Zakir Naik – Advice to the Leaders of the Muslim Countries to Support Uyghur Muslims

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The history and culture of China, including the strict treatment of Muslims, have faced problems and have faced inaccuracies and retaliation. Many non-B apologists are being tracked and retaliated, and many countries have recognized their actions. The speaker also discusses actions of politicians and politicians in China, including the appointment of a new head of state and the appointment of a new head of the United States. While caution is advised against exchanging names and information, the speaker warns against seeking hate towards Muslims and warns of upcoming attacks on Islam.
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Today which Muslims in the world are persecuted the maximum

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Can you guess?

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Muslim then which part of the world are persecuted in the maximum?

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Can you guess

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from where

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according to me today

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maximum that Muslims are being prosecuted is

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in shingon China

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Uighur Muslims

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Yeah, Muslim lobby, to get into mind matter a lot in Palestine a lot. But in China, it is on different levels. At least in Palestine, the Muslims can pray Salah

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correct. They can.

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They can fast

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they can read the Quran, they can get the content but in the heart, they're being persecuted without doubt. But in China,

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they are systematically trying to exterminate them. If you know history. In the middle part of the 20th century

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a lot of part of Turkey was taken over by the countries, some part was taken by Russia. And this part thing again

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was taken over by China. They actually Turkish people, Eastern Turkistan

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and the middle part of China

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and many countries are doing that.

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You can easily make out the difference. You can look at the faith and tell them these are not Chinese.

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But Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed that land with rich minerals.

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It has got wealth.

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So China is trying its level best

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to see to it that Muslim that exterminated from there.

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And they started

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in 2015. According to reports, it wasn't known to the world.

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It came out some of the human rights organization came to know in 2016 and it came out in the media in 2017. It started coming out

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became more popular in 2018.

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What do they do?

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There are two types of Muslims in China. One

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is this the Uighur Muslims. The other is the Hon Muslim, the Han Muslim, the Chinese Muslim.

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They have problem but very less compared to

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the Uighur Muslims.

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Because the Han Muslim look like Chinese. They have problems. But compared to the vulgar Muslims various

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the UGA Muslim Nowadays most of them cannot even offer Salah

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they're not allowed to fast. they're forced to have food during Ramadan.

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Many are forced to have alcohol.

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They aren't allowed to learn Arabic.

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And if they don't listen to the authorities, they are put into concentration camps.

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The Chinese government says this is reeducation, reeducation

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many of the ego Muslims in these concentration camps, they are tortured.

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The hardest.

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They asked to give up the religion.

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They asked

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to follow communism

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and those that are outside they are being tracked by cameras by face recognition.

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And this has been leaked

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by the human organization

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almost all of them they are non Muslim organization.

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So much so that

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one month before

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in July

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There were 22 countries that wrote a letter to UN objecting on the human rights violation against the Uighur Muslim in China 22 countries, there are about 195 countries in the un 22 countries wrote a letter to you and saying there is human rights violation in China against the Uighur Muslims.

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And do you know,

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out of these 22 countries, there was not a single Muslim country which objected.

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All of them were non Muslim country, mostly European country.

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In addition,

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there are about 56 countries in the world 20 more than 25% of the countries in the world, they have majority Muslims.

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It was 22 non Muslim countries who objected to the violation of human rights in Europe.

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when interviews were taking

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off some of the heads of states

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and some did say

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that Muslims are weak,

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it will not benefit as much

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to object

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to tell you the fact

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they may be right, what they're doing. If you did not object and kept quiet, they may be using the rule of the Sharia let a small loss take place to prevent a big loss. The Sharia gives you permission in Islam, it for fool

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that lead a small loss take place to to prevent a big loss. If you think we're objecting, you will not get any benefit. But there may be retaliation there may be problem in your country. And if you do not take the best or the second best option of topping with the hand or stopping the tongue, you remain silent.

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if the situation is like that, really, that if you object there may be retaliation. And if you take the decision of keeping quiet, Sharia gives you permission.

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That among the 56 country, no one had the guts. But 22 non Muslim country had the guts.

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Here the story doesn't end.

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The story,

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which is really disheartening is a few days later 37 countries give a letter to you and saying what the Chinese government is doing is correct. They are not torturing the Muslims. They are not violating human rights. They are educating them. They are doing anti terrorism.

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37 countries.

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Out of these 37 countries 15 countries were Muslim countries. More than 40% of the countries we supported China saying that what you're doing is right against the Muslims, what you're touching them is correct. It is anti terrorism. They were Muslims.

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hamdulillah Malaysia wasn't one of them.

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I don't want to take the names of the country, which gave a letter

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because I want to wake up the Muslims.

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By Allah's grace, I meet the heads of most of these countries.

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Whenever I meet head off state, my job as a DI is to convey the message of Allah, whether they follow or not, it's in their hand.

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I don't want to take the name. I don't want to embarrass him.

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But my request

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to the heads of states of this country, that

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our beloved Prophet said, if any Muslim is in problem, it is like if one part of the body is in problem, the all the rest part, all the cells go to defend it.

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This is oma.

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If any Muslim, he may be in any other part of the world. He's a Muslim, he's your brother in faith, you have to support him.

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How can you support the enemies of Islam just for a small benefit? This is not permitted in the Sharia. Keeping quite accepted. We are being you're keeping quiet.

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You may be the lowest level of moment but yet you're a moment

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but supporting a coffin

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who is killing your Muslim brothers and yourself?

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Quoting them

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what is happening to us scholars?

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I'm not a scholar, I'm a daddy.

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The job of it is to listen to listen from the scholar and convey to the masses.

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The scholar may be very intelligent knows Islam. The job of a dye is to make it simple and conveyed to the mass. I'm not a scholar, I'ma die.

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And I told this two days ago.

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And I am telling you again, that please don't exchange What are you doing? For a seat in this world, for power in this world, for wealth in this world, you're exchanging you're exchanging your seat in Jannah and you're purchasing your seat in hellfire.

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There are very bad businessman.

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The Janna is the true happiness.

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And I give the details in the first talk I gave in Clinton.

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On the seventh of August,

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they've wasted it.

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What's happening

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to the Muslim Ummah

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we are deteriorating. There was a time

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when the Muslim was on top of the world. When the Quran was revealed, the Muslim world looked down upon it was called as your Mahalia the days of the insurance. The Arab did the tama from the Kaaba naked, the vaginal people, Allah reveals the Quran and make them the torchbearer of the world.

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The Muslim became on top of the world Europeans called from the eighth to the 12th century Dark Ages that for them not for the advancement that the Muslims made in science and technology, it is phenomenal. We were on top of the world. Today, Muslims and large number more than 25% of the world population are Muslims. We are about 2 billion Muslims.

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But we are looked down upon we are abused.

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We are criticized we cannot do anything. Why?

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Because that time at the time of the sahabas of the whole ferocity in

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the Muslims were close to the Quran and Sunnah.

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we are far away from the Quran and Sunnah.

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At that time, we didn't have riches, we were poor. But we had the deen with us today. The Muslim not the richest in the world.

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We have the black gold.

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But we are looked down upon Why? Because we are away from the Quran and Sunnah. I request my Muslim Brothers all over the world.

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This lecture is being telecast to all over the world or hamdulillah

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through the YouTube with more than a million subscribers through my Facebook, which has 17 point 3 million followers and through pstv English which are 100 million viewers. PhD we are 280 million viewers. PhD we Bangla 50 million viewers and PhD we Chinese PhD we mandate 20 million viewers

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all put together more than 200 million viewers at least 100 million maybe watching in Sharla

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your Mashallah I'm told that there are about 100,000 people that have gathered here in the stadium, people on the ground

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on the stand about 100,000

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but the message is reaching to more than 100 million

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1000 times more. My request to the brothers and sisters all over the world is please come close to the Quran and Sunnah do not exchange,

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the worldly power, the worldly feet, the worldly wealth for your seat in Jannah. Please don't

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