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Ibraheem Menk
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the negative impact of shaytan on people's behavior, including their use of words to express their desire for forgiveness and the importance of having a strong relationship with one's creator. The segment also touches on the negative impact of fear on people and the importance of shaping one's appearance for Islam. In a final segment, a man claims to have created a doll and used it to make people look like animals, but the video ends abruptly when he refuses to comply with a request from a woman. The segment also describes a man trying to protect himself from failure and claims to be a god, but failed.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa ala Hala al Amin OB Hina starin one who suddenly want to sell him Allah Tamil Ambia you are Imam il more saline Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ultramarine Allahu Malissa Illa Illa merger alto who Salah one teta Jalil has either shaped Salah Obeah Cyril Allah to ask a terminal here will be canister in we thank Allah horrible is that he will general for having gathered us here today. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to surround us with the mullah ICA and to cause his mercy and his Sakina to descend upon us and to raise us with the MBR Allahu wa Salatu was Salam and those whom he has mentioned with them, I mean,

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Allah Hara Boulez, he will Jalil has created everything that exists on earth. Hence, we should understand that it is here on Boulez that he will Jalil who created shaytaan as well, and this is why in Surah, tunas, when we say Ruby of bigness Mellie keenness Isla hiddenness mindshare will was was in Canis allele us we so few sudo Rhenus Meenal gene neti oneness you find that we seeking refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala from Shaytaan the accursed whom He created me Sherry, Paula Rosa Bill Bill Philip minsheng, we ma Haluk We seek refuge in the lord of who splits the dawn,

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from che upon whom he created Michel remeha from the evil that he created, the trouble is that he will Gela and Allah subhanho wa Taala created the devil as a test for human beings to come to human beings He would come to human beings and tell them worshipped me. He would come to human beings and tell them worship this idol worship this grave worship this these sticks worship these stones. So don't do that worship Allah Allah Boulez that you will Jellal alone, the one who is above Allahu Akbar. You see, on the day of piano, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us and the brother read these verses, so melodiously Subhanallah Well, Bella xuelin He Jamii

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Nadine astac Baru in

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the * to noona nanny mother in law he knew che on who had lung luchador ina come, Allah Allahu Akbar. On that day they will all be before Allah who believes that he will gel and who will all be before Allah herbalists that you are Jalil. Every single human being that was born into this world every single gene that was on earth as well will be before Allah Hara believes that you will gel well Baris will Allah He Jeremy Takada bow alpha, so then the week from amongst them the week from amongst those who were doing wrong on Earth, they will see in canola come Tebah they will tell those who are mighty amongst them. Those who are leaders amongst them, we used to follow you for help them

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to move no Nana Manassa bIllahi min che. So are you going to remove any of the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala from us. So he will say in Kowloon Fie, we are all in it. We are all there today. And la hija and Allahu La Harada you now come, if Allah subhanahu wa taala had guided us we would have guided you, but Allah Allah bless that he will Jalan chose not to guide us. So here we are, we are all in it. Allahu Akbar. Now, if we stop at that juncture for a moment, and look at these people, what is the conversation and who is it between? This is between people who followed and those who are leaders, those who told them come to do this haram. You see, they advertise the

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nightclub to you. They tell you to come there is a cold beer in that pub and in that nightclub, they tell you to come dressed scantily they tell you to remove your clothes, they tell you to do all of this. Who are these? These are the agents. These are the agents of shaytan himself. They are telling you to come and do all of this. They're happy for you to do it. Allah who believes that he will Jellal says that those who follow them, those who responded to them, they will have a conversation on the day of piano we followed you and what will the answer be? The answer will be simple. We will not guide it. So we could not guide you as well. You see, company means everything. The people whom

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you surround yourself with means everything because that is who you are a man who Allah Dini Halevi. A man is on the religion of his brother on the way of his brother. The word that is used is Dean. So it means if your brother or your friend is a Christian, you shall be a Christian. If your friend is a Jew, you shall be a Jew. If your friend is a Satanist, you shall be a Satanist. If your friend drinks you will drink if your friend smokes, you will smoke but on the day of piano, what will he say? No, I couldn't they will literally say lohardaga and Allahu Lucha Dana. Had Allah guided us we would have guided you somewhere. Alina Jazeera Savarna Mallanna Mima hills, regardless of whether we

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are happy or not, whether we are patient or not, there is no escape for us today. So even if we have patients or we don't have patients, there is no escape for us today. We are not getting away from this punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala and then Allah horrible is that he will Jellal tells us that shaytaan will make an announcement Shavon will make a speech and that speech is what we're referring to today as shade bonds. hautbois what will shaytaan say?

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What Alessia Anton Wulan OB and in Allah Hawa Kumar they'll help try to come up left to come and shake Bong we'll see when everybody that is meant to be in Jana is in Jana, and everyone who is meant to be in the fire is in the fire. Shaytan will say Allah promised you a true promise worldwide to confer left to come. And I promised you but I broke my promise. Allahu Akbar. Here he is telling you that He promised you but he broke his promise. And this is what shaytaan does to us on a daily basis coming to us whispering Hey, come on. You know this that thing that you're addicted to pick it up. You're trying to give up vaping you think you can give it up? You think you're strong enough to

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let go of that vape pen? Look at it. It's there in front of you. You think you're strong enough to let go of those cigarettes. Now look at it's right in front of you. You walk out on the street, nevermind the street, you pick up your phone, you're addicted to haram, you're addicted to Xena, you look at it and all of a sudden you're enticed by it. You want to do it you want to touch you want to see you want to speak that's shaytan and his whispers he's telling you on the Day of piano that Allah promised you and His promise was true. Allah Allahu Akbar, yet in this dunya look at how he treated you. Look at what he did what he invited you towards. So he carries on

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Well, mankind and era you

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soon turn him in.

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To confess tragedy to only and I had no authority over you. I had no authority over you. Except that I invited you. I called you i enticed you. I told you to come towards it. I beautified it for you. Faster job to me. So you responded to me? Did you not respond? Did you not come to Zina? Did you not come to alcohol? Did you not come to that shisha and vape pen? Did you not come to the cigarettes? Did you not come to the drugs? You responded to me Falletta pneumoniae? Well no more enforcer calm. So don't blame me. But blame yourselves Allahu Akbar. Yet you invited us. You are the one who called us to it. Yet today you claim that I only invited you I only said that come to it. Don't blame me

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blame yourself. And this is mentioned were in the Quran with the words of Allah who believes that you will Jellal telling us what Chapin will say on the Day of PM. So, Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam Yes. shaytaan is evil. Yes. Shaytan. Is Habib. Yes, shaytaan is to be blamed. But you cannot blame che pan on the day of pm when you've come and you haven't sought repentance. You haven't sought forgiveness from Allah who believes that you are jealous. He will say I am free of what you have done. You have done it it was you it was not me. blame yourselves don't blame me. So we cannot say that shaytan is solely responsible for our actions. No, Allah Allah believes that he will JLL

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gave you free will. The ability to choose to fight that devil the ability to choose and say no today because I want Janna tomorrow. The ability to say no today because I want to be saved from the hellfire.

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tomorrow. So it is easy for us to blame shaytan. And we find that when there was a dispute amongst the brothers with use of Allah salatu salam, then yaku ballyhoo salatu salam, he says, Oh use of Allah in salatu salam says, mean by the Anessa Russia you barn obey knew I've been a squatty after shaytaan he, you know, he came and he whispered, and he poked and prodded us, between me and my brothers. So he blamed shaytaan why? Because he wanted to bring about unity. So when there is a problem between you and your brother, between you and community members, you resolving the problem, you try not to lay blame on each other. You try not to point fingers at each other. Why? Because you

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want to get together you want that unity to come back. So you try not to blame each other and pointing fingers at each other. But when it comes to Xena, when it comes to hammer, when it comes to smoking and drinking and partying and alcohol and all of this that is out there, and the Haram that is on your phone and *, etc. All of this you need to blame yourself, you need to sit and take account of yourself has evil and full circle applied unto herself who take account of yourself before you are taken account of why? Because on the Day of Judgment, Chapin will simply say a Landau to come up to me. I only called you and you responded to me whilst the call of shaytan is there

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today. Once the invite is shaved off shaitan is there today. We have the invite of Allah Hara bullies that you will Jelena

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Yeah, are you Maryna nostalgie boo Lila you and your monsoon either

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Lima, your econ or you will have believed responds to Allah and his messenger when they call you to that which gives you life. You see, the life that Allah subhanahu Attallah is talking about is the life that is within the heart. You find that the one who doesn't remember Allah subhanaw taala and the one who remembers Allah who believes that you are Jalil is like the living and the dead. Those are the words of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So when you respond to the call of Allah, Allah Boulez that he will Joanne Lima is the outcome Lima you ye come to that which gives you life and when the people of Jana enter into Jana, what will they say? What will they say?

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They will literally say, Yeah, Lady Tony, but them truly hayati. Oh it will be the people of the earth here. We Allah subhanho wa Taala at the end of Surah Al Fajr. He says,

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If someone can remind me of the verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, later Anita dem truly hayati for Hilma Eden, la you are the people who are available who had let you ask people who had water usage or who had Allahu Akbar, he will say that I wish I had brought forward for my life, which life, the real life, the life of the era, the life that is everlasting and forever and ever. So Allah Allah is that he will Jalil called it life for a reason because the one who doesn't remember Allah subhanho wa Taala is like one who is dead spiritually. He is like one who is a dead man walking, he has no life within him. So here is the call of Allah horrible is that evil JELA. And

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all of us know that when you get involved in sins, when you get involved in transgressions, when you get involved in all of these bad deeds, then you find your heart become darker, and darker and darker, until you reach the point where you actually depressed from the sins that you've committed. And I'm not meaning clinical depression where your mind is down but your spirituality is so down and so low as a human being that you feel dead, you feel like you're empty, and the day that you decide to save a stone for Allah. The day that you decide to say today I'm performing Salah in the masjid today I'm placing my head on the ground for Allah Allah Boulez that he will gel and something

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happens with him. Something comes back to life. What is that? That's your iman, your faith, your belief in Allah herbalist that you will learn as a believer in Allah subhanho wa Taala no matter how far you go, never allow yourself to overstep that boundary of Islam. Never allow yourself to enter into Cofer disbelief. Atheism, and this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about Chapin Yeah, you had Latina man Oh, let me tell you who to shame on. Are you who has believed don't feel

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follow the footsteps of shaitan. Or may, Deborah hoto. In shame on that in moonbeam fracture.

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And the one who follows the footsteps of shaytaan he commands with immorality and evil when you find a person who follows the footsteps, footsteps of shaytan. Not only is he happy, being evil, but he needs other people to be evil with him as well. And this is why you find that the man with a cigarette between his lips is never happy to smoke it alone, but he must give it to your teenage child and say try it out. Why? He knows it's bad. He knows it's evil, but he cannot stop himself from inviting others to evil as well because his follow the footsteps of shaytan for too long. And this is why we never allow our hearts to become completely and totally blackened. Before it gets to

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that level you make a mistake, you seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala you see the repentance of Allah subhanahu Attallah you know shaytaan tells you that you have been committing Zina for so long. You think you can go to Allah subhanho wa Taala you've committed Zina 1000s of times, how are you going to go to Allah with what face? Are you going to go to Allah Allah bless that you will July but Allah subhanahu wa Allah says, Allah who you read my to ballet come and Allah He wants to forgive you. Allah who believes that he will Jalil is just waiting for the day that you say ya Rob be isn't fugly. Oh Allah, Oh my lord, oh my Creator, oh my maker so far. If they'll be,

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Oh, you who forgives over and over again, forgive me. That's all Allah subhanahu Attallah is waiting for. So no matter how often you go back to this and always turn back to Allah Allah bless that you will never let your forgiveness and your seeking of it seem to you like you're a hypocrite. The fact that I've committed a sin again and again and again. It doesn't mean that you're a hypocrite so long as you sincerely turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala over and over and over again. You see, the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from Allah Hara Boulez that you will Jellal tells us what have never abduct them been a servant commits a sin, Taka Allah, Allah McFeely so he says,

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Oh ALLAH forgive me. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says Ali Mab de Anala Hora dunya hoodoo be them be wild fear will be them be part of our Tula who my servant knows that he has a lord that is most forgiving, most merciful and he has a lord that punishes for the sins I have forgiven him so mad. Then he goes back to the sin. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the servant says Allah McFeely Oh ALLAH forgive me. And then he says alley map de Anara Hora bed. Yeah, who will be them be wary of them that refer to Allah Who My servant knows that he has a lot that is most forgiving, most merciful and he has a lot that takes to task and punishes for the sins I have forgiven him. And then

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Allah Hara Boulez that he will generally goes on to say through MMA, then he goes back to the sin and this continues to happen until Allah are bullies that he will JLL says, then the Armelle Masha, let him do as he pleases. It doesn't matter now why? Because he has said so many times, every time he turns back to me, I will forgive him always. Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar. This is the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is his call. This is what he is inviting you to hear is shaytaan on the day of em fella testimony, well, no more and full circle may

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be more reason

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to be more sleepy. I am not going to save you today. And you are not going to save me today. We all in this together in Katham to be Masha Allah to moon email Kabul. Indeed I have disbelieved in your association of partners with Allah subhanahu wa taala by placing me next to him by placing me next to him and saying that I am to be worshipped with Allah. I disbelieving that I tell you that you should worship Allah subhanahu Attallah when on the day of pm and when it's too late, on the day of Yama, when he doesn't mean anything to say amen to Billa I believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala it's too late now. You just believed in the world. And now you want to believe so the time of the test is

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over. So this is Shavonne and his cookbook, this is what he's saying? In the valley, Nina Lahoma.

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indeed shaytan indeed the oppressors for them is a painful punishment. And if we just think about who is saying this, it's amazing. It's the one who called you to that Zina. It's the one who called you to that karma. It's the one who told you that it's okay to worship or that other than Allah herbalists that you Angela. He is the one telling you that don't blame me blame yourselves. Allahu Akbar. You know, if we look at when Allah subhanho wa Taala created human beings, we come across this idea

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where Allah who believes that he will Jalil created Adam Malik is Salatu was Salam from clay. And Allah who believes that he will Jalil commanded the angels to prostrate to Adam, and what the Chi Ponce he says that an alpha you don't mean who curl up with any mean

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Chang clean I am better than him. You created me from fire and you created him from clay. So I refuse to prostrate to him. So Allah horrible is that he will Jellal tells him a stockbroker and putting them in a lolly ha ha You mean who have attorney Minnaar Walker after human clean. Florida Hello Jimena. For me Nicola Jean. We're in LA Kela Ana de la Yomi. Dean Barnard visa, I'm living in New bassoon when shaytaan was expelled, and he was told to leave Jana. What did he say? He said, My Lord, my Rob, Dr. Bob, I asked you to give me some time to the day that they will be resurrected. That day in which Shavon made that heartbeat that day in which he will speak and he will stand up

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and he will say certain things, the words that we spoke about, he will tell people to blame themselves and not to blame him on that day. This is what Allah horrible is that he will Jalil is talking about he's asking for time until that day. Give me time until we get to that day. For what? For me to have a chance to seek forgiveness for me to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala no shaytan doesn't want this, he says, but I'll be fair Oh with me Eli Urbanspoon BA in Kameena marine Habima avoid any left

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corner color February's zety Gala OUI in My name, He will say My Lord with your honor with your visa, I will lead them astray. Allahu Akbar, what is he saying? On foba exotica on Allah with your honor. I stand before you I know there is no way I can do this without your permission. But I'm going to do it heavier exotic Ella Oh who am married in the coming who will McCullough seen except for your servants who are chosen by you. So he made this promise to Allah subhanahu wa taala when human beings were being created, yet on the day of Yama, he has a very different speech. Shaytan is making a speech when human beings are created, and he became the enemy. The day that the human being

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was created. shaytaan became his enemy, he announced his enmity. And he made a very different speech, he said, I will lead them astray. And on the day of em fallot Hello Mooney will Lumo and forsaken Don't blame me and blame yourselves. What does this tell us dear brothers and sisters needs? This tells us one thing

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shaytaan cannot be solely blamed for our actions. Yes, we can sit and we can say that, you know, I've done some wrong things in my life and shaytan influenced me, but I own my sense. I know that I did them. I know that I made those mistakes. I know that I drank that alcohol. I know that I committed that Zina, I know that I came close to worshiping other than Allah subhanahu wa taala. But here I am sincerely uttering the Shahada. Here I am turning to Allah horrible is that he will general here I am offering my prayer for Allah Allah is that he will Jenna. So this idea you know, we always say that Allah has her for and he is Rahim and that is true. But Allah is also shady do

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LACOB Allah is also Severe in punishment. And this is what our Eman entails, believe in the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful and believe in the One who takes to task and punishes. Why because a person who has too much of belief in Allah Who Rahim Allah is the most forgiving, Most Merciful. Such a person ends up saying I will commit any sins, I will do what I want, I will lead my life as I wish and Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive me and He will have mercy upon me. And he will has too much Billy

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beef in the fact that Allah subhanahu wa taala will punish him loses hope in the Mercy of Allah Allah believes that you will Jellal it Allah subhanahu wa taala is telling him only arriba de la Rena s love while

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fusi him. Let's go now to mere rock metal.

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Oh my dear servants who have turned away from Allah horrible is that he will Gela who have been extreme with their own selves. They've committed so many sins long don't lose hope in the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah who believes that you will Jalil is telling you not to lose hope in His mercy yet this person sits day in day out crying, worried about the punishment of Allah subhanahu Attallah. So an E man who banal Hope You are Raja Eman is between that fear of Allah Allah bless that he will General and the hope in Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is what develops that special link with Allah Hara Boulez that you will gel and this is what makes a spirit per person

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develop his relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala. You know, Have you ever sat in front of a human being whom you fear that you respect as well? whom you fear but you love as well? What is your feeling? It's a feeling of all and for Allah is the highest of examples. This is your relationship with your maker, the One who created you, the one who fashioned you, the one who brought you into existence. So it should be a relationship of all the one whom you shall return to the one whom you ultimately will stand before and answer for your deeds on the day of piano. So have that relationship of all and Jalon respect, love of Allah hyperbolicity We're so certain things that I

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wanted to discuss that Subhanallah I've left out until this point, but it was part of my lecture Allah Allah is that he will Jelena says about Trayvon well it will Dylan while a woman whom was one fella you bet tin can add and

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Farah yoga Ian, ma and I will misguide them, and I will give them false hopes and ambitions. And I will order them and command them to do evil and order them to slit the ears of the cattle and they will change the creation of Allah Allah Boulez that he will July. These are some of the ways that Chapin invites us to do evil. You see, he says, What will they learn them first and foremost, I will miss guide them in what way? What I am whatever when near no and I will give them false hopes and ambitions. shaytaan comes to you and says Your job is more important. You don't need to perform your Salah. Your sleep is more important than Fajr Salah it doesn't matter. He comes and he urinates in

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your ear, as in the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and tells you to sleep. And Allah Hara Boulez that he will JLL is telling you shaytan when you go to sleep, He places three knots on you when you wake up one note is untied when you perform your will do the second part is untied. When you perform your Salah, the third knot is untied and you wake up and you are active during that day, you ready to face the day. Yet shaytan wants you to sleep and if you sleep through that fragile, and you wake up, you wake up tired, you wake up and it's as though you haven't rested. What is that? That's the influence of shaytan over you. This is what he's talking about and give you

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false hopes and ambitions. It's better for you to sleep it Allah subhanahu Attallah is telling you a Salah to Hiram mina no Salah is better than sleep. So Allah Hara believes that he will July invites us to Salah to goodness to Eman to believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and shaytaan here is telling us to sleep to relax, to enjoy to build our homes. You know what your heart is for later. Allah subhanho wa Taala gave you a lot of money today you have the means to do your Hajj, but leave it for later. It's okay when you're an old man. How many young people did we see dying during the COVID 19 virus? How many people did we bury with our own hands yet they were 1718 years old. 19 years old,

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who guaranteed you life who told you that you're going to live until you're 60 and see that day for you to perform your hedge. You have the ability to perform your hedge perform it now do it today. That day. Make that intention that the next hedge that is cut

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I mean, I will perform my hedge, you know this people that have become youngsters that have become millionaires out of cryptocurrency, they traded a bit online Allah subhanho wa Taala overnight, enriched such such people gave them wealth. And then when they have that wealth, the time for Allah will come, the time for Allah will come, are you so sure that it will come? The time to Allah subhanho wa Taala is now Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam. It's not tomorrow, it's not the following day. That's shaytan telling you what a woman near now and I will give them false hopes. Wait until you're older. Enjoy yourself a bit now. You're in university. Come on, breathe a little.

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Have a bit of fun. It's okay, let's go to this party. How many times have we heard these statements? A friend telling another let's go to the party this weekend. No, you know what, I don't do that. Come on, man. Don't be a party pooper. That's what they call them. You know, they say you're a party pooper. You keep saying you know bad things when we want to party and we want to enjoy ourselves. You keep telling us to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala Yet Allah Arambula is that he will Jalil is telling you you are not guaranteed life none of us knows when we will die. This is the promise of shaytan when a woman Mia know what a moron No, follow you but he couldn't.

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And I will command them so they will slip the ears of cattle. What does this mean? They will slit the ears of cattle and hang them on their necks. As with as a means of seeking protection from Allah Allah bull is that you are Gela this Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling you is haram you're not allowed to do this. It's Schilke it's an act of worship for other than Allah Allah believes that you are general why? Because you believe in that ear of the cattle more than you believe in Allah who believes that you will let go of it yet shaytan is telling Allah subhanho wa Taala I promise you I will make them do this. What a moron fella you will a urine Allah and I will command them so they

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change the creation of Allah Hubble is that you will Jellal today What do you have lip fillers and breast fillers and fillers that go into all parts of the body? Why? Simply because I need to look a bit more beautiful. The way Allah subhanho wa Taala created me is not beautiful. And this is what we were saying when we do these things further you will have a Hulk Allah shaytaan promised that they will change the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala today you have people changing their faces to look like animals. You see a human being created in the best of forms by Allah Arambula is that he will Jalil put a tattoo on his face and look like a cheetah What's wrong with you? What's wrong with

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you? You have a face with the nose in the perfect place and the mouth perfectly designed by Allah horrible is that he will Joanne you have the makeup industry telling you that you're ugly. So you need to put on lipstick and you need to put on mascara and you need to put on eyelashes. Allah Allahu Akbar some of these eyelashes today Subhanallah they come before they enter the room before the person enters the room. Wallah he will Allah He from Allah Allah. I'm telling you, you know, you see these clips where people are Subhanallah you wonder, and I believe that there is a movie that's coming out I won't say the name and people have been dressing like that. They want to look like this

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doll that has been made by human beings. Allahu Akbar. Remember that Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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lcada Allah Ponal in Santa Fe, Sani temple wiem indeed We created man in the best of postures, the fact that your nose is there, it may be slightly bulbous to you it was created by Allah herbalists that your jaw your eyebrows may be maybe slightly bushy. It's okay. It's the creation of Allah subhanahu wa taala I'm happy with the way it is. Why? Because my Rob made me like that. And if I proudly stand before people with that identity that my Lord gave me that my Europe gave me, then Allah Allah believes that he will Jalon will provide a pure spouse for me. Allah subhanahu wa taala will give me someone who will adore me, someone who will love me. Wait, what happened to that

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belief? You see Shavon has taken us away. shaytaan has taken us away from the path he's told us that you're ugly.

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And you need all of these fillers and all of this make make up you don't need to do Brothers and Sisters in Islam. And I say Brothers and Sisters in Islam because Wallah, he, you have brothers as well doing engaging in beautification.

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Previously, the industry told me it was only for women. Today you see a brother sitting with a tweezers and tweezing his eyebrows. You see a brother removing facial hair that shouldn't be removed you see a brother you know putting foundation on to his skin because he got a few spots. I stand proud before you would those spots I don't care because Allah Allah is that you are general gave me them. If I want Yes, I can do something Halal to let them you know, try and get them to go etcetera. That's fine as long as it was it is within the confines of what Allah subhanahu Attallah has allowed because shaytan promised us Fela urine, Allah don't ever respond to his

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call and his invite. You see, there are certain ways that we can employ to achieve the protection of Allah Allah believes that he will Jellal from Shaytaan the accursed and one of them all of us know it. It is so easy to say. Hola Hola bullies that he will Joanne says we're in the one Academy and I show you Bernina zone first there is meaning.

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And when she Bong pokes you or prods you a prodding, then seek the protection of Allah who believes that you will Jellal by saying our own do bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. I seek refuge in Allah from che Bong, the accursed, don't swear shaytaan because one Hadith tells us that when you swear shaytaan he becomes as big as a house. Why? Because you've remembered him, you've actually made mention of him so he becomes mighty, and he's happy that you mentioned him. But seek the refuge of Allah subhanho wa Taala and he runs away and he runs so fast, it is heard the passing of wind is heard from him. So we seek refuge Refuge in Allah subhanahu wa taala from Shaytaan the accursed one,

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this is one of the most powerful ways to seek refuge from in Allah subhanahu wa taala from the influence of shaytan We ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to grant us the ability to protect ourselves from shaitan and to grant us the ability to be practicing and good Muslims and to respond to the call of Allah Allah believes that you will walk you will and then hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen.

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You can turn it off and then turn it back on

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