I’m A New Muslim #10 – How A New Muslim Should Approach The Qur’an

Sajid Ahmed Umar


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As salam o Allah Comillas peacemakers, blessings mighty safety be upon your brothers and sisters in Islam. The Quran is the final testament. It is the timeless miracle. It is a guide for the believers and humanity as well. It is a physical cure and a spiritual cure. And it is of great benefit to us not just to the grave but beyond the grave for the Quran will be a companion to those who took it as a companion in the darkness of the grave, and a great support in front of God Almighty, for the person who took it as a companion on the Day of Judgment for the Quran, will request from God Almighty will intercede on behalf of its recited, asking God Almighty to place its reciter in the

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highest paradise Subhanallah how amazing is this miracle. It's the timeless miracle we recited today as it was revealed upon Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. And it was the greatest miracle that God Almighty gave him or any profit before him. Every miracle came with a profit and left with that prophet but the Quran remained after the passing of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. It is an ultimate guide not just for the believers, but mankind at large and it makes absolute sense that it is preserved because God Almighty is a wise God. He's an all able God. And given that there's no messenger to come after Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon

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him. It is from absolute wisdom, that we have a preserved revelation or a revelation that was affected and changed like revelations given to previous prophets was no prophet to come. They need to be an unchanged reference that will last the test of time and be a means for mankind to refer to and gain guidance from it as you will Slim's. What tips can we implement with the book of God Almighty? Well, no doubt, the first tip is to recognize it as the preserved timeless miracle and to recognize it as God's Word, God's preserved word and recognize it as a result of God Almighty His absolute wisdom. Another tip, no doubt is similar to tips I shared with you early on in the series

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in terms of our Islam in general that we should burn in and not burn up. The same applies to the Quran, no doubt it is preserved in the Arabic language, the Arabic language may not be some language that we speak, let alone it being a mother tongue, it would be something that we would need to learn. So let's take it in stages. Let's burn in. And let's not burn out, let's try to learn how to recite it. But recite it or learn to recite it rather, in a way that's palatable, to our day to the requirements of our daily obligations that we have towards ourselves and our family members and other elements of society. So we should use the burning, don't burn out approach. No doubt. The

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Quran is also important because it's connected to the prayer and the prayer is in the Arabic language. And as a result, another tip would definitely be that we start with the shorter chapters of the Quran, such as chapter one, such as chapter 112 113 114. These are from the shortest chapters in the Quran. And these chapters help aid our development with our second pillar of Islam, which is the prayer. So as you begin learning how to recite, learn with the shortest chapters, and as you get proficient, then you can move on to the longer

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chapters. Also,

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in connectivity to this idea of burning in and burning out and start with shorter chapters or not longer chapters, we have guidance from the first new Muslims, the companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him for they would take 10 verses at a time, they would learn how to recite it, then they would learn its meanings, then they would memorize it if it was easy for them to memorize, but more importantly, they would then understand it, and then they would implement its lessons in their lives. And only after that they would now move on to another set of 10 verses. So they were living the Quran, because indeed it is a living tradition. And then they will take on a

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new set to live. And when that was part and parcel of their lives, they will take a new set to live. And this definitely should be what we should work to achieve bringing the Quran into our life slowly but surely for the Quran is not just a book that is recited, or a book that is memorized, or a book that is listened to and in doing all of these things are great rewards, no doubt, but no doubt it is a book that we should ponder over and pondering over the Quran is in reading the Quran, understanding what the Quran or that verse that we read

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He's telling us to do and what that verse is telling us to stay away from and then pondering over our lives and the ideals that have been taught to us in the verse that we've just recited and asking ourselves, How close are we to these ideals? Or how far away are we from these ideals? What can we do now to close the gap between us and these ideals? And as we close that gap, and we become better with the lessons that we've learned, we move on to learning other lessons and like this, we journey with the Quran and this is what we mean when we say we should be companions to the Quran, in this life so the Quran can be a companion with us in our grave, and as well as on the Day of Judgment.

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There's many other tips and I definitely definitely advise you to visit our website, new Muslim academy.org new Muslim academy.org It is a dedicated portal just for new Muslims. And then we have lessons related to the Quran and further tips for you to develop your relationship with the Quran. I love you all for the sake of Allah