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Yunus 53-74 Translation 53-74

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una salir lotto soudal Karim Allah bird for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for the Shashi slithery, we're certainly Emery

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melissani of coho commonly open as a dinner in

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Lesson number 115 surah Yunus is number 53 to 74.

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and use them

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they ask special news from you or they ask you

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is Hampton truth? Who it don't say he Yes. Well by Robbie, Myra in the who indeed it surely truth warmer and not unto you all the merges in in the least ones to make helpless in the least ones who cause failure

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were low and if indeed liquidity for every Knutsen soul over limit it wronged more or whatever see in an odd Earth must surely transcend the weather it will end a several day concealed or they disclosed

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another matter the regret a several day concealed or they expressed especially they expressed

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another matter the regret lemma when they saw the punishment to the year and it was decreed by the home between them will disagree with the Justice will and whom they learned not US law moon they will be wronged and beware or unquestionably in indeed Lola he for Allah ma whatever fee in a similarity the heavens

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and the earth

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Allah unquestionably in indeed Warder promise Allahu of Allah hebgen is true on our Kindle, but for whom most of them learn not you're alone, they know

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who is he up, he gives life or he brings to life where you need to and he gives that were LA and to him, though Joe, you all will be returned.

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Yeah, you have a NASA that people could in fact dread come it came to you know, to an admonition

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men from Rebecca Europe, where she said and a healing Lima for what see in the chests was wooden and a guidance for rush metal and immersi limit meaning for the believers

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to see before blend with bounty with sudden a levy of Allah will be rush Matty and with his mercy, so be there later. So with that,

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so they should rejoice. They should be happy. who it is better than whatever your own they all collect.

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else have you seen you considered? Man? Whatever Angela he sent down a level Ola. Lachlan for you men from Brisbane division. So the items are made within you or made men who permit harassment unlawful or hillaryland and lawful to say, has Allahu Allah ebina he permitted Lacan for you? And for Allah upon Allah He Allah that's the rune you all fabricate

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oma, and what is only a supposition and levina of those who yester Runa they fabricate either against or upon Allahu Allah, aka Viva La. yo en de LTM at the standing in the Lucha Indeed Allah Lydon surely possessor sadolin of bounty Allah nursey upon the people

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will our kingdom but for whom most of them learn not as gurus they are grateful

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and not the coolest you are see in any condition warmer and not that you recite men who from it men from to earn in for an Euler and there are meluna you will do min some underlain any deed any action in there except good now we were illegal upon you shoe then witnesses is when to Fiona, you will are engrossed see he in it all man and not years ago it is hidden from Rob Baker. Your red men from Mr. Lee wait is over 10 an atom

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So, in the earth weather and North Sea in a summary the sky Euler and nor esquerda smaller men than daddy cadet, winner and no greater except fee in Qatar when a book movie when clear.

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Enter unquestionably, indeed earlier, close friends, Allahu Allah, learn not to interfere or lay you upon them while they're at home. They knew they will grieve.

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And Medina those who are men who they believe are eternal and the way he has the home they adopted

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the home for them. Alicia, the good news fi in El hayati, the life adonia the worldly will see and in an era T the hereafter led not dealer any change legally mighty for words Allahu Allah their liquor that who ate the success and all the the great

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one and should not yes isn't it greed you don't know who they're worried? In Indeed Allah is the owner the power linbury for Allah geneon altogether who will he is familiar with the oversold hearing an early in the oversold knowing?

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Allah unquestionably in indeed Lola he for Allah. Men who see in a similar way at the heavens, woman and whoever still early in the earth warmer and whatever

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he follows and Medina those who are the owner they invoke main some dooney other than Allahu Allah Shoraka as partners in not yet to be owner they follow Allah except the supposition we're in a not home de la except Yahoo soon they guess they estimate

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Who is he and maybe his drama he made Latin for you and Layla the night Let us know so that you will find rest CG in it when the harder and the day moves are one giving site

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with 01 giving site in indeed see in rarely cadet area 10 surely are signs the terminal for people yes Maroon they listen.

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Early, they said it to her that he took Allahu Allah will lead them a son or a child, to parent who globey to him or his glory, who will he is the self sufficient, the rich Lahu for him now whatever see in a similar way at the heavens, warmer and whatever fee in the earth, in not in the chrome near you or with you men some Sultan in any authority, they have their with this meaning for this all due to coluna you will say Allah upon Allahu Allah ma what led not by the wound you will know

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to say in the indeed alladhina days will yesterday in a day fabricate Allah against Allah He Allah led by the light last night usually when they will succeed.

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Material a temporary benefit see in adonia the world sooner than elayna to us module one they're returning sooner than mosaico home we will make them taste available the punishment is shoddy the severe be more because afford turnover where they deny

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and recite la upon them never as special news motion as no release

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is when Allah He said You told me to his people, Yoko me or my people in a scanner it was it became great, who it became great ally upon you. metonymy my stained waters Katie and my reminding the IIT with signs with vs. Unless he of Allah. So I learned so upon Allah He allowed the workers do I have trusted I put trust

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in you. So you will gather.

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So you all gather and record your decision.

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will end surety account your partner's similar than last year can it be unbroken your decision I lay upon you all metal hidden or obscure.

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simpler than you will decide in a year to me meaning about me when and do not to ruin you or give me respect.

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In then if they were late to us during the summer, they're not supposed to come I asked you men from editing any reward in not every year.

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My reward in that except Allah upon Allah He Allah what we must do and I was ordered I was commanded and that akuna ib men from Alyssa mean those who submit

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the booth so they delighted him senate trainer who so we saved him were men and whoever now who with him so Frankie in the ship order allow him and we made them color if our successors will walk there and we drowned and livina those will allow you to be dinner with overseas send it so look tracer how Turner was our pivotal end result and Wolverine of those who were warned

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sooner than beisner we sent we appointed men from bi d after him resturant messengers email to him donation cetera so they came to them with a unity with the clear fruits summer the night turn who they were you may know that they believe the more in word or because of what both meanings are correct because there will be he will get made fun of labor for today later. Likewise not bow we set seal upon the Ruby hearts alert the Dean of those who transgress.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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me be

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of the left

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miney Moe

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What am I w

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e w

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in Nigeria

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whoo Do you mean Oh Bhima

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