to la hora soon. Don't praise me like the Christians brains. lmsc hollier Salatu was Salam rather say Abdullah surah. Okay, just another way we can reconsider. moderation of Islam is the fact that Islam is stipulated for each person, be it male or female father, mother, each one has rights. Absolutely. And these rights when you look at them, you will see how Islam is so moderate and so balanced with each individual. I mean, one

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example that comes to the top of my head is for example, in the Christians, there is no concept of divorce right in Muslims if need be worse comes to worse. There is that option. Okay, let's take Christian and Jews again because again, these are the Abrahamic faiths. Sure, go ahead. Judaism. They tell you that you could divorce your wife without taking her back at all. Okay, so

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for the viewers to grasp this. In Islam, a person can divorce his wife twice. okpala cammarata and if emcell couldn't be my roof in our next video on BSN.

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If you take her back within the ADA, the three month you don't have to have a new marriage contract. No, don't worry. If she's beyond that, then you have to have a new marriage contract and adultery. But if she had the point of reference, that you could take your wife back twice, but after the third time because this is not again hallas. This is a revocable

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divorce, okay, tala Bay, so, but in Judaism, they tell you if you divorce her, you can take her back. And the story, end of story tie in, in Christianity, I call it capital punishment if you marry somebody.

00:29:22 --> 00:29:59

I mean, Pollock is there as a solution for certain relationships, that no divorce whatsoever. No, no divorce whatsoever. But in Islam, what you can divorce your wife once, twice, you can take her back after that is irrevocable, revocable, but nobody said that, you know, divorce, Endemol, even the issue of a sauce, you know, if you're, I mean, let's come to the area of dealing with other people here, like the idea of somebody hurting or harming, okay, Judaism By the way, there is

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You have to do causes like to take your right back.

00:30:04 --> 00:30:31

Christianity they tell you what, turn the other cheek, turn the other cheek and they make it like it's mandatory. But this is not realistic. In some cases Islam is balanced just in the middle. Islam tells you listen, you don't have to do causes. If you want to forgive, you can go ahead and forgive, that's fine. But when you do causes, you have to break what even we're in tune for if people will be nice

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to me, okay, if you punish or revenge, then it has to be even are in the middle. And no, I think there is another manifestation of this problem tonight and the viewers need to know about this show. Go ahead is the area of La bad that

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you find a lot of young men, especially at this time and age Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala enlighten them and he brings them back to the deen and so forth. And the initial first two or three years the you know, they they overdo it, you want to do 40 or 1050

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there is no we we invite them to strike the balance. Okay. You see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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One day he called up and why didn't he have a loved one? And he said to him El Mirage Omar will log in Neela but Allah I love you. But at the same time when a complaint reach the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that is prolonging the Salah

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being the Imam okay he called upon him and he said what if I turn on anti Semites? Are you putting people setting people up for fitna whereas when you lead the Salah, then take it easy when you pray by yourself Do as you please the that's an extreme because but again a lot of the brothers they use this line when we lead the salah and recite one page wide by the way decided to makara

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widow with a lot of people dig this out of context in a way. That's one extreme. In the other hand, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting down in the masjid one day and one of his companions entered and he prayed

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then he came a Salah Monica Rasul Allah O Messenger of Allah Salah go back and pray have not prayed Okay, what what this person do a lot like a lot of Muslims.

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But moves quickly, okay.

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balance in the middle.

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Look at the story of the three individuals who came to the house of the prophet SAW Salah. So one of them said, Well, I'll breathe 100 every single night. The second one said I'll fast every single day. And the third one said, Well, these women, married men getting married and children are going to take me away from committing myself says the concept of celibacy. Basically, okay. Rasul Allah, Allah condemned this, he took the ball back, by the way, and he said, Well, law permits me to makalah rocks. And this is the wisdom of you know, he didn't name them, by the way. So Pamela, you don't think that the companions know do not know the names of these three individuals. But I

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challenge you find me that names in the sun to respect their honor and keep things silent. Yeah, because some some Muslims these days, look at this. They go on to the Bhagavad Mohammed did this is the hottie is using the ball but World War Two to blame to blame? We shouldn't be doing this. Yeah, he is. SolidWorks and I'm saying what? To makalah those individuals I heard what they said, Okay. And I paid 100 every night and I sleep. I fast and I break fast. And I marry a woman and this is my son. This is my way, the middle, just balanced way. Okay. And one day Salallahu alaihe salam he heard. I believe they had been to jack if I'm not mistaken, that she had a robe in the masjid. Why

00:34:11 --> 00:34:45

that when she used to break the hedge at night she would hold on the troops so she doesn't fall down. said take it down for you suddenly Hakuna Shah pray as much as you can afford when you get tired. But by the way, don't apply this to the mandatory we apply this to what the government Yeah, almost a bad man do bad but the mandatory has to do up. You must pray must pray. Okay, so the viewers who are listening and myself have listened to Mashallah your beautiful speech. We are convinced that Islam speech I'm talking to you.

00:34:47 --> 00:35:00

It's a beautiful Islam is a beautiful way. It's a moderate path. Yes. Okay. But yet now I'm going to put myself in the opposite side. Sure. Okay. Yet people will say that Islam is a religion. of the

00:35:00 --> 00:35:25

Islam and terrorism, and everything is very rigid. What would be your response to somebody who will say that accusing Islam of this is baseless? Because if you want to inspect the religion, examine the religion, let's go after the text. And every situation that I shared with you tonight, I supported it with evidence. I didn't come up with it. I'm not

00:35:26 --> 00:36:13

using my own words. This is the Quran and the Sunnah. But I do realize that there are some Muslims who present Islam in an excessive form. Okay, and this is why it's spreading now. And you see, this is where the blame happens on the religion, but okay, we need to, you know, separate the two. Okay, so, because of time, I will just one more question and this is a very important question. So now, as we are listening, Mashallah to what you're saying? How can we as Muslims now become more moderate in our Islamic view? And maybe I'm extreme in something maybe I'm not How can I? What are the tools or the skills that I can be moderating? That's one thing and the second thing is because everyone,

00:36:13 --> 00:36:16

every group is claiming this. So how do I know which one is correct?

00:36:18 --> 00:36:20

The key to this is knowledge.

00:36:22 --> 00:36:30

shefali Vitaly robiola one made a beautiful statement that I love so much. And it will help

00:36:31 --> 00:36:32


00:36:33 --> 00:36:45

know the truth, you will know who is on the truth for in mental health color or for the region. The truth is not to be known through people.

00:36:46 --> 00:37:15

A lot of people are out there to claim what they claim. But at the end of the day, this middle, balanced and just path which all the messengers and the prophets, by the way, came to invite people to, and this is what we, we say 17 times a day, oh, Allah guide us to it, okay? Because succeeding in finding this path in this world for tonight, will be reflected on the path on the top of Hill.

00:37:16 --> 00:37:26

If you go to the site of negligence, the site of extremism on that, Surat on the top of Hill in the Hereafter, one of the scenes, you're actually not going to move. Okay.

00:37:28 --> 00:37:36

knowledge to answer a question in one word, knowledge is the key. Okay, that's good. You kept the answer very sharp.

00:37:37 --> 00:37:42

Unfortunately, we have come to the end of the program. And I'd like to thank you for coming here.

00:37:43 --> 00:38:18

And I also like to apologize for the late start, but this is the nature of life program. So do accept our apologies, I colloquial, thank you very much. Davis, we've come to the end of Segment Number two, what a beautiful discussion talking about how Islam is a moderate religion looking at from so many different angles from from worship, from belief, so many different angles, and we can find and we can conclude that Islam is a middle ground. It's not an exaggeration, and it's not in neglect. Obviously, the subject needs a lot more time, a lot more discussion, but we understand we've got the keys to this door. And like the chef said, we need to study we need to get the

00:38:18 --> 00:38:37

knowledge. In order for us to understand this true middle ground of yours. We're going to take a very short break here. And then when we come back, we'll have Segment Number three, where we're going to be talking about a beautiful Hadith of the process of language talks about the nature of the character of a Muslim. So on that note, let's take a short break and then I will see you in just a few moments. Sound white knuckle

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