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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of clear communication in Islam, avoiding evil assumptions, and maintaining strong relationships with one another to avoid evil behavior. They emphasize the need for everyone to be clear about their actions and avoid false accusations, and emphasize the importance of good intentions in avoiding evil origins. The speakers also emphasize the importance of avoiding racist behavior and maintaining strong relationships with one another to avoid future mistakes.
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If you are talking to your friend, he seems to be telling a lie because you know for surety, what he's saying is not the truth. Would you believe that he's telling a lie? Or would you speak to him directly and find out because he might be deceived by somebody else? What would you do in that situation? This is something we will come to know about. After a short while, so stay tuned.

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Indeed, All praise is due to Allah. We praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can misguide. And whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, non can guide and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped, except Allah alone, who has no partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and his messengers, dear viewers, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to a new episode of your show. For the sake of Allah, I am your host moto Samad Hamidi. Today, we have a very important subject in hand. And before we start with

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that, I would like to welcome our guests Brother Mohammed, and brother Abdul Rahman, Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.

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I would like to start with asking brother, Abdul Rahman. If it happens that you pass by a nightclub, and you see one brother standing just outside the nightclub, speaking to some people who seem to be from the people or those who attend nightclubs, what would be your natural reaction to that straightaway?

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straightaway, of course, we'll create a little bit of doubt about the butter, but I won't judge fast because he may be given advice to his ex mates schoolmates, or something like that. So that's it. I'll try not to miss judge him right away.

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And if it turned out that he's attending the nightclub, then doesn't mean I'll cut the relationship with no advise him out. Tell him What's wrong. Why did you change? Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do, then that kind of situation, Mohammed, if this thing happens to you, how would you react to will certainly like, the woman said that you don't have to rush into things and think wrong.

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Well, you might have to wait a little while to see what what caused him to go there. As he said, maybe it's a good reason. Maybe he's doing something good. Maybe he's in need of something? I don't know. But we have to wait till we see what's going on with him. Yeah. So you can't judge the person straight away. Make it clear? Yeah. Yeah, well, we can't judge people. I'm not here to judge people in the first place. And still, I mean, it's only one thing that you saw, he's in front of, or he's just outside a nightclub, it doesn't mean that he goes there, there are different you can bring 100 reasons for him being there. But not that he attends that nightclub. So it means that we should have

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good suspicion of our brothers. So it is a very evil thing to have evil suspicion or bad suspicion of our other our brothers, other people. So when you saw someone, for example, he's, he's hanging around with some evil people with some

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sinners, it doesn't mean that he's a sinner. Doesn't mean he's a sinner, you have to find out what it is. So

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how do you think that, for example, people generally tend to misjudge people or have sort of one, as we say that suspicion about them, do you think is the case? It is the case it's like, also, it's like, a way of making a conversation. People tend to like to talk about others. This, they see him doing something like that. They see him at this displays. It's like, amusing now. So make suzlon adding it to backbiting. So it's like,

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it turns out to be UCS. someone sees a small thing. Then he builds other things that he says, okay, he must have went there, it must have done that. He adds more to it.

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And sometimes it also depends on the personality. Some people I even know personally, they're extra sensitive. So when someone looks at them, in a strange way, they'll be like, oh, that double hates me. He may

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Ideas right away. And I don't blame him because his like that, but he has to cure that in him. And he's not evil. Yeah, but mushy misjudges, you took us to the point, which is relationship, that brotherhood, we're talking about brotherhood, and how to maintain brotherhood. And we want to avoid bad suspicion. Once you have one good suspicion of your brothers, sometimes a brother, he deals harshly with you. So you start thinking in your mind, okay, this brother doesn't love me. This brother hates me this brother. I don't know he is jealous. As you said,

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you feel this is common Mohammed as well.

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Such a bad disease. As you said before, it's like, spreading around. Yeah. Have you come across anything? Maybe with some of your friends? No, actually, I recall the suit

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with the signals. I saw to see them and under the hood, when he saw doing things an act. That wasn't logic to him. So it's like he miss

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hadn't had suit on with what's going on? Yeah. So but that turned out to be something. Yeah. Well, it turned out to be something good. We can't say that he had so often because the things that he saw, there were obviously evil. Yeah. See, they were really evil and will killing a child is an evil act. So he didn't really have some of them. But he just reacted naturally to that.

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And the same thing when he for example, he when he made a hole in the ship, he will that's an evil thing. This is why Sam reacted straight away. And he we can't say really, he had his old one. I think he streets when you give advice in the right thing. He said, what do you do this?

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wire, and he he provided an alternative. So but you don't have mud It is sometimes people we tend because of a weakness in the character.

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Our character across this brother, I say to him, Salaam Alaikum. Brother, maybe there's something on his mind. He's busy or he's somebody has upset him. I say Salaam Alaikum. He looks at me and not in the appropriate way. This is very concerning. He turns away. I take an attitude. Now. I say

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this brother is arrogant. This brother he

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basically is not Yeah, you must judge him based upon one single situation. You can't judge people by that. Have you come across something like that? Yes, I did.

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Any I used to live was a friend of mine. Sometimes like he could come in really bad mood from work. He's retired. So I misjudged him just because he's tired. And he answers in some like, what's going on?

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And just because of his mood is in some mood. So we shouldn't like judge people fast. But it's kind of hard. Yeah. Any. Every everyone could get into that. Yeah. From time to time. Yeah. Especially for this lm shift. Like you said, sometimes you could even get neglected, because someone may be thinking about something. And he's really, really thinking about something he didn't hear you. And I even think there's a Hadees where it was there was a Sahaba sent to Sahaba Salaam and he didn't answer. And he went to the prophet or something he told him. So he told him that the Sahaba didn't answer me. So it didn't and in fact, he was thinking about something.

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So can you think of any

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texts from the Quran and Sunnah about evil suspicion? Maybe this would add more. This will broaden the horizon of the subject.

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Fira milovan in Nevada.

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Very good. So yeah, Allah is saying to us a readin ama no he's saying oh you who believe Yeah, so it's Allah speaking to us He wants us to listen and every time because of Siri they say every time I listen to you letting me know Harkin Listen carefully. Because it is either something good Allah is directing you to it or something evil allow us to to keep away from them.

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Yeah, believers. So Hannah, Leah. So let's say within a minute wish 10 evil Cathy, Amina Vaughn. So you believe is avoid suspicion? Avoid most of suspicion. Why? Because it's going to bring you into into sin in about some of the suspicion is Ethan is a main it's clear. Clearly it is a sin. It's going to bring you into sin so we shouldn't depend upon suspicion. We should depend upon certainty and the question that I asked you about a few see a person just outside a nightclub

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That's a good thing that you shouldn't judge him in the first place, then you should ask him, go to him and ask him, sit him brother, I mean, this is not the right place for you to be. And as Mohammed said, you shouldn't be there. That's not the right place for you to be there. So, and just to in order to clear that suspicion, I want you to know why you are here. So maybe if you are doing something good and Hamdulillah, I'm okay, now my heart is clear from this suspicion. Now, if you are doing something wrong, I have to give you advice. This is how we should be clear and straight to our friends and our brothers in Islam. So everything becomes clear. There's no doubts, nothing I'm

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hiding about you in my head. Okay, I saw you just outside that nightclub. I'll keep that for you

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know, a lot of people do. Yeah, so we shouldn't be like that. And if you have a suspicion about your brother, and you can't get rid of it, go to him and ask him about it. Clear thought, that's clear. Don't Don't keep it in your heart. Don't keep it in your heart because she upon will exploit it will take advantage of that and magnify it and make it worse. So we need to inshallah clear, clarify and clear these doubts that we have in our hearts. Now the prophets. Can you think of any incident maybe that happened during the history of Islam about how evil suspicion destroys this brotherhood might even cause the destruction bring destruction to the society as a whole? Does anything come to mind?

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Well, maybe the I have said no, say that.

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When she was left over by the group, and they were ahead

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and, and the prophet SAW Selim,

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listen to the Sahaba. Talking about about her, and they cleared it out in

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the longhouse.

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And then the Y came with, with the air

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to clarify, say that I shall do Mohan.

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Yeah, that's a beautiful story here. When the Muslims were in battle, they came back on the way back to Medina. Ayesha went to answer the call of nature. She went and they had some kind of compartment or a small room that they would put on the back of a camel for women so that no one could see them. So because I was very light, she, she she was very light. Yeah. So she hadn't put on weight at that time. So the people who were carrying her how they don't put it on the back of the camera, they didn't realize that she wasn't there. So now, when she found out that the woman had left, she remained there, and a companion, the person would leave a companion behind the army. So he came

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after that, and he saw Arusha. So he said that Hola, hola, quwata illa Allah, and he just made his camels kneel down, he mounted the camel and he didn't speak to her. And he brought her to the army or the Muslims or the camp for the Muslim army. Now the hypocrites took that they had evil suspicion, oh, they must have done something wrong. They accused them of Xena. They spread that and kept the Muslim society in distress, and a painful a whole month until the last minute I revealed the verses that freed Ayesha from that evil accusation which was based upon evil suspicion. So this is why it's a very important thing, a very important aspect to have no one to have good suspicion of

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our brothers and our sisters and the law said in the Quran about this issue or this story with Ayesha Lola it's a metal metal more than than what we know now what may not be unforeseen issues should have your reaction to it should have been that when you heard that or anything about your brothers and sisters. You'd have good suspicion thing could have your brothers and your sisters so and you should say Heather booktown Moby no Halliburton Helene, this is this is like this is the fallacy is no way to this should be the responsible minister Do you have to trust good suspicion, suspicious suspicion of your brothers and your sisters. This is how we should react is how we

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shouldn't be in order to maintain this brotherhood that we have. We'll elaborate more inshallah on that and how evil and how destructive evil suspicion is and that it is one of the characteristics of the hypocrites Yes, and the disbelief is they always have this. So inshallah we will elaborate more on this important subject. And but for the time being, we'll have a short break and Charlotte, shall we say to our viewers. Stay tuned.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back. So Hamdulillah, we saw clearly how that evil suspicion or bad suspicion. So one, how it was the basis and foundation for a rumor that spread about the mother of the believers. And it had the prophets are loving this alum to hurt his family, and it hurt the Muslims for a whole month that was suffering until Allah subhanaw taala clarified the matter. So we can now draw that line, and

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take the same line and apply it on our daily life today. We can see we see that many brothers, they have good brothers around them, they have mutual love amongst them. And one day, you find that there is hatred amongst them, that they broke off. They are no longer friends or brothers. And if you trace it back, the only thing you will find at the bottom of it will be able suspicion. Have you come across something like that? With your friends during

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maybe some brothers? They seem like in a situation that needs a Rose's voice. You can't blame him for making his voice wise in that situation, because you know, you never know what happened. Yeah.

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Maybe it's like, he lost his stamp of something. He doesn't even he doesn't always lose his temper, but in some cases,

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he lost system. So you can judge him and have a wrong decision about him.

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Right away straight away. Yeah. So the thing is, any time reveals, so we cannot judge the whole time the butter any or judge him just because of one situation. If it gets repeated, then we could know what kind of butters he does. If it's just happened once we cannot judge him and just cut our touch with it. Yeah, that's an important thing. Really. You can't judge a person through one situation, that one thing he does, yeah. Well, as you said, time reveals, I want you to contemplate on diverse we have lots of diverse we just mentioned that avoid all you who believe you know, Stony Brook, if you can avoid much of one and suspicion for in about the Venetian. Some of suspicion is sin him.

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Yeah, well, so Well, I have to come back and do not spy on one another and do not backbite one another because these are these are reasons for falling in evil suspicion or bad suspicion when you spy on someone and you will see things that you can't interpret because you only get part of the picture, you think you don't get the whole picture. So, this is an indication clear indication from the order of the words that these things lead to evil suspicion, which is spying on one another and backbiting one another so we can see from the order of the verse, how things are being put in order that these things lead to evil or bad suspicion so you avoid them inshallah, you will be kicked away

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from evil suspicion. This is a very important integrated, you'd like to add something about this template. Any like you said, it's like all in in one circle. And if you Miss Judge, it makes you start backstabbing the person because you'll be like, I think he's like this and then exaggerate and you get socks from the devil. And if you Miss Judge also, it will make you maybe spy on him. Or be you be like, let me let me maybe

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See what he's saying? Maybe he's talking about me on the phone. Let me see from the other side. What is he saying? Okay, yeah, that's true. That's true. And it happens. Yeah, one question I wanted to ask what, Mohammed, if you see two of your brothers just

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on that corner for examples, they're speaking to each other, they are looking at you. And they are laughing.

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What would be your? Well, the impression that you get naturally?

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Well, of course, anyone could be in the case. And it's like, it raises suspicions of course.

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But the handle any kind of little bit confident It's okay. It was still there is like that sometimes it touches your pride opens away for the shadow into Yeah, shows up and

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says in order to destroy

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by Dr. coletti, he is an inner shape on

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Amazon, I say to my sevens to say that which is good, because she thought strange create enmity among them. So that's why we should always say the good things. And as the Muslim is supposed to avoid evil suspicion, no matter what the situation is.

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The brother as well is required not to put himself in a place would he would cause the others to have that suspicion about himself. For example, the person who was standing just outside the nightclub, the Muslim should avoid this. Well, some people say we give Dawa, we're going give that one these places. When I say if this is going to bring bad suspicion about you, there are other areas of Dawa. So why do you restrict yourself to only to that to that thing, and the enemy has some time, at this time they had bars that people going drinking alcohol, he didn't go to these places? Because he didn't want to be seen that people might miss judging? Is that an Islamic etiquette? And

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the situation that we just mentioned, if there are two people, two brothers sitting there, and there's another one by himself, or even if he's not by himself, you just look at him and you start cracking jokes? always joking or laughing? should avoid this? We should because it doesn't make the brother feel comfortable. Yeah.

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Very good. When two people just speak whispering to each other, and they leave the others, it's funkytown will create enmity amongst us. Yeah, I just wanted to ask. So like, for example, in that situation, the show to Brother Mohammed, when I'm passing by, for example, in the street, and after I passed by, towards the left,

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maybe about me, even though someone could have a good self esteem and have self trust, it will be annoying. In that situation? What should he do? Should he face them? Should he tell them in a polite way? Are you talking about me? Is this something funny? Good question. Because it happens often, actually, neglect is just a good thing to have, first of all, to have good suspicion of your profits, they are not laughing at you, and that they respect you. That's the first thing. Second thing you can go to them and give them advice. Sincerely, when the way that we have explained about giving advice, how to give advice, show them your concern for them, be good to them mentioned good

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things to them, then give them the advice. And this all what you have to do is should we ask them before? Are you talking about me or not? So

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personally, I don't believe you should ask them about this. You should actually say to them, brothers was what you were doing caused me to feel this and that. So it affects our brotherhood, and brotherhood as we say one of the conditions well, Islam is something that Islam has came to establish and strengthen. So it is it is an act of worship like praying like fasting it's an act of worship, and we significance to Allah. By means of this, you know, the person has the Muslim has to have good suspicion. There are beautiful examples one day a chef a when he was ill, the illness after which he died. One of his students came to me and he said in Arabic He said the Imam or wala

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hobo or Mr. May Allah make when May Allah strengthen your weakness. Well, he intended good, but Imam Shafi looks at him and he said because Imam Shafi was a scholar, he understands what words mean. He said, Well, if Allah strength is my weakness, it will cause me to die. For weakness becomes strong, that means it will kill me. So he said, Oh, Imam I didn't intend I intended that which is good. So he said to him, don't worry. Even if you insult me. Listen, chef is saying to his student, even if you insult me, I know that your intention is good. So this is the kind of good suspicion to have among the brothers. You see this love, this beautiful love, you can feel the warmth.

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You feel the warmth, no matter even if you insult me, I know your intention is good and I love you for the sake of Allah. See, of course. not knowledgeable

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person. He is

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He knows how to handle matters. Knowledge brings wisdom. Yeah. So we want to we want to do with our brothers. Yeah, I want to do even a brother wrongs you. I still love you. I will still love you. And I'll have good suspicion of you. As you said time, reveals time reveals to of course, it's it takes time. And if someone is used to misjudge, he'll take time to change is kind of it's something that is hard to change. But it has to be changed. Yeah.

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Can you think of any means that will help us avoid that suspicion?

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clearing out metals.

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clearing of metals would be helpful. So if you're a person who has this problem, you should always clear out matters with the others. Yes. That's a good point. Very good point. That's the main one. Yeah. Yeah. I think also trying to say, give out excuses to the brother. And he trying to make out any kind of excuse sink, maybe maybe because of this, maybe because of that makeup reasons for his his action. Very good giving excuses always. And it was said that you should always find for any brother who makes a mistake, find up to 70 excuses. up to 70 excuse me with the suspicion? Yeah, sure. Good excuse is how the companies used to be, and how the companies used to be. And some people

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they try to exploit evil suspicion, if they see that you have evil suspicion about a brother, and they hate that brother, they will try to exploit it and destroy the Brotherhood. So it is our duty and our responsibility, when we stand before Allah subhanaw taala that we should maintain this brotherhood, this beautiful relationship, enhance it, and improve it by having good suspicion of our brothers and avoid evil suspicion. And the way to that is to stick to a truth to facts always depend upon facts, not upon suspicion, always depend upon fats. So inshallah we'll try our best to benefit from these beautiful example, this beautiful aspect and concept and the Muslim society and ask Allah

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subhanaw taala to guide us to the true path to have a better brotherhood as a Muslim society and say to our viewers, I hope that all of us will benefit from this beautiful concept. And I'll leave you in the protection of our last panel to Allah and until we meet next time, I say salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.