Nouman Ali Khan – The Vice President And Abdullah

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker shares stories of promotions and mistakes, including a woman who was promoted to the VP of her company and apologized for the mistake. They also discuss the importance of remembering who made a mistake and the potential consequences of their actions, including the potential consequences of a boss sending emails to the entire department. The segment concludes with a discussion of the importance of remembering who made a mistake and the potential consequences of their actions.
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crazy story, something I made up this is entirely my own concoction. It's it is, you know, my own deviation, you can appreciate it you can if not, because I think everybody here basically kind of sort of knows what happened, right? You know, at least for me, however in general shaitan whispered, they ate from the tree, they were expelled. That's the basic elements of the story everybody here is familiar with. Okay, so I'm going to tell you a story. And this is again, my own invention. It's horrible.

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You have somebody who started who got a job at a company, he got a job as mid level. And he started working very hard, very impressed his manager, eventually he was made into manager after a couple of years, after a couple years after that he was made into a regional manager, then he was made into like the mod manager for sales, or head of sales for the entire United States. And then he was granted even US and Europe and he just keeps moving up 2030 years of service in this company. And this guy keeps getting promoted and promoted and promoted and promoted, right? Eventually, he's the VP of the company. This guy after 35 years of serving in this company moving up, proving himself is

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now the VP there's only one position higher than VP, which is what the owner of the company is the president of the company. Okay, so he's the right hand man. And there's they have a headquarters, which is like this tall Scott skyscraper office. And he's got like the one of the best offices on the top floor, right next to the president's office, the CEOs office, that's the VPS office, he enjoys his position there, right. And he's been serving there, everybody shows him respect. You know, people, you know, stand when he walks by, and things like that. And then one day, the president of the company, the CEO, walks in with a 16 year old teenager, who's chewing gum and

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looking around. And he says, Hey, I'd like you to enter, I'd like to introduce you to our new VP.

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And if you could just get off that chair, because that's his chair now. And I think he likes chocolate milk. So if you could get him some from downstairs, the cafeteria, that'd be good, too.

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The President walks in tells his VP that the 16 year old kid is now the VP and he needs to be at the service of this new, new hire. Right?

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If you are even like a secretary in the office, and you're on the side, like typing away, you'll start typing for a second, you're like what just happened?

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And you're gonna want to hear what happens next. Now, if I don't even tell you what happens next in the story. Can you imagine what would happen next? Can you imagine the kind of reaction when there will be an abrupt eruption and volcanic eruption coming from who?

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Like, what? Who's he? What are his qualifications? Do you know what I've done for this company? Do you know how much time I've put in? You know how much I gave up, like, my family for this company? I gave up my life, I give my sweat, blood and tears for that, and you're gonna just put me away? Who is he? What is he? what degree does he have? Does he even know how to spell

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you're gonna put him in my place. There's this like, eruption. And anybody watching, if I was if this was a movie, directed by myself produced by myself, my intention would actually be to make you feel bad for who?

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You all sympathize with the VP? Like, that's not right. That isn't cool. You know?

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But you know, I'm not talking about a VP.

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Who we're talking about.

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I mean, he was in the service of Allah. And he is a jinn and despite being a jinn being promoted so much that Allah would put him in the rank of the angels.

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He's proven himself, obviously. And then for a lot of create something made of dirt.

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And then tell him by the way,

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thank you. He's taking your place. He's the one to be promoted to halifa of the earth. He flips out and we're like, hey, Tom, please. If this was a story about a VP, you'd be like, Yeah, man, that ain't cool. I, you know, I, I sympathize with the guy.

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Now, that's one side of the story. Let's hold it there. Because I wanted you to sympathize with the VP. I know, it's disturbing that you might sympathize with the devil, hold on, hold your thoughts. But you need to understand what's happening in the story from a thematic point of view. It's very powerful. Now, I'll tell you another story.

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Yet another story is you work at a company and you're doing a good job. You seem to be doing okay. And your boss sends an email to the entire department.

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The only one he doesn't send an email to is who you are.

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And the email says that we're going to transfer Abdullah next week to New Jersey.

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The New Jersey office that's a punishment.

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I think he's better suited not for Texas he suited for New Jersey in the law when

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everybody knows he's about to be transferred. The only one who doesn't know

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Who? himself. Everybody knows the transfer orders have come. You know, they've already prepared everybody that he's going to be transferred and he doesn't know. Okay.

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Now what happens is one of his friends who got the email says, Listen,

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I know you didn't get the email I can I show you what happened.

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They're gonna transfer you,

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Dan transferring.

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The next day, Abdullah comes 10 minutes he's upset anyway. He comes 10 minutes late to the office. Boss calls him into the office. boss says to him, you're 10 minutes late. I don't think you're suited for Texas. I think we need to transfer you to New Jersey.

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Because what are you talking about? You had already decided that you're going to send me Where?

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To New Jersey? out of Georgia. I'm in Texas.

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You're Yes, you're gonna send me out of here. You already issued the memo.

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You're not sending me there because I messed up or I came 10 minutes late. That was always part of your plan.

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This whole drama about Oh, you messed up and that's why I'm sending you down, please. I have a copy of the email. My friend gave it to me.

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In other words, this was all pre planned, wasn't it?

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And it's not because I messed up. I'm not really talking about the law in New Jersey.

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who I'm talking about.

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Salam O

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Allah azza wa jal, the first thing we learned is in Ninja, Phil jannetty kalibo.

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Ninja. Khalifa, I'm gonna put someone left behind someone who's gonna have children after children after children, someone who shall take responsibility where on the earth? He hasn't eaten from any tree yet he hasn't. He hasn't done anything yet. And yet the plan is and all the angels know he's supposed to go where? on the earth. Now, this portion of the Quran in bakura is not the portion where you find out the conversation between them. And the police. You don't find this conversation here. You find that conversation is totally off in other places. There, at least comes to him and says, Listen, you know, that whole tree thing? Let me tell you what's going on. If you ate from that

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tree, it's impossible to transfer you to New Jersey, you would get permanent residents in Texas. That's why he doesn't want you to eat from the tree because everybody knows that you've been actually the orders for your transfer have already been issued. You are about to go where? To the earth. And you're like is earth like Jenna? No, no, I like this. This this is Jenna.

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You want it the only people who get to stay here are angels or permanent residents. There's only two kinds of people that can stay up here angels are permanent and takuna Molokini out. akuna Minal Holly Dean, either you both convert to angels, or you both become permanent residents. And the only way to do that is to eat from that tree.

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Because otherwise, look, the decision has been made final you are sent your image and

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it's done. That's a commonly known

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now, even though Adam alayhis salam eat from the tree, at allows origin apparently says now as a consequence of your eating from the tree, you must go down to the earth. Couldn't he turn around and say, Excuse me? What about Indonesia? I don't feel all the legalese came and told me you were gonna send me anyway.

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You're not sending me because of the tree? yourself? Or because I eat from the fruit? I actually I knew I was gonna get sent anyway. Why is that question important? The question is important because until this day, the oldest question in philosophy. And the oldest question in the mind of anyone who has a crisis of faith is if a lord knows already what I'm going to do,

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and where I'm going to end up? Why should I be held responsible?

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The question of predestination is something that's asked for centuries upon centuries upon centuries, if Allah already knows, how is it my fault? If already planned everything? Why should I be held responsible? And the story the first story, the first man to exist? The first human being actually had the opportunity to ask the oldest question in philosophy.

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Because he was pulling that position. It was predestined that he will come on the earth. Now I presented you two very precarious situations. You've got the story of Elise, who is being demoted apparently unfairly. And you've got the story of Adam who actually is going to be transferred no matter what they're gonna be, he's gonna be sent anyway. And then they're both by the way, both of them. They have a lot in common. This is the next thing I want you to understand them and insulin and Iblees have a lot in common. At least was raised

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Above the angels he was given superiority he was given a superior position was Adam alayhis salaam given a rank above the angels? Yeah, it was truly Adam. He was given a superior position

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Iblees was given this honor Adam was given this honor Iblees ended up disobeying Allah.

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Adam also disobeyed Allah. It believes actually disobeyed Allah that one time either Melissa masa, that one time.

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Now they're all they're also both sent to the earth. And by the way, both of them had logical explanations, they could have had logical explanations for disobedience.

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Why am I saying that? I compared at least to the VP remember. Does the VP have a logical complaint?

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Does he have a logical complaint? Yeah.

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If Adam Elisa Lam is being sent to the earth, He can also make a logical complaint. Look, you were gonna send me down anyway.

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He can make a logical complaint. So now what they have in common as far as both of them are in a position to challenge the decision of God with a logical complaint. They have that in common.

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What are the differences begin? The differences begin with one of them saying, here's my logical complaint. Here's why your command makes no sense. And the other one says logic or not, whether I think it's fair or not. I know one thing that Trumps my own thinking, I know you're never unfair. And if there's ever been any wrong, it can only be my own, no matter how convinced my mind is, or how convincing it pleases to me that you're the one in fear. I can never get myself to blame you. I will even if I've done wrong and it seems it's your fault. I will say what I must blame myself the difference over here is for Bhima Oh wait, Honey, you're the one who made me slip Iblees says And

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here he says Robin avala. Unfortunate master we wronged ourselves, they both make a mistake. Making a making a mistake does not make you the devil. It is what happens after the mistake that makes you a follower of shape on when you justify your mistake. When you shift the blame onto Allah. When you refuse to take responsibility yourself when you put your logic above the wisdom of Allah simply because you couldn't grasp it. Because Allah will test you Allah will teach you but at the at the end of the day, will Allahu be cliche in Aleem what is called bucola, karate ninja.

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Allah knows everything and then the story of Adam because there are things in the story you just don't know. You just don't know why Allah would issue that command. And then the entire plan, there are things you'll have to relegate your trust to Allah. And if you're not able to do that, then the door of at least is wide open, you can question a lot just like he did. And you can follow his path. From here on, you know, all children of Adam are going to make mistakes khulumani Adam hopatcong all children of Adam are going to make mistakes. The Prophet told us some of them, but there's the Sunnah of Adam alayhis salaam and the son of Lisa was going to make us different. Every human being

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is going to relive the story every time they make a mistake. Every time you and I said there's going to be either justification. Well, I was under a lot of pressure. Well, no, it's, I mean, it's really about Allah tells us to do it. Yeah, but we're not angels. We can't do everything you know.

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You know, and if I really wanted to stop me, why didn't he? Why did he make me so weak? That I can't even help myself? It's not my fault. It's his fault.

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And Phil already knew then why should I be and all these questions? If you go, if you go down that road, what leader Have you already accepted? At least he's giving you the same rationale that he used that he tried to convince others of any salon, but on the other hand, is the flip side of the story now, now let's compare it to this

Two Amazing Stories of Vice president and Abdullah by Nouman Ali Khan

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