Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Means Of Da’wah

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What are the various advantages and disadvantages of various means, on a path to giving power to normalcy, each of these means has the advantage the advantage, for example, as far as retention is concerned.

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Today, scientific research tells us that when a person reads something, a common human being, he retains 10% of what he has read.

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When a person hears something, he retains approximately 20% of what he has heard.

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When he sees something that visual, he retains on average 30% of what he has seen. And if he hears and sees together, that is a video, or do we chill together video tape, or CD, video CD, on average, a human being retains 50%. So in terms of retention, the maximum power is the video, audio video together then is only visual then comes during and the last is only TD. As far as the advantage and disadvantage is concerned, the printed media attention is 10% it is portable,

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you can carry in the train carrying the bus carry in your car, and tight anyway, it's easy for transposition.

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But at the time, only one person reads it. Or sometimes I'm only speaking maybe one or two that set three but the reach but thing is limited one at a time two at a time maximum.

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But it's portable, it can guide anyway and it is important will always remain important.

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The next is the audio media in which the portability is less as compared to the print media as compared to the book of the pamphlet. But the Walkman that can be taken you can hear it in the cassette in the car and the Walkman but at a time

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either one can hear it individually or group of people can hear it 510 if it's a gathering a few 100 can hear on the radio broadcast station millions can hear

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as far as the video media is concerned, again, it's less portable as compared to audio you know there are this men that have come out there are no small television screens in the car in the buses and the planes

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in terms of portability is less but in terms of fridge, it is much higher you know it can reach cable TV, satellite channel millions. Lastly the internet

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internet again individual person has to go on that site that to you require an internet connection you require a computer it has its own limitation. But many people can access your site it's easy for anyone to open a website you don't require any money. It's very cheap open it person can have website so you can spread information very easily take advantage disadvantage, any person who wants to slander or speak false thing easily can do it as print media to print a book request money to produce audio cassette or a video because it takes money you're anyone without any finance you can write anything a nonsense.

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So it has the disadvantage or the advantage of personnel to spread Islam or so you can spend it. So you have to make the right choice between the two. So these are the various advantages and disadvantage of the media.