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The speaker discusses the importance of parenting in the Islamic language and how it is taught in the church. They explain that the concept of parenting is far broader than just educating children, and that the Sharia is used to provide guidance and guidance to achieve maximum potential in all aspects of life. They also mention a quotation from the Bible that tarliqah is an "assurance" to establish all aspects of personalities and achieve their goals.

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When we look at the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. And we look at this context of raising children in the Arabic language, or the concept of raising children in the Arabic language, we find that the Arabic language uses the term tarbiyah. It uses the term therapy. Therapy is the term used when we speak about raising children in K for therapy,

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therapy at Loyola, these are the statements you find that how do you nurture? How do you develop your child? These are rough translations, right? So in Islam, we speak about tarbiyah.

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And when we look in the Quran and the Sunnah, and we look at the teachings of the pious predecessors, we find that they always mentioned the term tarbiyah. Before they mentioned the term taleem.

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Before they mentioned the tempter, I mean, it means to educate butterbean means to nurture, and to develop.

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They always say therapy,

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the concept of nurturing and developing before you teach.

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So we're going back to the basics here, because today's talk is about understanding the importance of parenting,

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the Islamic concept of parenting. So we must discuss this term. When we look in Islam, we see that the concept of parenting is far broader than educating many parents think today, the parenting means to educate the child, that we educate them, that they graduate, that they get a degree that they go to university.

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But when we look in into the Islamic

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evidences, and when we look into revelation, we see that Subhan Allah before jalin Islam is always mentioning therapy.

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Because if there's no development and no proper nurturing of the child, then what good is that knowledge to the child? What good is that knowledge to the child?

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Right, and Tobia tarbiyah. If we look into the Islamic dictionaries, we find that it carries several meanings from the meanings of Serbia is to establish from the meanings of Serbia is to increase and to grow. From the meanings of tarbiyah is to protect is to care is to educate it's a meaning there's a shade here tarbiyah carries several meanings, from its meanings is to educate but it's not it's only meaning.

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From the meanings of tarbiyah is to provide from the meanings of Serbia is to discipline from the meanings of Serbia is to correct. This is the linguistic application of the term if we look into the Arabic language, since we've seen that the Sharia is big on tarbiyah we go to determine the Arabic language and we say what does this term teaches us? It teaches us wholesome values wholesome meanings, to increase, to grow, to establish, to protect, to care, to educate, to provide to discipline to correct all this history. All this is is therapy.

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And if we look at an idiomatic definition, then we find the following mentioned that tarbiyah is an adult's collective behaviors, actions, utterances towards a child in order to assist this child in this child's development.

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And it refers to providing children with the ability and guidance enabling them to achieve their maximum potential in light of the Quran and the Sunnah. This is how we find the descriptions in the books of the scholars of Islam.

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If we go into the technical definition,

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we find the following citation that tarbiyah is to develop all aspects of personalities, according to Islamic principles, and to establish the ultimate goals of the Sharia in all fields of life, in all fields of life. Yes, yes. The several fields of life that a human being faces is the parents job to look after development in all these areas.